Providing studio space for artists was one of the original goals of MoMA PS1 when Alanna Heiss began the Workspace program in 1971. Initially studio space was given to artists already in the New York City area, many of whom were established artists or had already been in exhibitions organized by Heiss and the Institute for Art and Urban Resources. In the years after the P.S. 1 school building opened, the program became more formalized with a publicized application and juried selection process. Artists from the United States submitted applications and were selected by a panel assembled by PS1. For the International Program, PS1 entered into agreements with individual national cultural organizations (in Germany, the agreements were with city-based institutions). Those organizations made a preliminary selection of candidates, subsidized the allotted studio space, and guaranteed a stipend for the artists’ stay in New York City. All artists were required to pay monthly rent on their space. Artists originally only had open studio shows or participated individually in the Special Projects Program, but by 1979 PS1 was organizing annual or biannual group exhibitions for all studio participants. The studio program operated through the 2003–04 program year, after which it was discontinued.

An asterisk (*) indicates that the specific dates of an artist’s participation have not been fully established. Artists listed in the section 1976–1980 particularly rented studio space at some point in that period but not for all four years. By the early 1980s artists no longer participated for multiple years. In some instances an artist’s country of origin could not be substantiated.



Steve and Eugenie Alexander, USA*
Takayuki Amana, USA*
Len Bellinger, USA*
Thomas Bernstein, Germany (Dusseldorf)*
Phyllis Bilick, USA*
Leslie Bohnenkamp, USA*
Ansuya Blom, the Netherlands*
Stephany Blyn, USA*
Max Book, Sweden*
Heinz Breloh, Germany (Cologne)*
Leonard Brillinger, USA*
Eugene Brodsky, USA*
Louis Chacalles, France*
Francis Charters, USA*
Jane Couch, USA*
Carol de Pasquale, USA*
Terry Dui, USA*
Lars Englund, Sweden*
Betty Ann Felderman, USA*
Louisa Fillipon, USA*
Ed Flood, USA*
Louise Forgione, USA*
Krien Geizen, Germany (Munich)*
Frank Goebbels, Germany (Dusseldorf)*
Siggi Gudmundson, the Netherlands*
Barbara Harnish, Germany (Berlin)*
Cherly Heyman, USA*
James Christopher Holl, USA*
Eric Holzman, USA*
Bernd Jansen and Hilma Bergen, USA*
Theo Kuypers, the Netherlands*
Dianne Leder, USA*
Johannes Leinhart, USA*
Wolfgang Mahn, Germany (Dusseldorf)*
Babette Mangolte, USA*
Gerry Morehead, USA*
Frank Olt, USA*
Steven Pollack, USA*
Barbara Quandt, Germany (Berlin)*
Claude Rutault, France*
Angrees Saaville, USA*
Klaus Schmitt, Germany (Dusseldorf)*
Bucky Schwartz, USA*
Esti Shur, USA*
Sandy Skoglund, USA*
Carla Stelwig, France*
Jerilea Tempel, USA*
Tony Thompson, USA*
Miyomo Vemura, USA*
Susan Weil, USA*
Mimi Weisbord, USA*


Mary Ann Amacher, USA
David Amico, USA*
Jed Bark, USA
Ernst Benkert, USA
Allen Bertoli, USA
Ronald Bladen, USA
Power Boothe, USA*
Douglas Davis, USA*
Helen De Mott, USA
Claudia DeMonte, USA
John Fekner, USA
Dieter Finke, Germany
Jacqueline Freedman, USA
Frances Hynes, USA
Don Leicht, USA
Jeffrey Lew, USA
Vera Manzi-Schacht, USA
Rudolph Montanez, USA
Rita Myers and Bill Bierne, USA*
Nam June Paik, USA
Massimo Pierucci, USA
Robert Rakita, USA
Alan Saret, USA
Emilio Segares, USA
Hap Tivey, USA
Richard van Buren, USA
Joan Weber, USA
Larry Weiner, USA
Walter Weissman, USA
Rochelle Wyner, USA


