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record of exhibitions held at The Museum of Modern Art since its opening in November 1929. In addition to the title and date range each exhibition has a number assigned by the Museum, beginning with exhibition #1, <i>Cézanne, Gauguin, Seurat, Van Gogh</i> [MoMA Exh. #1, November 7–December 7, 1929]. For many decades exhibitions were listed in numerical order on a “Master Running List,” which served as the basis for this list. However, research has uncovered numerous additional “unnumbered” exhibitions that have been added below, and yet more may remain to be uncovered. Film series or programs are not included on this list. However gallery exhibitions organized by the Film Stills Archive and the Video sections of the Department of Film and Video (now the Department of Film) are included. With few exceptions, this list includes only exhibitions shown at the Museum in New York, and does not include MoMA exhibitions shown at other national or international venues.</p> <p>Please note: this is a working document. For complete accuracy, information should be verified against primary source documents in the Museum Archives or Museum publications in the Library.</p> <p><a href="#1929">1929–1939</a>&nbsp; |&nbsp; <a href="#1940">1940–1949</a>&nbsp; |&nbsp; <a href="#1950">1950–1959</a>&nbsp; |&nbsp; <a href="#1960">1960–1969</a>&nbsp; |&nbsp; <a href="#1970">1970–1979</a><br /><a href="#1980">1980–1989</a>&nbsp; |&nbsp; <a href="#1990">1990–1999</a>&nbsp; |&nbsp; <a href="#2000">2000–2009</a>&nbsp; |&nbsp; <a href="#2010">2010–present</a></p> <div id="1929" /> <h2>1929–1939</h2> <p><b>1.</b>&nbsp; <i>Cézanne, Gauguin, Seurat, Van Gogh</i> [MoMA Exh. #1, November 7–December 7, 1929]</p> <p><b>2.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paintings by 19 Living Americans</i> [MoMA Exh. #2, December 12–January 12, 1930]</p> <p><b>3.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting in Paris</i> [MoMA Exh. #3, January 18–March 2, 1930]</p> <p><b>4.</b>&nbsp; <i>Weber, Klee, Lehmbruck, Maillol</i> [MoMA Exh. #4, March 12–April 2, 1930]</p> <p><b>5a.</b>&nbsp; <i>46 Painters and Sculptors under 35 Years of Age</i> [MoMA Exh. #5a, April 11–April 27, 1930]</p> <p><b>5b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Charles Burchfield: Early Watercolors 1916–1918</i> [MoMA Exh. #5b, April 11–April 27, 1930]</p> <p><b>6.</b>&nbsp; <i>Homer, Ryder, and Eakins</i> [MoMA Exh. #6, May 6–June 4, 1930]</p> <p><b>7.</b>&nbsp; <i>Summer Exhibition: Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #7, June 15–September 28, 1930]</p> <p><b>8.</b>&nbsp; <i>Corot, Daumier</i> [MoMA Exh. #8, October 15–November 23, 1930]</p> <p><b>9.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture by Living Americans</i> [MoMA Exh. #9, December 3, 1930–January 20, 1931]</p> <p><b>10.</b>&nbsp; <i>Toulouse-Lautrec, Redon</i> [MoMA Exh. #10, January 31–March 2, 1931]</p> <p><b>11.</b>&nbsp; <i>German Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #11, March 12–April 26, 1931]</p> <p><b>12.</b>&nbsp; <i>Memorial Exhibition: The Collection of the Late Lillie P. Bliss</i> [MoMA Exh. #12, May 17–October 6, 1931]</p> <p><b>13.</b>&nbsp; <i>Henri Matisse</i> [MoMA Exh. #13, November 3–December 6, 1931]</p> <p><b>14.</b>&nbsp; <i>Diego Rivera</i> [MoMA Exh. #14, December 22, 1931–January 27, 1932]</p> <p><b>15.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Architecture: International Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. #15, February 9–March 23, 1932]</p> <p><b>16.</b>&nbsp; <i>Murals by American Painters and Photographers</i> [MoMA Exh. #16, May 3–May 31, 1932]</p> <p><b>17.</b>&nbsp; <i>Summer Exhibition: Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #17, June 7–October 30, 1932]</p> <p><b>18.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Brief Survey of Modern Painting</i> [MoMA Exh. #18, July 20–October 5, 1932]</p> <p><b>19.</b>&nbsp; <i>Persian Fresco Painting</i> [MoMA Exh. #19, October 12–November 20, 1932]</p> <p><b>20.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Painting and Sculpture, 1862–1932</i> [MoMA Exh. #20, October 31, 1932–February 11, 1933]</p> <p><b>21.</b>&nbsp; <i>Poster Competition</i> [MoMA Exh. #21, February 25–March 12, 1933]</p> <p><b>22.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Folk Art: The Art of the Common Man in America, 1750–1900</i> [MoMA Exh. #22, November 30, 1932–January 14, 1933]</p> <p><b>23.</b>&nbsp; <i>Early Modern Architecture: Chicago 1870–1910</i> [MoMA Exh. #23, January 18–February 23, 1933]</p> <p><b>24.</b>&nbsp; <i>Maurice Sterne: Retrospective Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. #24, February 13–March 25, 1933]</p> <p><b>24a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Color Reproductions of Mexican Frescoes by Diego Rivera</i> [MoMA Exh. #24a, February 20–March 12, 1933]</p> <p><b>24b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Toulouse-Lautrec Prints and Posters</i> [MoMA Exh. #24b, February 25–March 12, 1933]</p> <p><b>25.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fruit and Flower Paintings</i> [MoMA Exh. #25, May 13–May 31, 1933]</p> <p><b>25a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Typography Competition</i> [MoMA Exh. #25a, March 27–April 6, 1933]</p> <p><b>26.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sculptors’ Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #26, March 27–May 3, 1933]</p> <p><b>26a.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Museum Collection: Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #26a, March 27–April 25, 1933]</p> <p><b>27.</b>&nbsp; <i>Objects: 1900 and Today</i> [MoMA Exh. #27, April 10–April 25, 1933]</p> <p><b>28.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Work of Young Architects in the Middle West</i> [MoMA Exh. #28, April 3–April 30, 1933]</p> <p><b>29.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Sources of Modern Art (Aztec, Mayan, Incan)</i> [MoMA Exh. #29, May 8–July 1, 1933]</p> <p><b>30.</b>&nbsp; <i>Summer Exhibition: Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #30, July 10–September 30, 1933]</p> <p><b>30a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Summer Exhibition: Project for a House in North Carolina by William T. Priestly</i> [MoMA Exh. #30a, July 10–September 30, 1933]</p> <p><b>30b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Summer Exhibition: Gauguin Woodcuts and Watercolors</i> [MoMA Exh. #30b, July 10–September 30, 1933]</p> <p><b>30c.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern European Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #30c, October 3–October 27, 1933]</p> <p><b>30d.</b>&nbsp; <i>A House by Richard C. Wood</i> [MoMA Exh. #30d, October 3–October 27, 1933]</p> <p><b>30e.</b>&nbsp; <i>Wilhelm Lehmbruck: Standing Youth</i> [MoMA Exh. #30e, November 16–December 8, 1933]</p> <p><b>30f.</b>&nbsp; <i>Walker Evans: Photographs of Nineteenth-Century Houses</i> [MoMA Exh. #30f, November 16–December 8, 1933]</p> <p><b>31.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gifts and Loans from the Collection of Mrs. Sadie A. May</i> [MoMA Exh. #31, November 16–December 8, 1933]</p> <p><b>31a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Edward Hopper: Retrospective Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. #31a, October 30–December 8, 1933]</p> <p><b>32.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture from 16 American Cities</i> [MoMA Exh. #32, December 11, 1933–January 7, 1934]</p> <p><b>33.</b>&nbsp; <i>Philadelphia Savings Fund Society Building by Howe and Lescaze</i> [MoMA Exh. #33, January 2–January 24, 1934]</p> <p><b>33a.</b>&nbsp; <i>International Exhibition of Theatre Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #33a, January 15–February 25, 1934]</p> <p><b>34.</b>&nbsp; <i>Machine Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #34, March 5–April 29, 1934]</p> <p><b>34a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Early Museum Architecture</i> [MoMA Exh. #34a, April 5–May 5, 1934]</p> <p><b>34b.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Lillie P. Bliss Collection, 1934</i> [MoMA Exh. #34b, May 14–September 12, 1934]</p> <p><b>34c.</b>&nbsp; <i>Whistler: Portrait of the Artist’s Mother</i> [MoMA Exh. #34c, May 15–May 18, 1934]</p> <p><b>34d.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Housing Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. #34d, June–September 13, 1934]</p> <p><b>34e.</b>&nbsp; <i>Westchester Folk Art Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. #34e, June 23–July 9, 1934]</p> <p><b>34f.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Acquisitions: Lachaise Torso; Prints</i> [MoMA Exh. #34f, July 11–September 13, 1934]</p> <p><b>34g.</b>&nbsp; <i>The War: Etchings by Otto Dix</i> [MoMA Exh. #34g, July 30–September 13, 1934]</p> <p><b>34h.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Making of a Museum Publication</i> [MoMA Exh. #34h, September 11–October 7, 1934]</p> <p><b>34i.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Acquisition: Brancusi, Bird in Space</i> [MoMA Exh. #34i, August 13–September 13, 1934]</p> <p><b>34j.</b>&nbsp; <i>Color Reproductions: Modern Watercolors and Pastels</i> [MoMA Exh. #34j, August 13–September 21, 1934]</p> <p><b>35.</b>&nbsp; <i>National Exhibition of Art by the Public Works of Art Project</i> [MoMA Exh. #35, September 19–October 7, 1934]</p> <p><b>36.</b>&nbsp; <i>Housing Exhibition of the City of New York</i> [MoMA Exh. #36, October 15–November 7, 1934]</p> <p><b>37.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Works of Art: 5th Anniversary Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. #37, November 19, 1934–January 20, 1935]</p> <p><b>37a.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Acquisitions from the Exhibition Machine Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #37a, November 19, 1934–January 20, 1935]</p> <p><b>38.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gaston Lachaise: Retrospective Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. #38, January 28–March 7, 1935]</p> <p><b>38a.</b>&nbsp; <i>George Caleb Bingham, the Missouri Artist, 1811–1879</i> [MoMA Exh. #38a, January 28–March 7, 1935]</p> <p><b>39.</b>&nbsp; <i>African Negro Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #39, March 18–May 19, 1935]</p> <p><b>40.</b>&nbsp; <i>European Commercial Printing of Today</i> [MoMA Exh. #40, May 22–June 1, 1935]</p> <p><b>41.</b>&nbsp; <i>Summer Exhibition: The Museum Collection and a Private Collection on Loan</i> [MoMA Exh. #41, June 4–September 24, 1935]</p> <p><b>42.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fernand Léger: Paintings and Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #42, September 30–October 24, 1935]</p> <p><b>42b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ignatz Wiemeler, Modern Bookbinder</i> [MoMA Exh. #42b, September 30–October 24, 1935]</p> <p><b>42c.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Architecture in California</i> [MoMA Exh. #42c, September 30–October 24, 1935]</p> <p><b>43.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Recent Work of Le Corbusier</i> [MoMA Exh. #43, October 24–October 31, 1935]</p> <p><b>44.</b>&nbsp; <i>Vincent van Gogh</i> [MoMA Exh. #44, November 4, 1935–January 5, 1936]</p> <p><b>45a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Posters by Cassandre</i> [MoMA Exh. #45a, January 14–February 16, 1936]</p> <p><b>45b.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Architecture of Henry Hobson Richardson</i> [MoMA Exh. #45b, January 14–February 16, 1936]</p> <p><b>45c.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Acquisitions: The Collection of Mrs. John D. Rockefeller, Jr.</i> [MoMA Exh. #45c, January 14–February 16, 1936]</p> <p><b>46.</b>&nbsp; <i>Cubism and Abstract Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #46, March 2–April 19, 1936]</p> <p><b>47.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Painters and Sculptors as Illustrators</i> [MoMA Exh. #47, April 27–September 2, 1936]</p> <p><b>48.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture in Government Housing</i> [MoMA Exh. #48, June 8–July 13, 1936]</p> <p><b>49.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Exposition Architecture</i> [MoMA Exh. #49, June 8–September 2, 1936]</p> <p><b>50.</b>&nbsp; <i>Edward Steichen’s Delphiniums</i> [MoMA Exh. #50, June 24–July 1, 1936]</p> <p><b>51.</b>&nbsp; <i>Summer Exhibition: The Museum Collection and a Private Collection on Loan</i> [MoMA Exh. #51, July 20–September 2, 1936]</p> <p><b>52.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Horizons in American Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #52, September 14–October 12, 1936]</p> <p><b>53.