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Werner H. Kramarsky Papers

in The Museum of Modern Art Archives

The Museum of Modern Art Archives
11 West 53 Street
New York, NY 10019-5497
© 2008
The Museum of Modern Art Museum Archives
Finding aid prepared by Jonathan Lill.

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Kramarsky, Werner H.
Title: Werner H. Kramarsky Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1977-2006
Quantity: 39.5 Linear Feet
30 record cartons and 2 manuscript boxes.
Abstract: Artists' files and other records of the art collector Werner H. (Wynn) Kramarsky and his private exhibition space, known as Wynn Kramarsky.


The Papers are arranged in seven series as received from the donor. The series are as follows:
Series I: Active Artists' Files
Series II: Deaccesioned Artists' Files
Series III: Artists-of-Interest Files
Series IV: MoMA Objects' Files
Series V: Loans
Series VI: Exhibitions
Series VII: Correspondence
Series I: Active Artists' Files
Series II: Deaccesioned Artists' Files
Series III: Artists-of-Interest Files
Series IV: MoMA Objects' Files
Series V: Loans
Series VI: Exhibitions
Series VII: Correspondence

Biographical Note

Werner H. (Wynn) Kramarsky was a long-time collector and enthusiast of modern drawings. Born in Amsterdam in 1926, Kramarsky immigrated to the United States before World War II. His interest in art, artists and drawings developed early (one of his earliest purchases was of a Jasper Johns drawing from Leo Castelli in 1958). Kramarsky's taste ran to American abstraction, with a focus on minimal and conceptual works. In 1991, after decades of collecting, Kramarsky signed a lease on a space at 560 Broadway. The space was often referred to as the Fifth Floor Foundation (after the name of the non-profit entity created to administer the space), but is most commonly known simply as "Wynn Kramarsky" or the Wynn Kramarsky Space. The space allowed Kramarsky a greater outlet for his collecting interests by providing him a place to curate special exhibitions of young, up-and-coming artists as well as exhbitions of works by mature or established artists. In between the special exhibitions the space was used to display rotating installations from Kramarsky's personal permanent collection.

Perhaps Kramarsky's larger impact on the art world was his generous support for curators and exibitions. He freely lent his own works elsewhere (often insisting on anonymous credit) and sponsored traveling exhibitions of his collection. Kramarsky's generousity and support was further evidenced in the eventual donation of thousands of drawings from his collection to numerous museums and institutions across the country. Wynn Kramarsky closed the exhibition and office space at 560 Broadway in 2006 but continued his participation in the art world, particularly sitting on numerous boards and committees including The Museum of Modern Art and The Hammer Museum of the University of California, Los Angeles, and as Director Emeritus of the Drawing Center. Wynn Kramarsky passed away August 22, 2019.

Scope and Content

The Werner H. Kramarsky Papers represent a set of records culled from the operation of the Wynn Kramarsky Space during it's fifteen-year history and from related collecting and curatorial activity by Wynn Kramarsky. During that period, from 1991 until 2006, the space hosted twenty-nine special exhibitions, seventeen of which were solo exhibitions. Most shows were dedicated to new or recent work, as opposed to having historical perspectives, and the majority of artists represented were not yet considered established in the art world.

The major portion of the papers, Series I, consists of 620 files for over 400 artists Kramarsky collected. Records include some correspondence, exhibition ephemera, news clippings and reviews, and biograhpical material. In many cases the quantity of material is such that these categories are broken out into separate folders. Series II consists of similar material (though a much smaller quantity) for those artists Kramarsky ceased to collect and donated to museums or collections prior to 2004; Series III contains artists' files for artists Kramarsky found interesting or whose career he tracked but whom he had not yet collected or exhibited. Series IV: MoMA Object's Files, contains documents and ephemera related to works donated to or purchased by The Museum of Modern Art. The small number of files present here are photocopies; the originals have been removed to the appropriate curatorial departments in the Museum. Series V contains records of loans of artworks Kramarsky made to outside exhibitions around the world, including those at MoMA. Series VI comprises catalogs and material related to entire exhibitions at the Wynn Kramarsky Space or curated by Kramarsky at other locations. Finally, Series VII contains a small quantity of correspondence, mostly with museums, galleries, and other arts organizations.

As Kramarsky insisted that the focus should always remain on the artist (as opposed to the gallery or the curator), these papers do not include business records of the gallery or personal records of Wynn Kramarsky. Most of the material in the collection was produced or collected during the lifespan of the 560 Broadway exhibition space, though some series contain records from earlier in time.


Restrictions on Access

This collection is open for research and contains no restricted materials.

Ownership and Literary Rights

The Wynn Kramarsky Papers are the physical property of The Museum of Modern Art. Literary rights, including copyright belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assigns.

Index Terms

This collection is indexed under the following headings in DADABASE, the library catalog of The Museum of Modern Art. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons, or places should search the catalog using these headings.
Persons and Organizations:
Wynn Kramarsky (Gallery)
Document Types:
Administrative records.

Related Material

Further material relating to artists and exhibitions mentioned in the Wynn Kramarksy Papers may be found throughout the Library and Museum Archives.

Separated Material

Series IV: MoMA Objects' Files consist of records and materials relating to artworks now in the Museum's collection. Therefore, it was decided that these records belong with all other objects' files in the appropriate curatorial department and the original documents were removed from this collection. Photocopies were made of all items and foldered and described as the originals. See Series IV below.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Long version: Werner H. Kramarsky Papers, [series.folder]. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York.

Short version: Kramarsky, [series.folder]. MoMA Archives, NY.


The Werner H. Kramarsky Papers were donated to the Museum Archives by Wynn Kramarsky in September, 2006.

Processing and Condition Information

The Werner H. Kramarsky Papers were prepared for public access with the partial support of a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation.

All materials in this collection are of relatively recent origin and in good condition; the overwhelming type of material is white office paper. Processing was predominantly performed by staff of the Wynn Kramarsky Space under the direction of MoMA Archives staff. All material was rehoused in archival folders and boxes, the folders were labeled in pencil, and folder lists were prepared for each series.

Additional Descriptive Data

Explanation of Abbreviations

MoMA is The Museum of Modern Art.