Monika Baumgartl, Germany (Dusseldorf)
Dieter Finke, Germany
Louis Kunsch, USA*
Vera Manzi-Schacht, USA*
Katy Martin, USA*
Richard Navin, USA*
Ellen Phelan, USA*
Martin Puryear, USA*
Angelo Savelli, USA*
Karen Shaw, USA*
Thomas Struth, Germany*
Richard Tobias, USA*
Toon Verhoef, USA
Randy Williams, USA*


Kristin Gerber, USA
Pieter Holstein, the Netherlands
Dennis Leder, USA*
Peter Monnig, Germany (Dusseldorf)
Martin Rosz, USA


Candida Alvarez, USA
Lynda Benglis, USA
Rae Berolzheimer, USA
Douglas Braswell, USA
Marina Cappelletto, USA
Catharina Cosin, Germany (Berlin)
Efrain de Jesus, USA
Nathalie Dymnicki, USA
Ron Edson, USA
Darrell James Ellis, USA
Wolfram Erber, Germany (Berlin)
Peter Fend, USA
Jasper Halfmann, Germany (Berlin)
John Hall, Canada
Cham Hendon, USA
Martin Johnson, USA
Brigid Kennedy, USA
Kiyoko Uemura, USA
Win Knowlton, USA
Lesle Lahlezar, USA
Alf Linder, Sweden*
Wolfgang Luy, Germany*
Andrew Lyght, USA
Edward Mayer, USA
Tadeusz Myslowski, USA
A. (Tony) Nali, USA
Anne and Patrick Poirier, France*
Tonie Roos, USA
Yoav Shapiro, USA
Kit-Yin Snyder, USA
Richard Thatcher, USA
Raimund van Well*
Pat Walsh, USA
James Wentzy, USA
John Hall, Canada

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Ulrich Baehr, Germany (Berlin)
George Bennet, USA
Karol Bethke, Germany*
Andreas Bruning, Germany (Dusseldorf)
Houston Conwill, USA*
Cynthia Coulter, USA
Jody Culkin, USA
Darrell James Ellis, USA
Josef Erben, Germany (Berlin)
Nicolas Fedorenko, France
A. Lynn Forgach, USA
Peter Frank, USA
Dale Frank, Australia
Dan George, USA
Gianfranco Gorgoni, USA
Till Hausmann, Germany (Dusseldorf)
Stefan Huber, Germany (Munich)*
Wolf Kahlen, Germany (Berlin)
Brigid Kennedy, USA
Harald Klingelhoeller, Germany (Dusseldorf)
Wendy Knox-Leet, Canada
Imre Kocsis, Germany (Berlin)
George Legrady, Canada
Inge Mahn, Germany (Dusseldorf)
Stephen McKeown, USA
Annette Messager, France
Tyrone Mitchell, USA
Richard Monnier, France
Friedrich Petzold, Germany (Munich)*
Layne Redmond, USA
Tonie Roos, USA
Christy Rupp, USA
Michael Schafer, Germany (Munich)*
Sandy Skoglund, USA*
Craig Southard, USA
Athena Tacha, USA
Jorge Texidor, Spain
Isolde Wawrin, Germany (Dusseldorf)
James Wentzy, USA
Brian Withers, USA
Ralf Johannes, Germany (Cologne)*
Theo Kuijpers, the Netherlands*