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Art Portfolio</i> [MoMA Exh. #53, September 14–October 12, 1936]</p> <p><b>54.</b>&nbsp; <i>John Marin: Watercolors, Oil Paintings, Etchings</i> [MoMA Exh. #54, October 19–November 22, 1936]</p> <p><b>55.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fantastic Art, Dada, Surrealism</i> [MoMA Exh. #55, December 7, 1936–January 17, 1937]</p> <p><b>56.</b>&nbsp; <i>Vincent van Gogh</i> [MoMA Exh. #56, January 20–February 2, 1937]</p> <p><b>57.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rugs from the Crawford Shops designed by American Artists</i> [MoMA Exh. #57, January 20–February 2, 1937]</p> <p><b>58.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Architecture in England</i> [MoMA Exh. #58, February 10–March 7, 1937]</p> <p><b>59.</b>&nbsp; <i>Posters by E. McKnight Kauffer</i> [MoMA Exh. #February 10–March 7, 1937]</p> <p><b>59a.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Acquisitions: Gifts of the Advisory Committee</i> [MoMA Exh. #59a, February 10–March 7, 1937]</p> <p><b>60.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography 1839–1937</i> [MoMA Exh. #60, March 17–April 18, 1937]</p> <p><b>61.</b>&nbsp; <i>Prehistoric Rock Pictures in Europe and Africa</i> [MoMA Exh. #61, April 28–May 30, 1937]</p> <p><b>61a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paintings by Paul Cézanne from the Museum</i> [MoMA Exh. #61a, April 28–May 30, 1937]</p> <p><b>61b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Color Reproductions of Paintings by Cézanne</i> [MoMA Exh. #61b, April 28–May 30, 1937]</p> <p><b>61c.</b>&nbsp; <i>Twelve Modern Paintings</i> [MoMA Exh. #61c, April 28–May 30, 1937]</p> <p><b>62(1).</b>&nbsp; <i>Summer Exhibition: Painting and Sculpture from the Museum Collection and on Loan</i> [MoMA Exh. #62, June 23–November 4, 1937]</p> <p><b>62(2).</b>&nbsp; <i>Summer Exhibition: Project for a Community Center by Architects, Painters, and Sculptors Collaborative</i> [MoMA Exh. #62, June 23–November 13, 1937]</p> <p><b>62(3).</b>&nbsp; <i>Summer Exhibition: A Brief Survey of the American Film</i> [MoMA Exh. #62, June 23, 1937–January 24, 1938]</p> <p><b>62a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art Through the Window</i> [MoMA Exh. #62a, July 1937–specific opening and closing dates unknown]</p> <p><b>63a.</b>&nbsp; <i>The War, Etchings by Otto Dix and Armored Train, a Painting by Gino Severini</i> [MoMA Exh. #63a, September 21–October 19, 1937]</p> <p><b>63b.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Acquisitions: Dalí, Henry Moore, Chaim Gross</i> [MoMA Exh. #63b, October 8–November 13, 1937]</p> <p><b>63c.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sculpture by William Edmondson</i> [MoMA Exh. #63c, October 20–November 4, 1937]</p> <p><b>63d.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Town of Tomorrow</i> [MoMA Exh. #63d, October 20–November 13, 1937]</p> <p><b>64.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paintings for Paris</i> [MoMA Exh. #64, November 8–December 13, 1937]</p> <p><b>65.</b>&nbsp; <i>Spanish and U.S. Government Posters</i> [MoMA Exh. #65, November 15–November 26, 1937]</p> <p><b>66.</b>&nbsp; <i>Transitions and Contrasts in Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #66, December 1, 1937–January 7, 1938]</p> <p><b>67.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Making of a Contemporary Film</i> [MoMA Exh. #67, December 21, 1937–March 1, 1938]</p> <p><b>68.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Museum Collection and Extended Loans</i> [MoMA Exh. #68, December 21, 1937–January 31, 1938]</p> <p><b>69.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawings by European and American Artists</i> [MoMA Exh. #69, January 11–January 28, 1938]</p> <p><b>70.</b>&nbsp; <i>A New House by Frank Lloyd Wright</i> [MoMA Exh. #70, January 25–March 6, 1938]</p> <p><b>71.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Folk Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #71, February 2–March 7, 1938]</p> <p><b>72.</b>&nbsp; <i>Subway Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #72, February 8–March 7, 1938]</p> <p><b>73.</b>&nbsp; <i>Machine Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #73, March 7–March 31, 1938]</p> <p><b>74.</b>&nbsp; <i>Luis Quintanilla: An Exhibition of Drawings of the War in Spain</i> [MoMA Exh. #74, March 15–April 18, 1938]</p> <p><b>75.</b>&nbsp; <i>Alvar Aalto: Architecture and Furniture</i> [MoMA Exh. #75, March 15–April 18, 1938]</p> <p><b>75a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Children’s Work</i> [MoMA Exh. #75a, April 4–April 22, 1938]</p> <p><b>76.</b>&nbsp; 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No#, January 1–January 30, 1940]</p> <p><b>94.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paintings and Sculpture from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #94, January 12–March 3, 1940]</p> <p><b>95.</b>&nbsp; <i>Smithsonian Competition</i> [MoMA Exh. #95, January 12–March 3, 1940]</p> <p><b>96.</b>&nbsp; <i>Twelve Favorites: Paintings Selected by Students from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #96, January 31–March 1, 1940]</p> <p><b>96a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paris at War: 16 Gouaches by Bernard Lamotte</i> [MoMA Exh. #96a, Early 1940–specific opening or closing dates unknown]</p> <p><b>97.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Masters from European and American Collections</i> [MoMA Exh. #97, January 26–March 24, 1940]</p> <p><b>98.</b>&nbsp; <i>Italian Masters</i> [MoMA Exh. #98, January 26–April 7, 1940]</p> <p><b>99.</b>&nbsp; <i>Four American Traveling Exhibitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #99, April 3–April 28, 1940]</p> <p><b>100.</b>&nbsp; <i>Preview: Dance Archives</i> [MoMA Exh. #100, March 6–April 7, 1940]</p> <p><b>101.</b>&nbsp; <i>Visual and Non-Visual Expression in Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #101, March 6–May 1, 1940]</p> <p><b>102.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Acquisitions: A Gift of Modern Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #102, March 6–April 7, 1940]</p> <p><b>103.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Work of Sharaku</i> [MoMA Exh. #103, April 3–May 1, 1940]</p> <p><b>104.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Designs for Abstract Film</i> [MoMA Exh. #104, April 3–May 1, 1940]</p> <p><b>105.</b>&nbsp; <i>PM Competition: The Artist as Reporter</i> [MoMA Exh. #105, April 15–May 7, 1940]</p> <p><b>106.</b>&nbsp; <i>Twenty Centuries of Mexican Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #106, May 15–September 30, 1940]</p> <p><b>107.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Acquisitions: American Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #107, July 26–October 18, 1940]</p> <p><b>108.</b>&nbsp; <i>Portinari of Brazil</i> [MoMA Exh. #108, October 9–November 17, 1940]</p> <p><b>109.</b>&nbsp; <i>Machine Art; Modern Interiors; Original Costume Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #109, October 3–November 2, 1940]</p> <p><b>110.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #110, October 23, 1940–January 12, 1941]</p> <p><b>111.</b>&nbsp; <i>Forty Years of the American Dance</i> [MoMA Exh. #111, October 23–November 19, 1940]</p> <p><b>112.</b>&nbsp; <i>Graphic Arts: Designing a Stage Setting</i> [MoMA Exh. #November 4–November 11, 1940]</p> <p><b>113.</b>&nbsp; <i>Student Work from Fourteen High Schools</i> [MoMA Exh. #113, November 11–December 23, 1940]</p> <p><b>114.</b>&nbsp; <i>Frank Lloyd Wright, American Architect</i> [MoMA Exh. #114, November 13, 1940–January 5, 1941]</p> <p><b>115.</b>&nbsp; <i>D.W. 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Centers</i> [MoMA Exh. #238, August 4–Sepember 26, 1943]</p> <p><b>239.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bali, Background for War: The Human Problem of Reoccupation</i> [MoMA Exh. #239, August 11–September 19, 1943]</p> <p><b>240.</b>&nbsp; <i>Action Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #240, August 18–September 19, 1943]</p> <p><b>241.</b>&nbsp; <i>Magazine Cover Competition: Women in Necessary Civilian Employment</i> [MoMA Exh. #241, September 3–Sepember 26, 1943]</p> <p><b>242.</b>&nbsp; <i>Alexander Calder</i> [MoMA Exh. #242, September 29, 1943–January 16, 1944]</p> <p><b>243.</b>&nbsp; <i>Young Negro Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #243, October 26–November 28, 1943]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Informal Exhibition Fall 1943: Adams, Emerson, Stieglitz, Strand, Weston</i> [MoMA Exh. 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No#, March 22–April 30, 1944]</p> <p><b>256.</b>&nbsp; <i>Look at Your Neighborhood</i> [MoMA Exh. #256, March 29–June 25, 1944]</p> <p><b>257.</b>&nbsp; <i>Chinese Children’s War Pictures</i> [MoMA Exh. #257, April 5–May 4, 1944]</p> <p><b>257a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pacific Report: Photos By Eugene Smith</i> [MoMA Exh. #257a, May 10–June 30, 1944]</p> <p><b>258.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art in Progress: 15th Anniversary Exhibitions</i> </p> <p><b>258a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting, Sculpture, Prints</i> [MoMA Exh. #258a, May 24–October 15, 1944]</p> <p><b>258b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Design for Use</i> [MoMA Exh. #258b, May 24–October 22, 1944]</p> <p><b>258c.</b>&nbsp; <i>Built in the U.S.A., 1932–44</i> [MoMA Exh. #258c, May 24–October 22, 1944]</p> <p><b>258d.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dance and Theatre Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #258d, May 24–September 17, 1944]</p> <p><b>258e.</b>&nbsp; <i>Posters</i> [MoMA Exh. #258e, May 24–September 17, 1944]</p> <p><b>258f.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #258f, May 24–Septmeber 17, 1944]</p> <p><b>258g.</b>&nbsp; <i>Circulating Exhibitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #258g, May 24–September 17, 1944]</p> <p><b>258h.</b>&nbsp; <i>Educational Services</i> [MoMA Exh. #258h, May 24–September 17, 1944]</p> <p><b>258i.</b>&nbsp; <i>Film Library</i> [MoMA Exh. #258i, May 24–September 17, 1944]</p> <p><b>258j.</b>&nbsp; <i>Picasso Exhibition for Mexico City</i> [MoMA Exh. #258j, June 26–September 10, 1944]</p> <p><b>259.</b>&nbsp; <i>Hayter and Studio 17: New Directions in Gravure</i> [MoMA Exh. #259, June 18–October 8, 1944]</p> <p><b>260.</b>&nbsp; <i>Soviet Children’s Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #260, September 19–November 19, 1944]</p> <p><b>261.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Battle Painting 1776–1918</i> [MoMA Exh. #261, September 26–November 12, 1944]</p> <p><b>262.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paintings by Jacob Lawrence</i> [MoMA Exh. #262, October 10–November 5, 1944]</p> <p><b>263.</b>&nbsp; <i>Marsden Hartley</i> [MoMA Exh. #263, October 24, 1944–January 14, 1945]</p> <p><b>264.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lyonel Feininger</i> [MoMA Exh. #264, October 24, 1944–January 14, 1945]</p> <p><b>265.</b>&nbsp; <i>Manzanar: Photographs by Ansel Adams of Loyal Japanese-American Relocation Center</i> [MoMA Exh. #265, November 10, 1944–December 24, 1944]</p> <p><b>266.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Arts from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #266, November 15, 1944–May 30, 1945]</p> <p><b>267.</b>&nbsp; <i>Building with Wood</i> [MoMA Exh. #267, November 15, 1944–February 18, 1945]</p> <p><b>268.</b>&nbsp; <i>The War Years: Color Reproductions of Works by Picasso, Matisse, Bonnard 1939–1943</i> [MoMA Exh. #268, November 14–November 27, 1944]</p> <p><b>269.</b>&nbsp; <i>Are Clothes Modern?</i> [MoMA Exh. #269, November 28, 1944–March 4, 1945]</p> <p><b>270.</b>&nbsp; <i>Children’s Holiday Circus of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #270, December 6, 1944–January 7, 1945]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>From Sketch to Stage</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, December 6, 1944–January 7, 1945]</p> <p><b>271.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photographs from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #271, December 11, 1944–February 18, 1945]</p> <p><b>272.</b>&nbsp; <i>George Méliès: Magician and Film Pioneer</i> [MoMA Exh. #272, December 27, 1944–January 14, 1945]</p> <p><b>273.</b>&nbsp; <i>Works from the Children’s Holiday Circus of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #273, January 16–February 18, 1945]</p> <p><b>274.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Lesson of War Housing</i> [MoMA Exh. #274, January 16–March 4, 1945]</p> <p><b>275.