Container List

Series I: Active Artists' Files

Folder Title
I.1 Allen, Roberta
I.2 Altoon, John
I.3 Anastasi, William: Correspondence
I.4 Anastasi, William: Annoucements
I.5 Anastasi, William: Articles
I.6 Andre, Carl: Correspondence
I.7 Andre, Carl: Announcements
I.8 Andre, Carl: Reviews
I.9 Andre, Carl: Articles
I.10 Anthony, Carol
I.11 Antonakos, Stephen: Correspondence
I.12 Antonakos, Stephen: Announcements
I.13 Antonakos, Stephen: Articles
I.14 Arnold, Anne
I.15 Aschheim, Eve: Correspondence
I.16 Aschheim, Eve: Announcements
I.17 Asher, Dan
I.18 Attie, Alice
I.19 Aycock, Alice: Biographical
I.20 Aycock, Alice: Catalogues
I.21 Aycock, Alice: Correspondence
I.22 Aycock, Alice: Announcements
I.23 Aycock, Alice: Reviews, 1990-2001
I.24 Aycock, Alice: Reviews, 1982-1989
I.25 Badur, Frank: Correspondence
I.26 Badur, Frank: Announcements
I.27 Baer, Jo
I.28 Baroff, Jill: Correspondence
I.29 Baroff, Jill: Announcements
I.30 Baroff, Jill: Articles
I.31 Baroff, Jill: Catalogues
I.32 Baron, Hannelore
I.33 Barry, Robert
I.34 Bartlett, Jennifer: Announcements
I.35 Bartlett, Jennifer: Articles
I.36 Bassett, Richard
I.37 Bastian, Kry
I.38 Bell, Larry
I.39 Blaine, Nell
I.40 Blair, Christine
I.41 Bocanegra, Suzanne
I.42 Boghosian, Varujan
I.43 Bond, Douglas
I.44 Borofsky, Scott: Catalogues, Announcements
I.45 Borofsky, Scott: Correspondence, Reviews
I.46 Bottcher, Paula
I.47 Bowden, Priscilla
I.48 Bourgeois, Louise
I.49 Boxer, Stanley
I.50 Bradshaw, Dove
I.51 Brainard, Joe
I.52 Brianchon, Maurice
I.53 Brown, Brad
I.54 Brown, Trisha
I.55 Buckley, Carmel
I.56 Burson, Nancy
I.57 Butterfield, Deborah: Biographical
I.58 Butterfield, Deborah: Catalogues
I.59 Butterfield, Deborah:Correspondence
I.60 Butterfield, Deborah: Announcements
I.61 Butterfield, Deborah: Reviews: 1989-2003
I.62 Butterfield, Deborah: Reviews, 1979-1989
I.63 Cage, John: Correspondence
I.64 Cage, John: Announcements
I.65 Cage, John: Articles
I.66 Calaway, Loren
I.67 Cali, Joe
I.68 Camacho, Kico
I.69 Campbell, Laurie
I.70 Capps, Kenneth
I.71 Caracciolo, Roberto
I.72 Carnwath, Squeak
I.73 Carone, Nicholas
I.74 Carrara, Patrick
I.75 Casey, Tim: Correspondence
I.76 Casey, Tim: Announcements
I.77 Casey, Tim: Reviews
I.78 Castro Lenero, Francisco
I.79 Castoro, Rosemarie: Biographical, Catalogues
I.80 Castoro, Rosemarie: Announcements, Reviews
I.81 Cezanne, Paul
I.82 Chaiklin, Amy
I.83 Chang, Diana
I.84 Chard, Daniel
I.85 Charles, Michelle
I.86 Charlot, Juliette
I.87 Chermayeff, Sasha
I.88 de Chiara, Edith
I.89 Childress, Bill
I.90 Chong, Theresa: 1 of 2
I.91 Chong, Theresa: 2 of 2
I.92 Chu, Anne: Correspondence, Catalogues
I.93 Chu, Anne: Announcements, Reviews
I.94 Cleveland, Buster
I.95 Close, Chuck
I.96 Cohen, Barbara
I.97 Cole, Max
I.98 Conant, Steven
I.99 Cone-Skelton, Annette
I.100 Conner, Bruce: 1 of 2
I.101 Conner, Bruce: 2 of 2
I.102 Constantine, Greg: Biographical
I.103 Constantine, Greg: Correspondence
I.104 Constantine, Greg: Announcements and Reviews
I.105 Contro, Antonia
I.106 Cottrell, Marsha
I.107 Crimmins, Jerry
I.108 Crotty, Russell
I.109 Crowder, Susan
I.110 Crowell, David
I.111 Daou, Annabel
I.112 Davis, Paul
I.113 Dean, Stephen
I.114 DeCredico, Alfred
I.115 DeCrignis, Rudolf
I.116 Defeo, Jay
I.117 DeGennaro, Orazio
I.118 DeGroot, Nanno
I.119 DeGroot, Patricia
I.120 Deihl, Steve
I.121 Del Rivero, Elena: Correspondence
I.122 Del Rivero, Elena: Announcements and Reviews
I.123 Della-Volpe, James
I.124 De Maria, Walter
I.125 Denes, Agnes: Biographical
I.126 Denes, Agnes: Correspondence
I.127 Denes, Agnes: Catalogues
I.128 Denes, Agnes: Announcements
I.129 Denes, Agnes: Reviews
I.130 Dewing, Emma
I.131 Dicksee, Sir Frank Bernard
I.132 Digmann, Jon
I.133 Diller, Burgoyne
I.134 Di Suvero, Mark: Biographical
I.135 Di Suvero, Mark: Announcements and Catalogues
I.136 Di Suvero, Mark: Articles, Reviews
I.137 Dodd, Lois
I.138 Dudley, Randy
I.139 Dupuis, David
I.140 El Hanani, Jacob
I.141 El Maleh, Victor
I.142 Eshoo, Amy
I.143 Etheredge, Lee IV
I.144 Evans, Donald: Correspondence
I.145 Evans, Donald: Reviews and Articles
I.146 Evans, Donald: Exhibitions
I.147 Evans, Donald: Catalogues
I.148 Eyre, John
I.149 Fabozzi, Paul
I.150 Fasnacht, Heide
I.151 Fawcett, John
I.152 Fein, Nicole
I.153 Feinberg, Jean
I.154 Fernandez, Teresita
I.155 Ferguson, Kendra: Correspondence
I.156 Ferguson, Kendra: Articles and Biographical
I.157 Ferrara, Jackie: Reviews and Articles
I.158 Fine, Perle
I.159 Fish, Julia: Correspondence and Biographical
I.160 Fish, Julia: Announcements and Reviews
I.161 Flavin, Dan
I.162 Fox, Connie
I.163 Fraser, John
I.164 Francis, Linda
I.165 Frecon, Suzan
I.166 Fredenthal, Ruth Ann
I.167 Freilicher, Jane: Biographical and Announcements
I.168 Freilicher, Jane: Reviews
I.169 Fried, Zipora
I.170 Frields, Christie
I.171 Friesicke, Sabine
I.172 Frost, Simon
I.173 Furfaro, Paul
I.174 Gabbiani, Francesca
I.175 Gabrielse, Peter
I.176 Garnett, Christian
I.177 Gauguin, Paul
I.178 Gelfmann, Marilyn
I.179 Gell, Paul
I.180 Gelzer, Gilgian
I.181 Genger, Orly
I.182 Gerritz, Frank: Correspondence
I.183 Gerritz, Frank: Announcements and Reviews
I.184 German, Vladimir
I.185 Getz, Ilse
I.186 Gianakos, Cristos
I.187 Girke, Raimund
I.188 Glovaski, Doug: Correspondence
I.189 Goldsleger, Cheryl: Correspondence
I.190 Goldsleger, Cheryl: Announcements and Reviews
I.191 Goldstein, David
I.192 Gonzalez, Teo
I.193 Grossman, Nancy
I.194 Grosvenor, Robert
I.195 Guest, Amanda
I.196 Guillot, Robert
I.197 Gwon, Steven
I.198 Hackett, Theresa
I.199 Hafif, Marcia
I.200 Hamel, Vincent
I.201 Hamilton, Kara
I.202 Hammond, Jane: Correspondence
I.203 Hammond, Jane: Catalogues
I.204 Hammond, Jane: Announcements
I.205 Hammond, Jane: Reviews
I.206 Haynes, Nancy: Biographical and Correspondence
I.207 Haynes, Nancy: Announcements
I.208 Haynes, Nancy: Catalogues
I.209 Haynes, Nancy: Reviews
I.210 Hendrix, Susan
I.211 Herder, Addie
I.212 Hesse, Eva: Biographical
I.213 Hesse, Eva: Correspondence
I.214 Hesse, Eva: Announcements
I.215 Hesse, Eva: Reviews, 1994-2003
I.216 Hesse, Eva: Reviews, 1979-1993
I.217 Heuser, Tayo
I.218 Hicks, Sheila
I.219 Hiebert, Christine: Correspondence
I.220 Hiebert, Christine: Announcements
I.221 Hiebert, Christine: Reviews and Catalogues
I.222 Highstein, Jene
I.223 Hill, Robin
I.224 Hilten, Kathrin
I.225 Hinsberg, Katharina
I.226 Hirschfeld, Albert
I.227 Hodges, James
I.228 Hoheisel, Horst
I.229 Hoie, Claus
I.230 Holder, Kristen
I.231 Holt, Nancy
I.232 Horn, Roni: Correspondence and Articles
I.233 Horn, Roni: Announcements and Catalogues
I.234 Horvath, Sharon
I.235 Houston, Bruce
I.236 Howell, James
I.237 Huebler, Douglas
I.238 Hunter, David
I.239 Hutchinson, David
I.240 Hutchison, Heather
I.241 Ijichi, Mary
I.242 Indiana, Robert
I.243 Isham, Sheila
I.244 Iwamoto, Ralph
I.245 Jakob, Bruno
I.246 Jeffrey, David: Correspondence and Biographical
I.247 Jeffrey, David: Announcements
I.248 Jenkins, Michael
I.249 Jessup, Robert
I.250 Johns, Jasper: Biographical
I.251 Johns, Jasper: Correspondence
I.252 Johns, Jasper: Announcements
I.253 Johns, Jasper: Reviews and Articles, 1998-2005
I.254 Johns, Jasper: Reviews and Articles, 1994-1997
I.255 Johns, Jasper: Reviews and Articles, 1990-1993
I.256 Johns, Jasper: Reviews and Articles, 1979-1989
I.257 Johns, Jasper: Catalogues
I.258 Johnson, Ray: Correspondence
I.259 Johnson, Ray: Announcements
I.260 Johnson, Ray: Reviews and Articles, 1999-2003
I.261 Johnson, Ray: Reviews and Articles, 1977-1998
I.262 Johnston, W. Medford
I.263 Jones, Bronlyn
I.264 Jones, Kim
I.265 Judd, Donald: Biographical and Correspondence
I.266 Judd, Donald: Announcements and Catalogues
I.267 Judd, Donald: Reviews and Articles, 1973-1994
I.268 Judd, Donald: Reviews and Articles, 1995-2004
I.269 Karelitz, Judith
I.270 Karshan, Linda
I.271 Katz, Alex: Biographical
I.272 Katz, Alex: Correspondence
I.273 Katz, Alex: Announcements
I.274 Katz, Alex: Reviews
I.275 Katz, Alex: Catalogues
I.276 Kaufman, Amy
I.277 Kaufman, Elise
I.278 Keller, Martha
I.279 Kelly, Ellsworth: Biographical and Correspondence
I.280 Kelly, Ellsworth: Announcements, 1999-2006
I.281 Kelly, Ellsworth: Announcements, 1992-1998
I.282 Kelly, Ellsworth: Articles and Reviews, 1999-2004
I.283 Kelly, Ellsworth: Articles and Reviews, 1990-1998
I.284 Kelly, Jay
I.285 Kerlin, Sherry
I.286 Keusen, Ellen
I.287 Kim, Byron
I.288 Kim, Po
I.289 King, John
I.290 King, William
I.291 Klauber, Rick
I.292 Kline, Martin
I.293 Knowlton, Grace
I.294 Knowlton, Win
I.295 Kotik, Thomas
I.296 Krebs, Patsy
I.297 Kretschmer, Melissa
I.298 Kucka, Kathleen
I.299 Kuehn, Coco
I.300 Kuehn, Gary
I.301 Kulicke, Robert: Biographical and Announcements
I.302 Kulicke, Robert: Articles and Catalogues
I.303 Lane, Christopher
I.304 Lanzetta, Margaret
I.305 Laramee, Eve: Biographical and Correspondence
I.306 Laramee, Eve: Announcements and Articles
I.307 Lasry, David: Biographical and Correspondence
I.308 Lasry, David: Announcements and Reviews
I.309 Lawrence, L.D.
I.310 Lawson, George
I.311 Leaf, June
I.312 Brody-Lederman, Stephanie
I.313 Ledy, Ann: Biographical and Correspondence
I.314 Ledy, Ann: Announcements and Articles
I.315 Lees, John
I.316 Leigh, Abby
I.317 Lennon, Ciaran
