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Department of Painting and Sculpture: Artists Records

in The Museum of Modern Art Archives

The Museum of Modern Art Archives
11 West 53 Street
New York, NY 10019-5497
© 1998
The Museum of Modern Art Archives
Finding aid prepared in 1998, updated by Rachel Garbade, 2024.

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.). Department of Painting and Sculpture
Title: Department of Painting and Sculpture: Artists Records
Inclusive Dates: 1935-1972
Quantity: 10.42 linear feet
25 5″ document boxes


The records in Series I are arranged alphabetically by the artist's surname, and in a few cases by the subject, adhering to the original order. When a first name is not included the individual is identified with Mr. or Ms. following the surname. If such information is not specified, these surnames are noted with a question mark.

The files in Series II were originally part of the same grouping as those in Series I, but were not processed until 2024. The files were rearranged in alphabetical order, based on original notations on the letters, when provided.

The collection is organized into two series:
Series I: Artists Records
Series II: Additional Files Processed in 2024

Scope and Content Note

Series I and Series II include correspondence between staff of the Department of Painting and Sculpture and artists, dealers, collectors and institutions; departmental memos; catalogues; announcements; photographs; press clippings; résumés; and artist biographies. The date range of the Records is from 1935 to 1972.

Artists, other art professionals, and institutions corresponded with the Museum to inform it of emerging and established artists and art movements both within the United States and abroad. The artists documented in this Record Group range from having no past history with the Museum to having a longstanding relationship with the institution. The bulk of the Museum staff correspondence is from Alfred H. Barr, Jr. and Dorothy C. Miller. Subjects of the correspondence often include specific works, possible Museum acquisitions and introductions to new artists. The Artists Records are organized primarily by individual artists, though thematic and geographically-based groups are in some cases represented.


Access Restrictions

The records are open for research and contain no restricted materials.

Ownership and Literary Rights

The Department of Painting and Sculpture: Artists Records are the physical property of The Museum of Modern Art. Literary rights, including copyright belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assigns. Rights to work produced during the normal course of Museum business resides with The Museum of Modern Art. For further information, and to obtain permission to publish or reproduce, contact the Museum Archivist.

Index Terms

This collection is indexed under the following headings in the library catalog of The Museum of Modern Art. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons, or places should search the catalog using these headings.
Artists -- 20th century -- Archives
Barr, Alfred H., Jr., 1902-1981 -- Archives
Miller, Dorothy Canning, 1904-2003 -- Archives
Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.) -- Department of Painting and Sculpture -- Archives
Document Types:
Artist files
Vertical files

Related Collections at MoMA and Elsewhere

For related collections see also, The Museum of Modern Art Archives: Alfred H. Barr, Jr. Papers Series I Personal Correspondence, Dorothy C. Miller Papers, the Sound Recordings collection, Registrar Exhibition Files, and artist files located in the Museum Library.

Administrative Information


The Artists Records were created and maintained by The Museum of Modern Art's Department of Painting and Sculpture. The Museum of Modern Art Archives identified the Records and processed them according to archival standards in the summer of 1998.

Preferred Citation

Department of Painting and Sculpture: Artists Records, [series.folder]. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York.

Container List

Series I: Artists Records 1935-1972

Folder Title
I.1 Untitled

Abate, Peter
Abbe, William P.
Abbott, Inez
Abbott, Mary Ogden
Abel, Louise
Abel, Myer
Abels, Jean
Abercrombie, Gertrude

I.2 Untitled

Aberdam, Mr.
Abidine, Dino
Abramowitz, Albert
Abramowitz, Benjamin
Abramowicz, Janet
Abrams, Donald
Abugov, Joseph
Abushady, Mr.
Acevedo, Eduardo
Acheson, Alice
Ackman, Allan
Acuna, Luis Alberto
Adabody, Al
Adamczyk, Stanley
Adams, Arthur
Adams, Charles
Adams, John Quincey
Adams, Lawrence
Adams, Mark

I.3 Untitled

Adde, Gordon
Addison, Wilfred
Ades, Josiah
Adler, Egon
Adler, Jankel
Adler, Robert
Adler, S.L.
Adler, Sigismund
Adriann, Camille

I.4 Untitled

Agar, Eileen
Agranat, Gertrude
Agron, Sylvia
Aguayo, Mr.
Aguilar, Hector
Aguirre, Ignacio
Agustin, Marquis Manuel de
Ahlberg, Florence Maria
Ahr, Richard
Ainsworth, Joe
Aissen, Mildred
Aizpiri, Paul
Albright, Adam Emory
Albrecht, Gilbert
Albrizio, Humbert
Alick, Major
Allard, Emile
Allen, James
Allston, George
Allston, Washington
Almeida, de Lopes de
Almy, Esther
Alper, Bert
Alston, Charles
Altman, Diana

I.5 Untitled

Altman, Harold
Altripp, Mr.
Alva, Mr.
Alvarado, Roberto
Alvarez del Monte, Luis Jose
Amant, J.L.
Ambellan, Harold
Ambrosi, Gustinus
Amero, Emilio
Ames, Alexander
Amiel, M.

I.6 Untitled

Amino, Leo
Amler, Alfred
Andersen, Mr.
Anderson, Carlos
André, Francois
Andreson, Winslow
Andrew, Lucy Brett
Andrews, Beatrice
Andrews, Eric
Andrews, Oliver
Andrieux, Lili
Androusow-Green, Genia
Andrus, Vera
Angel, Abraham
Anliker, Roger
Annan, Charles
Anselevicius, Evelyn
Anthony, Edward
Anthony, Elizabeth
Anton, Mr.
Anton, Harold

I.7 Untitled

Anton, Victor
Antonovici, Constantin
Antonucci, Emil
Antorino, Lucia
Antunez, Nemecio
Anuszkiewicz, Richard
van Apeldoorn, G.W.J.
Apol, Pierre
Applebaum, Leon
Appleby, Theodore

I.8 Untitled

Aquin, Creighton
Arai, Tatsuo
Aramburu, Helena
Aranoa, Juan de
Arata, Oliver
Arboleda, Alberto
Archer, Robert
Arcieri, Gene
Arenal, Rose
Arenson, George
D'Artista, Robert
Armentani, Eugenio
Armer, Ruth
Armida, Machila
Armistead, S.W.
Arnold, Grant

I.9 Untitled

Arnot, Ewald
Aroch, Arie
Aron, Gunther
Aronsohn, Irene
Aronson, Cyril
Aronson, David
Aronson, Naoum
Artigas, Llorenz
Artinoff, H.
Artis, William
Asawa, Ruth
Aryes, Cardoso
Asbach, Hugo
Asglirsson, Bragi
Ash, Annette
Ash, Mark

I.10 Untitled

Asti, A
Astin, John
Astrup, Nikolai
Athalie, Princess
Auberjonois, Réne
Aubuchon, Howard
Audubon, John James
Aulestia, Mr.
Australian artists
Ausubel, Sheva
Avati, Mario
Avigdor, Mr.

I.11 Untitled

Aviron, Joachim
Avniel, Mordechi
Axler, Gladis
Aykut, Mazhar
Ayres, Lula
Azlor, Ernestina

I.12 Untitled

Babcock, Katherine
Babielsky, Eugene
Babikoff, Vladimir
Baccante, Mario
Bacci, Edwardo
Bach, Robert
von Bachman, Oelze
Bachrach, Gladys
Bacon, Peggy
Bader, Emil
Badgers, Joseph
Badiali, Julian
Baehr, Ms.
Baer, Howard
Baggi, Giuseppe
Bagnell, Stephen
Bagno, Meyer
Bahm, Mr.
Bahnc, Salcia
Bahramian, Garnik
Bailey, Phyllis
Bailey, Weldon
Bailley, Lillian

I.13 Untitled

Bain, Donald
Baines, Helen
Baker, Ehuerte
Baker, Harry
Baker, Lamar
Baker, Robert Peter
Bakhtiari, Mohamed Khan Assad
Bakos, Marcin
Bakst, Leon
Balbes, Jack
Balch, Georgia
Baldaccini, Cezare
Baldwin, Barbara
Baldwin, Joe

I.14 Untitled

Balf, Oliver
Ball, Everett
Balla, Elica
Balla, Luce
Ballabene, richard
Ballard, Charles
Ballinger, Maxil
Baltzly, Josephine
Bancroft, Milton
Band, Max
Bandes, Janet
Bar, Nelli
Barany, Eugene
Barbara, Joseph
Barbe, Maurice
Barber, George
Barber, John

I.15 Untitled

Barborini, Bruno
Barca, Celia Caldron de la
Barchillon, Raquel
Barclay, J.E.
Barcons, Zula
Bard, Max
Bargheer, Eduard
Barillet, Jean
Barkan, Francine
Barker, Kit
Barnas, C.F.J.
Barnes, Carroll
Barnes, Matthew

I.16 Untitled

Barnes, Robert
Barnes, Will
Barnett, Judith
Barnett, Margaret
Barnett, Rita
Barnett, William
Barnwell, Konolei
Barone, Francisco
Barone, Francis

I.17 Untitled

Barr, Maurice
Barr, Norman
Barr, Ralph
Barr, Roger
Barre, Gertrude
Barrer, Gertrude
Barrett, O'connor
Barrett, Oliver
Barrett, Riva
Barrett, Roderic
Barrios, Armando

I.18 Untitled

Bartels, C.A.
Barthe, Richmond
Bartlett, Robert
Barton, Lyle
Bartow, Miriam
Barye, A.L.
Baskin, Sol B.
Bass, Clara
Basterrechea, Nestor
Bastieanello, Arturo
Battist, Sondra
Bauch, Solomon
Baudat, Robert
Baudrexel, Eduard
Baum, Max
Baumann, Karl
Baumol, William
Baxter, Blanche
Baxter, John
Bayer, Marie
Bayard, Claude
Bayliss, George
Bayloss, Zelma
Bazart, Mr.
Bazaine, Jean
Bazille, Frederic

I.19 Untitled

Beach, Adrian
Beal, Gifford
Bean, Betty Randolph
Beard, William Holbrook.
Beattie, George
Le Beau,?
Bechoux, Edward
Beck, Margit
Beck, Rosemarie
ver Becke, W. Edwin
Becker, Fred
Becker, Robert
Beckwith, James
Beek, Kisa
Beerman, Herbert
Beerman, Marian

I.20 Untitled

Begay, Harrison
Behl, Wolfgang
Behrent, Robert
Behrman, R.M.
Beier, Esther
Beierly, Marjorie
Beline, George
Belknap, Morris
Bell, Sherlock
Bellamy, Virginia Woods
Belleud, Gisele
Bellos, Nausicaa
Belmont, Ira Jean
Belmont, Lu
Belsen, Jakobus

I.21 Untitled

Belter, John Henry
Benard, A.
Bender, Whitney
Bendix, Juliet
Bendix, Hans
Bendre, N.S.
Benedict, A.
Benedikt, Anne
Benenate, Guiseppe
Benigni, Leon
Benjamin, Fanny
Benjamin Stanton
Benn, Ben
Bennett, Douglas
Bennett, Edna
Benno, Mr. B.G.
Benrimo, Dorothy
Benrimo, Thomas

I.22 Untitled

Ben-Shmuel, Ahron
Ben Salem, Aly
Benschop, Nico
Benson, Stuart
Bentley, Claude
Bentley, Lester W.
Bentley, Wilder
Benvenuti, Benvenuto
Ben-Yano, Mr.
Ben-Zion, Mr.
Bercovici, Mirel

I.23 Untitled

Berent, Peter G.
Berger, Alfred
Bergschneider, Johnfried Georg
Berjman, Edgardo
Berks, Robert
Berlandina, Jane
Berlind, Harriet
Berman-Beach, Sara

I.24 Untitled

Bernas, Ms.
Bermudez, Cundo
Bernhardt, John
Bernstein, Gloria
Bernstein, Theresa
Berry, William
Bertoli, Jose
Bertoni, Wander
Bertsch, M.
Besnard, Albert
Bess, Forrest
Best, Richard Clark
Bethke, E.G.
Bezombes, Roger

I.25 Untitled

Biafora, Giuseppe
Biberman, Edward
Bibra, C.V.
Biel, Egon Vitalis
Bierstadt, Albert

I.26 Untitled

Bigaud, Wilson
Billings, Henry
Binet, George
Bingham, George Caleb
Binkley, Betty
Birchansky, Leo
Bishop, Eloise
Bishop, Isabel
Bisttram, Emil
Blach, Madi
Black, Frederick

I.27 Untitled

Black, Robert Lovell
Blackburn, Morris
Blackstone, Harriet
Blaine, Nell
Blair, Camille
Blair, George
Blair, Streeter

I.28 Untitled

Blanc-Gatti, Charles
Blanch, Arnold
Blanch, Lucille
Blanchard, Carol
Blanchard, Lyman
Blanchard, Maria
Blanchard, Robert
Blanche, Jacques
Blankmeister, Helmut

I.29 Untitled

de Blas, Julio
Blatter, Orcutt
Blattner, Rose
Blazek, Anton
Bliss, G.I.
Bloch, Lucienne
Blocher, Clark

I.30 Untitled

Block, Martin
Bloom, Donald
Bloom, Hyman
Bloomer, Kent C.
Blow, Richard
Blue Four
Bluemner, Oscar

I.31 Untitled

Blumberg, Yuli
Blume, Peter
Blumberg, Mrs.

I.32 Untitled

Blumenschein, Ernest
Blumenstiel, Helen
Bluth, Manfred
Boccacci, Mercello
Bodin, Paul
Bodine, Wilhelm
Boegehold, Richard
Boehm, Edith
Boers, Willy
Boethling, William

I.33 Untitled

Boggs, Franklin
Bohlman, Edgar
Bohning, A.C.
Bohrod, Aaron
Boijer-Poijarvi, Mr.
Boileau, Isabel
Bok, Hannes
Bolaffio, Rita Boley
Bolin, Gustave
Bolmeier, Jane
Bolotowsky, Ilya
Bertrand, Lewis
Bolton, Mimi
Bonge, Dusti
Bonheur, Rosa
Bonhomme, Léon
Bonk, Julia
Bonnici, John
Bonomi, Maria
Boodakian, Barkere
Boonen, Jack

I.34 Untitled

Bordelon, Mr.
Borea, Helen
Borgatta, Isabel Case
Borgenicht, Grace
Borgo, Louis
Borgos, Jerome
Borgrave, Elie
Boris, Rosa
Borzemsky, Bogdan
Bossack, Bernard
Botstick, William
Boswell, Fred
Bosworth, Welles
Botello Barros, Angel

I.35 Untitled

Bothwell, Dorr
Bott, Francis
Bottwin, Richard
Bouche, Brieuc
Boudin, Elanore
Boughton, G.H.
Bouligny, Earl
Boulris, Richard
Bourassa, Pierre
Bousska, Mr.