Liza Baer, USA*
Max Brook, USA*
Chema Cobo, Spain
Gregor Curten, Germany (Cologne)
Kees de Goede, the Netherlands*
John Dunkley Smith, Australia
Dan George, USA*
Krijn Giezen, the Netherlands
Toni Grand, France*
Birgit and Wilhelm Hein, Germany (Cologne)
William Kopp, USA*
Michael Kramer, Germany (Berlin)
Lazlo Lakner, Germany (Berlin)
Pierre Louaver, USA*
Toby MacLennen, Canada
Stephan McKeown, USA*
Tyrone Mitchell, USA*
Rafael Morales, USA*
Gustavo Ojeda, USA*
Peter Pick, Germany (Cologne)
Jean Promutico, USA*
Charles A. Rachlin, USA*
Layne Redmond, USA*
Gerd Rohling, Germany (Berlin)
Brigitta Rohrbach, Germany (Dusseldorf)
Lenke Rothman, Sweden
Christy Rupp, USA
Anita Saghbazarian, USA*
Rebecca Sangster, USA*
Dena I. Schottenkirk, USA*
Gunter Thorn, Germany (Dusseldorf)
Isolde Wawrin, Germany (Dusseldorf)
Carl Emmanuel Wolff, Germany (Dusseldorf)


Martin Abalea, France*
Lloyd Allen, USA
Liza Baer, USA
Mike Bidlo, USA
Francois Boisrond, France
Michael Byron, USA
Louis Chacallis, France
Michael Davis, USA
Olivier de Bouchony, France
Herve di-Rosa, France
John Dunkley Smith, Australia
Roland Flexner, France
Bernard Frieze, France
Andras Halasz, USA
Rolf Hanson, Sweden
Barbara Heinisch, Germany
Ter Hell, Germany
Janet Olivia Henry, USA
Rebecca Hill Sangster, USA
Julius, Germany
Klaus Jung, Germany (Dusseldorf)
Bernd Kastner, Germany
Brandt Kingman, USA
Mark Kloth, USA
William Kopp, USA
Pierre Louaver, USA
Rene Lynch, USA
Francois Martin, France
John McEwen, Canada
Sam Messer, USA
Nicholas Moufarrege, USA
Virginie Mounicot, France
Gerald Nichols, USA
Reinhard Niedermeirer, Germany
Gustave Ojeda, USA
Bruce Parsons, Canada
Janet Pihlblad, USA
Barbara Quandt, Germany
Raffael Rheinsberg, Germany
Ingrid Roschek, Germany
Georges Rousse, France*
Sura Ruth, USA
Kenny Scharf, USA
Rona Scherchen, France*
Stefan Sehler, Germany
Jennifer Q. Smith, USA
Emo Verkerk, the Netherlands
Henk Visch, the Netherlands
Deborah Whitman, USA


Douglas Ashford, USA
Mike Bidlo, USA
David Bishop, USA
Michael Byron, USA
Marta Chilindron, USA
Nicolas Collins, USA
Rene Daniels, the Netherlands
Gregory Davidek, USA
Michael Davis, USA
Scott Dedeker, USA
Ingo Gunther, Germany
Andras Halasz, USA
Joan Harmon, USA
Frank Holliday, USA
Michael Howard, USA
Kim Jones, USA
Julius, Germany
Mark Kloth, USA
Friedrich Knufer, Germany
Elke Lixfield, Germany
Rene Lynch, USA
Robert Martens, USA
Sam Messer, USA
Nicolas Moufarrege, USA
Therese Nortvedt, Norway
Simon Penny, Australia
Gary Perkins, USA
Scott Pfaffman, USA
Phillipe Poloni, Canada
Raffael Rheinsberg, Germany
Johan Scott, Sweden
David K. Sheldon, USA
Lynn Swanson, USA
Jan van den Dobbelsteen, the Netherlands*
Deborah Whitman, USA
David Wojnarowicz, USA