I.318 Leopold, Susan
I.319 Le Va, Barry
I.320 Levi, Josef
I.321 Levine, Tom
I.322 LeWitt, Sol: Biographical
I.323 LeWitt, Sol: Correspondence
I.324 LeWitt, Sol: Announcements, 2001-2004
I.325 LeWitt, Sol: Announcements, 1985-2000
I.326 LeWitt, Sol: Reviews and Articles, 1996-2004
I.327 LeWitt, Sol: Reviews and Articles, 1990-1995
I.328 LeWitt, Sol: Reviews and Articles, 1979-1989
I.329 LeWitt, Sol: Pamphlets
I.331 Ligon, Glenn
I.332 Li-lan: Biographical and Correspondence
I.333 Li-lan: Reviews and Articles
I.334 Li-lan: Announcements and Catalogues
I.335 Line, Elizabeth
I.336 Litke, Ann
I.337 Lombardi, Mark
I.338 Long, Hubert
I.339 Long, Richard
I.340 Louden, Sharon: Biographical and Correspondence
I.341 Louden, Sharon: Announcements
I.342 Louden, Sharon: Reviews and Articles
I.343 Louden, Sharon: Catalogues
I.344 Lozano, Lee
I.345 Lynch, Bonnie
I.346 Lynch, Linda: Biographical and Correspondence
I.347 Lynch, Linda: Announcements and Reviews
I.348 Lynds, Clyde
I.349 Maggi, Marco
I.350 Maltz, Russell
I.351 Mangold, Julia
I.352 Mangold, Robert
I.353 Mangold, Sylvia Plimack
I.354 Marden, Brice: Correspondence
I.355 Marden, Brice: Announcements
I.356 Marden, Brice: Reviews and Articles
I.357 Marden, Helen
I.358 Margolis, Karen
I.359 Marioni, Tom
I.360 Mark, Wendy
I.361 Maron, Jeffrey
I.362 Martin, Agnes: Biographical and Correspondence
I.363 Martin, Agnes: Announcements
I.364 Martin, Agnes: Reviews and Articles
I.365 Martin, Chris
I.366 Martinelli, Tom
I.367 Matalon, Linda
I.368 May, D.E.
I.369 McClure, Stefana
I.370 McDarrah, Fred
I.371 McLaughlin, John
I.372 McShane, Kathleen
I.373 Melamed, Brad
I.374 Mendelson, Shari
I.375 Merrill, Kathleen
I.376 Metts, Stephen
I.377 Meyer, Melissa
I.378 Mikus, Eleanore
I.379 Miller, Holly
I.380 Mitch, Eleanor
I.381 Mitchell, Joan
I.382 Miyajima, Tatsuo
I.383 Mogensen, Paul
I.384 Moore, George Mead
I.385 Moore, Gordon
I.386 Morris, John
I.387 Morris, Robert
I.388 Moser, Barry
I.389 Moser, Jill
I.390 Moskowitz, Robert
I.391 Mozenter, Cyrilla: Correspondence, 1993-2005
I.392 Mozenter, Cyrilla: Correspondence, 1989-1992
I.393 Mozenter, Cyrilla: Announcements, Reviews and Articles
I.394 Mozenter, Cyrilla: Writing Samples
I.395 Muller, Armin
I.396 Mullican, Matt
I.397 Murray, Elizabeth
I.398 Murphy, Megan
I.399 Myers, Amy
I.400 Naito, Rakuko
I.401 Nalls, Gayil
I.402 Nares, James
I.403 Nauman, Bruce
I.404 Negroponte, George
I.405 Nehmad, Deborah Gottheil
I.406 Neuhaus, Max
I.407 Nevelson, Louise
I.408 Newman, Barnett
I.409 Nickson, Graham
I.410 Niederer, Susanna
I.411 O'Bryan, Jill
I.412 O'Conner, John
I.413 O'Hara, Morgan: Correspondence and Projects
I.414 O'Hara, Morgan: Announcements and Reviews
I.415 Oldenburg, Claes
I.416 Ortiz-Hernandez, Gloria
I.417 Ortins, David
I.418 Perlin, Jenny
I.419 Peterson, Robert
I.420 Pettibone, Richard
I.421 Phelan, Ellen
I.422 Phelps, Danica
I.423 Phillips, Liza
I.424 Pierson, Jack
I.425 Pissarro, Paulemile and Lucien
I.426 Pondick, Rona
I.427 Poons, Larry
I.428 Porter, Fairfield
I.429 Pousette-Dart, Joanna
I.430 Prentice, Elena Coon
I.431 Quaytman, Harvey
I.432 Rabinovich, Raquel
I.433 Rauschenberg, Robert
I.434 Reid, Laurie
I.435 Regensburg, Sophy
I.436 Reichman, Fred
I.437 Rembrandt, Harmensz van (MISSING)
I.438 Resika, Paul
I.439 Reveles, Sam
I.440 Reynolds, Scott
I.441 Riegelman, Nancy
I.442 Rockburne, Dorothea: Biographical and Correspondence
I.443 Rockburne, Dorothea: Announcements and Catalogues
I.444 Rockburne, Dorothea: Reviews and Articles
I.445 Rodriguez-Mora, Hiram
I.446 Roeth, Winston
I.447 Roseman, Harry
I.448 Rosenthal, Stephen
I.449 Ross, Charles
I.450 Roser, Ce
I.451 Rothman, Lenke
I.452 Rubin, Susanna Harwood
I.453 Rubins, Nancy
I.454 Ruscha, Ed
I.455 Ryan, Anne
I.456 Ryman, Cordy
I.457 Ryman, Robert: Biographical and Correspondence
I.458 Ryman, Robert: Announcements and Catalogues
I.459 Ryman, Robert: Reviews and Articles
I.460 Saltz, Mark
I.461 Sandback, Fred: Correspondence
I.462 Sandback, Fred: Announcements
I.463 Sandback, Fred: Reviews and Articles
I.464 Sander, Karin: Correspondence
I.465 Sander, Karin: Announcements and Reviews
I.466 Saret, Alan
I.467 Saxon, Eric
I.468 Scarritt, Alan
I.469 Schatz, Robert
I.470 Schiff, Karen
I.471 Schilling, Alphonse
I.472 Schley, Reeve
I.473 Schnurnberger, Lynn
I.474 Schoening, Fanny
I.475 Schuck, Bill
I.476 Schultz, Kathryn
I.477 Schwalb, Susan: Correspondence
I.478 Schwalb, Susan: Announcements and Articles
I.479 Seager, Sarah
I.480 Seborovski, Carole: Biographical and Photographs
I.481 Seborovski, Carole: Correspondence
I.482 Seborovski, Carole: Announcements
I.483 Seborovski, Carole: Reviews
I.484 Seborovski, Carole: Catalogues
I.485 Sennhauser, John
I.486 Serra, Richard: Biographical
I.487 Serra, Richard: Correspondence
I.488 Serra, Richard: Announcements, 2000-2006
I.489 Serra, Richard: Announcements, 1989-1999
I.490 Serra, Richard: Reviews and Articles, 2000-2005
I.491 Serra, Richard: Reviews and Articles, 1991-1999
I.492 Serra, Richard: Reviews and Articles, 1974-1990
I.493 Shapiro, Joel: Biographical and Correspondence
I.494 Shapiro, Joel: Announcements
I.495 Shapiro, Joel: Reviews and Articles
I.496 Shaw, Sharon
I.497 Sheinkman, Mark: Correspondence
I.498 Sheinkman, Mark: Announcements and Catalogues
I.499 Sheinkman, Mark: Reviews and Articles
I.500 Shiflett, Drew
I.501 Shikler, Aaron
I.502 Shore, Paul
I.503 Short, Michael
I.504 Shotz, Alyson: Correspondence
I.505 Shotz, Alyson: Announcements
I.506 Shotz, Alyson: Reviews
I.507 Siena, James
I.508 Siler, Todd
I.509 Silverthorne, Jean
I.510 Sloet, Josephine
I.511 Smith, Cary
I.512 Smith, David: Announcements and Catalogues
I.513 Smith, David: Reviews and Articles
I.514 Smith, Kiki
I.515 Smith, Terry
I.516 Smith, Tony: Announcements, Reviews, Catalogues
I.517 Smith, Tony: Articles
I.518 Smithson, Robert: Biographical and Correspondence
I.519 Smithson, Robert: Announcements
I.520 Smithson, Robert: Reviews and Articles, 1992-2006
I.521 Smithson, Robert: Reviews and Articles, 1972-1991
I.522 Smollin, Elaine
I.523 Snelson, Kenneth
I.524 Sollins, Stephen
I.525 Soriano, Peter
I.526 Sosnowy, Sara: Biographical and Correspondence
I.527 Sosnowy, Sara: Announcements and Catalogues
I.528 Sosnowy, Sara: Reviews and Articles
I.529 Spaid, Larry
I.530 Sperling, Ellen
I.531 Spitzer, Serge
I.532 Steinman, Steven
I.533 Stella, Frank: Biographical and Correspondence
I.534 Stella, Frank: Announcements
I.535 Stella, Frank: Reviews and Articles
I.536 Stengle, Sarah
I.537 Stern, Faith
I.538 Stewart, Jason
I.539 Strafella, Allyson
I.540 Stout, Myron
I.541 Strick, Racelle
I.542 Stuart, Michelle
I.543 Stubbing, Haydn
I.544 Sullivan, Peter
I.545 Swan, William F.
I.546 Tabatabai, Hadi
I.547 Tannen, Robert
I.548 Tarr, William
I.549 Tawney, Lenore: Correspondence
I.550 Tawney, Lenore: Announcements and Catalogues
I.551 Tawney, Lenore: Reviews and Articles
I.552 Theel, Gunnar
I.553 Therrien, Robert
I.554 Topolski, Andrew: Biographical
I.555 Topolski, Andrew: Correspondence
I.556 Topolski, Andrew: Announcements, 1991-2001
I.557 Topolski, Andrew: Announcements, 1987-1990
I.558 Topolski, Andrew: Reviews and Articles
I.559 Trawoeger, Ernst
I.560 Trova, Ernst
I.561 Turner, Linda Woods
I.562 Turrell, James
I.563 Tuttle, Richard: Correspondence
I.564 Tuttle, Richard: Announcements
I.565 Tuttle, Richard: Reviews and Articles
I.566 Twombly, Cy: Correspondence
I.567 Twombly, Cy: Announcements
I.568 Twombly, Cy: Reviews and Articles
I.569 Uglow, Alan: Announcements
I.570 Uglow, Alan: Reviews and Articles
I.571 Upton, Michael
I.572 van Tran, Tam
I.573 Velardi, Esterina
I.574 Verstraete, Gerrit
I.575 Vicente, Esteban
I.576 Vine, Marlene
I.577 von Monkiewitsch, Lienhard
I.578 von Rydingsvard, Ursula
I.579 Wagner, Merrill
I.580 Wakabayashi, Isamu
I.581 Walz, Randy
I.582 Waltemath, Joan: Biographical and Correspondence
I.583 Waltemath, Joan: Announcements and Reviews
I.584 Waters, John
I.585 Watts, Robert
I.586 Webster, Meg
I.587 Weiner, Lawrence: Biographical and Correspondence
I.588 Weiner, Lawrence: Announcements
I.589 Weiner, Lawrence: Reviews and Articles
I.590 Weiss, Bill
I.591 Welish, Marjorie: Biographical and Correspondence
I.592 Welish, Marjorie: Announcements and Reviews
I.593 Westfall, Stephen
I.594 Whitman, Deborah
I.595 Williams, Mark
I.596 Wilmarth, Christopher: Biographical and Correspondence
I.597 Wilmarth, Christopher: Announcements and Catalogues
I.598 Wilmarth, Christopher: Reviews and Articles
I.599 Wilmarth-Rabneau, Susan
I.600 Wilson, Jane
I.601 Wilson, La: Biographical and Correspondence
I.602 Wilson, La: Announcements and Catalogues
I.603 Wilson, La: Reviews and Articles
I.604 Winters, Terry
I.605 Witek, Joan: Biographical and Correspondence
I.606 Witek, Joan: Announcements and Reviews
I.607 Wood, Brian
I.608 Yamamoto, Masao
I.609 Yektai, Manoucher
I.610 York, Albert: Biographical and Correspondence
I.611 York, Albert: Announcements
I.612 York, Albert: Reviews
I.613 York, Albert: Catalogues, 1993-2002
I.614 York, Albert: Catalogues, 1982-1989
I.615 York, Albert: Catalogues, 1975-1978
I.616 Youngerman, Jack
I.617 Yunkers, Adja
I.618 Zimmerman, Elyn
I.619 Zito, Joseph
I.620 Zupanc, Terri