I.36 Untitled

Boutis, Tom
Bowden, Harry
Bower, C.E.
Bowen, John
Bowers, J.
Bowes, Arthur Wentworth
Bowes, Julian
Bowie, Frank
Bowman, Richard
Box, Frances
Le Boy, Mrs.
Boyd, Fiske
Boyd, R.
Bozyan, Edith

I.37 Untitled

Brackman, Robert
Bradshaw, Brian
Brady, Bets
Brady, Cyrus
Brady, Faith
Bragazzi, Olive
Bramer, Hester
Branco, Sansao Castello
Brand, Charlotte
Brandes, Victoria
Brandon, Brumsic
Brands, Dean
Brands, Eugene
Brandwen, Adele

View PDF of folder I.37

I.38 Untitled

Branson, Edith
Brasher, Rex
Bratby, John
Brauer, Richard
Braught, Ross
Braun, Clayton
Braun, Nicholas
Brawley, Mary
Brayson, Roy
Brazilian artists
Brazza, Mr.
Breiling, Patsy
Breinin, Raymond

I.39 Untitled

Breitkopf, Franz
Brener, Bernard
Brenner, Gertrudis
Brenson, Theodore
Bresdin, Mr.
Bloom, Hyman
Bretton, Sharon

I.40 Untitled

Brewer, Floyd
Brewer, Ralph
Brewton, James
Breydert, Frederick
Briant, Ezelino
Brice, Billy
Brice, Elizabeth
Brickman, Abraham
Bright, Barney

I.41 Untitled

Brindisi, Remo
Brisel, Bella
Brisman, Benjamin
Britton, Joyce
Britton, Percival
Le Brocquy, Luis
Broderson, Robert
Brodie, Howard
Brody, A.
Broner, Erwin
Bronstein, Max
Broom, Lloyd
Bros, Robert
Brower, Kay
Brown, Arthur
Brown, Bolton
Brown, Carlyle
Brown, Darrel

I.42 Untitled

Brown, Douglas
Brown, Elbert
Brown, Frank
Brown, F.A.
Brown, Gordon
Brown, Harper
Brown, J.G.
Brown, Jacques
Brown, Joan
Brown, Joseph
Brown, Leon
Brown, Malcolm
Brown, Marechal
Brown, Robert
Brown, Samuel

I.43 Untitled

Brown, Thomas
Brown, William
Bruder, Harold
Brugmann, Dale
Brummé, Ludwig
Brummer, Robert
Le Brun, George
Le Brun, Rico
Bruni, Giuseppe
Brunn, C.E.
Brunswig, Marguarite
Bruyer, Helen
Bry, Edith
Bryen, Mr.
Brygider, Edward

I.44 Untitled

Buckenholz, Brua
Bucklin, Abby
Buecker, Robert
Buel, Hubert
Buerkle, E.C.
Bufano, Beniamino

I.45 Untitled

Buffmire, Frank
Bugnolo, Sergio
Buhman, Walt
Buholz, Frances
Bullard, Billy
Buller, Audrey
Bullock, John
Bulow, Karen
Bumgardner, James
Bunce, Louis
Bunch, Clarence
Bundy, Gilbert
Burchess, Arnold
Burchfield, Charles
Burck, Jacob
Burckhardt, Edith
Burckhardt, Rudolph
Burdine, R.C.
Burg, Copeland

I.46 Untitled

Burgess, Alexius
Burgess, Richard
Burich, Joseph
Burnett, Garland
Burney, Melvin
Burns, Jerome
Burra, Edward
Burssens, Jan
Burton, Netta
Burvold, C.J.
Busch, Mr.
Busch, Clair
Busch, Maria
Le Buse, Alan
Bush, Alfred
Bushman, William
Butler, Charles
Butler, Horacio
Buttler, Joseph
Button, John
Buzzelli, Anthony
Byers, James Lee
Byers, Ralph

I.47 Untitled

Caballero, Emilio
Cabreras, Mr.
Caceda, Romano Espinoza
Cadish, Reuben
Caesar, Doris
Cage, John
Cahn, Leo
Caille, Pierre
Calapai, Letterio
Calderwood, Jack
Caldwell, Winifred

I.48 Untitled

Callahan, Kenneth
Calmettes, Jean-Marie
Calvo, Pilar
Calyo, Nicolino
Camaretta, Mr.
Camoin, Charles
Campagna, Paul
Campanella, Vincent
Campbell, Ben Jewett
Campbell, Charles
Campbell, Don
Campuzano, Gomez

I.49 Untitled

Canadé, Vincent
Canadian artists
Candellarich, Herbert
Canessa, George
Canevares, Gomez
Canin, Martin
Cannon, Walton
Cantu, Federico
Canys, Ribera
Capricious, Mr.
Carchio, Mary
Cardinal, Marcel

I.50 Untitled

Cardini, Riccardo
Cariola, Robert
Carlberg, Norman
Carles, Arthur B.
Carletti, Mario
Carlier, Maurice
Carlson, Nione
Carlsson, Harry
Carlu, Jean
Carlu, Natasha

I.51 Untitled

Caron, Antoine
Carpenko, Nikita
Carr, Emily
Carra, Carlo

I.52 Untitled

Carreno, Mario
Carroll, John
Carroll, Richard
Carson, Sol
Carte, Anto
Cartee, Charles
Carter, Clarence

I.53 Untitled

Carter, Jane
Carter, Susan
Cartier, Ferdinand
Cartozian, Hovsep
Carty, Robert
Caruana, Jo
Caruso, Enrico
Caruso, Frank
Caruso, Mario

I.54 Untitled

Cascarano, Victor
Case, Malcolm
Case, Russell
Cashwan, Samuel
Casorati, Daphne Maugham
Castagna, Rodolfo
Castellon, Federico
Castelnau, Fernande

I.55 Untitled

Castells, Pura Rodriguez
Castillo, Chato
Castleden, George
Caston, Robert
Castricone, Alfonso
Catan-Rose, Richard
Catlett, Elizabeth
Catlin, George
Cavallari, Fred
Cavasin, John
Cavat, Irma
Caya, Howard
Cazal, Louis
Caziel, Mr.

I.56 Untitled

Cederquist, Arthur
Ceike, Alfred
Celia, Santo
Cellini, Gaetano
Cenci, Silvania
Cent, Penny
Cera, Rene
Ceracchini, Gisberto
Ceretti, Mino
Cerny, George
Cerra, Mitra
Chaet, Bernard
Chaffee, Ada
Chaffee, Oliver
Chalafont, J.D.
Chamalian, Lillian
Chambers, T
Chambert, Erik
Chanase, Dane
Chaney, Ruth
Chanler, Robert Winthrop

I.57 Untitled

Charbonneau, Marcel
Charry, John
Charvat, Mr.
Chase, Cornelia
Chase, Robert
Chase, William Merritt
Chatelain, Nikolas
Chauvin, Mr.
Chavez, Caroline de
Chaw, Princess Wa-Wa
Cheilan, Denis
Chemal, Joachim
Cheney, Warren
Cheng, Mignonette
Chepourkoff, Michael

I.58 Untitled

Chevalier, Marcel
Chevez, Adonie
Chiang, Chao-Ho
Chinnery, George
Cholodanco, Anna
Chrestien, Fernando
Christ, Martin
Christoffersen, Gerda
Christoforou, John

I.59 Untitled

Christopher, Lucie
Chrystie, Margaret
Church, Barton
Church, Frederick
Church, Henry
Church, Pearl
Cikovsky, Nicolai
Cimino, Basil
Cipolat, Gabriella
Citron, Felix
Civetta, Mr.
Civkin, Lora
Clad, Jean
Le Claire, Jean

I.60 Untitled

Clark, Claude
Clark, Dillard
Clark, Fletcher
Clark, James
Clark, F.X.
Clark, Sally
Clarke, Allan
Clarke, Emery
Clarkson, John
Claudato, Paul
Clavé, Antoni
Clawson, Rex
Clayton, Nila

I.61 Untitled

Clemance, Hunter
Clemente, Jack
Clements, Grace
Clemmer, John
Clere, Hazel
Cliett, Travis
Climent, Enrique
Clingenpeel, Catherine
Clivette, Merton
Cloos, Consuela
Clough, Stanley
Coale, Donald
Di Cocco, Francesco
Coco, Carmelo
Codman, Charles
Coggeshall, Calvert
Coggins, Jack

I.62 Untitled

Coghill, Nevill
Cohen, Harold
Cohen, Peter
Cole, Ross
Cole, Thomas
Coleman, Felton
Collins, Robert
Collis, Edwin
Comins, Harry
Comito, Nicholas
Le Compte, Mia
Le Compte, Rowan & Irene
Concha, Enrique
Condé, Salvador
Cone, Marvin

I.63 Untitled

Conn, Norman
Connan, Georges
Connelly, Brian
Connor, Robert
Conover, Robert
Conrad, Michael
Converse, Lily
Conway, Fred

I.64 Untitled

Cook, Clyde
Cook, Howard
Cook, Lulu
Cook, Sally
Cooke, Lester
Cooper, Ian
Cooper, William
Cope, George
Copeland, L.H.
Copeland, Lila
Coplans, Joseph
Coradal-Cugat, F.
Corasick, William
Corazzo, Alexander

View PDF of folder I.64

I.65 Untitled

Corbett, Edward
Corbett, William
Cordiviola, Luis
Corinth, Lovis
Corn, Max
Cornell, Allela
Cornwall, Dean
Corot, Claude
Corre, Robert
Cortor, Eldzier

View PDF of folder I.65

I.66 Untitled

Cosentino, Gino
Cosmy, Ms.
Cossio, Francisco
Cossio del Pomar, Felipe
Coste, Albert
Costigan, John
Van Cott, Sheril
Couch, Urban
Cournos, John
Coursey, George
Cousin, Francois Charles
Cousins, Harold
de Coux, Janet
Couzijn, Wessel
Couzyn, Mr.
Cowell, Laura
Cox, Jan
Cox, John Rogers
Cox, Roger
Cox, Viola
Cox, Virginia
Coxon, Rqymond
Cozzens, E.C.
Crabtree, August
Craig, Martin

I.67 Untitled

Cranford, Ralph
Craske, John
Craven, Timothy
Craver, Margaret
Cravo, Mario
Crawford, Cleo
Crawford, Garges
Crawford, Marian
de Creeft, José
Creighton, Bessy
Creixams, Pierre

I.68 Untitled

Cremean, Robert
Crespi, Pachita

I.69 Untitled

Crespo de la Serna, Jorge Juan
Crews, Frances
Criss, Francis
Crist, Richard
Cristofanetti, Helen
Croft, L.Scott

I.70 Untitled

Cropsey, Jasper
Cross, H.E.
Crovatt, Harry
Crover, Miss
Crow, J. Claude
Crowell, Lloyd
Cru, Paul
Cruchley, Fay
Cuevas, Jose Luis
Cummings, Willard
Cunning, John
Cunning, John
Cuprynska, Corsica
Curran, Margaret
Currier & Ives
Curtis, Marian

I.71 Untitled

Cushing, Lilly
Cushman, Charlotte
Cushman, T. Crowell
Custer, Bernadine
Cutler, Charles
Cuttenden, Ethel
Czebotar, Theodore
Czermanski, Z.

I.72 Untitled

Daen, Lindsay
Dagan, Roger
Dahlin, Bengt
Dale, Graham
Dallmann, Otto
Dambeck, Blanche
Damian, Horia
Damiani, Jorge
Damiano, Charles
Damm, John
Van Damme, Susanne

I.73 Untitled

Damon, William
Daniel, Lewis
Daniels, David
Daniels, J.D.
Danovich, Frances Edward
Danska, Herbert
Danto, Arthur
Dario Silingardi, I.
Darnas, Robert
Darriau, Jean Paul
Darroc, Emile

I.74 Untitled

Datz, Mark
Daussy, Raymond
Davidoff, Louis
Davidson, Jo
Davidson, Morris
Davies, Arthur
Davis, Emma Lou

I.75 Untitled

Davis, Flagg
Davis, Hubert
Davis, Jack
Davis, James
Davis, Jerrold
Davis, Lena
Davis, Lew
Davis, Marshall
Davis, Richard
Day, Lucien
Dazzi, Arturo

I.76 Untitled

De, Biren
Déak, Niklas
Dean, Herman
Deats, Gordon
Debré, Oliver
Decker, Alice
Decker, Chase
Decker, Gary Dean
Decker, Lindsay
Dedman, Clitso
Dehner, Walt
Deiderich, Hunt
Delamare, Edith
Delihas, James

I.77 Untitled

Deming, E.W.
Demolin, Arrigo
Demonchy, Andre
Dempsey, John
Demuth, Charles
Denmark, Augusta
Denis, Maurice
Dennis, Roger
Dennis, Warren
Derderian, Ara
Derichs-Hilgers, Tedd
Derkert, Siri
Desha, Ms.
Deshaies, Arthur
Desjarlait, Patrick
Desmond, Eleanor
Despiau, Charles
Dessauer, John
Detwiller, Frederick
Deuker, Frederick
Deupes, Dominique
Deutch, Hilda
Devich, Karen
Devoe, Fanchon
Dey, Henry Ellinwood
Diamond, Samuel
Diani, Sandro
Diaz, Irma
Diaz, Virginia
Dickenson, E.H.