</b>&nbsp; <i>Power in the Pacific: Battle Photographs of our Navy in Action on the Sea and in the Sky</i> [MoMA Exh. #275, January 23–March 20, 1945]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Private Exhibition for Trustees</i> [MoMA Exh. 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June 23, 1946]</p> <p><b>291.</b>&nbsp; <i>Children’s Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #291, June 20–August 20, 1945]</p> <p><b>292.</b>&nbsp; <i>Stage Designs by Joan Junyer</i> [MoMA Exh. #292, July 10–September 12, 1945]</p> <p><b>293.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fourteen Paintings by Vincent van Gogh</i> [MoMA Exh. #293, August 3–August 26, 1945]</p> <p><b>294.</b>&nbsp; <i>Young People’s Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #294, August 23–September 13, 1945]</p> <p><b>295.</b>&nbsp; <i>Textile Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #295, August 29–September 23, 1945]</p> <p><b>296.</b>&nbsp; <i>Costume Carnival</i> [MoMA Exh. #296, September 19–November 25, 1945]</p> <p><b>297.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art for War Veterans</i> [MoMA Exh. #297, September 26–November 25, 1945]</p> <p><b>298.</b>&nbsp; <i>Stuart Davis</i> [MoMA Exh. #298, October 17, 1945–February 3, 1946]</p> <p><b>299.</b>&nbsp; <i>Elements of Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #299, October 23–November 15, 1945]</p> <p><b>300.</b>&nbsp; <i>Useful Objects</i> [MoMA Exh. #300, November 21, 1945–January 6, 1946]</p> <p><b>301.</b>&nbsp; <i>Portraits of Ondine: Dance and Theatre Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #301, November 28, 1945–February 3, 1946]</p> <p><b>302.</b>&nbsp; <i>Museum of Modern Art Color Reproductions</i> [MoMA Exh. #302, November 28, 1945–February 3, 1946]</p> <p><b>303.</b>&nbsp; <i>Children’s Holiday Circus of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #303, December 4, 1945–January 6, 1946]</p> <p><b>304.</b>&nbsp; <i>If You Want to Build a House</i> [MoMA Exh. #304, January 8–January 30, 1946]</p> <p><b>305.</b>&nbsp; <i>Creative Art by American Children</i> [MoMA Exh. #305, January 15–March 3, 1946]</p> <p><b>306.</b>&nbsp; <i>Arts of the South Seas</i> [MoMA Exh. #306, January 29–May 19, 1946]</p> <p><b>307.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Dormitories for Smith College</i> [MoMA Exh. #307, February 5–April 14, 1946]</p> <p><b>308.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture in Steel: An Experiment in Standarization by Konrad Wachsmann</i> [MoMA Exh. #308, February 5–March 6, 1946]</p> <p><b>309.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Home for U.N.O.: Must We Repeat the Geneva Fiasco?</i> [MoMA Exh. #309, February 5–March 3, 1946]</p> <p><b>310.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions in Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #310, February 6–February 24, 1946]</p> <p><b>311.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Photographs of Edward Weston</i> [MoMA Exh. #311, February 11–March 31, 1946]</p> <p><b>312.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Museum Collection of Painting</i> [MoMA Exh. #312, February 19–May 5, 1946]</p> <p><b>313.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Museum Collection of Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #313, February 19–May 5, 1946]</p> <p><b>314.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Furniture Designed by Charles Eames</i> [MoMA Exh. #314, March 12–March 31, 1946 (1st section); March 12–April 14, 1946 (2nd section)]</p> <p><b>315.</b>&nbsp; <i>Work from Children’s Classes Conducted Under the Educational Program</i> [MoMA Exh. #315, March 12–April 10, 1946]</p> <p><b>316.</b>&nbsp; <i>Marc Chagall</i> [MoMA Exh. #316, April 9–June 23, 1946]</p> <p><b>317.</b>&nbsp; <i>Original Illustrations of Children’s Books</i> [MoMA Exh. #317, April 16–June 2, 1946]</p> <p><b>318.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern China</i> [MoMA Exh. #318, April 16–June 9, 1946]</p> <p><b>319.</b>&nbsp; <i>Georgia O’Keeffe</i> [MoMA Exh. #319, May 14–August 25, 1946]</p> <p><b>320.</b>&nbsp; <i>Designed for Children</i> [MoMA Exh. #320, June 11–October 6, 1946]</p> <p><b>321.</b>&nbsp; <i>A New Country House by Frank Lloyd Wright: Scale Model</i> [MoMA Exh. #321, June 18–September 3, 1946]</p> <p><b>322.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photographers</i> [MoMA Exh. #322, June 18–September 15, 1946]</p> <p><b>323.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ballet Drawings by Franklin C. 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<i>Florine Stettheimer</i> [MoMA Exh. #332, October 1–November 17, 1946]</p> <p><b>333.</b>&nbsp; <i>On Being a Cartoonist</i> [MoMA Exh. #333, October 15–November 24, 1946]</p> <p><b>334.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: 61 Lithographs by Toulouse-Lautrec and 31 Aquatints by Picasso for Buffon’s “Histoire Naturelle”</i> [MoMA Exh. #334, November 19, 1946–January 14, 1947]</p> <p><b>335.</b>&nbsp; <i>Le Tricorne by Picasso</i> [MoMA Exh. #335, November 19, 1946–January 13, 1947]</p> <p><b>336.</b>&nbsp; <i>Useful Objects</i> [MoMA Exh. #336, November 26, 1946–January 26, 1947]</p> <p><b>337.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Rooms of the Last Fifty Years</i> [MoMA Exh. #337, November 26, 1946–January 26, 1947]</p> <p><b>338.</b>&nbsp; <i>Children’s Holiday Fair of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #338, December 3, 1946–January 5, 1947]</p> <p><b>339.</b>&nbsp; <i>Henry Moore</i> [MoMA Exh. #339, December 17, 1946–March 16, 1947]</p> <p><b>340.</b>&nbsp; <i>Experiments in Mobile Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #340, January 14–April 13, 1947]</p> <p><b>341.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Theatre of Eugene Berman</i> [MoMA Exh. #341, January 21–March 9, 1947]</p> <p><b>342.</b>&nbsp; <i>46 Recent Lithographs by Picasso</i> [MoMA Exh. #342, January 28–April 6, 1947]</p> <p><b>343.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Photographs of Henri Cartier Bresson</i> [MoMA Exh. #343, February 4–April 6, 1947]</p> <p><b>344.</b>&nbsp; <i>Henry Hobson Richardson, 1838–1886: Architectural Masterpieces</i> [MoMA Exh. #344, February 4–May 26, 1947]</p> <p><b>345.</b>&nbsp; <i>Printed Textiles for the Home</i> [MoMA Exh. #345, March 11–June 15, 1947]</p> <p><b>346.</b>&nbsp; <i>Large-Scale Modern Paintings</i> [MoMA Exh. #346, April 1–May 4, 1947]</p> <p><b>347.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawings in the Collection of The Museum of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #347, April 15–June 1, 1947]</p> <p><b>348.</b>&nbsp; <i>Taliesin and Taliesin West</i> [MoMA Exh. #348, April 15–June 15, 1947]</p> <p><b>349.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Teaching Techniques: Basic Design and Foundation Courses</i> [MoMA Exh. #349, April 25–May 14, 1947]</p> <p><b>350.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art Work by Children and Young People from the Classes of the Educational Program</i> [MoMA Exh. #350, May 20–October 13, 1947]</p> <p><b>351a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Alfred Stieglitz Exhibition: His Photographs</i> [MoMA Exh. #351a, June 10–September 21, 1947]</p> <p><b>351b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Alfred Stieglitz Exhibition: His Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #351b, June 10–August 31, 1947]</p> <p><b>352.</b>&nbsp; <i>Two Cities: Planning in North and South America</i> [MoMA Exh. #352, June 24–September 21, 1947]</p> <p><b>353.</b>&nbsp; <i>Robert Maillart: Engineer</i> [MoMA Exh. #353, June 24–October 13, 1947]</p> <p><b>354.</b>&nbsp; <i>Boris Aronson: Stage Designs and Models</i> [MoMA Exh. #354, June 24–October 10, 1947]</p> <p><b>355.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #355, August 5–September 30, 1947]</p> <p><b>356.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mies van der Rohe</i> [MoMA Exh. #356, September 16, 1947–January 25, 1948]</p> <p><b>357.</b>&nbsp; <i>100 Useful Objects of Fine Design (available under $100)</i> [MoMA Exh. #357, September 16, 1947–January 25, 1948]</p> <p><b>358.</b>&nbsp; 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Rockefeller, Jr.</i> [MoMA Exh. #384, September 14–November 7, 1948]</p> <p><b>384a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bonnard, Picasso</i> [MoMA Exh. #384a, September 14–October 31, 1948]</p> <p><b>385.</b>&nbsp; <i>Collage</i> [MoMA Exh. #385, September 21–December 5, 1948]</p> <p><b>386.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photo-Secession (American Photography 1902–1910)</i> [MoMA Exh. #386, September 29–November 28, 1948]</p> <p><b>387.</b>&nbsp; <i>Print Gift of Victor S. Riesenfeld and Matisse: Jazz: Gift of the Artist</i> [MoMA Exh. #387, October 1–October 31, 1948]</p> <p><b>387a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Penthouse Furniture Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. #387a, October 4–October 10, 1948]</p> <p><b>388.</b>&nbsp; <i>Elie Nadelman</i> [MoMA Exh. #388, October 5–November 28, 1948]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Outdoor Sculpture at the Museum</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, Autumn 1948–specific opening or closing dates unknown]</p> <p><b>389.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paintings by Children 4–12 Years from New York Public Elementary Schools</i> [MoMA Exh. #389, October 12–October 31, 1948]</p> <p><b>390.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #390, November 9, 1948–January 31, 1949]</p> <p><b>391.</b>&nbsp; <i>Christmas Exhibition: Useful Objects Under $10</i> [MoMA Exh. #391, November 9, 1948–January 9, 1949]</p> <p><b>392.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art in the Neighborhood: Focus on World Unity</i> [MoMA Exh. #392, November 10, 1948–November 28, 1948]</p> <p><b>393.</b>&nbsp; <i>Timeless Aspects of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #393, November 16, 1948–January 23, 1949]</p> <p><b>394.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photographs by Bill Brandt, Harry Callahan, Ted Croner, Lisette Model</i> [MoMA Exh. #394, November 30, 1948–February 10, 1949]</p> <p><b>395.</b>&nbsp; <i>Children’s Holiday Fair of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #395, December 8, 1948–January 16, 1949]</p> <p><b>396.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Paintings from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #396, December 23, 1948–March 13, 1949]</p> <p><b>397.</b>&nbsp; <i>Work by Children from the Holiday Fair: Ages 4–8</i> [MoMA Exh. #397, February 1–February 27, 1949]</p> <p><b>398.</b>&nbsp; <i>Hidden Talent Competition</i> [MoMA Exh. #398, February 1–March 6, 1949]</p> <p><b>399.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Exact Instant</i> [MoMA Exh. #399, February 8–May 1, 1949]</p> <p><b>400.</b>&nbsp; <i>From Le Corbusier to Niemeyer: 1929–1949</i> [MoMA Exh. #400, February 15–April 3, 1949]</p> <p><b>401.</b>&nbsp; <i>The 28th Annual Exhibition of Advertising and Editorial Art of the New York Art Directors Club</i> [MoMA Exh. #401, March 15–April 17, 1949]</p> <p><b>402.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pictures for Children Aged 3–12 Years</i> [MoMA Exh. #402, March 18–April 17, 1949]</p> <p><b>403.</b>&nbsp; <i>Georges Braque</i> [MoMA Exh. #403, March 29–June 12, 1949]</p> <p><b>404.</b>&nbsp; <i>Frank Lloyd Wright: A New Theatre</i> [MoMA Exh. #404, April 5–April 17, 1949]</p> <p><b>405.</b>&nbsp; <i>The House in the Museum Garden</i> [MoMA Exh. #405, April 12–October 30, 1949]</p> <p><b>406.</b>&nbsp; <i>Roots of Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #406, April 26–July 24, 1949]</p> <p><b>407.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lobmeyr Glass</i> [MoMA Exh. #407, April 26–July 4, 1949]</p> <p><b>408.</b>&nbsp; <i>Work from the Museum’s Classes for NYC Public High Schools</i> [MoMA Exh. #408, April 26–May 8, 1949]</p> <p><b>409.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #409, May 3–July 17, 1949]</p> <p><b>410.</b>&nbsp; <i>Master Prints from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #410, May 10–July 10, 1949]</p> <p><b>411.</b>&nbsp; <i>Understanding Your Child Through Art: A Course for Parents</i> [MoMA Exh. #411, May 17–May 30, 1949]</p> <p><b>412.</b>&nbsp; <i>Teaching Materials for N.Y.C. Public High Schools</i> [MoMA Exh. #412, June 7–July 20, 1949]</p> <p><b>413.</b>&nbsp; <i>Twentieth Century Italian Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #413, June 28–September 18, 1949]</p> <p><b>414.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art Nouveau from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #414, July 12–September 5, 1949]</p> <p><b>415.</b>&nbsp; <i>Oskar Kokoschka</i> [MoMA Exh. #415, July 19–October 4, 1949]</p> <p><b>416.