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Series II: Deaccessioned Artists' Files

Folder Title
II.1 Ackling, Roger
II.2 Alper, Natalie
II.3 Amar, Joseph
II.4 Arends, Stuart
II.5 Baumkotter, Stephan
II.6 Bell, Vanessa
II.7 Bigelow, Isabel
II.8 Bontecou, Lee
II.9 Bowlby, Astrid
II.10 Brach, Paul
II.11 Braswell, Lynn
II.12 Brennan, Michael
II.13 Breuer, Marco
II.14 Brodsky, Eugene
II.15 Brothers, Richard
II.16 Buchwald, Howard
II.17 Buren, Daniel
II.18 Caracciolo, Beatrice
II.19 Cohen/Frank/Ippolito
II.20 DeLap, Tony
II.21 Digby, John
II.22 Fabozzi, Paul
II.23 Ford, Hermine
II.24 Gasper, John
II.25 Gordon, Coco
II.26 Hambleton, Mary
II.27 Heinrich, Richard
II.28 Holden, Donald
II.29 Kirouac, Ellen
II.30 Lennon, Ciarán
II.31 McCallum, Bradley
II.32 Meyers, Linn
II.33 Mills, Wes
II.34 Mitch, Eleanor
II.35 Morris, Quentin
II.36 Mouton, Grover
II.37 Navarra, Douglas
II.38 Nordman, Maria
II.39 Overman, Kristy Leigh
II.40 Sal, Jack
II.41 Scarritt, Alan
II.42 Scully, Sean
II.43 Siegel, Barbara
II.44 Simons, David
II.45 Simpson, David
II.46 Smith, Dean
II.47 Spence, Andrew
II.48 Steele, Alan
II.49 Turner, Alan
II.50 Volmer, Suzanne
II.51 Walsh, Christopher T.
II.52 Walsh, Dan
II.53 Walton, Bill

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Series III: Artists-of-Interest Files