I.78 Untitled

Dickie, James
Dickenson, Preston
Diebenkorn, Richard
Diederich, Hunt
Diefenbach, Wilhelm
Dielman, E.D.
De Diego, Julie
Diem, Peter
Diener, Irving
Dienes, Regina
Dienes, Sari
Dilsizian, G.
Dimitman, I.
Dingle, Edward
Dininno, Frank
Dinlocker, Charles
Dinneen, Alice
Dinzey, Richard
Dioda, Adolphe
Diovanni, Alfred
Dirit, Harry
Dittman, Karl
Dix, Harry

I.79 Untitled

Dix, Otto
Dixon, J.B.
Djanira, Gomez

I.80 Untitled

Dlugosz, Louis
Dobell, William
Dobkin, Alexander
Doblin, Jay
Doc, Jean
Dockum, Charles
Dodd, Lamar
Dodd, Lois
Doering, Ruth
van Doesburg, Theo
Dohanos, Stevan

I.81 Untitled

Dolbin, Fred
Dolnicoff, Misha
Dombek, Blanche
Domenech, Didi
Domian, Arpad
Dominguez, Oscar
Don, Michael
Donaher, Michael
Donaldson, Joseph
Donas, Tour
Donnelly, Anne

I.82 Untitled

Donohue, Michael
Dooley, Elaine
Dorcely, Roland
Dorda, Enrico
Dore, Gustave
Dorian, Dora
Doriani, Mr.
Dorin, Phoebe
Dorr, William
Dosamantes, Mr.
Doughty, Thomas
Douglas, Laura
Douglas, Minnie
Downer, Kenneth
Doyle, Wilfred
Dozier, Otis
Draper, Susan
Dreier, Katherine
Du-arte, Benjamin
Duby, Gertrude

I.83 Untitled

Duca, Alfred
Duchamp, Marcel
Duchamp, Susan
Duckworth, Paul
Dufresne, Charles
Duncan, Raymond
Duncanson, Robert
Dunham, Alice
Dunkley, John
Dunlap, Margaret
Dunn, Frank
Dunphy, Joe
Dunseith, John
Dunthorne, Steven
Duntre, T.
Dupas, Jean
Duponte, Maurice
Durand, Asher B.
Duro, Roberto
Durrant, Roy
Durrie, George
Dworzan, George
Dwyer, Elizabeth
Dyer, Briggs
Dyer, Carlus Edwin
Dynner, William

I.84 Untitled

Eakins, Thomas
Eames, Ray
Earl, Ralph
Easby, George
Eaton, Joseph
Eaton, Myrwyn
Eaves, Winslow
D'Ebneth, Maria Scholten
de Echevarria, Federico
Eckstein, Frances
Edberg, Ingeborg
Edge, C
Edion, Henri
Edmiston, Henry
Edmondson, Leonard
Edwards, Andrew
Edwards, Emmet
Edwards, Kenn
Edwards, Thorne
Edzard, Dietz
Easor, Cosmos
Efrem, Myrl
Eftimiadi, Frosso

I.85 Untitled

Egas, Camilo
Egger-Lienz, Mr.
Egri, Ted
Ehrich, William
Ehrlich, Aaron
Eigenmann, W.M.
Eilenberg, Sigmund
Eilmann, Inger
Eisenberg, Richard
Eisenhart, Lucy
Eisenstein, Sergei
Eisner, Anne
Eisner, Jack
Ekren, Haakon
Eldon, Ethan
Eldon, Patti
Eldred, Thomas
D'Elia, Theresa
Elkan, Benno
Ellensweig, Harry
Ellinger, David
Elliot, Charles
Elliott, Phillip
Ellis, G. William
Ellish, Riki
Ellsworth, Robert
Elsberg, Dorothy

I.86 Untitled

Elser, Elizabeth
Elshin, Jacob
Ely, Frances
Emanuel, Akiba
Ember, Oscar
Emery, Lin
Emmerich, Karl
Emmons, Robert
Enfield, Harry

I.87 Untitled

Engelchor, John
Ennis, George
Ensor, James

I.88 Untitled

Epping, Franc
Epstein, Jacob
Epstein, Judith
de Erdely, Ferenc
Erichson, Pat
Erickson, Edward
Erlanger, Elizabeth
Ernest, John
D'Erney, Madeline
Erni, Hans
Erns, Ingrid

I.89 Untitled

Ernst, Jimmy
Ernst, Willy
Ervin, Wilma
Escobedo, Augusto
Esherich, Wharton
Eskildsen, Anita
Espana, H.
D'Esque, Jean Louis
Essman, Manuel
Evans, Charles
Evans, Ethel
Evans, Ruth
Evenepoel, Henri
Van Evera, Caroline
Everson, George
Ewing, Kermit
Eyinck, Gerald

I.90 Untitled

Faber, Arthur
Fabri, Pio
Fabry, Emile
Faggi, Alfeo
Faille, Carl
Fain, Yonia
Fairman, William
Faiss, Fritz
Faistauer, Mr.
Falcou, Jacques
Falkner, Maud
Faltermeier, Heinrich
Faralla, Duane
Farant, Andre
Farber, Manny
Farber, Sholam
Farmer, Gerald

I.91 Untitled

Faro, Vale
Farr, Charles
Farr, Dorothy
Farr, Fred
Farr, Reginald
Fasold, Herbert
Fau, Andre
Le Fauconnier,?
Fausett, Dean
Favilla, Vikki
Fazzini, Pericle

I.92 Untitled

Fearing, Kelly
Fedoroff, George
Fee, Alan
Feeley, Paul
Fehr, Hans
Fehrle, Wilhelm
Feijoo, Samuel
Feiler, Paul
Fein, Sylvia
Feingold, Julien
Feininger, Lyonel
Feininger, Theodore Lux
Fellini, William
Fennell, Lt.
Ferentinos, Dimitri

View PDF of folder I.92

I.93 Untitled

Fergie, Mary
Ferguson, William
Feron, Louis
Ferrada, Elena
Ferrell, Lucile
Ferrell-Hero, Barbara
Ferrer, Eleuterio Blasco
Ferrer, Ramon
Feri, Ronoldo
Ferrini, Vincent
Ferro, Mr. (Gudmundur Gudmunsson)
Ferruggia, Salvadore
Ferryman, Francis
Ferstadt, Louis
Fertig, George
Fetzer, Emelia
Feurherm, Kurt
Feves, Betty
Field, Erastus

I.94 Untitled

Fiene, Ernest
Fieschi, Gianetto
Figari, Pedro
Fikkert, Hans
Fina, Ramon
Findlay, Ila

I.95 Untitled

Finey, George
Fink, Polly
Firestone, Julian
Fischer, Ann
Fischer, Ida
Fischer, Sam
Fisher, Margaret
Fisk, Evi
Fite, Harvey
Fitzgerald, James
Fitzsimmons, James
Flexor, Sanson
Flugel, Mr.
Flynn, Robert
Fogelberg, H.M.
Fontaine, Alan

I.96 Untitled

Fontene, Robert
Forain, Jean Louis
Forakis, Peter
Forani, Anthony
de Ford, William
de Forest, Harriet
de Forest, Julie
de Forest, Roy
Forrest, David
Fortess, Karl
Forth, Robert
Fosburgh, James
Foster, Leroy
Foster, Michael
Foujikawa, Mrs.
Foushee, Ola Maie
Fox, Philip
Fraenkel, Elsa
Fraenkel, Richard
Fraiz, Juan
Francesso, Eustacio
Frank, Helen
Frank, John
Berezow-Frank, Rachel
Franklin, George
Franklin, W.V.A.
Fransioli, Thomas
Frary, Michael
Frasconi, Antonio
Fraser, T.M.

I.97 Untitled

Frcek, Stephen
Freddie, Wilhelm
Fredericks, Fred
Fredericks, Marshall
Freedman, Maurice
French, G.A.
French, Jared
French, Leonard
Freund, Burton
Freundlich, Otto
Frey, Edwin
Friebert, Joseph

I.98 Untitled

Fried, Otto
Fried, Paul
Friesz, Othon
Friton, Edward
Fritts, Harvey
Frobenius, Leo
Froberg, Erik
Froelich, Walter
Frost, John
Fruhauf, Aline
Fulda, Elizabeth
Fullard, George
Fuller, Harry
Fuller, Justine
Fuller, George & Arthur

I.99 Untitled

Funk, Joseph
Funk, W.H.
Furlan, Toni
Furniss, W. Todd
Fuseli, Henry
Fussiner, Howard

I.100 Untitled

Gach, George
Gadigian, Paul
Gador, Istuan
Gagnon, Charles
Gaibisso, Emanuel
Gaines, Natalie
Gale, Gusta
Gale, Shoshanah
Galey, John
Galicio, Galo
Galioto, Peter
Gall, F.
Gallerani, Carlo
Gallizio, Pinot
Gallo, Sam
Gallob, Edward
Galvan, Guerrero
Gambini, William
Gamble, Edwin
Games, A.
Gammon, Mr.
Gandy, Brodie
Gange, Aida

I.101 Untitled

Ganne, Brooke
Ganso, Emil
Ganso, Manuel Damasio
Ganz, Ben
Garabedian, Charles
Garafulic, Lily
Garbell, Alexander
Gardener, Elisabeth
Gardner, B. Sturtevant
Garnett, Forrest
Garnier, Maurice
Garrett, Thomas
Garson, Henrik
Garth, Leo
Gastin, George
Gatch, Lee

I.102 Untitled

Gatto, Victor Joseph
Gaulois, Paul
Gaw, William
Gazagnaire, Hellen Stern
Gear, William
Gehrmann, John
Geiger, Elizabeth
Geist, Sidney
Geitlinger, Ernst
Gekiere Madeline
Gelb, Donald
Gell, Paul
Geller, Esther
Geller, Joseph
Gely, Teresa
Van Gemert, Hank
Gemito, Vincenzo
da Gemma, Joseph

I.103 Untitled

Genee, Adeline
Genn, Paul
George, Jesse
Georgein, Raymond
Georges, Paul
Georghiou, G. Pol
Gerard, Joseph
Gérard-Gilbert, Michel
Gerber, Samuel
Gerke, Fulton
Germroth, Georg
Gérome, Jean Leon
Gershwin, Henry
Gesner, Galed
Gessert, Earl
Getman, Mr.
Ghikas, Panos

I.104 Untitled

Gibs, Howard
Gibson, Charles Dana
Gibson, Nicholas
Gifford, Robert Gregory
Gifford, Ruth
Gifford, S.R.
Gil, Sher
Gilbert, Alfred
Gilbert, Bates
Gilbert, Charles
Gilberto, Mr.
Gilkey, Gordon

I.105 Untitled

Gill, Eric
Gillhoff, H.
Gilman, Don
Gilot, Francoise
De Gioia, Frank
Giorgi, Bruno
Girard, André
Girard, Alexander
Girard, An
Glass, Theodore
di Giusto, Gerald
Glaser, Louis
Glasier, Marshall
Glass, Robert
Glasson, Lloyd
Glasunov, Ilya
Glegg, D. Lindsay
Glicenstein, Enrico
Glickman, Maurice
Glinsky, Vincent
Glintenkamp, Hendrik
Glover, Guy
Gluck, Nathan
Gnoli, Domenico

I.106 Untitled

Gockinga, Rene
Godet, Maurice
Godfrey, Fred
Goertz, Augustus
Goethe, Joseph
Golbin, André
Gold, Albert
Gold, Leah
Gold, Marianne
Goldberg, Dorothy
Goldfarb, Alexander
Golding, William
Goldkrantz, J.
Goldman, Edwin
Goldman, Edward
Goldman, Emily
Goldman, Isadore

I.107 Untitled

Goldman, Lillian
Goldreich, Frances
Goldring, Milton
Goldsholl, Morton
Goldsmith, David
Goldstein, Howard
Goldstein, Hyman
Goldthwaite, Anne
Golub, Leon
Gomez, Raymond
Gomez-Mayorga, G.
Goncharoff, Nina
Gonzalez, Frank
Gonzales, Juanita

I.108 Untitled

Goodelman, Aaron
Goddenow, Earle
Goodman, Bertram
Goodman, Job
Goodman, Lee
Goodman, Sanford
Goodnow, Frank
Goodrich, Louise
Goodridge, Elinor
Goodwin, Richard La Barre
Gorchov, Ron
Gordan, Joan
Gordin, Sidney
Gordon, Glenn
Gordon, Harry

I.109 Untitled

Gordon, Louise
Gos, Francois
Goslin, Gerard
Gosztony, Alice
Gottlieb, Adolph
Gough, Galen
Gould, Janet
Gounaro, G.
Gourgue, Enguerrand
Goya-Lukich, J.

View PDF of folder I.109

I.110 Untitled

Grace, Louise
Graham, Ellwood
Graham, Eunice
Graham, F. Wynn
Graham, Farrell
Graham, Irvin
Grain, Mark
Gramatte, Walter
Granata, Angelo John
Granlund, Paul
Grannis, Harriet
Grant, Dwinall
Grant, Frederic
de Grazia, Ted
Gratwick, William
Graves, Ruth
Graziano, Emanuel
Greco, Emilio
Greco, Robert
Greenbaum, Dorthea

I.111 Untitled

Greenberg, Leatrice
Greenberg, Stanley
Greene, Balcomb
Greene, Gertrude
Greene, George
Greenland, Gitz
Green, Mildred
Greer, Milford
Gref, Franz
Di Gregorio, John
Gregory, Jack
Gregory, John
Grehan, Farrell

I.112 Untitled

Griffin, Eve
Griffin, George
Grilo, Sarah
Grimes, Lydia
Grimm, Willem
Grippe, Orlando
Groblewski, Bernard
Gromaire, Marcel
Gropper, William
Grose, D.C.
Gross, Chaim
Gross, Horst
Gross, Milt
Gross-Bettelheim, Jolan
Grossblatt, Mr.
Grosskopf, Fritz
Grossman, Alan
Grossman, Elias
Grosz, Joseph

I.113 Untitled

Groth, Bruno
Groth, John
Grotz, Dorothy
de Groux, Charles
Grovic, Charles
Grub, Henry
Gruber, Francis
Grunbaum, James
Gruppe, Charles
Gruppe 11
Gruss, Esther
Grutza, C.
Gruwer, Morris
Guanse, Antonio
Guay, J. Claude
Guazava, Georges
Guberti, Manlio
Guck, Edna
Guelfi, Guilio
Guelfi, Julius
Guerrero, Xavier

I.114 Untitled

Guerreschi, Giuseppe
Guevara, Susana
Guglielmi, Louis
Guggenheim, Hans
Guietty, Rene
Guillaumin, Armand
Gumere, Peggy
Gummo, Blanchant
Gundersen, Gunnar
Gunther, Max
Gurevitz, Salik
Gurlitt, Ludwig
Gurr, Ms.
Gussow, Alan
Gussow, B.
Gussow, Roy

I.115 Untitled

Guteman, Ernest
Gutersloh, A. Paris
Guterman, Zelda
Guthrei, J. Gordon
Gwathmey, Robert
Gwilliam, Luke
Gwozdecki, Gustave
Gysin, Brion
Haag, Charles
Haag, Jan
Haagen, Don
de Haan, Meyer
Van Haardt
Haas, Margaret
Hass, Wendell
Haces, E.
Hack, Howard
Hackelberg, Wilhelm
De Hadeln, Alexandra
Haden, Seymour
Hager, Lee
Hagen, Wilhelm

I.116 Untitled

Hague, Raoul
Haguewood, Louis
Hahn, Stephan
Hahn, Walter
Hahne, Ron
Haimowitz, Herman
Hain, Mr.
Hako, H. Konstam
Hale, Todd
Hale, William
Hall, Carl
Hall, Heidi
Hall, Lawrence
Halliburton, J. K.