</b>&nbsp; <i>Realism in Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #416, July 26–September 25, 1949]</p> <p><b>417.</b>&nbsp; <i>Prints by Gauguin, Vuillard, and Bonnard</i> [MoMA Exh. #417, July 26–September 25, 1949]</p> <p><b>418.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sculpture by Painters</i> [MoMA Exh. #418, August 3–October 5, 1949]</p> <p><b>419.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture in Architecture</i> [MoMA Exh. #419, August 3–October 2, 1949]</p> <p><b>420.</b>&nbsp; <i>Postage Stamp Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #420, August 3–October 7, 1949]</p> <p><b>421.</b>&nbsp; <i>Anni Albers Textiles</i> [MoMA Exh. #421, September 14–November 6, 1949]</p> <p><b>422.</b>&nbsp; <i>Work from Art Classes</i> [MoMA Exh. #422, September 30–October 30, 1949]</p> <p><b>423.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Art in Your Life</i> [MoMA Exh. #423, October 5–December 4, 1949]</p> <p><b>424.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Posters from 16 Countries</i> [MoMA Exh. #424, October 11–November 20, 1949]</p> <p><b>425.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photographs by Margaret Bourke-White, Helen Levitt, Dorothea Lange, Tana Hoban, Esther Bubley, and Hazel-Frieda Larsen</i> [MoMA Exh. #425, October 11–November 15, 1949]</p> <p><b>426.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #426, October 25, 1949–January 22, 1950]</p> <p><b>427.</b>&nbsp; <i>Polio Poster Competition</i> [MoMA Exh. #427, October 31–November 20, 1949]</p> <p><b>428.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paintings by Japanese Children, Aged 6–12</i> [MoMA Exh. #428, November 2–November 27, 1949]</p> <p><b>429.</b>&nbsp; <i>Design Show: Christmas 1949</i> [MoMA Exh. #429, November 15, 1949–January 8, 1950]</p> <p><b>430.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paintings from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #430, November 29, 1949–April 30, 1950]</p> <p><b>431.</b>&nbsp; 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<i>Franklin Watkins</i> [MoMA Exh. #440, March 21–June 11, 1950]</p> <p><b>441.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #441, March 28–May 7, 1950]</p> <p><b>442.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography Recent Acquisitions: Stieglitz, Atget</i> [MoMA Exh. #442, March 28–May 7, 1950]</p> <p><b>443.</b>&nbsp; <i>Collages and Constructions by Children</i> [MoMA Exh. #443, April 4–May 28, 1950]</p> <p><b>444.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Talent Exhibition in the Penthouse: Drumlevitch, King, Parker</i> [MoMA Exh. #444, April 28–June 7, 1950]</p> <p><b>445.</b>&nbsp; <i>Color Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #445, May 9–July 4, 1950]</p> <p><b>446.</b>&nbsp; <i>Prize Designs for Modern Furniture</i> [MoMA Exh. #446, May 16–July 16, 1950]</p> <p><b>447.</b>&nbsp; <i>Exhibition House by Gregory Ain</i> [MoMA Exh. #447, May 17–October 29, 1950]</p> <p><b>448.</b>&nbsp; <i>Posters from the Bernard Davis Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #448, May 24–July 25, 1950]</p> <p><b>449.</b>&nbsp; <i>Creative Work by Parents and Young Children</i> [MoMA Exh. #449, June 6–July 4, 1950]</p> <p><b>450.</b>&nbsp; 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<i>Architectural Work by Skidmore, Owings &amp; Merrill</i> [MoMA Exh. #459, September 26–November 5, 1950]</p> <p><b>460.</b>&nbsp; <i>Matthew Nowicki 1910–1950</i> [MoMA Exh. #460, September 26–October 22, 1950]</p> <p><b>461.</b>&nbsp; <i>Orientation in the Arts for Adults</i> [MoMA Exh. #461, October 11–November 19, 1950]</p> <p><b>462.</b>&nbsp; <i>Chaim Soutine</i> [MoMA Exh. #462, October 31, 1950–January 7, 1951]</p> <p><b>463.</b>&nbsp; <i>Good Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #463, November 21, 1950–January 28, 1951]</p> <p><b>464.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Talent Exhibition in the Penthouse: Bunce, Johnston, and Mundt</i> [MoMA Exh. #464, November 28, 1950–January 14, 1951]</p> <p><b>465.</b>&nbsp; <i>Children’s Holiday Carnival of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #465, December 5, 1950–January 7, 1951]</p> <p><b>466.</b>&nbsp; <i>Abstract Painting and Sculpture in America</i> [MoMA Exh. #466, January 23–March 25, 1951]</p> <p><b>467.</b>&nbsp; <i>Swiss Posters</i> [MoMA Exh. #467, January 30–March 19, 1951]</p> <p><b>468.</b>&nbsp; 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No#, December 1952–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>526.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Children’s Holiday Carnival of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #526, December 9, 1952–January 11, 1953]</p> <p><b>527.</b>&nbsp; <i>De Stijl</i> [MoMA Exh. #527, December 16, 1952–February 15, 1953]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gallery Expansion and New Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, December 23, 1952–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>528.</b>&nbsp; <i>Built in USA: Post-War Architecture</i> [MoMA Exh. #528, January 20–March 15, 1953]</p> <p><b>529.</b>&nbsp; <i>International Sculpture Competition: The Unknown Political Prisoner</i> [MoMA Exh. #529, January 27–February 8, 1953]</p> <p><b>530.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #530, February 11–March 15, 1953]</p> <p><b>531.</b>&nbsp; <i>Children’s Work</i> [MoMA Exh. #531, February 25–March 15, 1953]</p> <p><b>532.</b>&nbsp; <i>Always the Young Strangers</i> [MoMA Exh. #532, February 26–April 1, 1953]</p> <p><b>533.</b>&nbsp; <i>Edward G. 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No#, October 9, 1953–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>544.</b>&nbsp; <i>Premium Toys Designed for Industry</i> [MoMA Exh. #544, October 13–December 27, 1953]</p> <p><b>545.</b>&nbsp; <i>Léger</i> [MoMA Exh. #545, October 20, 1953–January 3, 1954]</p> <p><b>546.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Talent Exhibition in the Penthouse: Monroe, Schwartz, Sowers</i> [MoMA Exh. #546, November 17, 1953–January 31, 1954]</p> <p><b>547.</b>&nbsp; <i>Young American Printmakers</i> [MoMA Exh. #547, November 25, 1953–January 31, 1954]</p> <p><b>548.</b>&nbsp; <i>Children’s Holiday Carnival</i> [MoMA Exh. #548, December 14, 1953–January 17, 1954]</p> <p><b>549.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions, 1946–1953: Department of Architecture and Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #549, December 22, 1953–February 28, 1954]</p> <p><b>550.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ancient Arts of the Andes</i> [MoMA Exh. #550, January 25–March 21, 1954]</p> <p><b>551.</b>&nbsp; <i>Four American Graphic Designers</i> [MoMA Exh. #551, February 9–April 4, 1954]</p> <p><b>552.</b>&nbsp; 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Goodwin Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #632, October 8–November 9, 1958]</p> <p><b>633.</b>&nbsp; <i>Works of Art: Given or Promised</i> [MoMA Exh. #633, October 8–November 9, 1958]</p> <p><b>634.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture Worth Saving</i> [MoMA Exh. #634, October 8–December 15, 1958]</p> <p><b>635.</b>&nbsp; <i>Second Floor Permanent Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #635, October 8, 1958–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Christmas Print Sale</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, November 18–December 28, 1958]</p> <p><b>636.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photographs from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #636, November 26, 1958–January 18, 1959]</p> <p><b>637.</b>&nbsp; <i>20th Century Design from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #637, December 17, 1958–February 23, 1959]</p> <p><b>638.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ten European Artists</i> [MoMA Exh. #638, December 31, 1958–February 23, 1959]</p> <p><b>639.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #639, January 30–April 19, 1959]</p> <p><b>640.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Imagery: Four New Buildings</i> [MoMA Exh. #640, February 11–April 19, 1959]</p> <p><b>641.</b>&nbsp; <i>Joan Miró</i> [MoMA Exh. #641, March 19–May 10, 1959]</p> <p><b>642.</b>&nbsp; <i>David V. Hayes: New Talent in the Penthouse</i> [MoMA Exh. #642, April 1–May 3, 1959]</p> <p><b>643.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Acquisitions: Recent Additions of Prints to the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #643, April 2–May 31, 1959]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Frank Lloyd Wright, 1869–1959</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, April 17, 1959–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>644.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Sculpture U.S.A.</i> [MoMA Exh. #644, May 13–August 16, 1959]</p> <p><b>645.</b>&nbsp; <i>The New American Painting as Shown in Eight European Countries 1958–1959</i> [MoMA Exh. #645, May 28–September 8, 1959]</p> <p><b>646.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawings, Watercolors, Collages: New Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #646, July 15–October 15, 1959]</p> <p><b>647.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Package</i> [MoMA Exh. #647, September 9–November 1, 1959]</p> <p><b>648.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Talent XII: Ronnie Solbert</i> [MoMA Exh. #648, September 15–November 1, 1959]</p> <p><b>649.</b>&nbsp; <i>Three Structures by Buckminster Fuller</i> [MoMA Exh. #649, September 22, 1959–March 1, 1960]</p> <p><b>650.</b>&nbsp; <i>Children’s Carnival</i> [MoMA Exh. #650, September 22–October 18, 1959]</p> <p><b>651.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Images of Man</i> [MoMA Exh. #651, September 30–November 29, 1959]</p> <p><b>652.</b>&nbsp; <i>Buckminster Fuller</i> [MoMA Exh. #652, October 27, 1959–November 22, 1959]</p> <p><b>653.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Artist in His Studio: Photographs by Alexander Liberman</i> [MoMA Exh. #653, October 29, 1959–January 13, 1960]</p> <p><b>654.</b>&nbsp; <i>30th Anniversary Special Installation—Towards the “New” Museum</i> [MoMA Exh. #654, November 18–November 29, 1959]</p> <p><b>655.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #655, December 3, 1959–January 31, 1960]</p> <p><b>656.</b>&nbsp; <i>16 Americans</i> [MoMA Exh. #656, December 16, 1959–February 17, 1960]</p> <p><a href="#top">top</a></p> <div id="1960" /> <h2>1960–1969</h2> <p><b>657.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art Lending Service Retrospective</i> [MoMA Exh. #657, January 27–March 20, 1960]</p> <p><b>658.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sculpture and Painting by Peter Voulkos: New Talent in the Penthouse</i> [MoMA Exh. #658, February 1–March 13, 1960]</p> <p><b>659.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Sense of Abstraction</i> [MoMA Exh. #659, February 17–April 10, 1960]</p> <p><b>660.</b>&nbsp; <i>Claude Monet: Seasons and Moments</i> [MoMA Exh. #660, March 9–May 15, 1960]</p> <p><b>661.</b>&nbsp; <i>Homage to New York: A Self-Constructing and Self-Destroying Work of Art Conceived and Built by Jean Tinguely</i> [MoMA Exh. #661, March 17, 1960]</p> <p><b>662.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Art Lending Service</i> [MoMA Exh. #662, March 24–April 17, 1960]</p> <p><b>663.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fifty Modern Paintings and Sculpture Especially Donated for the Benefit of the 30th Anniversary Fund of The Museum of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #663, April 20, 1960]</p> <p><b>664.</b>&nbsp; <i>Portraits from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #664, May 4–July 5, 1960 (Auditorium &amp; First Floor); July 6–September 18, 1960 (Auditorium re-installation)]</p> <p><b>665.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art Education for Every Child</i> [MoMA Exh. #665, May 6–August 14, 1960]</p> <p><b>666.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art Nouveau</i> [MoMA Exh. #666, June 8–September 6, 1960]</p> <p><b>667.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jazz by Henri Matisse</i> [MoMA Exh. #667, June 17–September 19, 1960]</p> <p><b>668.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Spanish Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #668, July 20–September 28, 1960]</p> <p><b>669.</b>&nbsp; <i>Baden, Gaudnek, Rabkin: New Talent Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. #669, September 20–October 30, 1960]</p> <p><b>670.</b>&nbsp; <i>Visionary Architecture</i> [MoMA Exh. #670, September 29–December 4, 1960]</p> <p><b>671.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photographs for Collectors</i> [MoMA Exh. #671, October 1–October 16, 1960]</p> <p><b>672.