Folder Title
III.1 Arnarsson, Ingolfur
III.2 Bergman, Robert
III.3 Craft, Douglas
III.4 Dagdelen, Canan
III.5 Daniels, Linda
III.6 Danowski, Jasmina
III.7 Deese, Rupert
III.8 De Sando, Sandra
III.9 Descarfino, John
III.10 Diaz, Michael
III.11 DiDonna, Porfirio
III.12 Diehl, Carol
III.13 Difarnecio, Eduardo
III.14 Dinhofer, Lisa
III.15 Dimon, Roz
III.16 Dinnerstein, Simon
III.17 Dixon, Jane
III.18 Donaldson, Rory
III.19 Doura, Adrian
III.20 Doyle, Tom
III.21 Driscoll, Kelly
III.22 Duval, Jason
III.23 Eckdahl, Catherine
III.24 Egleston, Truman
III.25 Elyashiv, Yizhak
III.26 Enders, Elizabeth
III.27 Engelman, Rosalyn A.
III.28 Erenberg, Sam
III.29 Evangeline, Margaret
III.30 Evans, Julie
III.31 Fernandes, Mia
III.32 Fiber, Pearl
III.33 Filan, Michael
III.34 Filomeno, Angelo
III.35 Finklea, Kevin
III.36 Fitzgerald, Astrid
III.37 Fitzpatrick, George
III.38 Fleischner, Richard
III.39 Flexner, Roland
III.40 Florian, Douglas
III.41 Fonseca, Caio
III.42 Foosaner, Judy
III.43 Fowlkes, Stephan
III.44 Francis, Linda
III.45 Franciscus-Zanen, Monica
III.46 Friedemann, Nancy
III.47 Frishwasser, Louise
III.48 Frye, David
III.49 Gabler, Christoph
III.50 Gabler, Patrick
III.51 Gall, Jonathan
III.52 Garaigorta, Charo
III.53 Garand, Brenda
III.54 Gayman, Brian
III.55 Geiser, David
III.56 Gekiere, Madeleine
III.57 Georgsdottir, Sonja
III.58 Gilbert, Sharon
III.59 Gilman, Anne
III.60 Gilroy, James
III.61 Glier, Mike
III.62 Gluck, Heidi
III.63 Goldau, Ursula
III.64 Goldfarb, Maximilian
III.65 Goldsmith, Gail
III.66 Gonzalez, Maria Elena
III.67 Goodell, Kathy
III.68 Gorman, Richard
III.69 Grafelman, Glenn
III.70 Graham, Allan
III.71 Greengold, Laura
III.72 Greer, John
III.73 Grosfeld, Jan
III.74 Gross, Julie
III.75 Grotepass, Anne Katrin
III.76 Geuss, Uta
III.77 Grytting, Inger J.
III.78 Guillouet, Christophe
III.79 Gunderson, Karen
III.80 Hackemann, Rebecca
III.81 Hale, Christina
III.82 Hall, Joan
III.83 Hamadani, Mahmoud
III.84 Hamilton, Juan
III.85 Hammond, Kara
III.86 Hannah, David
III.87 Harris, Mark
III.88 Hart, Gordon
III.89 Hartnett, Susan
III.90 Hatfield, Barbara
III.91 Hebert, Jean-Pierre
III.92 Hede, Deborah
III.93 Helfant, Hilary Ann
III.94 Heller, Susanna
III.95 Henderson, Mike
III.96 Henriksen, Vagn
III.97 Hepper, Carol
III.98 Hergo, Henri
III.99 Herrick, Jane
III.100 Hilten, Kathrin
III.101 Hinckley, Sarah
III.102 Himmelfarb, John
III.103 Hirschberg, Wendy
III.104 Hodgkin, Carter
III.105 Hongisto, Eric
III.106 Honig, Ethelyn
III.107 Horvers, Toine
III.108 Huang, Weimin
III.109 Hubby, Bettina
III.110 Humphrey, Nene
III.111 Hurley, Denzil
III.112 Huston, Katina
III.113 Insinger, Albert
III.114 Jack, Robert
III.115 Jacobs, Diane
III.116 Jacobs, Joy
III.117 Jaff, Liz
III.118 Jaffe, Michelle
III.119 James, Melinda
III.120 Jian, Liu
III.121 Jo, Sook Jin
III.122 Johnson, Erick
III.123 Jones, Theodora Varnay
III.124 Kaitz, Sharon
III.125 Kaplan, Cheryl
III.126 Kaplan, Stan
III.127 Karp, Barrie
III.128 Kath, Leif
III.129 Katz, Virginia
III.130 Kaufman, Betsy
III.131 Kearing, Nancy
III.132 Keeley, Shelagh
III.133 Keller, Germaine
III.134 Kendrick, Mel
III.135 Kilgour, Scott
III.136 Kim, Cheonae
III.137 Kirsch, Marilyn
III.138 Klamen, David
III.139 Komarin, Gary
III.140 Kounellis, Jannis
III.141 Kramer, Mary
III.142 Kraus, Pavel
III.143 Kriesberg, Irving
III.144 Krisanamis, Udomsok
III.145 Kulicka, Monica
III.146 Kuwayama, Tadaaki
III.147 Lacoste, Dominique
III.148 Laffoley, Paul
III.149 Lanzetta, Margaret
III.150 Latamie, Marc
III.151 Lawrence, Annette
III.152 Leahy, Sarah
III.153 Ledoux, Barry
III.154 Lee, Ai-Chen
III.155 Lee, Eva
III.156 Lee, Il
III.157 Lee, Jody
III.158 Leichter, Douglas
III.159 Lerner, Howard
III.160 Letscher, Lance
III.161 Leven, Geoffrey
III.162 Levi, Renee
III.163 Levine, Robert
III.164 Levinson, Mon
III.165 Levit, Linda
III.166 Levy, Ellen
III.167 Levy, Joan
III.168 Libera, Zbigniew
III.169 Liedgren, Lisa
III.170 Lin, Cynthia
III.171 Li-Trincere
III.172 Lloret, Blanca
III.173 Lloyd, George
III.174 Lobe, Robert
III.175 Lorenz, Nancy
III.176 Machado, Gabriela
III.177 Maczynski, Jacek
III.178 Magro, Enrique Delgado
III.179 Maher, Miranda
III.180 Malen, Lenore
III.181 Maloney, Judith
III.182 Manasevit, Jodie
III.183 Mangelos
III.184 Mannor, Margalit
III.185 Manter, Nancy
III.186 Margolis, Margo
III.187 Marks, Melissa
III.188 Mars, Laura
III.189 Martin, Carolyn
III.190 Masters, Jane
III.191 Mayer, Aric
III.192 Mayr, Peter
III.193 McCallum, Laura
III.194 McDonald, David
III.195 McDonnell, Mary
III.196 McGill, Heather
III.197 McHugh, Edward
III.198 McKenna, John
III.199 McRenn, Robert
III.200 McQuillan, Maureen
III.201 Mendelsohn, John
III.202 Middlebrook, Jason
III.203 Miller, Max
III.204 Miller, Steve
III.205 Mitchell, Katherine
III.206 Mohr, Manfred
III.207 Moran, Patrick
III.208 Morellet, Francois
III.209 Moseni, Arezoo
III.210 Mulhern, Michael
III.211 Mullan, Eileen
III.212 Myers, Amy
III.213 Mylonas, Eleni
III.214 Nahon, Brigitte
III.215 Neely, Anne
III.216 Neill, Margaret
III.217 Nettles, Darrell
III.218 Newbury, Sandra
III.219 Newman, Howard
III.220 Nice, Don
III.221 Noel, Martin
III.222 Nikolaos, Tsibiskakis
III.223 Noguera, Luis
III.224 Nolan, Timothy
III.225 Novick, Steve
III.226 Ochman, James
III.227 O'Connell, David
III.228 Olivier, Nancy
III.229 Ono, Yoko
III.230 Oppenheim, Kristin
III.231 Ortiz, Lori
III.232 Osborne, Judith
III.233 Overfelt, Guy
III.234 Owens, Bobbie
III.235 Page, Judith
III.236 Palmer-Smith, Glenn
III.237 Pape, Sky
III.238 Parcher, Nicole
III.239 Parisi, Jill
III.240 Pastine, Ruth
III.241 Paul, Roberta
III.242 Penn, Gelah
III.243 Pepe, Sheila
III.244 Perelman, Luis
III.245 Perlman, Joan
III.246 Petrick, Wolfgang
III.247 Pfostl, Herbert
III.248 Pico-Figueroa, Ernesto
III.249 Pijoan, Irene
III.250 Pitzer, Ingrid
III.251 Pobre, Marie
III.252 Podemski, Esther
III.253 Pollina, Lory
III.254 Polsky, Richard
III.255 Posner, Stephen
III.256 Pourcher, Jacques
III.257 Power, Mark
III.258 Pozzi, Julian
III.259 Prendergast, Kathy
III.260 Pribich, Michael
III.261 Prince, Lily
III.262 Quinlan, Cathy
III.263 Rambert, Keith
III.264 Ramella, Pablo
III.265 Ramirez, Martin
III.266 Rand, Steven
III.267 Rathke, Ursula
III.268 Reineking, James
III.269 Reis, Pedro Cabrita
III.270 Richards, James
III.271 Riley, Elizabeth
III.272 Rizzi, Maria Teresa
III.273 Robertsdottir, Ragna
III.274 Robbins, Bruce
III.275 Rosen, Jonathan
III.276 Ross, Adam
III.277 Rotermund, Thole
III.278 Rothschild, Jo Ann
III.279 Runsdorf, Lucette
III.280 Rouillard, Michael
III.281 Ruzicka, Joe
III.282 Rychlak, Bonnie
III.283 Sade', Shuli
III.284 Salmanson, Carol
III.285 Samelson, Andra
III.286 Sandman, Jo
III.287 Santiere, Eduardo
III.288 Schafer, David
III.289 Schatz, Silke
III.290 Schellhorn, Bernd
III.291 Schendel, Mira
III.292 Scherer, Sean
III.293 Schiliro, Mary
III.294 Schmidt, Werner
III.295 Schramm, Holger
III.296 Schrank, Linda
III.297 Schultz-Norris, Kathryn
III.298 Schwartz, Peri
III.299 Schwartzberg, Howard
III.300 Sedgwick, Martha
III.301 Segometch, Josef
III.302 Seidl, Claire
III.303 Semjon, H.N.
III.304 Shepherd, Kate
III.305 Shieh, Wilson
III.306 Shin, Jean
III.307 Shipman, Susan
III.308 Siegel, Fran
III.309 Sima, Michel
III.310 Simon, John
III.311 Simon, Rebecca
III.312 Simonson, Elizabeth
III.313 Singer, Michael
III.314 Sloet, Josephine
III.315 Slosburg-Ackerman, Jill
III.316 Smart, Bill
III.317 Smart, West
III.318 Soares, Valeska
III.319 Softic, Tanja
III.320 Soloman, Elke
III.321 Sone, Yutaka
III.322 Sperry, Ann
III.323 Spinks, John
III.324 Staab, Roy
III.325 Stampley, Melissa
III.326 Stashkevetch, Joseph
III.327 Steinmetz
III.328 Stockwell, Craig
III.329 Stolle, Geoffrey
III.330 Sunshine, Ilene
III.331 Sureck, Suzy
III.332 Sutro, Sarah
III.333 Sutton, Grace
III.334 Swack, Debra
III.335 Szeni, Maria
III.336 Tady, Lorraine
III.337 Takahashi, Toshikage
III.338 Talasnik, Stephen
III.339 Temkin, Merle
III.340 Terfloth, Beate
III.341 Terry, Nick
III.342 Thomas, Christopher
III.343 Thompson, Jill
III.344 Thornton, Terri
III.345 Tillim, Sidney
III.346 Tiravanija, Rirkrit
III.347 Trombetta, Annamarie
III.348 Ukaji, Kaori
III.349 Urso, Josette
III.350 Utterback, Robin
III.351 Vail, Clover
III.352 Valtchev, Ivan
III.353 van Damme, Caroline
III.354 Vanderveen, Kimetha
III.355 van Genderen, Monique
III.356 VanGorder, Van
III.357 Van Hooven, Cheryl
III.358 Van Keuren, Philip
III.359 Vargas-Suarez Universal
III.360 Villeneuve, Daniel
III.361 Virgona, Hank
III.362 Volonakis, Michael
III.363 Vrankic, Davor
III.364 Weggenmann, Markus
III.365 Weissberger, Barbara
III.366 Wen, Leigh Li-Yun
III.367 West, Steve
III.368 Wexler, Dodi
III.369 Whalen, Patrick
III.370 White, Linda
III.371 Wiener, Daniel
III.372 Wiley, Tad
III.373 Willard, Jonathan
III.374 Wilson, Patrick
III.375 Wingate, George
III.376 Wingo, Michael
III.377 Winslow, Kitty
III.378 Witz, Robert
III.379 Wolf, Ralph
III.380 Wolski, Xawery
III.381 Zaumseil, Andrea
III.382 Zawada, Elizabeth
III.383 Zezmer, Sofi
III.384 Zucarelli, Christy