I.117 Untitled

Hallowell, Robert
Halpert, Samuel
Halty-Dube, Adolfo
Hama, Sesu
Hambidge, Ruth
Hamel, Carmen
Hamilton, Elaine
Hamilton, Norah
Hamlin, Genevieve
Hammer, Victor
Hammerman, Ester
Hamouda, Amy
Hamri, Mohammed
Hand, Molly
Handelman, Jo
Handly, Avery
Hankins, Joy
Hannotiau, Maurice
Hansegger, Johann
Hansen, Gudrun
Hansen, Lis Hooge
Hansen, Oskar
Hanush, Hubert

I.118 Untitled

Harding, George
Hardy, Tom
Hare, David
Harnett, William M.
Harney, John

I.119 Untitled

Van der Harootian, Koren
Harper, Larry
Harrigton, B.
Harris, Dan
Harris, Elanor
Harris, Emily
Harris, George
Harris, Ida
Harris, Leo
Harris, Louis
Harris, Patricia
Harris, Paul
Harris, Rose
Harrison, Mark
Harrington, Abraham
Harriton, David

I.120 Untitled

Hart, James
Hartgen, Vincent
Hartl, Leon
Hartley, Russell
Hartman, Bertram
Hartmann, Sadakichi
Harvey, James
Haseline, Herbert
Haseline, James
Hasen, Burton
Hashimoto, Saburo
Hassam, Childe
Hastings, Alice

I.121 Untitled

Haupt, Matti
Hauser, Mr.
Hawkins, John
Haydon, Harold
Heaton, William
Hebald, Milton
Hechenblaikner, Louis
Hecht, Joseph
Hecht, Nova
Hedge, Gene
Heeg-Erasmus. Fritz

I.122 Untitled

van Heel, Jan
Heidel, Frederick
Heidenreich, Charles
Heikfalt, Ulf
Heine, Thomas
Heine, William
Heisig, Mary
Helder, Venessa
Heliker, John
Heller, Helen
Heller, Lillian
Helsing, David
Hemon, Sedje
Henderson, Ken
Hendricks, David
Hendricks, George
Henelt, Joseph
Henis, Marshall
Henghes, H
Henkes, Dolf
Henly, June
Henneberger, August
Henner, J.J.
Henriquez, Fiore de

I.123 Untitled

Henschel, Hans
Henschel, Rose
Henselman, Philip
Henselmann, Albert
Hensen, Schumer
Henson, Roy
Herink, Madeline
Herman, Barbara
Hernandez, Marion
Heron, Patrick
Herrera, Carmen
Herrick, Walter
Herring, Harry
Herschel, Otto
Herz, Norah
Herzfeld, Emy
Herzog, Oswald

I.124 Untitled

Hesketh, Ms.
Hess, Emil
Hess, Luis C.
Hess, Minda
Hesthal, William
Heusser, Elanore
Heuston, George

I.125 Untitled

Hexter, Maurice
Heyn, Bernard
Heyworth, Eric
Hibbard, Everett
Higgins, Betty
Higgins, George
Higgins, Eugene
Hiler, Hilaire
Hiler, Meyer
Hill, Carl
Hill, David
Hill, George
Hill, Hyacinthe
Hill, Robert
Hillis, Jim
Hills, E.C.
Hillsmith, Fannie
Himmel. Margot
Hines, Mr.
Hinman, Charles
Hinrichsen, Kurt
Hirseh, Stefan
Hirsey, Lee
Hirschfeld, Lou
Hirth, Otto
Hitchcock, Howard
Hitchcock, Ripley
Hitchens, Ivon

I.126 Untitled

Hitler, Adolph
Hlavka, Ladislav
Hnizdovsky, Yakiv
Hobart, Clark
Hoberman, Norman
Hochstein, David
Hochstein, Fannie
Hodges, Frederick
Hodgkins, Frances
Hodgkinson, Frank
Hodgson, W.G.
Hodler, Ferdinand

I.127 Untitled

Van Hoedonk, Paul
Hoffman, Arnold
Hoffman, Richard
Hofmuir, Miriam McKinnie
Hogarth, Paul
Hohenberg, Marguerite
Holder, Geoffrey
Hollis, Robert
Hollister, Kathleen
Holman, Charles
Holmberg, Earl
Holmberg, Millicent
Holston, William
Holt, Dorothy
Holz, Rodolfo
Holzhauer, Emil
Homar, Lawrence
Homer, Winslow

I.128 Untitled

Hood, Ethel
Hood, Hazel
Hook, Janet
Van Hook, Nell
Hooper, Kathrin
Hope, E.S.
Hope, Eustace
Horak, Bohuslav
Hord, Donal
Horn, Milton
Horowitz, Charles
Horowitz, Frank
Hortense, Hilda
Horter, Earle
Horvath, Guido
Hosking, Natalis
Hoskino, Annette
Hossim, Reshid
Hough, Marshall
Hourdebaigt, Lucy
Houser, James
Houser, V.C.
Hovell, Joseph

I.129 Untitled

Hovizclovsky, Jacques
Howard, Cecil
Howard, Charles
Howe, Oscar
Howe, Patricia
Howe, William
Howell, Claude

I.130 Untitled

Howell, Edwin
Howland, John Dare
Hoyt, D
Hoyt, Edith
Hoyt, Vivian
Hubbard, Earl
Hubbard, Nellie
Huck, Robert
Hudson, David
Huf, Fred
Hughes, Harrison
Hughes, Toni
Hughes, Zenia
Hugo, Ian
von Huhn. Rudolph

I.131 Untitled

Huhnholz, H.
Hulbeck, Beate
Huldshinsky, Maria
Hull, D. Lee
Hull, Jefferson
Hulsbergen, Han
Hultberg, Paul
Humphrey, Jack
Hunt, Pa
Hunt, William Morris
Hunter, Clemintine
Hunter, John
Hunter, Pearl

I.132 Untitled

Hunter, Richard
Hunter, Sarah
Hunter, R. Vernon
Huntington, Daniel
Huppler, Dudley
Hurard, Joseph Marius
Hurd, Peter
Hurry, Leslie
Hurtado, Angel

I.133 Untitled

Hutchinson, E.B.
Hutsaliuk, Liuboslav
Hutson, Charles
Hyland, Leo
Hyun, Paul

I.134 Untitled

Ibarra, Emilia
Ibling, Miriam
Ibrahim, Ezzat
Icart, Louis
Illanes, Mario
Illava, Karl
Imenitoff, Natan
Imrey, Frank
India, John
Ing, Lucile
Inman, Ethelfred
Inman, Henry
Inokuma, Genichiro
Inverarity, R. Bruce

I.135 Untitled

Iodice, Marcell
Ipcar, Dahlov
Iramain, Juan
Issacs, Rufus
Isenburger, Eric
Israels, Rudolf
Ito, Miyoko
Ittmann, H.
Iungerish, Helene
Ivey, William
Izquierdo, Manuel
Izquierdo, Maria
Izuka, Kunio

I.136 Untitled

Jablonka, Paul
Jacknowitz, Michael
Jackson, Brice
Jackson, Charles
Jackson, Elsie Widdrington
Jackson, Harry
Jackson, Martin
Jackson, William
Jacob, Arthur
Jacobi, Josine
Jacobi, Rudolph
Jacobs, Milton
Jacobs, Ted
Jacobsen, Jungen
Jacobson, Art
Jacobson, Arthur
Jacobsson, Edward
Jacquez, Albert

I.137 Untitled

Jaeckel, Ernest
Jaenisch, Hans
Jaffe, Shirley
Jafnel, Samuel
Jalen, Elaine
James, Robert
Jankovits, John
Jankowski, Victoria
Janotka, Mr.
Jansem, Jean
Jannson, Rune
Janto, Martin
Jasawala, Maneck
Jasmin, Andre
Jaszusch, Antal
Jegart, Artemis
Jenchel, Leslie
Jene, Edgar
Jennings, Harry
Jennings, Melvin
Jensen, Peter Paul
Jensen, Ray
Jesperson, Franklin
Jimenez, Max

I.138 Untitled

Jocelyn, Nathaniel
Joel, (aka Mindell)
Jofre, Manuel
John, Alexander
John, Augustus
John, Gwen
Johns, Jasper
Johnson, Arthur
Johnson, Beatrice

View PDF of folder I.138

I.139 Untitled

Johnson, Ben
Johnson, C.S.
Johnson, Elroy
Johnson, Powell
Johnson, Sargent
Johnson, William H.
Johnson, William R.

I.140 Untitled

Johnston, Alfred
Johnston, Ynez
Jomar, Nathan
Jonas, Louis Paul
Jonas, S.K.
Jones, Dave
Jones, Joe
Jones, John
Jones, Peter
Jones, Robert Edmond
Jones, Thomas Benedict
Jongkind, Johann
Jongkind, school of
Jonquieres, Mima von
Jordan, Edward E.

I.141 Untitled

Jorgensen, Jean
Joseph, Mely
Jourdain, Al
Jung, C.H.
Judson, Sylvia Shaw
Junkin, Marion
Junkin, Mary
Junyer, Joan
Jupiter, Vera
Jurow, Mae

I.142 Untitled

Kachadoorian, Zubel
Kadar, Bela
Kadish, Reuben
Kagen, Boris
Kahan, S.B.
Kahane, Anne
Kahl, Carl
Kahler, Erich
Kahn, Mr.
Kahn, Eleanor
Kahn, Margery
Kahn, Max
Kahn, Wolf
Kaish, Luise
Kalfel, Joseph
Kallman, Martini
Kalm, Chet
Kameny, Aaron
Kaminsky, Dora
Kamitchis, Peter
Kamm, Richard
Kampermann, E.

I.143 Untitled

Kamrowski, Gerome
Kamys, Walter
Kandinsky, Walissy
Kane, Dorothy
Kane, John
Kane, Margaret

I.144 Untitled

Kann, Frederic
Kann, Jeanette
Kantor, Morris
Kanuk, J.
Kaplan, Max

I.145 Untitled

Kaprow, Allan
Kapustin, Razel
Karfiol, Bernard
Kargere, Audrey
Karhumaa, Karl

I.146 Untitled

Karlen, Stymean
Karlin, Eugene
Karsch, Joachim
Karsner, Esther
Kaserman, Sam
Kashdan, John
Kassler, Bennett
Kastor, Hugo
Kasuba, Vydautas

I.147 Untitled

Katcoff, Benjamin
Katilus, Herbert
Katz, Jack
Katz, Rosalie
Katzen, Lila

I.148 Untitled

Katzman, Herbet
Kaufer, Waldo
Kauffman, Benjamin
Kauffman, Robert
Kaufman, Enit
Kaufman, Max
Kaufman, Murray
Kaufmann, Arthur
Kaufmann, Edward
Kaufmann, Robert D.
Kauppi, Tauno
De Kay, Judson

I.149 Untitled

Kayama, Matazo
Kaye, Susan
Kays, Charles
Kaz, Nathaniel
Kearl, Brandon
Kearl, Stanley
Kearns, James
Keating, Mary
Keats, Ezra
Keck, George
Keefer, Grant
Keen, Lila
Keene, Paul
Kees, Weldon
Keiffer, Edwin
Keil, Charles

I.150 Untitled

Keil, Robert
Keim, Gerald
Kek, Steve
Kecklak, Ynez
Kelder, Toon
Keller, Harry
Keller, Henry
Keller, Joseph
Kelley, Syble
Kelly, H.O.
Kelly, Lee
Kelly, Leon
Kelly, William S.

I.151 Untitled

Kelman, S.
Kemeny, Zoltan
Van der Kamp
Kempe, Margot
Kennedy, Jack
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Simon
Kensett, John Frederick
Kent, Adaline
Kent, Norman
Kentta, Laurie
De Kergommeaux, Duncan

I.152 Untitled

Kerslake, Kenneth
Keshka, Ernest
Kessler, Anne
Kessler, Earl
Ket, Dick
Kethmiller, Walter
Keyser, Minna
Kibel, Charles
Kichiguin, M.
Kidd, Hari
Kidjel, Maurice

I.153 Untitled

Kienbusch, William
Kienholz, Edward
Kiernan, Kipp
Kikoine, Michel
Kimura, Reiji
Kindler, Alice
King, Helen

I.154 Untitled

King, Jane
King, Virginia
Kingman, Eduardo
Kingman, Eugene
Kingsbury, Alison
Kingshott, John
Kinigstein, Jonah
Kirchner, Ernest L.

I.155 Untitled

Kirpitznikoff, Nathan
Kirschenbaum, Jules
Kish, Maurice
Kishi, Masatoyo
Kisling, Moise
Van Kleck, Anne
Klein, Arthur
Klein, Cesar
Klein, Marcus
Klein, Medard
Kleinberg, Morris
Kleiser, Mr.
Kligman, Ruth
Klinkmann, Richard
Klippel, Robert
Knapp, Kay
Knapp, Peter
Knee, Gina
Knight, George

I.156 Untitled

Knoop, Guitou
Kobayashi, Robert
Kobzdej, Aleksander
Koch, John
Koch, Odon
Koch, Samuel
Koehler, Ludwig
Koerner, Henry
Kohanover, Albert
Kokoscha, Oskar
Kolbe, George

I.157 Untitled

Kolig, Anton
Kolle, Helmut
Kollwitz, Kathe
Kolski, Jan
Konenkov, Serge
Koni, Nicholas
Koopmans, Marie
Koplin, Norma Jean
Koplowitz, John H.