</b>&nbsp; <i>Children’s Outdoor Carnival of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #672, October 3–October 30, 1960]</p> <p><b>673.</b>&nbsp; <i>Retrospective Exhibition: Museum of Modern Art Publications</i> [MoMA Exh. #673, October 8–November 27, 1960]</p> <p><b>674.</b>&nbsp; <i>100 Drawings from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #674, October 11, 1960–January 2, 1961]</p> <p><b>675.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Drawings of Joseph Stella</i> [MoMA Exh. #675, October 26–November 13, 1960]</p> <p><b>676.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fernand Léger in the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #676, October 11, 1960–January 2, 1961]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Towards the “New” Museum of Modern Art: A Bid for Space, Part II</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, November, 1960–March 26, 1962]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawings Re-installation 2nd Floor Gallery</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, November 9, 1960–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>676a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Prints for Christmas: A Sale for Members</i> [MoMA Exh. #676a, November 22–December 11, 1960]</p> <p><b>676b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Birds and Beasts from the Museum of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #676b, December 3, 1960–January 8, 1961]</p> <p><b>677.</b>&nbsp; <i>Film Posters</i> [MoMA Exh. #677, December 14, 1960–February 23, 1961]</p> <p><b>678.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #678, December 21, 1960–February 5, 1961]</p> <p><b>679.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mark Rothko</i> [MoMA Exh. #679, January 18–March 12, 1961]</p> <p><b>679a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture from the James Thrall Soby Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #679a, February 1–March 4, 1961]</p> <p><b>680.</b>&nbsp; <i>Max Ernst</i> [MoMA Exh. #680, March 1–May 8, 1961]</p> <p><b>680a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Max Ernst</i> [MoMA Exh. #680a, March 1–May 21, 1961]</p> <p><b>681.</b>&nbsp; <i>Norbert Kricke</i> [MoMA Exh. #681, March 1–April 2, 1961]</p> <p><b>682.</b>&nbsp; <i>Steichen the Photographer</i> [MoMA Exh. #682, March 28–May 30, 1961]</p> <p><b>683.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tangible Motion Sculpture by Len Lye</i> [MoMA Exh. #683, April 5, 1961]</p> <p><b>684.</b>&nbsp; <i>America Seen: Between The Wars</i> [MoMA Exh. #684, April 25–August 7, 1961]</p> <p><b>685.</b>&nbsp; <i>Futurism</i> [MoMA Exh. #685, May 30–September 5, 1961]</p> <p><b>686.</b>&nbsp; <i>Boccioni Drawings and Etchings from the Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Winston</i> [MoMA Exh. #686, May 30–August 6, 1961]</p> <p><b>687.</b>&nbsp; <i>Japanese Vernacular Graphics</i> [MoMA Exh. #687, June 3–July 16, 1961]</p> <p><b>688.</b>&nbsp; <i>Richards Medical Research Building, Louis I. Kahn, Architect</i> [MoMA Exh. #688, June 6–July 16, 1961]</p> <p><b>689.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Mrs. Adele R. Levy Collection: A Memorial Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. #689, June 9–July 16, 1961]</p> <p><b>690.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fifteen Polish Painters</i> [MoMA Exh. #690, August 1–October 1, 1961]</p> <p><b>690a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fifteen Polish Painters</i> [MoMA Exh. #690a, August 1–October 3, 1961]</p> <p><b>691.</b>&nbsp; <i>Roads</i> [MoMA Exh. #691, August 14–September 17, 1961]</p> <p><b>692.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Paintings</i> [MoMA Exh. #692, August 18, 1961–April 20, 1962]</p> <p><b>693.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Allegories</i> [MoMA Exh. #693, August 19, 1962–January 30, 1963]</p> <p><b>693a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Eero Saarinen, 1910–1961</i> [MoMA Exh. #693a, September 9–November, 1961]</p> <p><b>694.</b>&nbsp; <i>Diogenes with a Camera V</i> [MoMA Exh. #694, September 26–November 12, 1961]</p> <p><b>695.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Art of Assemblage</i> [MoMA Exh. #695, October 4–November 12, 1961]</p> <p><b>695a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Max Weber, 1881–1961: In Memoriam</i> [MoMA Exh. #695a, October 6–December 6, 1961]</p> <p><b>696.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Last Works of Matisse: Large Cut Gouaches</i> [MoMA Exh. #696, October 8–December 4, 1961]</p> <p><b>697.</b>&nbsp; <i>Chagall: The Jerusalem Windows</i> [MoMA Exh. #697, November 19, 1961–January 3, 1962]</p> <p><b>697a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Annual Christmas Sale</i> [MoMA Exh. #697a, November 21–December 17, 1961]</p> <p><b>698.</b>&nbsp; <i>Orozco: Studies for the Dartmouth Murals</i> [MoMA Exh. #698, November 22, 1961–January 21, 1962]</p> <p><b>699.</b>&nbsp; <i>Redon, Moreau, Bresdin</i> [MoMA Exh. #699, December 6, 1961–February 25, 1962]</p> <p><b>700.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #700, December 19, 1961–February 25, 1962]</p> <p><b>701.</b>&nbsp; <i>Harry Callahan and Robert Frank</i> [MoMA Exh. #701, January 30–April 1, 1962]</p> <p><b>702.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jean Dubuffet</i> [MoMA Exh. #702, February 21–April 8, 1962]</p> <p><b>703.</b>&nbsp; <i>Frank Lloyd Wright Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #703, March 14–May 6, 1962]</p> <p><b>703a.</b>&nbsp; <i>50 Photographs by 50 Photographers</i> [MoMA Exh. #703a, April 3–May 15, 1962]</p> <p><b>704.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fifty Drawings: Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #704, April 10–August 12, 1962]</p> <p><b>705.</b>&nbsp; <i>Picasso in the Museum of Modern Art: 80th Birthday Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. #705, May 14–September 18, 1962]</p> <p><b>706.</b>&nbsp; <i>Design for Sport</i> [MoMA Exh. #706, May 15–July 29, 1962]</p> <p><b>707.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Painting U.S.A.: The Figure</i> [MoMA Exh. #707, May 23–August 26, 1962]</p> <p><b>708.</b>&nbsp; <i>Walker Evans: American Photographs</i> [MoMA Exh. #708, June 8, 1962–February 14, 1963]</p> <p><b>709.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ernst Haas: Color Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #709, August 21–October 28, 1962]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Death Wall</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, September 1, 1962–November 9, 1963]</p> <p><b>709a.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Art of the Asmat: The Collection of Michael C. Rockefeller</i> [MoMA Exh. #709a, September 11–November 6, 1962]</p> <p><b>710.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mark Tobey</i> [MoMA Exh. #710, September 12–November 9, 1962]</p> <p><b>710a.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Museum of Modern Art Builds</i> [MoMA Exh. #710a, October 1, 1962–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>711.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Bitter Years: 1935–1941</i> [MoMA Exh. #711, October 18–November 25, 1962]</p> <p><b>712.</b>&nbsp; <i>European Print Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #712, October 18–November 25, 1962]</p> <p><b>713.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paintings, Sculpture, and Graphic Art from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #713, October 26, 1962–November 3, 1963 (Paintings); October 26, 1962–November 8, 1963 (Sculpture)]</p> <p><b>714.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lettering by Hand</i> [MoMA Exh. #714, November 6, 1962–January 6, 1963]</p> <p><b>715.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #715, November 20, 1962–January 13, 1963]</p> <p><b>716.</b>&nbsp; <i>Arshile Gorky: Paintings, Drawings, Studies</i> [MoMA Exh. #716, December 19, 1962–February 12, 1963]</p> <p><b>717.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Intimate World of Lyonel Feininger</i> [MoMA Exh. #717, January 16–March 10, 1963]</p> <p><b>718.</b>&nbsp; <i>Le Corbusier: Buildings in Europe and India</i> [MoMA Exh. #718, January 29–April 15, 1963]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Towards the “New” Museum of Modern Art: A Bid for Space IV</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, February 21, 1963–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>719.</b>&nbsp; <i>Emil Nolde</i> [MoMA Exh. #719, March 6–April 30, 1963]</p> <p><b>720.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art for the High Schools of New York City</i> [MoMA Exh. #720, March 19–May 20, 1963]</p> <p><b>721.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rodin</i> [MoMA Exh. #721, May 1–September 8, 1963]</p> <p><b>722.</b>&nbsp; <i>Americans 1963</i> [MoMA Exh. #722, May 22–August 18, 1963]</p> <p><b>723.</b>&nbsp; <i>Five Unrelated Photographers</i> [MoMA Exh. #723, May 28–July 21, 1963]</p> <p><b>724.</b>&nbsp; <i>André Derain in the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #724, June 28–September 30, 1963]</p> <p><b>725.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photographs by Lartigue</i> [MoMA Exh. #725, July 1–November 3, 1963]</p> <p><b>726.</b>&nbsp; <i>60 Modern Drawings: Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #726, August 6–September 29, 1963]</p> <p><b>727.</b>&nbsp; <i>Hans Hofmann</i> [MoMA Exh. #727, September 11–December 1, 1963]</p> <p><b>728.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Photographer and the American Landscape</i> [MoMA Exh. #728, September 24–December 1, 1963]</p> <p><b>729.</b>&nbsp; <i>Medardo Rosso, 1858–1928</i> [MoMA Exh. #729, October 2–November 23, 1963]</p> <p><b>730.</b>&nbsp; <i>Stairs</i> [MoMA Exh. #730, October 9–December 1, 1963]</p> <p><b>731.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fallingwater: A Frank Lloyd Wright House Revisited</i> [MoMA Exh. #731, November 1–December 1, 1963]</p> <p><b>732.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #732, May 27, 1964–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>732a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Wilfred: Lumia Suite, Op 158</i> [MoMA Exh. #732a, July 13–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>733.</b>&nbsp; <i>From the Museum Collections: Family Portraits</i> [MoMA Exh. #733, May 27–February 7, 1965]</p> <p><b>734.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawings from the Museum Collections: A Selection</i> [MoMA Exh. #734, May 27–March 23, 1965]</p> <p><b>735.</b>&nbsp; <i>Prints by Seventeen Artists</i> [MoMA Exh. #735, May 27–March 23, 1965]</p> <p><b>736.</b>&nbsp; <i>Edward Steichen Photography Center</i> [MoMA Exh. #736, May 27, 1965–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>737.</b>&nbsp; <i>Philip L. Goodwin Galleries of Architecture and Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #737, May 27, 1965–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>738.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: South Asian Painting</i> [MoMA Exh. #738, May 27–July 29, 1964; September 18–November 2, 1964]</p> <p><b>739.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Painters as New Lithographers</i> [MoMA Exh. #739, May 27–July 29, 1964]</p> <p><b>740.</b>&nbsp; <i>Stills from the Film Library Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #740, May 27–August 28, 1964]</p> <p><b>741.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Photographer’s Eye</i> [MoMA Exh. #741, May 27–August 23, 1964]</p> <p><b>742.</b>&nbsp; <i>Two Design Programs: The Braun Co./Chemex Corp.</i> [MoMA Exh. #742, May 27–August 23, 1964]</p> <p><b>743.</b>&nbsp; <i>Children’s Carnival</i> [MoMA Exh. #743, June 23–August 30, 1964]</p> <p><b>744.</b>&nbsp; <i>Twentieth Century Engineering</i> [MoMA Exh. #744, June 30–September 13, 1964]</p> <p><b>745.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C.</i> [MoMA Exh. #745, August 1–September 13, 1964]</p> <p><b>746.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Photographic Poster</i> [MoMA Exh. #746, September 7–November 30, 1964]</p> <p><b>747.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Painters and Sculptors as Printmakers</i> [MoMA Exh. #747, September 15–October 24, 1964]</p> <p><b>748.</b>&nbsp; <i>Eduardo Paolozzi</i> [MoMA Exh. #748, September 21–November 10, 1964]</p> <p><b>748a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Junior Council Print Sale</i> [MoMA Exh. #748a, September 29–October 25, 1964]</p> <p><b>749.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bonnard and His Environment</i> [MoMA Exh. #749, October 7–November 29, 1964]</p> <p><b>750.