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The gallery presents thematic shows, as well as individual exhibitions of leading figures in contemporary art and promising emerging artists. Education is an integral component of exhibition programming and provides the basis of the gallery's outreach—from young students to senior citizens.</p> <p>Regularly scheduled gallery talks, poetry and fiction series, panels, and seminars are offered for adults. The Gallery Workshop Program combines tours with hands-on studio projects for K–12 students. The gallery also offers a graduate-level course that helps elementary teachers develop curricula, drawing on the exceptional art resources of the city—featuring the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Frick Collection, and galleries in Chelsea and SoHo. </p> <p>Technology has also been important to their exhibition and education programming. Projects range from the production of Bronx Public Art on the Web, a teachers' guide to over one hundred public art projects in the Bronx; to online exhibition catalogues to performance art. The gallery recently received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to develop Bronx Architecture, an Internet-based guide for high school teachers and the general public. Over the last several years, the gallery has provided artists' residencies with access to computer and video equipment to create new-media work. </p> <a href="" name="scope"></a> <h2>Scope and Content</h2> <p>The archives at Lehman College Art Gallery are comprised mainly of records generated by the gallery for the production of exhibitions. In the last fifteen years, the gallery has had over twenty exhibitions showcasing the work of Latino and Latin American artists, many of whom live in New York. Most of these files include slides of artwork. The exhibition files are organized in chronological order. The gallery has also published exhibition catalogues and gallery notes on artists including Luis Camnitzer, Catalina Parra, and Jorge Tacla, among many others.</p> <p><strong>Overall holdings of archives and research material:</strong> Fifty-one linear feet <br /> <strong>Overall holdings of archives and research material on Latino art:</strong> 11.5 linear feet</p> <p> <strong>Inclusive dates of files:</strong> 1984–present<br /> <strong>Bulk dates: </strong>1984–present</p> <p><strong>Languages in which records are written:</strong><br /> 99% of the records are written in English. The gallery also has some bilingual (Spanish and English) catalogues.</p> <a href="" name="holdings_primary"></a> <h2>Holdings: Primary Sources</h2> <p><strong>Archives of institution's history and operation related to Latino art:</strong><br /> The gallery keeps exhibition and Web files. Early catalogues have been scanned and posted to the archives section of the website. In the past fifteen years, the gallery has had many group shows that include both well-known and promising Latin American artists. There are approximately 150–200 Latino and Latin American artists whose work has been exhibited at Lehman College Gallery. The following is a list of exhibitions that have included Latin American and Latino artists: <em>Landscape in the Age of Anxiety</em> (1986–87); <em>Convergences/Convergencias: Caribbean, Latin American, and North American</em> (1987–88); <em>Guillo Pérez: Half-a-Century of Pictorial Production</em> (1990–91); <em>Luis Camnitzer: Retrospective Exhibition 1966–1990</em> (1990–91); <em>Jorge Tacla: Memory of Place</em> (1992–93); <em>Friends and Neighbors: The Work of John Ahearn and Rigoberto Torres</em> (1992–93); <em>Pa'Lante: Political Works from the Collection of El Museo del Barrio</em>, (1993); <em>Contemporary Public Art in the Bronx</em> (1993–94); <em>Lehman College Art Gallery Tenth Anniversary: Small Works Exhibition</em> (1994–95); <em>The Works of Rigoberto Torres</em> (1995); <em>Mythologies: The Art of Andrea Arroyo</em> (1995–96); <em>Fusion: The South Bronx and Fashion Moda</em> (1995–96); <em>Close to home</em>, (1996); <em>Anaida Hernández: Hasta que la muerte nos separe</em> (1997–98); <em>A family portrait by Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons</em> (1998); <em>In view of Nature</em>, (2000); <em>En Foco's New Works Photography Awards</em>, (2000); <em>The Bronx Celebrates: Pepón Osorio</em> (2002-2003); <em>De lo que soy: Of What I Am</em> (2002–03); <em>Monika Bravo Symphasis/simultaneous appearances</em> (2000-01); <em>Syncretism: Marta María Pérez Bravo, Maria Cravo Neto</em> (2000–01); <em>Aixa Requena: Antilles Textures</em> (2000-01); <em>Elba Damast</em> (2004–2005); <em>Intricate Subtleties</em> (2004–05); <em>Elba Damast: Memories of Things to Come</em> (2003–04); <em>Marisa Tellería-Diez</em> (2005–06); <em>The City: Contemporary Views of the Built Environment</em> (2004–05); <em>Bronx Bound: New MTA public art projects in train stations along the 2, 4, and 5 lines 2005–06</em>; <em>Scherezade Garcia: Paradise Redefined</em> (2006), <em>Bits and Pieces: The Collage Impulse</em> (2007), <em>Sugar Buzz: an exhibition of sweets as imagery and medium</em> (2007).