View PDF of folder I.157

I.158 Untitled

Kopman, Benjamin
Koras, George
Korb, Morris
Korbel, Mario
Koree, Moycah
Korenman, Iris
Kormendi, Andre
Kornblith, Babette
Kornblum, Daniel
Kornbluth, Frances
Korner, John

I.159 Untitled

Kosice, Gyula
Kocise, Paul
Koskas, Georges

I.160 Untitled

Kosztka, Tividar
Kotz, Daniel
Kovarsky, Yehoshua
Kraft, Arthur
Krake, Holcha
Kramer, Harold
Kramer, Helen
Kramer, Peter
Kramer, Reuben
Kranz, Stewart
Krasnow, Peter
Krasso, Emmy
Kraus, Guenther
Kraus, Felix (Hans)

I.161 Untitled

Kraus, Romuald
Krause, Erik
Krause, Glen
Kreider, Stanton
Kreis, Henry
Kreisel, Alexander
Kreisel, Joan

I.162 Untitled

Kremp, Laura Dixon Miller
Kremp, Marie Ada
Krieger, David
Krogh, Per
Kroll, Anne
Kruger, Gudrun
Kruse, Alex
Krushenick, Nicholas

I.163 Untitled

Kube, Anya
Kubicek, Juro
Kubiuyi, Victor de
Kudell, James
Kughler, Francis
Kuhns, Robert
Kurlish, Anthony
Kumar, Ravi
Kumm, Margurite
Kuniyoshi, Yasuo
Kuntz, Charles
Kupka, Frank

I.164 Untitled

Kurach, Ivan
Kurach, Juan
Kwiatkowski, Mrs. C
Labaudt, Marcelle
Laderman, Gabriel
La Farge, John
La Fresnaye, Roger de
Laine, Eaf

I.165 Untitled

De Laittre, Elanor
Lamanna, Inazio
Lamantia, James
Lambert, Maurice
Lambert, Paul
Lambert-Rucki, Jean
Landy, Zita
Lane, Harry
Lanese, Denise
Lang, David

I.166 Untitled

Lapp, Maurice
Di Lascia, Marjorie
Lataster, Ger
Lattanzi, Luciano
Laufman, Sidney
Laughlin, Alice
Laughlin, Clarence
Laurens, Henri
Laurent, Robert
Lauterer, Alice

I.167 Untitled

Lavery, sir John
Lawrence, Ayot
Lawrence, D. H.
Lawrence, Jacob
Lawrence, William
Lawson, David
Layson, Ida
Lazarus, Sidney
Lazansky, Maurice
Lea, Tom
Leaver, Gardner
Leavitt, George

I.168 Untitled

Leavitt, William
Lechay, Myron
Van der Leck, B.
Leclerc, Edouard
Leclerc, Maurice
Lederer, Lucy
Lednicka, Maryla
Leduc, Ozias

I.169 Untitled

Lee, Amy
Lee, Betty
Lee, Doris
Lee, Elias
Van der Lee, Hendrik
Lee, Percy
Lee-Hankey, W.
Lee, Ung-no
Van Leer, G.W.
De Leeuw, Leon
Lefson, Irving
Lehman, Irving
Lehmann, Otto
Leigh, Joan
Leighton, Clare
Leiulf, Mr.
Leitz, William
Lekberg-Tamerlis, Barbara
Garcia-Lema, Pedro
Lemcke, W.E.

I.170 Untitled

Lemm, Adele
L'Engle, William
Lenne, Rolf
Le Noble
Lenson, Michael
Lent, Lillian
De Leon, Amanda
Leon, Marta
Leonard, Hector
Leonard, J.D.

I.171 Untitled

Leonelli, D.
Leong, James
Leonid, Mr.
Leopold, Germain
Lepine, Joseph
Leppine, Jean
Lerch, John
Lerman, Ruth
Lermond, Ralph
Lerner, Abba
Lerner, A.P.
Lerner, Solomon
Leroy, Paul

I.172 Untitled

Lersy, Roger
Lesser, Rudi
Lester, Nancy
Lester, William
Leutze, Mr.
Lev, Shirley
Levee, John
Levinson, Mon
Leveton, Irving
Levi, Carlo
Levi, Julian
Levin, Abraham
Levin, Joseph

I.173 Untitled

Levine, Alan
Levine, Arthur
Levine, Herbert
Levine, Jack
Levine, Marion
Levinson, A.F.

I.174 Untitled

Levit, Herschel
Levitan, Barbara
Levitt, Alfred
Levitt, Harvey
Levitt, Joel
Levitz, Jack
Levkoff, Ruby
Levy, Edgar
Levy, Hilda
Levy, Paul
Lewis, Clarence
Lewis, H.
Lewis, H.G. (Bert)
Lewis, Jennie
Lewis, John
Lewis, Larry
Lewis, Linda
Lewis, Norman
Lewis, Roger
Lewis, Tom

I.175 Untitled

Lewis, Wyndham
Lewinson, Leah
Van Leyden, Ernest
Lhotak, Kamil
Lichtenstein, Isaac
Lichtner, Schomer

I.176 Untitled

Liebenwein, Max
Lieber, Dr. H.G. L. R.
Lieberman, Meyer
Liebermann, Max
Liebmann, Lola
Liebman, Marjorie
Liefeld, Marian
Lika, Thomas
Li Marzi, Joseph
Linares, Ernesto

I.177 Untitled

Lind, E.G.
Lindi, Mr.
Lindner, Gustave
Lindsay, Norman
Linehan, Tom
Linn, Leonard
Linnell, Eric
Linnenkamp, Ernst
Lion, Ronnie
Lionni, Leonard
Lipkin, Jacob
Lipman-Wulf, Peter
Lippold, Richard
Lipschitz, I.
Lipson, Sylvia
Lipton, Seymour
Lisa, Esteban

I.178 Untitled

Lisi, Albert
List, Peter
Little, Richard
Litvinenko, Serge
Livingston, Harold
Livingston, Ruth
Livingston, Virginia

I.179 Untitled

Da Livorno, Benvenuto
Lloria, John
Llort, Jose Garcia
Lobel, Paul
Lockwood, Douglas
Loeb, Dorothy
Loebel, Robert
Van Loen, Alfred
Loffredo, Silvio
Lohman, Robert
Lohner, Reny
Lomnitz, Alfred
Lomoff, Mr.

I.180 Untitled

London, Frank
London, Mary
London-Owens, Georgette
Loney, William
Long, Edwin
Longa, Rita
Longhini, Arturo
Lonzar, Joseph
Loos, Fridl
Lord, Elyssa
Lorian, Dolia

I.181 Untitled

Lorimier, Albert de
Loring, Lee
Lorjou, Bernard
Lorne, Naomi

I.182 Untitled

Lossonczy, Tomas
Lotz, Anna
Loughney, Hermine
Looney, Louis
Love, Jane
Love, Marvin
Lovece, Augustus
Lovet-Lorski, Boris
Lovins, Henry
Lowe, Maxine
Lowther, Phil
Lozano, Alfredo
Lozowick, Louis

I.183 Untitled

Lubanowsky, Stanislaw
Lubbers, Adrien
Lubitsh, Cypen
Luca, Mark
Lucas, Albert
Lucas, Willy
De Lucca,?
Luce, Claire
Ludins, Sylvia
Luderowski, Theodore
Ludwig, Amalia

I.184 Untitled

Luhrs, Amtsgerichtsrat
Luks, George
Lumia, Frank
Lund, David
Lundeberg, Helen
Lundgren, Tyra
Lurie, Boris

I.185 Untitled

Lurie, Ranan
Lydis, Marietta
Lynch, Alan
Lyon, Mari
Lytle, Richard
Lytwynenko, S.
MacCarthy, John
MacCown, Eugene
Macdonald, Grant
MacDonald, Herbert
Macdonald-Wright, Stanton
MacDonnell, Angela
MacGibeny, Bruce
MacGowan, Clara
Machin, Arnold
MacKee, Robinson

I.186 Untitled

MacNeil, Stanley
MacNicol, Roy
MacRae, Elmer
Maddy, Kathleen
Madsen, A.
Mago (Mathias, Goeritz)
Magram, Frieda
Mahaffey, James
Mahdavi, Rafael
Mahler, Rebecca
Mahor, Chaim
Maidman, Silvia
Mains, Zella
Mairovich, Zvi
Maitland, Lorna
Major, Robert

I.187 Untitled

Makart, Hans
Malaquais, Galy
Malebranche, Andree
Malfatti, Anita
Malherbe, William
Mallery, Rosemary
Mallo, Maruja
Malta, Vincent
Manacher, Frances
Manahan, Leuty
Manca, Albino
Manchester, Emily
Mancuso, Maria

I.188 Untitled

Mandel, Abraham
Mandelbaum, Miriam
Mandelblatt, Claire
Mandelman, Beatrice
Manessier, Alfred
Mangelsdorf, Hans
Mangiameli, Vincent
Manierre-Mann, Julie
Manievich, Abraham
Malevich, Kasimir
Manigault, Edward

I.189 Untitled

Manuel, Victor
Manzarro, Vicente
Manzur, David
Del Mar, Frances
Marans, Moissaye
Marbrook, Juanita
Marchand, Andre
Marchand, Jean
Marchese, John
Marchione, Frank
De Marco, Jean
Marcoussis, Louis
Marcus, Eleanor

I.190 Untitled

Marcus, Marcia
Marcus, Nathan
Marcus, Peter
Marcus, Zola
Margo, Boris
Margotti, A.
Margulies, Joseph
Mariinsky, Harry
Maril, Herman
Marinko, George
Mariinsky, Vaslav

I.191 Untitled

Mark, Henry
Mark, Louis
Mark, Nehemiah
Marker, Berenice
Markopoulos, Gregory
Marks, Claude
Marren, Janet
Marriott, Alvin
Marsh, Frank
Marshall, Howard
Marsicano, Merle

I.192 Untitled

Marti, Llorens
Martin, Fletcher
Martin, Homer
Martin, James
Martin, Knox
Martin, Lee
Martin, Marvin
Martin, Roy
Martin, Stefan
Martinelli, Azio
Martinez, Fernando
Martinez, Ricardo

I.193 Untitled

Martins, Maria
Martinson, Lu
Martyl, Mr.
Maruffo, Fred
Marx, Robert
Mary, Olga
Maslow, Gene
Mason, Albert
Mason, Dora

I.194 Untitled

Mason, Raymond
Matamga, John
Matco, Juan Cruz
Mather, Barnett
Mather, Tom
Mathers, Ann
Mathews, William
Matinpalo, Leo
Matsumoto, Betty
Matulis, Jan
Matusovsky, Moshe
Maurin, Hughes

I.195 Untitled

Mauzey, Merritt
Maxim, Doris
Maxon, John-Moore
May, Elizabeth
Maya, Manuel
Mayer, Henrik
Mayer, Meinrad
Mazer, Sonia
Mazzella, Mario
Mazzey, Luis
Mazzone, Edward
Mazzeo, Alfred

I.196 Untitled

McAdams, Gladys
McAlister, Carrie
McArthur, Grace
McCarter, Henry
McChesney, Robert
McCord, George
McCord, William
McCouch, Gordon
McCourtney, Charles
McGarrell, James
McGinnis, Harry
McGovern, James
McGrew, John
McGriff, Lois
McIntosh, P.R.
McKee, Margery
McKinley, Charles
McKinley, John
McKinney, Tatiana
McKinnie, Miriam
McKinsey, Helene
McLaren, William
McNally, Nella
McNeil, John

I.197 Untitled

McReynolds, Paul
McTaggert, (Scottish)
Mead, Roderick
Meadows, Eunice
Mechau, Frank
Mechner, Francois
Medellin, Octavio
Medico, Thomas
Medina, E.
Van Meegren,?
Meeker, Dorothy (formerly Dorothy Zupancich)
Meeker, Joseph
Meerkotter, Dirk
Meert, Joseph
Megargee, Lon
Melik, Soss

I.198 Untitled

Meijia-Vides, Max
Mellado, Benito
Mellien, Thelma
Melohs, Charles
Melrose, Andrew
Meltsner, Paul
Mendes-France, Rene
Mendiguren, Celia
Mendikian, Mayda
Mendive, Manolo

I.199 Untitled

Menendez, Carlos
Menkes, Sigmund
Meo, Joseph
Mercati, Christopher
Merida, Carlos
Merle, Hughes
Merman, Leonardo
Merrild, Knud
Martens, Herman
Mesibov, Herbert
Metcalf, Bertha
Metcalf, James
Metcalf, Willard Leroy
Meteyard, Thomas Buford
Methfessel, Carl
Metzger, Gustav
Meunier, Jacques

I.200 Untitled

Meyer, Henry
Meyer, P.
Meyer, William
Michaux, Henri
Michel, Robert
Michetti, F.P.
Michotte, Jo
Midener, Walter
Mideros, Victor
Miestchanioff, Oscar

View PDF of folder I.200

I.201 Untitled

Mijares, Jose
Mikoun, Mika
De Mikov, Jevel
Miles, Jeanne

I.202 Untitled

Millard, Malcomb
Millares, Manolo
Miller, Edgar
Miller, Eric
Miller, Henry
Miller, Lynn
Miller, Mamie
Miller, Peter
Miller, Richard
Miller, Shaen
Milles, Carl

I.203 Untitled

Millet, Jean
Milliken, Margaret
Millman, Edward
Millman, Jessica
Mills, Elizabeth
Mills, Jody
Millsaps, Daniel
Millstein, Myron
Milner, Freda
Milone, Joe
Milovich, Tanasco
Milstein, Julius

I.204 Untitled

Von Minden, William
Minemoto, Hideo
Minty, John
Mintz, Harry
Mirmont, Nora
Mirsky, Samuel
Mitrachi, Jean
Mitchell, Bruce
Mitchell, Fred
Mitchell, Peter

I.205 Untitled

Mittleman, Ann
Mitnitsky, Herman
Model, Elizabeth
Moessel, Julius
Moffett, Lanston
Mohlmann, Harry
De Mohremshildg, George
Molina, Antonio
Moll, Marg
Moll, Leo
Molzahn, Johannes
Monasterio, Ortiz
Monjo, Enrique
Monnini, Alvaro

I.206 Untitled

Monreal, Andrea
Dal Monte, M.G.
Montgomery, Maurice
Montlack, Edith
Montonarini, Luigi
Montvel-Cohen, Marvin
Monza, Louis
Moody, Salem
Moon, Chak Park
Moore, Charles
Moore, Melville
Moore, Norman
Moore, Philip

I.207 Untitled

Moore, Roy
Morell, Eudaldo
Morales, Jesus
Moran, Thomas
Morana, Jose
Morandi, Giorgio
Mora Noli, J.C.
Moreau, Gustav

I.208 Untitled

Moreno, Rafael
De Morgan, Evelyn
Morgan, Norma
Morganrath, Jack
Morgenroth, Joseph
Morley, Eugene

I.209 Untitled

Morris, George
Morris, Kyle
Morris, William
Morrison, Jean
Morse, Marjorie
Morse, Samuel
Mosca, August

I.210 Untitled

Mosebekk, Mr.
Moseley, Helen
Moser-Padina, Alexander
Moskowitz, Ira
Mosler, Henry
Mosse, Eric
Moszkowicz, Symche
Mount, William
Mountjoy, W.J.
Muir, John
Mulholland, Tenneva
Mullen, Jo
Muller, Amelia
Muller, Donald
Pinero de Miller, Elena
Muller, Ernst
Muller, L.J.