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gunter Haese</i> [MoMA Exh. #750, October 16–November 15, 1964]</p> <p><b>751.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Seven American Paintings</i> [MoMA Exh. #751, November 5, 1964–February 15, 1965]</p> <p><b>752.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture Without Architects</i> [MoMA Exh. #752, November 11, 1964–February 7, 1965]</p> <p><b>753.</b>&nbsp; <i>André Kertész</i> [MoMA Exh. #753, November 24, 1964–January 28, 1965]</p> <p><b>754.</b>&nbsp; <i>Max Beckmann</i> [MoMA Exh. #754, December 16, 1964–January 31, 1965]</p> <p><b>755.</b>&nbsp; <i>Work from the Children’s Art Carnival in India</i> [MoMA Exh. #755, February 2–February 26, 1965]</p> <p><b>756.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #756, February 16–April 25, 1965]</p> <p><b>757.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Responsive Eye</i> [MoMA Exh. #757, February 25–April 25, 1965]</p> <p><b>758.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Horror Film</i> [MoMA Exh. #758, March 8–April 11, 1965]</p> <p><b>759.</b>&nbsp; <i>Children’s Art from the Hong Kong Schools</i> [MoMA Exh. #759, March 9–April 3, 1965]</p> <p><b>760.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Photo Essay</i> [MoMA Exh. #760, March 16–May 16, 1965]</p> <p><b>761.</b>&nbsp; <i>John S. Newberry: A Memorial Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. #761, April 13–July 14, 1965]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Theatre and Dance</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, April 13, 1965–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>762.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Kearsage Art Group</i> [MoMA Exh. #762, April 15–May 28, 1965]</p> <p><b>763.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Assemblage</i> [MoMA Exh. #763, April 19–September 12, 1965]</p> <p><b>764.</b>&nbsp; <i>D.W. Griffith: American Film Master</i> [MoMA Exh. #764, April 26–September 6, 1965]</p> <p><b>765.</b>&nbsp; <i>Siskind Recently</i> [MoMA Exh. #765, May 5–June 27, 1965]</p> <p><b>766.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Collages</i> [MoMA Exh. #766, May 11–July 25, 1965]</p> <p><b>767a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Architecture, U.S.A.</i> [MoMA Exh. #767a, May 18–September 6, 1965]</p> <p><b>767b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art Work by Children and Young People from the Classes of the Art Center</i> [MoMA Exh. #767b, June 7–July 30, 1965; August 23–October 15, 1965]</p> <p><b>768.</b>&nbsp; <i>Alberto Giacometti</i> [MoMA Exh. #768, June 9–October 12, 1965]</p> <p><b>769.</b>&nbsp; <i>Elliott Erwitt: Improbable Photographs</i> [MoMA Exh. #769, June 30–October 3, 1965]</p> <p><b>770.</b>&nbsp; <i>Glamour Portraits</i> [MoMA Exh. #770, August 2–September19, 1965]</p> <p><b>771.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Prints of Masuo Ikeda</i> [MoMA Exh. #771, August 10–September 19, 1965]</p> <p><b>772.</b>&nbsp; <i>Le Corbusier: 1887–1965</i> [MoMA Exh. #772, September 1–October 10, 1965]</p> <p><b>773.</b>&nbsp; <i>44 Drawings: Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #773, September 6, 1965–January 23, 1966]</p> <p><b>774.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Kay Sage Tanguy Bequest</i> [MoMA Exh. #774, September 17–December 14, 1965]</p> <p><b>775.</b>&nbsp; <i>Movie Posters</i> [MoMA Exh. #775, September 18–October 31, 1965]</p> <p><b>776.</b>&nbsp; <i>Robert Motherwell</i> [MoMA Exh. #776, October 1–November 28, 1965]</p> <p><b>777.</b>&nbsp; <i>Structures for Sound—Musical Instruments by Francois and Bernard Baschet</i> [MoMA Exh. #777, October 5, 1965–January 23, 1966]</p> <p><b>778.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #778, October 6, 1965–January 9, 1966]</p> <p><b>779.</b>&nbsp; <i>The School of Paris: Paintings from the Florence May Schoenborn and Samuel A. Marx Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #779, November 2. 1965–January 2, 1966]</p> <p><b>780.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sculpture in Glass</i> [MoMA Exh. #780, November 16, 1965–January 2, 1966]</p> <p><b>781.</b>&nbsp; <i>Around the Automobile</i> [MoMA Exh. #781, December 9, 1965–March 21, 1966]</p> <p><b>782.</b>&nbsp; <i>René Magritte</i> [MoMA Exh. #782, December 15, 1965–February 27, 1966]</p> <p><b>783.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art Work of Japanese Children</i> [MoMA Exh. #783, December 15, 1965–February 19, 1966]</p> <p><b>784.</b>&nbsp; <i>Chasubles Designed by Henri Matisse</i> [MoMA Exh. #784, December 18, 1965–January 9, 1966]</p> <p><b>785.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rauschenberg: 34 Drawings for Dante’s Inferno</i> [MoMA Exh. #785, December 21, 1965–March 22, 1966]</p> <p><b>786.</b>&nbsp; <i>Frederick J. Kiesler</i> [MoMA Exh. #786, December 31, 1965–March 20, 1966]</p> <p><b>787.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Hampton Album</i> [MoMA Exh. #787, January 11–April 10, 1966]</p> <p><b>788.</b>&nbsp; <i>Film Posters</i> [MoMA Exh. #788, January 17–February 14, 1966]</p> <p><b>789.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dorothea Lange</i> [MoMA Exh. #789, January 26–April 10, 1966]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for Society of Architecture Historians</i> [January 29, 1966]</p> <p><b>790.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mies van der Rohe: Architectural Drawings from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #790, February 2–March 23, 1966]</p> <p><b>791.</b>&nbsp; <i>Greetings!</i> [MoMA Exh. #791, March 1–May 8, 1966]</p> <p><b>792.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paul J. Sachs Gallery Print Re-installation</i> [MoMA Exh. #792, March 3, 1966–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>793.</b>&nbsp; <i>Work from Adult Classes</i> [MoMA Exh. #793, March 16–April 29, 1966]</p> <p><b>794.</b>&nbsp; <i>Turner: Imagination and Reality</i> [MoMA Exh. #794, March 23–June 19, 1966]</p> <p><b>795.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #795, April 6–June 12, 1966]</p> <p><b>796.</b>&nbsp; <i>Marie Cosindas: Polaroid Color Photographs</i> [MoMA Exh. #796, April 13–July 4, 1966]</p> <p><b>797.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Architecture of Louis I. Kahn</i> [MoMA Exh. #797, April 26–May 30, 1966]</p> <p><b>798.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Career of an Actress: Sophia Loren</i> [MoMA Exh. #798, May 18–September 25, 1966]</p> <p><b>799.</b>&nbsp; <i>Nakian</i> [MoMA Exh. #799, June 22–September 5, 1966]</p> <p><b>800.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Object Transformed</i> [MoMA Exh. #800, June 29–September 5, 1966]</p> <p><b>801.</b>&nbsp; <i>Villa Savoye: Destruction through Neglect</i> [MoMA Exh. #801, July 2–July 24, 1966]</p> <p><b>802.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bruce Davidson</i> [MoMA Exh. #802, July 7–October 2, 1966]</p> <p><b>803.</b>&nbsp; <i>Henri Matisse: 64 Paintings</i> [MoMA Exh. #803, July 19–September 25, 1966]</p> <p><b>804.</b>&nbsp; <i>20 Drawings: New Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #804, August 2–October 2, 1966]</p> <p><b>805.</b>&nbsp; <i>London/New York/Hollywood: A New Look in Prints</i> [MoMA Exh. #805, September 13–October 2, 1966]</p> <p><b>806.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Racing Car: Toward a Rational Automobile</i> [MoMA Exh. #806, September 27–November 27, 1966]</p> <p><b>807.</b>&nbsp; <i>Walker Evans’ Subway, 1938–1941</i> [MoMA Exh. #807, October 5–December 11, 1966]</p> <p><b>808.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Action Still</i> [MoMA Exh. #808, October 6–December 4, 1966]</p> <p><b>809.</b>&nbsp; <i>The New Japanese Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #809, October 19, 1966–January 2, 1967]</p> <p><b>810.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Epstein and Others</i> [MoMA Exh. #810, October 26–December 20, 1966]</p> <p><b>810a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Americans Today: 25 Painters as Printmakers</i> [MoMA Exh. #810a, November 1–November 9, 1966]</p> <p><b>811.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawings from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #811, October 31, 1966–May 8, 1967]</p> <p><b>812.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art in the Mirror</i> [MoMA Exh. #812, November 22, 1966–February 6, 1967]</p> <p><b>813.</b>&nbsp; <i>Chagall: Aleko</i> [MoMA Exh. #813, December 14, 1966–February 26, 1967]</p> <p><b>814.</b>&nbsp; <i>From the McAlpin Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #814, December 14, 1966–February 12, 1967]</p> <p><b>814a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Finial of the Church of the Sagrada Familia</i> [MoMA Exh. #814a, December 16, 1966–January 16, 1967]</p> <p><b>815.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Taste of a Connoisseur: The Paul J. Sachs Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #815, December 21, 1966–March 5, 1967]</p> <p><b>816.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Five European Painters</i> [MoMA Exh. #816, December 23, 1966–January 22, 1967]</p> <p><b>817.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art Work from Adult Classes</i> [MoMA Exh. #817, January 24–February 23, 1967]</p> <p><b>818.</b>&nbsp; <i>The New City: Architecture and Urban Renewal</i> [MoMA Exh. #818, January 24–March 13, 1967]</p> <p><b>819.</b>&nbsp; <i>Calder: 19 Gifts from the Artist</i> [MoMA Exh. #819, February 1–September 4, 1967]</p> <p><b>820.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jerry N. Uelsmann</i> [MoMA Exh. #820, February 15–April 16, 1967]</p> <p><b>821.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Documents</i> [MoMA Exh. #821, February 28–May 7, 1967]</p> <p><b>822.</b>&nbsp; <i>Posters for the Department of Film</i> [MoMA Exh. #822, March 6–April 24, 1967]</p> <p><b>822a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Members Collect</i> [MoMA Exh. #822a, March 27–May 25, 1967]</p> <p><b>823.</b>&nbsp; <i>Latin-American Art, 1931–1966, from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #823, March 17–June 4, 1967]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art Work from the Elementary and Secondary Schools of Egypt</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, March 27–April 29, 1967]</p> <p><b>824.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jackson Pollock</i> [MoMA Exh. #824, April 5–June 4, 1967]</p> <p><b>825.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Star Garden (A Place)</i> [MoMA Exh. #825, April 21–May 21, 1967]</p> <p><b>826.</b>&nbsp; <i>A European Experiment</i> [MoMA Exh. #826, April 26–July 16, 1967]</p> <p><b>826a.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Artist as His Subject</i> [MoMA Exh. #826a, April 28–30, 1967]</p> <p><b>827.</b>&nbsp; <i>Canada ’67</i> [MoMA Exh. #827, May 2–June 4, 1967]</p> <p><b>828.</b>&nbsp; <i>Habitat</i> [MoMA Exh. #828, June 1–July 16, 1967]</p> <p><b>829.</b>&nbsp; <i>Guernica: Studies and Postscripts</i> [MoMA Exh. #829, June 2, 1967–February 13, 1968]</p> <p><b>830.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawings: Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #830, June 6–November 22, 1967]</p> <p><b>831.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Artist as His Subject</i> [MoMA Exh. #831, June 6–September 17, 1967]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Kandinsky: Verses without Words</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, June, 6 1967–May 11, 1969]</p> <p><b>832.</b>&nbsp; <i>Stills from the Czechoslovak Film Festival</i> [MoMA Exh. #832, June 14–July 16, 1967]</p> <p><b>833.</b>&nbsp; <i>Once Invisible</i> [MoMA Exh. #833, June 20–September 11, 1967]</p> <p><b>834.</b>&nbsp; <i>The 1960s: Painting and Sculpture from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #834, June 28–September 24, 1967]</p> <p><b>835.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography: Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #835, July 21–October 8, 1967]</p> <p><b>836.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architectural Fantasies: Drawings from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #836, July 27–February 12, 1968]</p> <p><b>837.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lyonel Feininger: The Ruin by the Sea</i> [MoMA Exh. #837, August 1–September 24, 1967]</p> <p><b>838.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mutoscopes</i> [MoMA Exh. #838, August 2–October 23, 1967]</p> <p><b>839.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jim Dine Designs for a Midsummer Night’s Dream</i> [MoMA Exh. #839, August 8–September 24, 1967]</p> <p><b>840.