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Series IV: MoMA Objects' Files

Folder Title
IV.1 Anastasi, William: 3745; 3746
IV.2 Andre, Carl: 1022; 1887
IV.3 Antonakos, Stephen: 3145
IV.4 Aycock, Alice: 3580
IV.5 Bochner, Mel: 3645;3646
IV.6 Brown, Brad: 3887
IV.7 Cage, John: 2096; 2097
IV.8 Capps, Kenneth: 3668; 3669; 3670
IV.9 Conant, Steven: Drawing!
IV.10 De Maria, Walter: 1476
IV.11 Holt, Nancy: 1952
IV.12 Johns, Jasper: "Diver"; 1987
IV.13 Judd, Donald: 2824; 1850
IV.14 Kelly, Ellsworth: 2979
IV.15 Brody-Lederman, Stephanie
IV.16 LeWitt, Sol: 1810
IV.17 Lorenz, Nancy
IV.18 Lozano, Lee: 3056-3059
IV.19 Mangold, Sylvia Plimack: 2768
IV.20 Marden, Brice: 2126
IV.21 Martin, Agnes: 2919
IV.22 Miyajima, Tatsuo: 2992
IV.23 Morris, Robert: 2866
IV.24 Nevelson, Louise: 1524; 1520; 1930
IV.25 Ortiz-Hernandez, Gloria: 3592
IV.26 Rauschenberg, Robert: 2386
IV.27 Rockburne, Dorothea: 1588
IV.28 Roeth, Winston: 3315;3316
IV.29 Rubins, Nancy: 2118 (installation instructions)
IV.30 Ruscha, Ed: 2414
IV.31 Sandback, Fred: 2204
IV.32 Schwalb, Susan: 3480
IV.33 Sheinkman, Mark
IV.34 Sennhauser, John: 1819
IV.35 Serra, Richard: 1997
IV.36 Shapiro, Joel: Reproduction
IV.37 Smith, David: MoMA catalogue
IV.38 Smithson, Robert: Reproductions; 2050; 2051; 3112
IV.39 Stella, Frank: 2220
IV.40 Theel, Gunnar: Gift
IV.41 Topolski, Andrew: Performance Tape
IV.42 Weiner, Lawrence: 2466