I.211 Untitled

Muller-Landau, Rolf
Muller-Leutert, Hellmuth
Mullican, Lee
Mulphin, Albert
Murman, Joseph
Murphy, Arthur
Murphy, John Cullen
Murphy, Joseph
Murphy, Stanley

I.212 Untitled

Music, Antonio
Myers, John
Myers, Louis
Myers, Malcomb
Nack, Kenneth
Naegele, Reinhold
Nagler, Joseph
Namiot, Charles
Nanartonis, Frank
Narezo, Jose
Nash, Katherine

I.213 Untitled

Navarre, Henri
Navillus, C.T.
Navratil, Josef
Neagoe, Anna
Negoro, Clara
De Negri, Ivan
Negro, Joseh
Nejad, Mehemed
Nelson, Ralph
Nerman, Einar
Neubert, Carl

I.214 Untitled

Neuman, Robert
Neuz, Richard
Nevinson, C.R.
New, Teresa
Newcomb, Jonatha
Newman, Dean
Newman, Robert
Newman, Rosa
Newport, Ike
Newton, H.H.

I.215 Untitled

Ney, Lloyd
Nichols, Dale
Nicholson, Harris
Nicholson, Peter
Nicholson, Winifred
Nicol, Pierre
Nicolas, Joep

I.216 Untitled

Nicolesco-Dorobantzou, Jean
Nicoletti, Rodolfo
Nicotina, Joseph
Nieder, Philip
Nielsen, Jens
Niemorovsky, Arthur
Niewald, Wilbur
Nijinsky, Vaslav
Nila, Lau
Nimo, Delia
De Niro, Robert
Nisbet, Norman
Le Noble,?
Noble, Edith
Nobuya, Abe
Noemia, Sra
Nolan, Leah
Nolde, Karl
Nordiffe, Frank
Norman, Maria
Normandeau, Constance
Norris, Natalie

I.217 Untitled

Norton, Anne
Norton, Frances
Novic, Estel
Ntiro, Sam
Nuala (Elsa Braun)

I.218 Untitled

Nubiola Fernandez, Jordi
Nunez del Prado, Marina
Nuno, Benito
Oates, Jaime
Obeliskos, Lewis
Ocampo, Juventino
Ocaranza, Genero
Ochrimenko, Wasyl
Oglou, Reshid

I.219 Untitled

O'Gorman, Juan
Ohno, Ohrt, John
Oldeboerrigter, Melle
Olitski, Jules
Oliver, Denis
Olney, Richard
Olszewski, George
O'Meaher, Mical

I.220 Untitled

O'Mar, Mical
Onealos, Benjamin
Onegenae, Josef
O'Neill, Rose
D'Onofrio, Nino
Orfila, Francisco
Orfuss, Elsie
Orfuss, Emily
Orjavuono, Iris
Orling, Anne
Orlando, Felipe

I.221 Untitled

Orloff, Chana
Orozco, Jose

I.222 Untitled

Orsini, Nick
Ortega, Rafael
Osborne, Cyril
Osborne, Hill
Osir, Rossi
Osterbloom, Bengt

I.223 Untitled

Osver, Arthur
Oteizia, Otto, Robert
Ouborg Spruitenburg, E.
Oviette, Veveau

I.224 Untitled

Paap, Juan
Pachner, William
Packard, Frederick
Paddock, Willard
Paderewski, I.
Pagan, Frank
Pagava, Vera
Page, William
Pagliuca, Anthony
Paim, Antonio
Pajeck, Martin
Pala, Juan
Palacin, Angeles
Palacios, Joaquin
Palao, Juan
Palencia, Benjamin
Palencia, Ceferino

I.225 Untitled

Paley, Goldie
Paley, Lillian
De Palma, Ralph
Palmer, Evalyn
Palmer, Fanny
Palmer, William
Palumbo, Dan
Paluzzi, Rinaldo
Panofsky, Harry
Panas, A.J.
Pandellis, John
Paneth, Marie
Paniagua, D.
Pantuhoff, Igor

View PDF of folder I.225

I.226 Untitled

Pantz, Kurt
Panzica, R.K.
Paone, Peter
Papadaki, Audrey
Papale, Henry
Papashvily, George
Papiri, Nanda
Papsdorf, Fred
Parey, Leonce
Park, David
Park, Helen
Park, Sung Kyoo
Parker, Emilie
Parker, Margery
Parker, Nancy
Parker, Roosevelt
Parr, James
Parres, Philip
Parton, Ernest
Pascual, Linda
Pascual, Marcial

I.227 Untitled

Pasinski, Irene
Paskow, A.
Pasmore, Victor
Pasotti, Bernardo
Pasternak, Leon
Pasto, Tarmo
Pataky, Tibor
Patecky, Albert
Paterson, James
Patterson, Charles
Pattison, Abbott
Paul, John
Pauselli, Pietro
Pazienza, Albert

I.228 Untitled

Peacock, Clarence
Peale, Charles
Peale, Rembrandt
Pearle, Cecelia
Pearlstein, I.
Peavy, Paulina
Peborde, M.L.
Pechstein, Max

I.229 Untitled

Peck, Edith
Pegler, Wallace
Peinado, Joaquin
Peiner, W.
Peirce, Waldo
Pelaez, Amelia
Pelaez, Antonio
Pellan, Alfred
La Pelle,?
Peller, Jacqueline
Pelletier, M.D.
Pellew, John

I.230 Untitled

Peloso, Fred
Pels, Albert
Penedo, Manuel
Perez, Jose
Pergament, Lola
Pergament, Myles
Peri, Eve
Perilli, Achille
Perkins, Phillip
Perkins, Stella
Perkins, Wendell
Perky, Cheves
Perlin, Bernard
Perlin, Rae
Perlin, Zalmar
Perrine, Van Dearing
Perry, Clifford

I.231 Untitled

Perry, Margaret
Persons, Simmons
Petain, Marshall
Petersen, Ewald
Peterson, John
Petkovitch, Nicolai
Petrov, Dmitri
Pettersson, Axel

I.232 Untitled

Pfeiffer, Fritz
Phelps, Warren
Philipp, Walter
Phillip, Jane
Phillips, Barbara
Phillips, Blanche

I.233 Untitled

Phillips, Dean
Phillips, Elizabeth
Phillips, Esther
Phillips, Helen
Phillips, Laura
Picard, Lil
Picard, Maxine
Piccirilli, Furio
Pichardo, Eligio

I.234 Untitled

Pickens, A.L.
Pickens, Alton
Pieck, Philip
Pieper, Jo
Pierce, Earl
Pierri, Orlando
Peisley, Wilfred
Pike, Joseph
Pilkington, Godfrey
Pillet, Edgar
Pimienta, Gustave

View PDF of folder I.234

I.235 Untitled

Pin, F.
Pinard, Robert
Pinkey, Marion
Pineda, Marianne
Pinell, Y.
Pink, Lutka
Pinkerson, Ian

I.236 Untitled

Pinkerton, Clayton
Pinkhenson, Maria
Piper, John
De Pisis, Filippo
Pitigliani, Letizia

I.237 Untitled

Piza, Arthur
Plaisted, Mary
Planasdura, E.
Plant, John
Platschek, Hans
Platt, Livingston
Plaza, Jose
Podell, Maurice
Pogliani, Paoli
Poidimani, Biagio
Poindexter, Sterling

I.238 Untitled

Polac, Susana
Poleo, Hector
Polk, Ben
Pollara, Giuseppe
Polleri de Viana, Amalia
Polvliet, G.H.
Pomeroy, P.J.
Pomodoro, Arnaldo
Ponce, Fidelio
Pons, Joan
Poor, Anne
Poore, Henry
Popolizio, Vincent
Porcelli, Julia
Pordes, Rufolf
Porges, Clara
Porrelli, Leonard

I.239 Untitled

Porsman, Frank
Port, Lilli
Porter, Bern
Porter, Doris
Portier, Margurite
Portinari, Candido

I.240 Untitled

Portonova, Joseph
Post, Charles
Post, Shelley
Postma, Theodore
Potter, Paul
Poulain, Michel
Pousette-Dart, Richard
Power, Bettina
Power, Mary
Powers, Marilyn

I.241 Untitled

Prado, Antonio
Del Prado, Maria Nuinez
Prager, Binstok
Predmore, Jessie
Preedit, Norine
Prendergast, Donald
Presnal, William
Pressman, Meichal
Pressman, Irving

I.242 Untitled

Prestopino, Gregorio
Del Prete,?
Prevost, Winthrop
Prezzi, Wilma
Pribble, Easton
Pribosic, Gerrie
Price, Arthur
Price, C.S.

I.243 Untitled

Price, Maud
Price, Melville
Prins, Pierre
Prisciandaro, Paolo
Priver, Aaron
Probst, Jack
Proctor, Donald
Propper, Ganz
Pulliam, Julian

I.244 Untitled

Puma, Fernando

I.245 Untitled

Purcell, Jane
Purdy, L.D.
Purin, Alexander
Purrmann, Hans
Purtell, Anthony
Putnam, Arthur
Putz, Leo
Puvis de Chavannes
Quidor, John
Quattrociocchi, Domenico
Quinn, Edward
Quintanella, Luis
Quiros, Antonio
Quiros, Teodorico

I.246 Untitled

Quirt, Walter

I.247 Untitled

Raab, Ernst
Rabinowitz, N.
Rabus, Carl
Racz, Andre
Radakovic, Svetozar
Radziwill, Franz
Raeder, Otto
Raffel, Gertrude
Raichilson, Robert
Raimondi, Mario
Rain, Charles

I.248 Untitled

Rainey, Bob
Raisen, Nathan
Rajski, Raymond
Ramis, Jose
Ramis, Julio
Ramon, Francisco
Randall, Richard
Rannus, Waldemar
Rapaport, Nathan
Rappoport, Janet
Rapsey, Ruby
Raradan, James
Rascob, Joseph

I.249 Untitled

Rasmussen, A.
Rath, Hildegard
Ratsep, H.
Rattner, A.
Rauschwald, M.
Ravenscroft, Ellen
Ream, C.P.
Reams, Clinton
Reckewitz, Wilifried
Rederer, Franz
Redon, Odilon

I.250 Untitled

Reed, Orrel
Refregier, Anton

I.251 Untitled

Regensburg, Mary
De Regil, S.C.
Regni, Robert
Rego, Beatrice
Regoudt, Frans
Rehberg, Albert
Reichek, Jesse
Reichenberger, Alice
Reichenthal, Milton
Reichmann, Samuel
Reichmann-Lewis, Sam
Reiff, Robert
Reilly, James

I.252 Untitled

Reindel, Edna
Reinhardt, Siegfried
Reiner, Herbert
Reingewort, Moses
Reisman, Frederick
Reiss, Henriette
Reiss, Winold

I.253 Untitled

Remington, Frederick
Remmey, Paul
Render, Joseph
Rendon, Manuel
Riker, Barbara
Rengos, Policlitos
Rennie, Helen

I.254 Untitled

Renouf, Edward
Reny, John
Resnick, Milton
Resnick, Solomon
Restrepo, Pedro
Reveron, Armando
Rewska, Wanda
Rexroth, Andree
Reynolds, James
Rezende, Pola

I.255 Untitled

Rhoden, John
Riba, Paul
Ribak, Louis

I.256 Untitled

Ricci, Leonardo
Rice, Dustin
Rice, Maegeane
Richards, Karl
Richardson, Constance
Richardson, Dean
Richenberg, Robert

I.257 Untitled

Richer, Arthur
Richier, Germaine
Richter, Hans
Rickey, George
Riddell, Sarah
Riddles, Leonard
Ridolfo, James
Ries, Martin
Riesenfeld, Victor
Rieza, Janeth
Rifkin, Sidney
Rigg, Robert
Riggs, Helen
Righi, Federico
Rikko, Greta

View PDF of folder I.257

I.258 Untitled

Rimet, Felix
Ripley, Lucy
Ripley, Paul
Von Ripper, Rudolph
Rissanen, Juho
Ritter, Chris

I.259 Untitled

Ritter, Henry
Riva, John
Rival, Freddy
Rivera, Diego

I.260 Untitled

De Rivera, Jose
Rivers, Larry
Rives, Leida

I.261 Untitled

Roberts, Josephine
Roberts, John
Roberts, Joseph
Roberts; Max
Roberts, William
Robertson, Dorothy
Robin, Red
Robinson, Albert
Robinson, Alexander
Robinson, Boardman

I.262 Untitled

Robinson, David
Robinson, Gertrude
Robinson, Gladys
Robinson, Ione
Robinson, Jay
Robinson, Sally
Roca-Rey, Joaquin
Rochenoire, Pierre
Rocklin, Olive
Rodewald, Claude
Rodewald, D.P.
Rodewald, Elise
Rodrigo, Penalba

I.263 Untitled

Roeckenschuss, Christian
Roeder, Emy
Roelants, Jan
Roerich, Svetoslav
Rogers, Robert
Van Rogger,?
Rogoway, Marjorie & Alfred
Roh, Franz

I.264 Untitled

Rohlfs, Christian
Roi, Cu
Roig, Fidel
Romano, Emanuel
Romero, Orozco
Romero, Regulo
Romero, Julio
Rona, Lily
Ronnebeck, Arnold
Rood, John
Rood, Nathan
Roory, Alexander
Roos, John
Root, Stanley
Rorey, Alexander