</p> <p>Some Latino and Latin American artists who have been showcased in group shows include Laura Anderson-Barbata, Andrea Arroyo, Luis Cruz Azaceta, Jose Bedia, Jacobo Borges, Mara Maria Perez Bravo, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Alfredo Ceibal, Esperanza Cortes, Crash and Daze, Pablo Delano, Judite dos Santos, Juan Downey, Oscar García, Scherezade García, Alfredo Jaar, Catalina Parra, Jorge Tacla, Mari Mater O'Neill, Juan Sánchez, and Carlos Vega. </p> <p>In addition, the gallery has developed an online archive of public art in the Bronx with biographies, maps, and photographs. Some of the Latino and Latin American artists featured include Andrea Arroyo, Cándida Alvarez, Agustín M. Andino, Rafael Ferrer, Ricky Flores, José Ortega, Bob Rivera, Freddy Rodríguez, Jorge Tacla, and Rigoberto Torres.</p> <p><strong>Newsletters and magazines published in-house:</strong><br /> The gallery has distributed a seasonal schedule in press-release form since 1984.</p> <p><strong>Archives of manuscripts of other institutions related to Latino art:</strong><br /> Lehman Gallery curated shows from 1990 to 1996 for Krasdale Foods, a private-label food producer in the South Bronx and White Plains that has a modern and contemporary art program. Records pertain to the exhibition <em>Self-Revelation: Artistic Confrontation</em> (1998), which included artist Luis Jiménez, and to the Graphic Arts Council of New York Members Exhibition (1996), which included artist Emilio Sánchez.</p> <p><strong>Slides and photographs:</strong><br /> 700 items<br /> Slides and photographs relating to Latin American artists are integrated in the gallery's exhibition files. There is an average of 5 slides per artist. In addition the gallery has black-and-white installation photos for press kits that might include the work of Latino and Latin American artists. Please refer to question on institutional records for information on the artists included in the exhibition files.</p> <p><strong>Digital images:</strong><br /> 150 items<br /> The gallery has approximately 150 digital images that have been scanned and posted. Catalogue images, images from slides, and installation images have been digitized. The number of digital images per artist varies. Some artists whose work is featured on the website as part of the Exhibition Archive section include Monika Bravo, Maria Magdalena Campos Pons, Anaida Hernández, Pepón Osorio, Aixa Requena, and Rigoberto Torres.</p> <p><strong>Art objects and artifacts available for research:</strong><br /> The gallery has a study and teaching collection. They have a few works of art including <em>The Donut Man</em>, a sculpture by Rigoberto Torres. </p> <p><strong>Exhibition catalogues published in-house that include work by Latino artists:</strong><br /> The gallery has published exhibition catalogues for Jorge Tacla, Catalina Parra, Luis Camnitzer, and Rigoberto Torres, as well as for the <em>Taíno Treasures</em> exhibition of 2003. Lehman Gallery has also published twenty-nine brochures, including gallery notes on the following artists: Andrea Arroyo, Monika Bravo, Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Elba Damast, Jaime Davidovich, Anaida Hernández, Catalina Parra, Aixa Requena, Jorge Tacla, and Marisa Tellería-Diez, Elba Damast, Scherezade García, Laura Anderson-Barbata, Esperanza Cortés, Marta María Pérez Bravo, Tatiana Parcero, Belkis Ramírez, Kukuli Velarde, among others. </p> <a href="" name="holdings_secondary"></a> <h2>Secondary Sources</h2> <p> <strong>Recorded lectures and symposia:</strong><br /> One item<br /> The gallery has a recording of the panel discussion organized in conjunction with the exhibition <em>Taíno Treasures: The Legacy of Dr. Ricardo E. Alegría </em>(2003). </p> <a href="" name="finding_aids"></a> <h2>Finding Aids</h2> <p> The exhibition history serves as a finding aid to locate the chronologically organized records.</p> <a href="" name="accessibility"></a> <h2>Accessibility</h2> <p> Lehman Gallery has no formal space designated for researchers, but the staff can make available working space for day researchers.</p> <a href="" name="restrictions"></a> <h2>Restrictions</h2> <p>The records are accessible by appointment.</p> <a href="" name="assessment"></a> <h2>General Assessment</h2> <p> The archival holdings of Lehman College Art Gallery reflect the gallery's importance as a venue for contemporary Latin American and Latino artists active in the Bronx. This archive's effective organization makes it easy for researchers to use. In addition, the gallery has extensive information on its exhibitions available through its website. The section titled "Public Art in the Bronx" on the gallery's website is also an excellent resource on the involvement of Latino and Latin American artists in public art projects in that borough.</p> <a href="" name="relations"></a> <h2>Relations to other Latino and Latin American organizations:</h2> <p>The Lehman College Art Gallery has collaborated in the organization of exhibitions with the Bronx Museum of the Arts, the Center for Cuban Studies, the Center for Puerto Rican Studies, En Foco, El Museo del Barrio, the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, the Universidad de Puerto Rico and the Universidad del Turabo in Caguas, Puerto Rico. </p> </div> </div> <div class="column-c"> <div class="JS_Widget"> <a href="/widgets/collection/all_collection_works" rel=""></a> </div> </div> <br class="clear" /> </div>