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Series V: Loans

Folder Title Date
V.1 The Lotos Club 2005
V.2 Neuberger Museum: "Sharon Louden: Character" 2005
V.3 MoMA: "Drawing from the Modern, Part Three" 2005
V.4 Andrea Rosen Gallery: "Looking at Words" 2005
V.5 Cook Fine Art: "Drawings and Sculptures" 2005
V.6 Craig F. Starr: "Jasper Johns Flags Drawings" 2005
V.7 MOCA: "Robert Smithson" 2005
V.8 Lumi Restaurant 2005
V.9 Colby College Museum of Art: "Alex Katz: Collages" 2005
V.10 MoMA: "Drawing from the Modern: Part Two" 2005
V.11 ICA: "Accumulated Vision, Barry Le Va" 2005
V.12 Weatherspoon: "Falk Visiting Artist: Anne Chu" 2005
V.13 Whitney: "Cotton puffs, Q-Tips, Smoke and Mirrors: The Drawings of Ed Ruscha" 2005
V.14 Craig F. Starr: "Barnett Newman: Drawing Declares the Space" 2005
V.15 Edward Tyler Naham Fine Art: "Ed Ruscha: Selected Works" 2005
V.16 Bayly Art Museum: "Anastasi/Bradshaw/Cage/Cunningham" 2005
V.17 Independent Curators International: "Mark Lombardi: Global Networks" 2005
V.18 Nolan/Eckman Gallery 2005
V.19 Josee Bienvenue: "Dating Data" 2005
V.20 Craig F. Starr: "Jasper Johns Numbers" 2004
V.21 Getty: "Cezanne in the Studio" 2004-2005
V.22 MoCA: "A Minimal Future?" 2004
V.23 Black and White Gallery: "Drawings by Sculptors" 2004
V.24 Museum of Fine Arts Boston: "Rembrandt's Journey" 2004
V.25 Arkansas Art Center: "National Drawing Invitational" 2004
V.26 Gallery at Windsor: "Drawing with Words" 2004
V.27 University of Michigan, Slusser Gallery: "Drawing a Pulse" 2004
V.28 Museum of Fine Arts Houston: "Jasper Johns and Richard Serra" 2004
V.29 Phlogiston 2004
V.30 Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, "Fine Lines: Drawings from the Kramarsky Collection" 2003-2004
V.31 Andrea Rosen Gallery: "An Abstract Expressionist Eye…" 2004
V.32 Cleveland Museum of Art: "Jasper Johns Numbers" 2003-2004
V.33 New York Studio School, "American Cutout" 2003
V.34 Lumi Restaurant 2000
V.35 Fogg Art Museum: "Dream with Me…" 2003
V.36 D.U.M.B.O. Arts Center: "Manic" 2003
V.37 University of Akron Art Museum and San Francisco Art Institute: "James Siena" 2003
V.38 Various Museums: "Eva Hesse" 2002
V.39 Tate Modern and Philadelphia Museum of Art: "Barnett Newman" 2002-2003
V.40 IVAM Centre Julio Gonzalez: "Linda Karshan" 2002
V.41 Metropolitan Museum of Art: "Gauguin in New York Collections…" 2002
V.42 UCLA Hammer: "Frances Stark" 2002
V.43 Various Museums: "Ed Ruscha" 2002
V.44 University of California, Berkeley Art Museum: "Joe Brainard" 2001-2002
V.45 Drawing Center: "Suzan Frecon" 2002
V.46 Nielsen Gallery: "Albert York" 2002
V.47 Museu Serralves: "Field Trips" 2001-2002
V.48 Leo Castelli: "Vertigo" 2002
V.49 IVAM Centre Julio Gonzalez: "Tony Smith" 2002
V.50 Drawing Center: "3x Abstraction..." 2001
V.51 Matthew Marks Gallery: "Tenth Anniversary Exhibition" 2001
V.52 Lehigh University Art Galleries: "Sarah Stengle…" 2001
V.53 Tibor de Nagy: "Joe Brainard" 2001
V.54 University Art Museum, CSULB: "By Hand" 2001
V.55 Lucas Schoormans: "Isa Genzken, Eva Hesse, Karin Sander" 2001
V.56 Wexner Center for the Arts: "As Painting…" 2001
V.57 Davis & Langdale: "Albert York…" 2001
V.58 Faulconer Gallery, Grinnell College: "Patient Process" 2001
V.59 Wake Forest University Fine Arts Gallery: "Mind Fields" 2001
V.60 Studio Museum in Harlem: "Glenn Ligon" 2001
V.61 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: "Sol LeWitt…" 2000
V.62 Gallery Joe: "Drawing Projects" 2000-2001
V.63 SITE Sante Fe: "Teresita Fernandez" 2000
V.64 Wexner Center for the Arts: "Ray Johnson…" 2000
V.65 Kunstmuseum Winterthur: "Von Edgar Degas bis Gerhard Richter" 2000
V.66 Metropolitan Museum of Art and Rijksmuseum: "Rembrandt the Printmaker" 2000-2001
V.67 Bronx Museum of the Arts: "Good Business is the Best Art" 2000
V.68 MOCA and Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston: "Afterimage: Drawing through Process" 1999-2000
V.69 Hudson River Museum: "Open Air Sketching" 2000
V.70 Elmhurst Art Museum: "Visual Matrix" 2000
V.71 Whitney Museum: "2000 Biennial Exhibition" 2000
V.72 Neuberger Museum: "End Papers" 2000
V.73 American Federation of the Arts, Frick Collection: "Watteau and His World" 1999-2000
V.74 Pittsburgh Center for the Arts: "not a theme show" 2000
V.75 Peter Blum Gallery: "Simon Frost" 2000
V.76 Whitney Museum: "The American Century: Art and Culture, 1900-2000" 1999-2000
V.77 Art Institute of Boston: "Art of the Stamp and Artists' Stamps" 1999-2000
V.78 ArtNation Projects: Carl Andre 1999
V.79 Curt Marcus Gallery: "Drawings from the 1960s: Jo Baer, Lee Bontecou, Eva Hesse and Agnes Martin" 1999
V.80 Centre Regional D'Art Contemporain Languedoc-Roussillon: Jill Baroff 1999
V.81 Leo Castelli: "Lee Bontecou" 1999
V.82 Morgan Library: "New York Collects: Drawings and Watercolors, 1900-1950" 1999
V.83 Nassau County Museum of Art: "The 1960s" 1999
V.84 Dallas Museum of Art: "Brice Marden" 1999
V.85 Eve Aschheim, Eve Aschheim 1998
V.86 Apex Art C.P.: "Original Scale" 1998
V.87 MoMA: "Tony Smith" 1998
V.88 The Drawing Center: "Joan Waltemath" 1998
V.89 Addison Gallery of American Art and Wexner Center for the Arts: "The Serial Attitude" 1997-1998
V.90 Nassau County Museum of Art: "Changing Faces" 1997-1998
V.91 White Box Gallery: "Visible/Invisible" 1997
V.92 SFMOMA: "New Work: Drawings Today" 1997
V.93 Jan Abrams Fine Arts: Eva Hesse 1997
V.94 U of C Berkeley Art Museum: "Louise Bourgeois: Drawings" 1996-1997
V.95 Nagoya City Art Museum, Sakae, Naka-ku Nagoya City, Japan: "Isamu Wakabayashi Exhibition" 1997
V.96 MoMA: "Jasper Johns" 1996-1997
V.97 Guggenheim Museum: "Ellsworth Kelly" 1996-1997
V.98 Century Association: "Four Collectors…" 1996
V.99 Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art: "Jene Highstein: Sculpture and Drawing" 1996
V.100 Ace Gallery New York: "Jene Highstein" 1996
V.101 National Academy of Design: "Powerful Expressions: Drawing Today" 1996
V.102 Antony d'Offay Gallery: "The American Flags of Jasper Johns" 1996
V.103 Kohn Turner Gallery: "The Legacy of American Modernism" 1996
V.104 Elise Goodheart Fine Arts: Ellsworth Kelly 1996
V.105 Colby College Museum of Art: "Sol LeWitt Drawings" 1996
V.106 Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth: "Tatsuo Miyajima: Big Time" 1996
V.107 The Drawing Center: "Selections Summer '96" 1996
V.108 Littlejohn Contemporary: Brice Marden 1995-1996
V.109 Bowdoin College Museum of Art 1995
V.110 John Weber Gallery: "Alice Aycock 'Some Stories are Worth Repeating: Projects 1973-1995'" 1995
V.111 Yale University Art Gallery: "Mel Bochner: Thought Made Visible, 1966-1973" 1995
V.112 The Drawing Center: "Selections Spring '95" 1995
V.113 U of C Berkeley Art Museum: "Suzan Frecon: Watercolors and Small Paintings" 1995
V.114 Parrish Art Musem: "Face Value: American Portraits" 1995
V.115 Richard L. Feigen: "Ray Johnson: A Memorial Exhibition" 1995
V.116 Pace Wildenstein: "Brice Marden" 1995
V.117 Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien: "Self Construction" 1995
V.118 Art Gallery of Ontario: "Robert Smithson: Operations on Nature" 1995
V.119 Davis & Langdale Company: "Albert York: A Loan Exhibition" 1995
V.120 The South Bank Centre: "Michael Craig-Martin: A Selection of Line Drawings" 1995
V.121 Stedelijk Museum: "Carl Andre: Words 1958-1972" 1994
V.122 The Drawing Center: "Selections Winter '94" 1994
V.123 Pace Gallery: "The Sublime is Now: The Early Work of Barnett Newman" 1994
V.124 Mitchell Algus Gallery: Robert Smithson 1994
V.125 IVAM Centre Julio Gonzalez: "Robert Smithson" 1993-1994
V.126 La Defense: "Differentes Natures" 1993
V.127 IVAM Centre Julio Gonzalez and The Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume: "Eva Hesse" 1993
V.128 The Saint Louis Art Museum: "Brice Marden" 1993
V.129 Haags Gemeentemuseum: "Serge Spitzer" 1993
V.130 North Miami Center of Contemporary Art: "Book, Box, Word" 1993
V.131 Kendall Campus Art Gallery, Miami-Dade Community College: "Joan Witek" 1993
V.132 Bergen Museum of Art and Science: "A Moment Becomes Eternity: Flowers as Image" 1993
V.133 Mills College Art Gallery: "The Paintings of Albert York" 1993
V.134 Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University: "Agnes Denes: A Retrospective" 1992
V.135 Yale University Art Gallery: "Eva Hesse: A Retrospective" 1992
V.136 Margo Leavin Gallery: "Jasper Johns, Brice Marden, Terry Winters: Drawings" 1992
V.137 Haags Gemeentemuseum: "Sol LeWitt: Works on Paper" 1992
V.138 Davis & Langdale Company: "Albert York: Paintings" 1992
V.139 Carnegie Museum of Art: "Carnegie International" 1991-1992
V.140 Parrish Art Museum: "Minimalism and Post-Minimalism" 1991
V.141 Louisiana Museum of Modern Art: "Annual Drawing Show" 1991
V.142 Wallach Art Gallery, Columbia University: "Robert Smithson Unearthed" 1991
V.143 Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College: "Minimalism and Post-Minimalism" 1990
V.144 Memorial Art Gallery, University of Rochester: "Unique Works on Paper" 1990
V.145 Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System: "Samuel Halpert" 1990
V.146 Berkshire Museum: "Berkshire Art Association 1990 Exhibition of Works on Paper" 1990
V.147 American Craft Museum: "Lenore Tawney: A Retrospective" 1990
V.148 Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College: Andrew Topolski 1990
V.149 Storm King Art Center: "Complex Visions: Sculpture and Drawings by Alice Aycock" 1989
V.150 Randy Rosen Art Associates: "Making their Mark Women" 1989
V.151 Parrish Art Museum: "Painting Horizons" 1989
V.152 Parrish Art Museum: "Drawing on the East End" 1988
V.153 Davis & Langdale Company: Albert York 1988
V.154 documenta 8 Kassel: Alice Aycock 1987
V.155 Neuberger Museum: "The Window in Twentieth-Century Art" 1987
V.156 Carnegie Mellon University Art Gallery: "Susan Leopold" 1987
V.157 Baltimore Museum of Art: "Drawing Now I: Sol LeWitt and Robert Mangold" 1987
V.158 Fundacao Bienal de Sao Paulo: "Between Science and Fiction" 1985
V.159 Metropolitan Museum of Art: Deborah Butterfield 1984
V.160 Museum of the Borough of Brooklyn at Brooklyn College: "Fun and Fantasy" 1984
V.161 Wurttenburgischer Kunstverein: "Alice Aycock" 1983
V.162 Lehman Art Gallery: "Fauna: The Animal Ally" 1983
V.163 Neuberger Museum and Stedelijk Museum: "Donald Evans" 1980-1983
V.164 Fischbach Gallery and Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Smithsonian: "Directions" 1979
V.165 Smithsonian: "Artists' Postcards" 1978-1980