I.265 Untitled

Ros, Robin
Della Rosa, Marchesa Virginia
Rosati, James
Roscheisen, Willi
Rose, Dorothy
Rose, Herman
Rose, Iver
Rosen, Josph
Rosenbauer, Wallace
Rosenbaum, B.H.
Rosenberg, Samuel
Rosenberg, Sam
Rosenblum, M.
Rosender, Bitia

I.266 Untitled

Rosenkranz, Gliram
Rosenqvist, Fingal
Rosenthal, Albert
Rosenthal, Bernard
Rosenthal, Doris
Rosenthal, Hattie
Rosenthal, Seymour
Rosenwald, Robert
Ross, Leslie
Ross, C.B.
Ross, Charlotte
Ross, Frances
Rosse, Maryvonne
Rossmann, Henry
Rossner, Eleanor
Rosso, Medardo
Roszak, Theodore

I.267 Untitled

Rotan, Thurman
Roth, Frank
Roth, Jack
Roth, Jerry
Roth, Wolfgang
Rothberg, Robert
Rothbort, Lawrence
Rothenstein, Guy
Rothschild, Lincoln
Rothstein, Irma

I.268 Untitled

Rousseau, Angeline
Rousseau, Henri

View PDF of folder I.268

I.269 Untitled

Rowan, Herman
Rowan, Lynn
Rowe, Joseph
Rowe, Walter
Rower, Joss
Roy, Jamini
Roy, Namba
Ruas, Henry
Rubabcaba, Arnulfo

I.270 Untitled

Ruben, Richards
Rubenstein, Lewis
Rubin, Reuven
Rubin, Phoebe
Rubincam, Barclay
Rubitschung, Fritz
Rudulph, Rella
Rudy, Charles
Ruegg, Albert
Ruggles, Carl
Ruggles, John
Ruglo, Joseph

View PDF of folder I.270

I.271 Untitled

Ruhmann, Walter
Ruhman, Walt
Ruhtenberg, Cornelius
Rumsey, Claire
Ruscoe, William
Rush, Olive
Rush, Richard
Rush, William
Russell, Alfred
Russell, John
Russin, Robert
Russo, Mario

I.272 Untitled

Russon, Lester
De Ruth, Jan
Ruvolo, Felix
Ryder, A.P.
van Rysselberghe, Theodore

I.273 Untitled

Saarinen, Lilian
Sacco, Giovani
Saco, Luisa
Saemundsson, Nina
Safrany, Mary
Sage, Kay
Sailors, Robert
St. Cyr, Raymond
St. John. M.G.
St. Julien, Warren

View PDF of folder I.273

I.274 Untitled

Saint-Vincent, William
Sainz, Francisco
Salamon, Joseph
Saks, Edna
Salaverry, Rosa
Salemme, Antonio

I.275 Untitled

Salerno, Charles
Salgado, Eduardo
Salgo, Andres
Salino, Vincent
Salko, S.
Salley, Eleanor
Salvatore, M.

I.276 Untitled

Samuel, Madelaine
Samuells, Luis
Sanchez, David
Sanchez, Mariano
Sanchez, Mateo
Sanchez, Richard
Sand, Irene
Van de Sande, Rene
Sanders, Joop
Sanders, Thomas
Sandow, Franz
Sandzen, Birger
Sanger, William

View PDF of folder I.276

I.277 Untitled

Sanmuganathan, S.
Santana, Miguel
Sapinkoff, Harold
Sargent, John
Sargent, Richard
Sargent, Mary
Sario, Anton
Sarkadi, Leo
Sarmiento, W.A.
Sarrubo, A.
Sastri, Gloria
Sasowsky, Noman
Sato, Hidemaru

I.278 Untitled

Sato, Tsunao
Sato, Tadashi
Satomayor, James
Saumanis, Karl
Saumells, Luis
Saxe, Carolyn
Scalabrini, Gaspare
Scarpitta, Salvadore
Schachat, Lillian
Schacknow, Max
Schaefer, Rudolf
Schaeffer, Bella
Schainen, Jack

I.279 Untitled

Schaillinger, Max
Schamberg, Morton
Schames, S.
Scharf, William
Scharl, Josef
Schatz, B.
Scheel, Ted
Schepp, Joseph

I.280 Untitled

Scher, Marie
Scherbak, H.
Scheuch, Harry
Schewe, Theodore
Schidlo-Riedl, Johanna
Schiele, Egon
Schiller, Albert
Schjerfbeck, Helene
Schlazer, Michael

I.281 Untitled

Schleeter, Howard
Schlemmer, Oskar

I.282 Untitled

Schmid, Elsa
Schmidt, John
Schmidt, Julius
Schmidt-Rottluff, Karl
Schmidl-Wahner, Trude
Schneebaum, Tobias
Schneider, Joanne
Schneider, Noel
Schneider, Marjorie
Schnell, Ronald
Schnelle, Karl
Schnier, Jacques

I.283 Untitled

Schnitman, Sacha
Schnitzler, Max
Schnitzer, Rose
Schomberg, Bertram
Schonbauer, Henry
Schonborn, Karl
Schoop, Uli
Schor, Ilya
Schrag, Karl
Schrek, Frank
Schreiber, Martin
Schulein, J.W.

I.284 Untitled

Schuler, I.E.
Schuler, Hans
Schuller, Grete
Schuler, Tom
Schulthess, Amalia
Schultze, Jacqueline
Schultze, Bernard
Schuster-Woldan, E.
Schuster, Mathias
Schwab, Eloisa
Schwake, Frank
Schwartz, Aubrey
Schwartz, Leonard

I.285 Untitled

Schwartz, Milton
Schwartz, M.R.
Schwaartz, Therese
Schwartz, Frank
Schwarzburg, Nathaniel
Schwarzburg, Peter
Schwieder, Arthur
Schweig, Martyl
Schweitzer, Gertrude
Schwinger, Helen

I.286 Untitled

Sclar, Harold
Scott, H.W.
Scott, Mel
Scott, Thomas
Scott, Vincent
Scuotto, Antonio

I.287 Untitled

Scuris, Stephanie
Seach, Victor
Seaman, Robert
Sears, Philip
Seaver, Harriet
Sebree, Charles
Sebreny, S.A.
Seckel, Paul
Seffbert, Johann
Seibert, Inez
Seide, Charles
Sekoto, Gerard
Sekula, Sonja
Selentsov, Boris

View PDF of folder I.287

I.288 Untitled

Seliger, Charles
Seligman, Elisabeth
Seligman, Walter
Seligmann, Kurt
Sella, Alvin
Sellers, J.A.
Senker, Don
Sennhauser, John
Sepek, Raymond
Sequeira, David
De la Serna, Jorge
Serov, V.A.

I.289 Untitled

Serra, Daniel
Serrano, Manuel
Sert, Jose
Severini, Gino
Sewell, William
Sexton, Fred
Sexton, Henry
Seymore, H.V.S.

I.290 Untitled

Shadbolt, J.
Shahn, Ben

I.291 Untitled

Shaler, Frederick
Sharp, William
Sharrer, Honore

I.292 Untitled

Shaub, Paul
Shaw, Ray
Shaw, Ruth
Shawhan, Romer
Shayn, John
Sherman, Hoyt
Sherman, J.
Sherman, S.
Sherman, William
Sherry, David
Sherry, William
Sherwood, Blanche
Shiff, Madeline
Shinoda, Toko
Shiraki, Shoichi & Tatsue
Shirwaw, Walter
Shockey, Tomm
Shoemaker, Peter

I.293 Untitled

Shoesmith, Mark
Shore, Robert
Shreve, Porter
Shrubar, Ronnie
Shuback, Frank
Shulberg, Harry
Schulman, Simon
Shumate, Ella
Sickert, Walter
Siegel, Eli
Siegel, Jack

I.294 Untitled

Sievan, Maurice
Sigal, Emily
Signac, Paul
Silingardi, Dario

I.295 Untitled

Da Silva, Vieira
Silz, Arthur
Simon, B.
Simon, Ellen
Simpson, Asti
Simpson, Merton
Sims, Agnes
Sinaiko, Arlie
Singer, Walter
Siporin, Mitchell

I.296 Untitled

Siqueiros, Alfaro
Sitney, Clara
Sissman, Anne

I.297 Untitled

Skaling, Audrey
Skarbina, Franz
Sklar, George
Skolle, Hans
Skou, Sigurd
Slauson, Helen
Slaybangly, Martha
Slinkard, Rex
Sloan, John
Slobe, Laura
Slobe, Thelma
Slobodkina, Esphyr
Sluyters, Jan
Smith, Angus
Smith, Arthur

I.298 Untitled

Smith, Bernard
Smith, Dorothy
Smith, Harry
Smith, John
Smith, Matthew
Smith, M.S.
Smith, Moishe

I.299 Untitled

Smith, Patricia
Smith, Robert
Smith, Susan
Smith, Sydney
Smith, Vernon
Smith, William
Smolak, Edith
Smullyan, Robert
Smyer, Chester
Smythe, W.G.
Snead, Stella

I.300 Untitled

Snelgrove, Walter
Snischek, Max
Snow, Douglas
Snyder, Tester
Sohl, Will
Sokol, Koloman
Sokolsky, Sulamith

I.301 Untitled

Sola Franco, Eduardo
Solana, Jose
Solari, Jose
Solbert, Ronni
Soldi, Raul
Soler, Urbici
Solomon, Mitzi
Solomon, Syd
Soltz, Hilda
Somers, Bettina

I.302 Untitled

Sommer, Frederick
Sommer, Isidor
Sommer, William

I.303 Untitled

Sommerburg, Miriam
Sonnemann, Elfriede
Sonoda, Kazumi
Sopher, Bernhard
Sorel, Paul
Soria, Maria
Soriano, Rafael
Soskind, A.
Del Soto Hidalgo, Joaquin
Soto, Rafael-Jesus

I.304 Untitled

Soutine, Chaime

I.305 Untitled

Sowers, Robert
Spafford, Michael
Spagna, Vincent

I.306 Untitled

Spampinato, Clem
Spanier, Sam
Sparhawk, Elizabeth
Spat, Gabriel
Spaventa, George

I.307 Untitled

Speer, Robert
Spelman, John
Spencer, Carl
Spencer, Lilly Martin
Spencer, Stanley
Spero, Nancy

I.308 Untitled

Spiral Group
De Spirito
Spohn, Clay
Sponsler, E.
Spooner, Malcolm
Spruce, Everett
Sprinchorn, Carl
Spyer, Richard
Stabile, Salvadore
De Stacchetti, Dolores

I.309 Untitled

Stacy, D.L.
De Stael
Stagg, Frances
Staler, Marcile
Stamos, Theodoros
Stamper, Maybelle

I.310 Untitled

Stander, Lucy
Stankiewicz, Richard
Stanley, Robert
Stark, Bill
Starr, Maxwell
Stazewski, Henryk
Stearn, Frank
Steer, Wilson
Di Stefano, Sebastian
Stefula, Dorthea
Steg, James
Stegman, Charles
Stegner, Nicholas
Stegner, Nick
Stein, Annie

I.311 Untitled

Stein, Ronald
Steinberg, Ensign
Steinbrocker, Ann
Steiner, Rudolph
Steinwender, Kurt
Stell, Thomas
Stella, Joseph

I.312 Untitled

Stenvall, John
Steppat, Leo
Sterling, James
Stern, Bronska
Stern, Irma
Stern, Lewis
Stern, Louis
Stern, Lucia
Stern, Peter
Sternberg, Edward
Sternberg, Harry

I.313 Untitled

Sterne, Maurice
Sterner, Frank
Sterpini, Ugo
Stevens, Edward
Stevens, Elaine
Stevens, Ernest
Stevenson, Harold
Stevens, Will
Stewart, Charles
Stewart, Gertrude
Stewart, Marion

I.314 Untitled

Stichon, J.S.
Still, Gail
Stillman, George
Stipe, William
Sterling, Verna
Stokowsky, Gloria
Stoller, Helen
Stoloff, Carolyn
Stone, Don
Stone, Herman
Stone, Leo

I.315 Untitled

Stone, Willard
Storel, Sergio
Stork, Francis
Story, William
Stout, Francis
Stovall, Queena
Strand, Paul
Strauss, Marjory
Strautin, Wally
Streat, Thelma

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I.316 Untitled

Street, J.M.
Struppeck, Jules
Stuart, Gilbert
Stubbing, Tony
Stuck, Franz
Stumer, Merritt
Stumpfle, Rudolph
Sturdevant, William
Sturm, Dorothy
Sturm de Strem, Renni
Styka, Jan
Suba, Miklos
Subercaseaux, Pedro
De Sucre, Jullien
Sucs, Naray

View PDF of folder I.316

I.317 Untitled

Suesman, Risa
Suga, Toshio
Sugimoto, Henry
Suit, Joseph
Sullivan, P.J.
Summer, Gerald
Summer, Walter
Summit Art Association
Suros, Amede de Bienvenue
Sussman, Risa
Sutherland, Graham
Di Suvero

I.318 Untitled

Suzin, Adela
Suzuki, Seisei
Swadron, Erna
Swan, Paul
Swan, Walter
Swann, Valetta
De Stewart, Jan
Swartz, Al
Swartz, Harold
Swarz, Sahl
Sweat, Lynn
Swedish Art
Sweeny, Mercer
Szekszara, Imudi
Szigethy, Istvan
Szwarc, Marek
Sznajderman, Marius
Szucs, Victor

I.319 Untitled

Tabak, Dorothy
Tabak, Marvin
Tacon, Edna
Tait, A.f.
Takal, Peter
Takis, Nicholas
Tal Coat
Talcott, Dudley
Tam, Reuben

I.320 Untitled

Tamayo, Ruffino
Tamburi, Orfeo
Tamezian, Nishan
Tamiriantz, Vartoohy
Taubes, Frederic
Taylor, Prentiss
Perls, Klaus
Tedeschi, Paul
Teijeiro, Manuel
Teller, Jane

I.321 Untitled

Tenor, Jon
Tepper, Natalie
Tepper, Zelig
Terek, Paul
Terry, Amanda
Terry, Thomas
Tesch, J.B.
Tessai, Tomioka
Tester, Jefferson

I.322 Untitled

Thayer, Polly
Thecla, Julia
Thomas, Byron

I.323 Untitled

Thomas, Howard
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Steffen
Thomas, Virginia
Thomopoulos, Epaminocdas
Thompson, Frederick
Thon, William
Thony, William
Thorak, Josef
Thorn, Joan