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Design Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #840, September 27, 1967–January 1, 1968]</p> <p><b>840a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jewelry by Contemporary Painters and Sculptors</i> [MoMA Exh. #840a, October 3–October 5, 1967]</p> <p><b>841.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Sculpture of Picasso</i> [MoMA Exh. #841, October 11, 1967–January 1, 1968]</p> <p><b>842.</b>&nbsp; <i>Prints by Picasso: A Selection from 60 Years</i> [MoMA Exh. #842, October 11, 1967–January 1, 1968]</p> <p><b>843.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Star Vehicle: The Making of a Movie</i> [MoMA Exh. #843, October 23, 1967–January 29, 1968]</p> <p><b>844.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ray K. Metzker</i> [MoMA Exh. #844, October 25, 1967–January 31, 1968]</p> <p><b>845.</b>&nbsp; <i>Steichen Gallery Reinstallation</i> [MoMA Exh. #845, October 25, 1967–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>846.</b>&nbsp; <i>Frank O’Hara/In Memory of My Feelings</i> [MoMA Exh. #846, December 4, 1967–September 10, 1968]</p> <p><b>847.</b>&nbsp; <i>Five Sculptures from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #847, January 8–March 3, 1968]</p> <p><b>848.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Sidney and Harriet Janis Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #848, January 17–March 4, 1968]</p> <p><b>849.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Art of the Animator: The Storyboard</i> [MoMA Exh. #849, January 17–March 3, 1968]</p> <p><b>850.</b>&nbsp; <i>Word and Image: Posters and Typography from the Graphic Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art, 1879–1967</i> [MoMA Exh. #850, January 25–March 10, 1968]</p> <p><b>851.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ben Schultz Memorial Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. #851, February 9–March 31, 1968]</p> <p><b>852.</b>&nbsp; <i>The York House Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. #852, February 28–June 3, 1968]</p> <p><b>853.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography as Printmaking</i> [MoMA Exh. #853, March 19–May 27, 1968]</p> <p><b>854.</b>&nbsp; <i>Manhattan Observed</i> [MoMA Exh. #854, March 22–July 1, 1968]</p> <p><b>855.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dada, Surrealism and their Heritage</i> [MoMA Exh. #855, March 27–June 9, 1968]</p> <p><b>856.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photographs Before Surrealism</i> [MoMA Exh. #856, April 3–July 28, 1968]</p> <p><b>856a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Cézanne to Miró</i> [MoMA Exh. #856a, April 23–April 25, 1968]</p> <p><b>857.</b>&nbsp; <i>Christo Wraps the Museum</i> [MoMA Exh. #857, June 5–June 25, 1968]</p> <p><b>858.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Czech and Polish Posters</i> [MoMA Exh. #858, June 10–November 18, 1968]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fifteen Klees</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, June 1968–specific opening or closing dates unknown]</p> <p><b>859.</b>&nbsp; <i>James Stirling: Three University Buildings</i> [MoMA Exh. #859, June 11–August 4, 1968]</p> <p><b>860.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #860, June 18–August 25, 1968]</p> <p><b>861.</b>&nbsp; <i>Cartier-Bresson</i> [MoMA Exh. #861, June 25–September 2, 1968]</p> <p><b>862.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art of the Real</i> [MoMA Exh. #862, July 3–September 8, 1968]</p> <p><b>863.</b>&nbsp; <i>Garbo: Film Stills</i> [MoMA Exh. #863, July 9–October 23, 1968]</p> <p><b>864.</b>&nbsp; <i>My European Trip: Photographs from the Car by Joel Meyerowitz</i> [MoMA Exh. #864, August 3–September 29, 1968]</p> <p><b>865.</b>&nbsp; <i>John Graham</i> [MoMA Exh. #865, August 13–October 13, 1968]</p> <p><b>866.</b>&nbsp; <i>Five Major Loans: Paintings lent by Mrs. Bertram Smith and Norton Simon</i> [MoMA Exh. #866, August 30–November 11, 1968]</p> <p><b>867.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture of Museums</i> [MoMA Exh. #867, September 25–November 11, 1968]</p> <p><b>868.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jean Dubuffet at the Museum of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #868, October 2–October 27, 1968]</p> <p><b>869.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paul Caponigro: Recent Photographs</i> [MoMA Exh. #869, October 7–December 8, 1968]</p> <p><b>870.</b>&nbsp; <i>Memorial to Six Million Jewish Martyrs</i> [MoMA Exh. #870, October 17–November 17, 1968]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawings by Sculptors: A Selection from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, October 21, 1968–February 2, 1969]</p> <p><b>871.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tribute to Marcel Duchamp</i> [MoMA Exh. #871, October 22–November 17, 1968]</p> <p><b>872.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rauschenberg: Soundings</i> [MoMA Exh. #872, October 29, 1968–January 26, 1969]</p> <p><b>873.</b>&nbsp; <i>Brassaï</i> [MoMA Exh. #873, October 29, 1968–January 5, 1969]</p> <p><b>873a.</b>&nbsp; <i>In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King</i> [MoMA Exh. #873a, October 31–November 3, 1968]</p> <p><b>874.</b>&nbsp; <i>Career of an Actor: Anthony Quinn</i> [MoMA Exh. #874, November 7, 1968–January 12, 1969]</p> <p><b>875.</b>&nbsp; <i>By Children and Young People 2 1/2–17 years</i> [MoMA Exh. #875, November 18, 1968–January 11, 1969]</p> <p><b>876.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paris: May 1968. Posters of the Student Revolt</i> [MoMA Exh. #876, November 23, 1968–February 24, 1969]</p> <p><b>877.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Machine as Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age</i> [MoMA Exh. #877, November 27, 1968–February 9, 1969]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Arthur Dove</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, December 3–5, 1968]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Max Ernst: Works on Paper</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, December 3–5, 1968]</p> <p><b>878.</b>&nbsp; <i>Eastern Kentucky and San Francisco: Photographs by William Gedney</i> [MoMA Exh. #878, December 17, 1968–March 10, 1969]</p> <p><b>879.</b>&nbsp; <i>Julio Gonzalez</i> [MoMA Exh. #879, January 21–March 18, 1969]</p> <p><b>880.</b>&nbsp; <i>Stills from Lost Films</i> [MoMA Exh. #880, January 30–June 15, 1969]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jean Dubuffet: Recent Gifts</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, February 17–March 30, 1969]</p> <p><b>881.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawings: Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #881, February 18–March 30, 1969]</p> <p><b>882.</b>&nbsp; <i>Wall Hangings</i> [MoMA Exh. #882, February 25–May 4, 1969]</p> <p><b>883.</b>&nbsp; <i>Function Without Form: Two Models for an Undesignable City</i> [MoMA Exh. #883, March 1–April 30, 1969]</p> <p><b>884.</b>&nbsp; <i>Willem de Kooning</i> [MoMA Exh. #884, March 5–April 26, 1969]</p> <p><b>885.</b>&nbsp; <i>August Sander (1876–1964)</i> [MoMA Exh. #885, March 14–July 7, 1969]</p> <p><b>886.</b>&nbsp; <i>Giacomo Manzu: Studies for the Portal of Death</i> [MoMA Exh. #886, March 17–May 12, 1969]</p> <p><b>887.</b>&nbsp; <i>Kandinsky Watercolors</i> [MoMA Exh. #887, April 1–May 11, 1969]</p> <p><b>888.</b>&nbsp; <i>Homage to Ben Shahn</i> [MoMA Exh. #888, April 2–May 11, 1969]</p> <p><b>889.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting for City Walls</i> [MoMA Exh. #889, April 17–July 12, 1969]</p> <p><b>889a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Re-installation of the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #889a, April 14, 1969–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>890.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tamarind: Homage to Lithography</i> [MoMA Exh. #890, April 29–September 1, 1969]</p> <p><b>891.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #891, April 28–November 4, 1969]</p> <p><b>892.</b>&nbsp; <i>Twentieth-Century Art from the Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #892, May 28–September 1, 1969]</p> <p><b>893.</b>&nbsp; <i>The New American Painting and Sculpture: The First Generation</i> [MoMA Exh. #893, June 18–October 5, 1969]</p> <p><b>894.</b>&nbsp; <i>Five Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #894, June 25–October 12, 1969]</p> <p><b>895.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Career of an Actress: Katharine Hepburn</i> [MoMA Exh. #895, July 8–September 14, 1969]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Family: Portraits from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, July 9, 1969–September 28, 1969]</p> <p><b>896.</b>&nbsp; <i>Portrait Photographs</i> [MoMA Exh. #896, July 9–September 28, 1969]</p> <p><b>897.</b>&nbsp; <i>Urban Anticipations: Eugene Henard (1849–1923)</i> [MoMA Exh. #897, July 30–October 19, 1969]</p> <p><b>898.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lucas Samaras: Book</i> [MoMA Exh. #898, August 4–September 10, 1969]</p> <p><b>899.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ludwig Mies van der Rohe Memorial</i> [MoMA Exh. #899, August 25–October 23, 1969]</p> <p><b>900.</b>&nbsp; <i>Robert Motherwell: Lyric Suite</i> [MoMA Exh. #900, September 8–October 13, 1969]</p> <p><b>901a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #901a, Lobby, September 5–November 11, 1969; Garden, September 10, 1969]</p> <p><b>901b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bill Brandt</i> [MoMA Exh. #901b, September 15–November 30, 1969]</p> <p><b>902a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Claes Oldenburg</i> [MoMA Exh. #902a, September 23–November 23, 1969]</p> <p><b>902b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Claes Oldenburg</i> [MoMA Exh. #902b, September 23–November 30, 1969]</p> <p><b>903.</b>&nbsp; <i>Yugoslavia: A Report</i> [MoMA Exh. #903, September 29–November 30, 1969]</p> <p><b>904.</b>&nbsp; <i>George Grosz: Watercolors and Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #904, October 1–November 16, 1969]</p> <p><b>905.</b>&nbsp; <i>Garry Winogrand: The Animals</i> [MoMA Exh. #905, October 24, 1969–January 18, 1970]</p> <p><b>906.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ocean Projects: Hutchinson and Oppenheim</i> [MoMA Exh. #906, October 20–November 30, 1969]</p> <p><b>907.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Painting and Sculpture III</i> [MoMA Exh. #907, October 24, 1969–May 24, 1970]</p> <p><b>908.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pioneering in Art Education</i> [MoMA Exh. #908, October 30, 1969–January 30, 1970]</p> <p><b>909.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #909, November 5, 1969–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>910.</b>&nbsp; <i>Eric Mendelsohn: Architectural Drawings, 1914–1929</i> [MoMA Exh. #910, November 7–December 28, 1969]</p> <p><b>911.</b>&nbsp; <i>Matisse: Memory of Oceania</i> [MoMA Exh. #911, November 19, 1969–January 27, 1970]</p> <p><b>912.</b>&nbsp; <i>Atget</i> [MoMA Exh. #912, December 1, 1969–March 24, 1970]</p> <p><b>913.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions IV</i> [MoMA Exh. #913, December 1, 1969–March 23, 1970]</p> <p><b>914.</b>&nbsp; <i>Untitled Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. #914, December 5, 1969–March 22, 1970]</p> <p><b>915.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Graphic Constructions of Josef Albers</i> [MoMA Exh. #915, December 8, 1969–February 24, 1970]</p> <p><b>916.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Salute to Alexander Calder</i> [MoMA Exh. #916, December 18, 1969–February 15, 1970]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>40 Prints from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, December 18, 1969–March 1, 1970]</p> <p><b>917a.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Drawings and Watercolors: A Selection from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #917a, December 24, 1969–March 1, 1970]</p> <p><b>917b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Spaces</i> [MoMA Exh. #917b, December 30, 1969–March 1, 1970]</p> <p><a href="#top">top</a></p> <div id="1970" /> <h2>1970–1979</h2> <p><b>918.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sherman’s Campaign: Photographs by George N. Barnard</i> [MoMA Exh. #918, January 27–April 13, 1970]</p> <p><b>919.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mrs. Simon Guggenheim, 1877–1970: In Memoriam</i> [MoMA Exh. #919, February 25–March 17, 1970]</p> <p><b>920.