Terry Adkins, USA
Douglas Ashford, USA
Diane Bertok*
David Bishop, USA
Jean-Charles Blanc, France
Remi Blanchard, France*
Marta Chilindron, USA
Gregory Davidek, USA
Scott Dedecker, USA
Richard Dunn, Australia
Kristina Elander, Sweden
Andy Fabo, Canada
Vincent Geremi Desiderio, USA
Dan M. Havel, USA
Michael Horvath, USA
Michael Howard, USA
Louis James, France*
Kim Jones, USA
Kristin Jones, USA
Inghild Karlsen
Tadashi Kawamata, Japan
Ladd Kessler, USA
Tom Koken, USA
Peter Kowald
Raimund Kummer, USA
Susanna Mahlmeister, USA
Rainer Mang, Germany
Scott Pfaffman, USA
David Ryan, France
Stephen Schofield, Canada
Irene Scocos, USA
Johan Scott, Sweden
Rob van de Ven, the Netherlands
Jan van den Dobbelsteen, the Netherlands
Francisco F. Vidal, USA
Aldo Walker, Switzerland
David Wojnarowicz, USA
Steven Woodward, USA
Chihung Yang, USA
Peggy Yunque, USA
Susan Zurcher, USA

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Terry Adkins, USA
Annette Adler, USA
A. Anders, Sweden
Vincent Barre, France
Stephen Barry, USA
Stephanie Bart-Horvath, USA
John Bursill, Australia
Wendy Coad, Canada
Vincent Desiderio, USA
Gary Dodson, USA
Ame Gilbert, USA
Eva Grottum, Norway
Donald Harvey, USA
Michael Horvath, USA
Paul Hunter, USA
Udo Idelberger, Germany (Berlin)
Kristin Jones, USA
Ladd Kessler, USA
Tom Koken, USA
Thomas Macaulay, USA
Toby MacLennan, Canada
Linda Peer, USA
Dan Rice, USA
Willem Sanders, the Netherlands
Thomas Schliesser, Germany
Thomas Schulz, Germany (Berlin)
Irini Scocos, USA
Andres Serrano, USA
Henri Spaeti, Switzerland
Francisco Tounissoux, Canada
Hans Van der Pennen, the Netherlands
Francisco Vidal, USA
Steven Woodward, USA
Chihung Yang, USA
Peggy Yunque, USA


Christian Bastiaans, the Netherlands
Diane Bertolo, USA
C. Ann Carter, USA
Tim Casey, USA
Carl F.K. Cheng, USA
Gary Dodson, USA
Judite dos Santos, USA
Ellen Driscoll, USA
Barbara Edelstein, USA
Kate Farrell, Australia
Martin Folan, Republic of Ireland
Fortuyn/O’Brien, the Netherlands
Ame Gilbert, USA
Michael Hardesty, USA
Maren Hassinger, USA
Madeleine Hatz, Sweden
Harlan Johnson, Canada
Kiyoshi Kawashima, Japan
Ron Kuivila, USA
Arthur Mednick, USA
Jon Arne Mogstad, Norway
Michael Nakoneczny, USA
Kathleen O’Brien, USA
James Ockuly, USA
James Angelo Pernotto, USA
Susan Schelle, Canada
Annette Senneby, Sweden
Michael Shaughnessy, USA
Lorna Simpson, USA
Rita V. Sirignano, USA
Dirk Sommer, Germany (Berlin)
Susan Togut, USA
Cecile Wick, Switzerland


Liz Bachhuber, USA
Ellen Bang, Norway
Serena Bocchino, USA
Martha Burgess, USA
Melissa L. Chaney, USA
Colin Chase, USA
David Clarkson, Canada
Michel Daigneault, Canada
Fergus Delargy, Northern Ireland
Ellen Driscoll, USA
Ann Edholm, Sweden
Merrin Eirth, Australia
Geraldine Erman, USA
Suzanne Fisher, USA
Gustav Hamos, Germany (Berlin)
Michael Hardesty, USA
Julie Ann Heffernan, USA
Doug Henders, USA
Kaoru Hirabayashi, Japan
Catherine Louise Johnson, USA
Eve Laramee, USA
Christa Mayer, Germany (Berlin)
Cameron McNall, USA
Sef Peeters, the Netherlands
Hermann Pitz, Germany (Berlin)
Marc Ruijgrok, the Netherlands
Joseph Schneider, USA
Dermot Seymour, Northern Ireland
Richard Joseph Sigmund, USA