I.324 Untitled

Thorne, Gordon
Thornton, John
Thrall, Donald
Thorp, George
Thorwald, Clara
Tibak, Richard
Tillim, Sidney
Ting, Walasse

View PDF of folder I.324

I.325 Untitled

Tinguely, Yves
Tinkleman, Murray
Titiev, J.
Tivadar, Csontvary
Tock, Jean
Todd, Littleton
Von Toerne, Lisa
Tofel, Jennings

I.326 Untitled

Tojetti, Dominico
Tom, Raymond
Tomas, Benito
Tomaso, Carla
Tompkins, Margaret
Toney, Anthoney
Tonnini, Giuseppe
Toran, Alfonso
Torelli, Vincenzo
Dalla Torre, Magdalena
De Torres, Julio
Tosa, Robert
Tot, Amerigo
Tovar, Carlos
Tovish, Harold
Tower, Ruth
Townley, Hugh
Townsend, Helen

I.327 Untitled

Tracy, Lois
Tracy, Stanley
Trajan, Turku
Trakis, Louis
Tramer, Franziska
Treiman, Joyce
Trentham, Eugene
Triano, Anthony

I.328 Untitled

Trier, Hann
Troubeyzkey, Paul
Trouk, Mila
Trumbull, John
Tryggvadottir, Nina
Tschacbasov, Nahum
Tschumy, Freda
Tubis, Seymour
Tunginie, E.
Throckmorton, Turkas
Turnbull, Bill
Turner, Ed

I.329 Untitled

Turner, H.H.
Turner, Helen
Twitchell, Aza
Twombly, Cy
Tworkov, Jack
Ubina, Senen
Ueberall, Paul
Ueda, Shigeru

I.330 Untitled

Uhrman, Celia
Ulery, Vencent
Ulmanof, Edgar
Ulreich, Buk
Ulving, Tore
Umar, Madiha
Umlauf, Charles
Upjohn, Anna
Urban, Albert
Urban, Reva
Ury, Lesser
Uzelai, Jose

View PDF of folder I.330

I.331 Untitled

Vaccarino, Paulo
Vacchi, Sergio
Vacheron, Edilbert
Vagis, Polygnotos
Vajda, Louis
Valensi, Henry
De Valentin, Louis
Valentino, Rudolph
Valeska, Letti
Del Valle, Joseph
Vallejo, Aristides

I.332 Untitled

Vanderlyn, John
Vandersluis, George
Vanka, Maxo
Vauruska, F.
Vantongerloo, Georges
Van Veen, Stuyvesant
Varga, Arnold

I.333 Untitled

Varma, Raja Revi
Varvarande, R.E.
Vasquez, Conrad
Vaucher, Max

I.334 Untitled

Vauruska, Frank
Vedovelli, A.M.
Vega, Fernando
Veidly, Jean
Velim, Lia

I.335 Untitled

Venard, Claude
Vestal, David
Vezelay, Paule
Viani, Lorenzo
Vickers, Harold
Vickrey, Robert
Vidar, Frede

I.336 Untitled

Vigeland, Gustav
Villon, Jacques

I.337 Untitled

Viment, Jean
Le Vine, Marvin
Visson, Andre
Viterbo, Dario
De Vito, Leonardo
Vivar, Carlos
Viviano, Emmanuel
Vivin, Louis

View PDF of folder I.337

I.338 Untitled

Vogel, Donald
Volk, Edwin
Vroman, Leo

I.339 Untitled

Wadsworth, Julius
Waite, Anna
Wald, Herman
Walinska, Anna
Wall, Leon

I.340 Untitled

Walinsky, Rose
Walkowitz, Abraham
Wallace, Frank
Wallace, H.H.
Walmsley, William
Walters, Carl
Walters, Emile

I.341 Untitled

Wang, Chi Yuan
Ward, Hilda
Ward, H.W.
Wardlaw, George
Warneke, Heinz

View PDF of folder I.341

I.342 Untitled

Warsager, Hyman
Warshaw, Howard
Watkin, Gaston
Watkins, Asa
Watkins, Franklin
Watrous, Harry
Weakland, Anna
Weaver, Ann

I.343 Untitled

Weaver, Leroy
Weaver, Robert
Weber, Max

I.344 Untitled

Weed, E.L.
Weekley, William
Weidl, Sepp

I.345 Untitled

Weinberg, Elbert
Weiner, Abe
Weinstein, Berle
Weinstein, Samuel
Weinstock, Paul

I.346 Untitled

Weixlgartner, Pepi
Wellner, Helen
Werner, Nat
Wesley, Frank
Westerkamp, Dick

I.347 Untitled

Westermann, Horace
Wheelock, Warren
Whistler, James
White, Charles
White, Elsie
White, Emil
White, Robert

I.348 Untitled

Von Witcht, John
Wieselthier, Helga

I.349 Untitled

Wilke, Ulfert

I.350 Untitled

Wilkinson, A.S.
Willette, A.
Williams, Ian
Williams, Richard
Williamson, Clara

I.351 Untitled

Wilson, Ben
Wilson, Gilbert
Wilson, John
Wilson, Oliver

I.352 Untitled

Wilson, Stanley
Wilt, Richard
Wiltz, Madeline

I.353 Untitled

Wines, James
Wingate, Arline
Winter, Fritz
Winter, Inge
Winter, Joseph
Winters, Denny

I.354 Untitled

With, Gerda
De Witt, Isabell
De Witt, Jerome
Woelffer, Emerson
Wolff, Benjamin
Wolfson, Marty

I.355 Untitled

Woller, Wilhelm
Woo, Gary
Wood, Christopher
Wood, Grant
Wood, Walter
Woodman, Laurence

I.356 Untitled

Woolway, William
Wong, Siuling
Worthington, Netter
Wotruba, Fritz

I.357 Untitled

Wright, Clifford

I.358 Untitled

Xavier, Hector
Ximenes, Yamamoto, Taro
Yarnall, Agnes
Yasuda, Shuzaburo
Yates, Ruth
Yencesse, Hubert

I.359 Untitled

Young, Herbert
Ysenbaert, Albert
Yun, Gee
Yunkers, Kerstin
Zadkine, Ossip

I.360 Untitled

Zaenglein, Hilda
Zalce, Alfredo
Zao, Wouki
Zarauskas, Francis
Zarnower, Teresa
Zerbe, Karl

I.361 Untitled

Zilzer, Gyula
Zorach, Marguerite
Zorach, William

I.362 Untitled

Zorbi, Raffaello
Zuev, Nicolai
Zukowski, Helunia
Zulawski, Joseph
Zupnick, Irving
Zurini, Paris

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Series II: Additional Files Processed in 2024

The files in Series II were originally part of the same grouping as those in Series I, but were not processed until 2024. The files were rearranged in alphabetical order, based on original notations on the letters, when provided. Original notations, written on the top right corner of the letters, have been transcribed as folder labels.

Folder Title
II.1 "Australians (Brady)"

Artist(s): Norman Lindsay, Scorfield, Emil Mercier, Unk White, Armstrong
Correspondent(s): Cyrus Townsend Brady, Jr.

II.2 "Australian"

Artist(s): William Dobell
Correspondent(s): Frede Vidar

II.3 Berezow-Frank, Rachel

Artist(s): Rachel Berezow-Frank
Correspondent(s): Rachel Berezow-Frank

II.4 "Cundo Bermudez"

Artist(s): Cundo Bermudez and Alfredo Lozano
Correspondent(s): Emilio Del Junco

II.5 "British"

Artist(s): Many British artists
Correspondent(s): L. Somerville

II.6 "Dai-Chien"

Artist(s): Chang Dai-Chien

II.7 "Danish"

Artist(s): Unnamed Danish artists
Correspondent(s): Wendy Orser

II.8 "Dolls"

Artist(s): Unnamed artisan of dolls
Correspondent(s): R. K. Khemka

II.9 "Dutch"

Artist(s): Many Dutch artists
Correspondent(s): Many correspondents

II.10 "Easter Island"

Artist(s): Stone from Easter Island
Correspondent(s): Mr. Dunn

II.11 "Eccentrics"

Artist(s): William Barth, Lydia Bleach, Robert Bucker, Eve di Lorenzo, Edgar Gauvin, Iqbal Geoffrey, Mary Iacovella, Ponell Johnson, Durge Lall, Frances Mitchell, Ethel Pearce Nerger, Lloyd Ney, Katherine Nicholask Eugene Olson, Mariano Ortuzar, Henry Staggenbor, Mrs. R. Stelliere, Charles Stenberg, Benito L. Tomas, Zoltan Udvardy, and Jack Univer
Correspondent(s): Many correspondents

II.12 "Englund"

Artist(s): Lars Englund
Correspondent(s): David Helsing

II.13 "Fresco Painters"

Artist(s): Stuart Frost
Correspondent(s): Dag Hammarskjold

II.14 "Germans"

Artist(s): Many German artists
Correspondent(s): Many correspondents

II.15 "Greek amphora"

Artist(s): Unnamed artists of a Greek amphora
Correspondent(s): H. E. Dickson

II.16 "Hathaway"

Artist(s): Sarkis Katchadourian, James Gordon Irving, Alexandroff
Correspondent(s): Mr. Hathaway

II.17 "Ezzat Ibrahim"

Artist(s): Ezzat Ibrahim
Correspondent(s): Attiah Mohamed

II.18 "Impressionists - Effinger"

Artist(s): Unnamed Impressionist artists
Correspondent(s): Mr. Effinger

II.19 "India"

Artist(s): Maneck Jasawala
Correspondent(s): Wayne Hartwell

II.20 "Italians"

Artist(s): Many Italian artists
Correspondent(s): Many correspondents

II.21 "Japan"

Artist(s): Many Japanese artists
Correspondent(s): Many correspodents

II.22 "Kansas City Artists"

Artist(s): Unnamed Kansas City artists
Correspondent(s): Benjamin O'Nealos

II.23 "Masatoyo Kishi"

Artist(s): Masatoyo Kishi
Correspondent(s): William C. Seitz

II.24 "Leger - Mathey"

Artist(s): Fernand Leger
Correspondent(s): Francois Mathey

II.25 "Leite"

Artist(s): Tintoretto
Correspondent(s): Silvia Souza Leite

II.26 Lekberg, Barbara

Artist(s): Barbara Lekberg
Correspondent(s): Barbara Lekberg

II.27 "Lifar Collection"

Artist(s): Artists in the Lifar Collection
Correspondent(s): Paul D. Magriel

II.28 "Lisa"

Artist(s): Lisa
Correspondent(s): Letitia Howe

II.29 "Lynes Coll."

Artist(s): Artists in George Lynes' collection
Correspondent(s): Russell Lynes

II.30 "Malayan"

Artist(s): Unnamed Malayan artist
Correspondent(s): Kam Zin Choon

II.31 "Manjusri"

Artist(s): Manjusri Thero
Correspondent(s): Dillon Ripley

II.32 "Manlio"

Artist(s): Manlio Guberti Helfrich
Correspondent(s): Manlio Guberti Helfrich

II.33 "Marbane"

Artist(s): Marbane
Correspondent(s): Miss Mary Hinckey

II.34 "Sister Mary of the Compassion"

Artist(s): Sister Mary of the Compassion
Correspondent(s): James Johnson Sweeney

II.35 Mary, Olga

Artist(s): Olga Mary
Correspondent(s): Olga Mary

II.36 "Mexican"

Artist(s): Many Mexican artists
Correspondent(s): Many correspondents

II.37 "Naïve"

Artist(s): Many naïve artists
Correspondent(s): Anatole Jakovsky

II.38 "Norwegians"

Artist(s): Many Norwegian artists
Correspondent(s): Torbjorn Magnussen

II.39 "Parian Ware"

Artist(s): Unnamed artisans of parian ware
Correspondent(s): Elvira E. Howe

II.40 "Petressen Orozco"

Artist(s): Jose Clemente Orozco
Correspondent(s): Augusta O. Petressen

II.41 "Root"

Artist(s): Unnamed European artist
Correspondent(s): Stanley Roy Root

II.42 "Russian (Icon)"

Artist(s): Unknown Russian artist
Correspondent(s): George Grinberg

II.43 "Scheyer Estate"

Artist(s): Artists in Gulka Scheyer's Estate
Correspondent(s): Marjory Eaton

II.44 "Schizophrenic Artist"

Artist(s): Unnamed artists living with schizophrenia
Correspondent(s): Tarmo Pasto

II.45 "Schultz"

Artist(s): H. H. Wallace
Correspondent(s): George N. Schultz

II.46 "Sculptors"

Artist(s): Many New York sculptors
Correspondent(s): Wayne V. Anderson

II.47 "Senoufo"

Artist(s): Senoufo
Correspondent(s): Arthur Nolan

II.48 Se Yong, Kim

Artist(s): Kim Se Yong
Correspondent(s): Joseph G. Colgan

II.49 Smolak

Artist(s): Unnamed sculptor
Correspondent(s): Edith Pachter Smolak

II.50 Solomon, M.

Artist(s): Carl Waters, Le Corbusier, Max Beckmann, and others
Correspondent(s): Cunliffe, Mrs. Mitzi

II.51 Stan

Artist(s): Solomon "Stan" Bauch
Correspondent(s): Solomon "Stan" Bauch

II.52 Swedish art

Artist(s): Many Swedish artists
Correspondent(s): Bjarne Klaussen

II.53 Unknown

Artist(s): Unknown Catalan artist
Correspondent(s): Unknown Catalan artist

II.54 Unknown

Artist(s): Many unknown artists
Correspondent(s): Many correspondents

II.55 Vidar, Frede

Artist(s): Frede Vidar
Correspondent(s): Frede Vidar

II.56 Woodruff, H.

Artist(s): Many artists
Correspondent(s): Hal Woodruff

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Box and Folder List

Box Series Folder
1 I 1-11
2 I 12-23
3 I 24-39
4 I 40-55
5 I 56-68
6 I 69-83
7 I 84-99
8 I 100-114
9 I 115-127
10 I 128-146
11 I 147-164
12 I 165-183
13 I 184-200
14 I 201-217
15 I 218-232
16 I 233-247
17 I 248-260
18 I 261-275
19 I 276-291
20 I 292-306
21 I 307-321
22 I 322-335
23 I 336-348
24 I 349-362
25 II 1-56

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