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Series VI: Exhibitions

Folder Title Date
VI.1 Conversations 6: Pollock Gallery, Meadows School of the Arts, Southern Methodist University 2008
VI.2 560 Broadway: A New York Drawing Collection at Work 1991-2006
VI.3 Mel Bochner: Drawings From Four Decades: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 2005
VI.4 Linda Matalon: Middle Falls: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 2005
VI.5 Infinite Possibilities: Serial Imagery in 20th-Century Drawings: Davis Museum and Cultural Center, Wellesley College, Wellesley 2004
VI.6 In the Making: Contemporary Drawings from a Private Collection: University Art Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst 2003
VI.7 Drawings of Choice: Correspondence, Krannert Art Museum, Univ. of Illinois-Champaign 2001-2003
VI.8 Drawings of Choice: Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign September-November 2002
VI.9 Drawings of Choice: Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, Arkansas November-February 2003
VI.10 Drawings of Choice: Georgia Museum of Art, Athens, GA February-March 2003
VI.11 Drawings of Choice: Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick, Maine April-June 2003
VI.12 Drawings of Choice: Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati August-November 2003
VI.13 Drawings of Choice: Catalogues Thank yous
VI.14 Drawing is another kind of language: Exhibition Insurance and Letter of Agreement, Harvard University Art Museums
VI.15 Drawing is another kind of language: General Press Clippings, Harvard University Art Museums
VI.16 Drawing is another kind of language: Sackler Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MASS December 1997- February 1998
VI.17 Drawing is another kind of language: Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Vienna, Austria, June-July 1998
VI.18 Drawing is another kind of language: Kunstmuseum Winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland Septemper-November 1998
VI.19 Drawing is another kind of language: Kunst-Museum Ahlen, Ahlen, Germany December 1998-January 1999
VI.20 Drawing is another kind of language: Akademie der Kunste, Berlin, Germany February-April 1999
VI.21 Drawing is another kind of language: Correspondence, Akademie der Kunste, Berlin, Germany February-April 1999
VI.22 Drawing is another kind of language: Fonds Regional d'Art Contemporain de Picardie, Amiens, France File 1 of 2 May- August 1999
VI.23 Drawing is another kind of language: Fonds Regional d'Art Contemporain de Picardie, Amiens, France File 2 of 2 May- August 1999
VI.24 Drawing is another kind of language: Parrish Art Museum, Southampton September-November 1999
VI.25 Drawing is another kind of language: Lyman Allyn Museum of Art, Connecticut College, New London, CT, January-March 2000
VI.26 Drawing is another kind of language: Mary and Leigh Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL September-December 2000
VI.27 Drawing is another kind of language: Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii April-June 2001
VI.28 Ad Infinitum: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 2002
VI.29 Julia Mangold: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 2002
VI.30 Boomerang: Collector's Choice: Exit Art, New York 2001
VI.31 Contemporary Drawings from a Private New York Collection: Pollock Gallery, Southern Methodist University, Dallas 2000
VI.32 Stacked Drawings: JILL BAROFF, Stefana McClure: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 2000
VI.33 Christine Hiebert: Large and Small Drawings: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 2000
VI.34 Die Kunst der Linie/The Art of the Line: Landesgalerie Oberosterreich, Linz File 1 of 2 1999-2000
VI.35 Die Kunst der Linie/The Art of the Line: Landesgalerie Oberosterreich, Linz File 2 of 2 1999-2000
VI.36 Drawn to Scale: An Exhibition of Large-Scale Works on Dieu Donne Paper, Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1999
VI.37 Bonnie Lynch- Vessels/Linda Lynch- Works on Paper: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1999
VI.38 Large-Scale Drawings from the Kramarsky Collection: Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Ridgefield 1998
VI.39 David Lasry: Drawings, Prints and Collaborations: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1998
VI.40 Allison Lasley: Rome Journals: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1998
VI.41 Cohen, Frank, Ippolito: The Argument Drawings/Janet Cohen: Estimating Pitch Location 1991-1996: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1997
VI.42 Russell Maltz: Drawings: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1997
VI.43 Joan Witek: Drawings: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1997
VI.44 Cristos Gianakos: Working Drawings: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1996
VI.45 Jill Moser: North Fork Drawings: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1996
VI.46 David Jeffrey: Works 1987-1996: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1996
VI.47 Joshua Neustein: Magnetic Drawings: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1995
VI.48 The Famed and the Unframed: Collecting Post-War Drawings: Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Brunswick, Maine 1995
VI.49 Drawings of Stephen Antonakos: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1994
VI.50 Drawings of Agnes Denes 1969-1994: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1994
VI.51 William Anastasi: Drawings/Dove Bradshaw: Indeterminacy: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1994
VI.52 Visions: Six Artists from Iceland: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1994
VI.53 Frank Gerritz: More Drawings: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1994
VI.54 Ann Ledy: Works on Paper: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1993
VI.55 Drawings from 55 Ferris Street: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1993
VI.56 Lynn Schnurnberger: Collages: Wynn Kramarsky Space, New York 1992
VI.57 "Lieberman" Exhibit: Curated by Wynn Kramarsky, Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, Chicago 1992
VI.58 Minimalism and Post-Minimalism: Drawings Distinctions: Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 1990
VI.59 The New Generation, Curated by Wynn Kramarsky: Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton 1988
VI.60 The Classical Print, Curated by Wynn Kramarsky: Elaine Benson Gallery, Bridgehampton 1987
VI.61 Contemporary Drawings from a Private Collection: Joseph I. Lubin House, Syracuse University, New York 1985
VI.62 Wynn Kramarsky Space: Floor Plans, 560 Broadway, New York 1997-2006
VI.63 Wynn Kramarsky Space: Floor Plans, 560 Broadway, New York 1992-1996

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Series VII: Correspondence

Folder Title
VII.1 "Requests and Favors", 1989-2005
VII.2 "Requests and Favors", 1986-1988
VII.3 General, 2005, File 1 of 2
VII.4 General, 2005, File 2 of 2
VII.5 Addison Gallery of American Art
VII.7 Arkansas Art Center
VII.8 Josee Bienvenu Gallery
VII.9 Beskind, Dorothy Levitt
VII.10 Cartwright, Derrick, San Diego Museum of Art
VII.11 Chinati Foundation
VII.12 Creative Time
VII.13 Craig-Martin, Michael
VII.14 Dia Center for the Arts, File 1 of 2
VII.15 Dia Center for the Arts, File 2 of 2
VII.16 Dieu Donne Papermill, File 1 of 2
VII.17 Dieu Donne Papermill, File 2 of 2
VII.18 Drawing Center
VII.19 Fruhsorge, Jan-Philipp
VII.20 Hammer Museum, UCLA
VII.21 Harvard University Art Museums, Mary Rose Bolton and Thomas W. Lentz
VII.22 Harvard University Art Museums, James Cuno, 1998-2005
VII.23 Harvard University Art Museums, James Cuno, 1995-1998
VII.24 Harvard University Art Museums, William Robinson
VII.25 Helfenstein, Josef, Menil Collection
VII.26 Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College
VII.27 International Foundation for Art Research
VII.28 Judd Foundation
VII.29 Kettle's Yard
VII.30 Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
VII.31 Los Angeles County Museum of Art
VII.32 Lambert, Yvon
VII.33 Miller, Asher
VII.34 Morgan Library, Charles E. Pierce
VII.35 Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)
VII.36 Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
VII.37 MoMA, Margit Rowell
VII.38 Nichols, Nancy
VII.39 Project Row Houses
VII.40 Sloet, Josephine
VII.41 Smith, Susan
VII.42 Syracuse University
VII.43 Vassar, Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center
VII.44 Gallery N. von Bartha, von Bartha, Daniela and Niklas
VII.45 Weatherspoon Art Museum, University of North Carolina
VII.46 Wittrock, Wolfgang

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Box and Folder List

Series Folder Range Box
I 1-30 1
I 31-62 2
I 63-105 3
I 106-144 4
I 145-183 5
I 184-208 6
I 209-236 7
I 237-266 8
I 267-292 9
I 293-323 10
I 324-348 11
I 349-385 12
I 386-413 13
I 413-444 14
I 445-476 15
I 477-499 16
I 500-527 17
I 528-564 18
I 565-594 19
I 595-620 20
II 1-53 21
III 1-148 22
III 149-307 23
III 308-384 24
IV 1-42 25
V 1-75 26
V 76-165 27
VI 1-21 28
VI 22-40 29
VI 41-63 30
VII 1-33 31
VII 34-46 32

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