Tina Aufiero, USA
Helene Aylon, USA
Liz Bachuber, USA
Marianne Blankenberg, Norway
James Andrew Brown, USA
Peter Callas, Australia
Dorothy Cross, Republic of Ireland*
Jessica Diamond, USA
Karl-Heinz Eckert, Germany (Berlin)
Gretchen Faust, USA
Antje Fels, Germany (Berlin)
Chuck Genco, USA
Kathy Hemingway-Jones, USA
Su-Chen Hung, USA
Ross Knight, USA
John Lamka, USA
Christian Marclay, USA
Walter Martin, USA
Philip McFadden, Northern Ireland
Robert Morgan, USA
Eilis O’Connell, Republic of Ireland
Diane Olivier, USA
Sonja Oudendijk, the Netherlands
Derek Root, Canada
Chieo Senzaki, Japan
Susan Shie, USA
Cynthia Short, Canada
Stiletto, Germany (Berlin)
Jessica Stockholder, USA
Norbert Stuck, Germany (Berlin)
Peer Veneman, the Netherlands
Fredrik Wretman, Sweden


Teresa Bramlette, USA
Marie-Jose Burki, Switzerland
Chung-Ho Chak, USA
Liadin Cooke, Republic of Ireland
Mirjam de Zeeuw, the Netherlands
Merilyn Fairskye, Australia
Bernard Garbert, Germany (Berlin)
General Idea, Canada
Jesse Goode, USA
Polly Kiesel, USA
John Kindness, Northern Ireland
John Laford, Canada
Glenn Ligon, USA
Tim Miller, USA
Piotr Nathan, Germany (Berlin)
Ingrid Orfali, Sweden
Hunter Reynolds, USA
Lynn Robinson, USA
Marc Romano, USA
Ellen Rumm, USA
Lydia Schouten, the Netherlands
Wolfgang Staehle, USA
Elaine Sturtevant, USA
Junko Suzuki, Japan
Vulto, the Netherlands*
Sokhi Wagner, USA
Camilla Warenskjold-Dybvik, Norway
Karsten Wittke, Germany (Berlin)

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Tomie Arai, USA
Marie Barrett, Republic of Ireland
Brad Buckley, Australia
Kathe Burkhart, USA
Esperanza Cortes, USA
Wijnanda Deroo, the Netherlands
Mark Dion, USA
Andreas Dobler, Switzerland
Andrea Fisher, USA
Andreas Ginkel, Germany (Berlin)
Ronnie Hughes, Northern Ireland
Aldert Mantje, the Netherlands
Kay Miller, USA
Solfrid Mortensen, Norway
Kon-Su Nam, USA
Giancarlo Neri, USA
Karin Ogren, Sweden
Gary Pearson, Canada
Chiaki Sakurai, Japan
Jayce Salloum, Canada
Cornelia Schleime, Germany (Berlin)
Robin Stanaway, USA (Ohio)
Noburu Takayama, Japan
Danny Tisdale, USA
Vulto, the Netherlands
Susan Wexler, USA
Lynn Wilder, USA
Janet Zweig, USA


Heinz Brand, Switzerland
Matthew Braun, USA
Kavin Buck, USA
Peggy Cyphers, USA
Wijnanda Deroo, the Netherlands
Ralph Raphael Fleming, USA
Chisen Furukawa, Japan
Sharon Garbe, USA
B.K.H. Gutmann, Germany (Berlin)
Peter Hagdahl, Sweden
Shelagh Keeley, USA
Derek Kreckler, Australia
Even-Bie Larsen, Norway
Kang-So Lee, Korea
Via Lewandowsky, Germany (Berlin)
Suzanne McClelland, USA
Yong Soon Min, USA
Aimee Morgana, USA
Deirdre O’Connel, Northern Ireland
Kristin Oppenheim, USA
Félix Perdomo, Venezuela
Leslie Sharpe, USA
Bill Spinhoven, the Netherlands
Maciej Toporowicz, USA
Jon Tower, USA
Grace Weir, Republic of Ireland
Lynne Yamamoto, USA


Jeanette Christensen, Norway
Rodney Dickson, Northern Ireland
Fedo Ertl, Austria
Rose Farrell and George Parkin, Australia
Rini Hurkmans, the Netherlands
Andrew Kearney, Republic of Ireland
Sooja Kim, Korea
Simon Leung, USA
Oscar Machado, Venezuela
Bettina Munk, Germany
Lars Nilsson, Sweden
Michael Ross, USA
Beat Streuli, Switzerland
Inez van Lamsweerde, the Netherlands
Yukinori Yanagi, Japan


Drew Beatti and Daniel Davidson, USA
Tom Bevan, Northern Ireland
Tomas Büsch, Berlin
Cecilie Dahl, Norway
Mike Fitzpatrick, Republic of Ireland
Yong-Sox Ha, Korea
Richard Hoeck, Austria
Felix Stephan Huber, Switzerland
Yoshiko Kanai, Japan
Suchan Kinoshita, Japan
Nader, Berlin
Itty Neuhaus, USA
Bernhard Sachs, Australia
Ann-Sofi Síden, Sweden
Javier Téllez, Venezuela


Sabine Bitter, Austria
David Cerny, Czech Republic
Daniel Habegger, Switzerland
Tone E. Ch. Johansen, Norway
Finola Jones, Republic of Ireland
Young-Jin Kim, Korea
Geoff Kleem, Australia
Yves Kropf, Switzerland
Michael Minnis, Northern Ireland
Takashi Murakami, Japan
Alfredo Ramirez, Venezuela
Joke Robaard, the Netherlands
Kathleen Schimert, USA
Måns Wrange, Sweden

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Heather Allen, Northern Ireland
Alfredo Ceibal, USA
Ken Chu, USA
Brian Hand, Republic of Ireland
Mathew Jones, Australia
Ann Lislegaard, Norway
Diana Lopez, Venezuela
Christine Meierhofer, Austria
Claudio Moser, Switzerland, Germany (Berlin)
Hwa-Young Park, Korea
Cai Guo Qiang, Japan
Jennifer Silitch, USA
Marijke van Warmerdam, the Netherlands


Michael Bramwell, USA
Nina Brudermann, Austria
Yoon Ja Cha and Paul Devautour, France
Christoph Draeger, Switzerland
Eckhard Etzold, Germany
Bernard Goodman, USA
Donna Han, USA
Jorunn I. Hanstvedt, Norway
Nancy Hwang, USA
Paul Johnson, USA
Paddy Jolley, Republic of Ireland
Job Koelewyn, the Netherlands
Alexandre Lenoir, France
Andres Manner, Venezuela
Carrie Moyer, USA
Sang-Gyel Oh, Korea
Luke Roberts, Australia
Momoyo Torimitsu, Japan
Martin Wedge, Northern Ireland
Charlotta Westergren, USA


Jacques-Olivier Andre, France
Ana Axpe, Switzerland
Gerard N. Byrne, Republic of Ireland
Pilar Conde, USA
Elizabeth Cooper, USA
Stephanie Diamond, USA
Edy Ferguson, USA
Christine Hill, Germany
Cynthia Lovett, USA
Tor-Magnus Lundeby, Norway
Mark Orange, Northern Ireland
Liza May Post, the Netherlands
Erwin Redl, Austria
Hyun J. Shin, Korea
Kathy Temin, Australia
Juana M. Valdes, USA
Xinping Wang, Japan
Alfred Wenemoser, Venezuela


Allora & Calzadilla, USA
Celeste Boursier-Mougenot, France
Shane Cullen, Republic of Ireland
Xiomara De Oliver, USA
Bruna Esposito, Italy
Jose Gabriel Fernandez, Venezuela
Ciara Finnegan, Northern Ireland
Peter Friedl, Austria
Howard Goldkrand, USA
John Kelly, USA
Kristin Lovejoy, USA
Kristin Lucas, USA
Olaf Nicolia, Germany
Deborah Ostrow, Australia
Tere Recarens, Spain
Ugo Rondinone, Switzerland*
Yoshiko Shimada, Japan
Lane Twitchell, USA
Jeanne van Heeswijk, the Netherlands
So Yan-kei, Hong Kong


Sanford Leon Biggers, USA
David Godbold
Kurt Hentschlager
Sabine Hornig, Berlin
Seung Young Kim, Korea
Jan Kopp, France
Elke Lehmann, USA
Susan MacWilliam
Claudia and Julia Muller, Switzerland
Hironori Murai, Japan
Paola Pivi, Italy
Andrea Ray, USA
Montserrat Soto, Spain
Mary Ellen Strom, USA
Granular Synthesis, Austria
Fiona Templeton, USA
Bik and Jas Van Der Pol, the Netherlands
Gert Verhoeven
Sara Chi Hang Wong
Elizabeth Zawada, USA

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Adel Abdessemed, France
Rosa Brueckl and Gregor Schmoll, Austria
Christoph Buchel, Switzerland
Chin-wai Ching, Hong Kong
Maria Cruz, Australia
Nicolas Estevez, USA
Thomas Giles, USA
Ellen Harvey, USA
Martin Healy, Republic of Ireland
Emily Jacir, USA
Norma Jeane (aka Luca Fornolini), Italy
Angelika Middendorf, Germany
Begoña Muñoz, Spain
Susan Phillipsz, Northern Ireland
Gert Robijns, Belgium/Flanders
Gedi Sibony, USA
Fynnegan Sloyan, USA
Ritsaert ten Cate, the Netherlands
Stephen Vitiello, USA
Jun’ya Yamaide, Japan
Yoon Young-Seok, South Korea


Daniel Bozhkov, USA
Birgit Brenner, Germany (Berlin)
Phil Collins, Northern Ireland
Elizabeth Demaray, USA
Anoka Faruqee, USA
Nic Hess, Switzerland
Gimhongsok, South Korea
George Kimmerling, USA
Jeroen Kooijmans, the Netherlands
Dave McKenzie, USA
Isozaki Michiyoshi, Japan
Ottonella Mocellin, Italy
David Noonan, Australia
Bruno Peinado, France
Valerie Prot, Spain
Amanda Ralph, Republic of Ireland
Douglas Ross, USA
Constanze Schweiger, Austria
Rudy Shepherd, USA
Dario Solman, Croatia
Katleen Vermeir, Belgium/Flanders


Antoine Berghs, the Netherlands
Javier Cambre, USA
Yan Chung-Hsien, Taiwan
Declan Clarke, Republic of Ireland
Lara Favaretto, Italy
Bob Gramsma, Switzerland
Fred Holland, USA
Yun-Fe Jin-Hua, USA
Christopher Keller, Berlin
Jongku Kim, Korea
Kristina Leko, Croatia
Anissa Mack, USA
Julia Montilla, Spain
Jean-Francois Moriceau, France
Petra Mrzyk, France
Hans Op De Beeck, Belgium/Flanders
Sally-Ann Rowland, Australia
Katsuhiro Saiki, Japan
John Slepian, USA
Julianne Swartz, USA
Dannielle Tegeder, USA
Jun Yang, Austria


Sachiko Abe, Japan
Ibon Aramberri Landa, Spain
Tatjana Doll, Germany (Berlin)
Meschac Gaba, the Netherlands
Stefania Galegati, Italy
Tomo Savic Gecan, Croatia
Shi Jin-Hua, Taiwan
San Kellerk, Switzerland
Ok-Sun Kim, Korea
Ulrike Muller, Austria
Niamh O’Malley, Republic of Ireland
Katsuhiro Saiki, Japan*
Caecilia Tripp, France
Michael Van den Abeele, Belgium/Flanders