</b>&nbsp; <i>Joan Miró: Fifty Recent Prints</i> [MoMA Exh. #920, March 9–May 11, 1970]</p> <p><b>921.</b>&nbsp; <i>Hector Guimard</i> [MoMA Exh. #921, March 11–May 10, 1970]</p> <p><b>922.</b>&nbsp; <i>Frank Stella</i> [MoMA Exh. #922, March 24–June 2, 1970 (Paintings), March 24–May 24, 1970 (Drawings)]</p> <p><b>923.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mark Rothko, 1903–1970</i> [MoMA Exh. #923, March 26–May 31, 1970]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Naive Paintings</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, March 31–April 5, 1970]</p> <p><b>924.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Japanese Film, 1896–1969</i> [MoMA Exh. #924, April 4–October 6, 1970]</p> <p><b>925.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography Into Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #925, April 8–July 5, 1970]</p> <p><b>926.</b>&nbsp; <i>Theo Van Doesburg: The Development of an Architect</i> [MoMA Exh. #926, April 10–June 7, 1970]</p> <p><b>927.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography: New Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #927, April 16–July 5, 1970]</p> <p><b>928a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pop Art Prints, Drawings, and Multiples</i> [MoMA Exh. #928a, May 23–August 31, 1970]</p> <p><b>928b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Popular Mechanics in Printmaking</i> [MoMA Exh. #928b, May 23–August 31, 1970]</p> <p><b>928c.</b>&nbsp; <i>Preliminary Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #928c, May 23–August 31, 1970]</p> <p><b>929.</b>&nbsp; <i>Protest Photographs</i> [MoMA Exh. #929, May 23–June 2, 1970]</p> <p><b>930.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions V</i> [MoMA Exh. #930, June 19–October 18, 1970]</p> <p><b>931.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photo Eye of the 20s</i> [MoMA Exh. #931, June 4–September 8, 1970]</p> <p><b>932.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitons VI</i> [MoMA Exh. #932, June 5–September 13, 1970]</p> <p><b>933.</b>&nbsp; <i>Graphics 1: New Dimensions</i> [MoMA Exh. #933, June 25–November 15, 1970]</p> <p><b>934.</b>&nbsp; <i>Information</i> [MoMA Exh. #934, July 2–September 20, 1970]</p> <p><b>935.</b>&nbsp; <i>Archipenko: The Parisian Years</i> [MoMA Exh. #935, July 20–October 18, 1970]</p> <p><b>936.</b>&nbsp; <i>Barnett Newman, 1905–1970</i> [MoMA Exh. #936, July 21–September 8, 1970]</p> <p><b>937.</b>&nbsp; <i>One-Eyed Dicks</i> [MoMA Exh. #937, July 30–October 2, 1970]</p> <p><b>938.</b>&nbsp; <i>Osaka I</i> [MoMA Exh. #938, August 20, 1970–April 11, 1971]</p> <p><b>939.</b>&nbsp; <i>East 100th Street: Photographs by Bruce Davidson</i> [MoMA Exh. #939, September 22–November 29, 1970]</p> <p><b>940.</b>&nbsp; <i>Work in Progress: Architecture by Philip Johnson, Kevin Roche, Paul Rudolph</i> [MoMA Exh. #940, October 2, 1970–January 3, 1971]</p> <p><b>941.</b>&nbsp; <i>Stories by Duane Michals</i> [MoMA Exh. #941, October 4–December 6, 1970]</p> <p><b>942.</b>&nbsp; <i>Picasso: Master Printmaker</i> [MoMA Exh. #942, October 15–November 29, 1970]</p> <p><b>943.</b>&nbsp; <i>Robert Irwin</i> [MoMA Exh. #943, October 24, 1970–February 16, 1971]</p> <p><b>944a.</b>&nbsp; <i>From Naturalism to Abstraction: Three Series; Contemporary Sculpture and Constructions</i> [MoMA Exh. #944a, November 2, 1970–February 1, 1971]</p> <p><b>944b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Salvation Army Reception Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. #944b, November 5, 1970]</p> <p><b>944c.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painters for the Theatre</i> [MoMA Exh. #944c, November 12, 1970]</p> <p><b>945.</b>&nbsp; <i>E.J. Bellocq: Storyville Portraits</i> [MoMA Exh. #945, November 19, 1970–January 10, 1971]</p> <p><b>946a.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Nude: Thirty 20th-Century Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #946a, November 10, 1970–April 21, 1971]</p> <p><b>946b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paperworks</i> [MoMA Exh. #946b, November 24, 1970–January 10, 1971]</p> <p><b>947.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Design Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #947, December 1, 1970–January 31, 1971]</p> <p><b>948.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paul Burlin (1886–1969): The Last Paintings</i> [MoMA Exh. #948, December 10, 1970–February 8, 1971]</p> <p><b>949.</b>&nbsp; <i>Berenice Abbott</i> [MoMA Exh. #949, December 10, 1970–February 28, 1971]</p> <p><b>950.</b>&nbsp; <i>Four Americans in Paris: The Collections of Gertrude Stein and her Family</i> [MoMA Exh. #950, December 19, 1970–March 1, 1971]</p> <p><b>951.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jasper Johns: Lithographs</i> [MoMA Exh. #951, December 22, 1970–May 3, 1971]</p> <p><b>952.</b>&nbsp; <i>Walker Evans</i> [MoMA Exh. #952, January 27–April 12, 1971]</p> <p><b>953.</b>&nbsp; <i>Alexander Rodchenko</i> [MoMA Exh. #953, February 2–April 21, 1971]</p> <p><b>954.</b>&nbsp; <i>Surrealist Illusion from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #954, February 11–April 18, 1971]</p> <p><b>955.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent American Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #955, February 11–March 11, 1971]</p> <p><b>956.</b>&nbsp; <i>Goodwin Galleries New Installation</i> [MoMA Exh. #956, February 17, 1971]</p> <p><b>957a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: 20th-Century Pioneers</i> [MoMA Exh. #957a, March 13–April 26, 1971]</p> <p><b>957b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Untitled I</i> [MoMA Exh. #957b, March 9–May 15, 1971]</p> <p><b>958.</b>&nbsp; <i>Romare Bearden: The Prevalence of Ritual</i> [MoMA Exh. #958, March 25–June 9, 1971]</p> <p><b>959.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Sculpture of Richard Hunt</i> [MoMA Exh. #959, March 25–June 9, 1971]</p> <p><b>960.</b>&nbsp; <i>Will Insley: Ceremonial Space</i> [MoMA Exh. #960, March 31–May 3, 1971]</p> <p><b>961.</b>&nbsp; <i>Steichen Gallery Reinstallation</i> [MoMA Exh. #961, April 2, 1971]</p> <p><b>962.</b>&nbsp; <i>Younger Abstract Expressionists of the Fifties</i> [MoMA Exh. #962, April 26–September 6, 1971]</p> <p><b>963.</b>&nbsp; <i>Technics and Creativity: Selections from Gemini G.E.L.</i> [MoMA Exh. #963, May 5–July 6, 1971]</p> <p><b>964.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Keith Sonnier</i> [MoMA Exh. #964, May 5–August 2, 1971]</p> <p><b>965.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Selection of Drawings and Watercolors from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #965, May 11–October 19, 1971]</p> <p><b>966a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture for the Arts: The State University of New York College at Purchase</i> [MoMA Exh. #966a, May 13–June 22, 1971]</p> <p><b>966b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Untitled II</i> [MoMA Exh. #966b, May 20–July 5, 1971]</p> <p><b>967.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Pier 18</i> [MoMA Exh. #967, June 18–August 2, 1971]</p> <p><b>968a.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Artist as Adversary</i> [MoMA Exh. #968a, July 1–September 27, 1971]</p> <p><b>968b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Summer Show</i> [MoMA Exh. #968b, July 6–September 15, 1971]</p> <p><b>969.</b>&nbsp; <i>Manuel Alvarez Bravo</i> [MoMA Exh. #969, July 7–August 25, 1971]</p> <p><b>970a.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Work of Frei Otto</i> [MoMA Exh. #970a, July 8–October 24, 1971]</p> <p><b>970b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tent</i> [MoMA Exh. #970b, June 7–October 24, 1971]</p> <p><b>971.</b>&nbsp; <i>Clarence H. White</i> [MoMA Exh. #971, July 21–September 27, 1971]</p> <p><b>972.</b>&nbsp; <i>Matisse: Six Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #972, July 21–September 30, 1971]</p> <p><b>973.</b>&nbsp; <i>Posters by Cassandre</i> [MoMA Exh. #973, July 22–December 20, 1971]</p> <p><b>974.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ways of Looking</i> [MoMA Exh. #974, July 28–November 1, 1971]</p> <p><b>975.</b>&nbsp; <i>Thomas Wilfred: Lumia</i> [MoMA Exh. #975, August 9–September 20, 1971]</p> <p><b>976.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photographs of Women</i> [MoMA Exh. #976, September 7–November 30, 1971]</p> <p><b>977.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Mel Bochner</i> [MoMA Exh. #977, August 9–September 20, 1971]</p> <p><b>978.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions IX</i> [MoMA Exh. #978, October 7, 1971–October 14, 1971 (Northeast Galleries); October 27, 1971–January 2, 1972 (3rd Floor Galleries)]</p> <p><b>979.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jasper Johns: Map</i> [MoMA Exh. #979, October 6, 1971–February 13, 1972]</p> <p><b>980.</b>&nbsp; <i>Barnett Newman</i> [MoMA Exh. #980, October 21, 1971–January 10, 1972]</p> <p><b>981.</b>&nbsp; <i>Anton Heyboer; Etchings by Sol Lewitt; Henry Moore’s Elephant Skull</i> [MoMA Exh. #981, October 26, 1971–February 14, 1972]</p> <p><b>982.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Prints from the International Program</i> [MoMA Exh. #982, November 3–November 8, 1971]</p> <p><b>983.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Sam Gilliam</i> [MoMA Exh. #983, November 9–December 8, 1971]</p> <p><b>984.</b>&nbsp; <i>Education of an Architect: A Point of View</i> [MoMA Exh. #984, November 13, 1971–January 10, 1972]</p> <p><b>985a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tony Smith/81 More</i> [MoMA Exh. #985a, November 27, 1971–February 2, 1972]</p> <p><b>985b.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Christmas Show</i> [MoMA Exh. #985b, November 23, 1971–January 9, 1972]</p> <p><b>986.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Nancy Graves</i> [MoMA Exh. #986, December 15, 1971–January 24, 1972 (Paintings, Northwest Galleries); December 15, 1971–February 7, 1972 (Sculpture, Far West Gallery)]</p> <p><b>987.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photographs by Robert Adams and Emmet Gowin</i> [MoMA Exh. #987, December 16, 1971–February 29, 1972]</p> <p><b>988.</b>&nbsp; <i>Le Centre Beaubourg: A Modern Art Museum for Paris</i> [MoMA Exh. #988, December 23, 1971–February 21, 1972]</p> <p><b>989.</b>&nbsp; <i>Seven by de Kooning</i> [MoMA Exh. #989, December 23, 1971–April 1972]</p> <p><b>990.</b>&nbsp; <i>Naive Painting: A Selection from the Museum Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #990, January 7–February 22, 1972]</p> <p><b>991a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions X</i> [MoMA Exh. #991a, January 18–March 5, 1972]</p> <p><b>991b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Untitled III</i> [MoMA Exh. #991b, January 25–February 29, 1972]</p> <p><b>992.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gatherings: Photographs by Lee Friedlander</i> [MoMA Exh. #992, February 1–March 5, 1972]</p> <p><b>993.</b>&nbsp; <i>Picasso in the Collection of The Museum of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #993, February 3–April 2, 1972]</p> <p><b>994.</b>&nbsp; <i>Matisse: Jazz</i> [MoMA Exh. #994, February 22–March 5, 1972]</p> <p><b>995.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Sculpture of Matisse</i> [MoMA Exh. #995, February 23–May 1, 1972]</p> <p><b>996.</b>&nbsp; <i>Graphics by Tadanori Yokoo</i> [MoMA Exh. #996, February 25–June 7, 1972]</p> <p><b>997.</b>&nbsp; <i>California Prints</i> [MoMA Exh. #997, March 1–May 29, 1972]</p> <p><b>998.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawn in America</i> [MoMA Exh. #998, March 1–May 29, 1972]</p> <p><b>999.</b>&nbsp; <i>Barbara Morgan: Photographs</i> [MoMA Exh. #999, March 7–May 30, 1972]</p> <p><b>1000.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tchelitchew: Early Works on Paper</i> [MoMA Exh. #1000, March 10–April 30, 1972]</p> <p><b>1001a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Richard Long</i> [MoMA Exh. #1001a, March 14–April 17, 1972]</p> <p><b>1001b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Untitled IV</i> [MoMA Exh. #1001b, March 20–April 30, 1972]</p> <p><b>1002.</b>&nbsp; <i>Permanent Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1002, March 29, 1972–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>1003.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Emmanuel Pereire</i> [MoMA Exh. #1003, April 24–May 30, 1972]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Untitled V</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, May 15–June 15, 1972]</p> <p><b>1004.</b>&nbsp; <i>Italy: The New Domestic Landscape</i> [MoMA Exh. #1004, May 26–September 11, 1972]</p> <p><b>1005.</b>&nbsp; <i>Atget’s Trees</i> [MoMA Exh. #1005, June 7–September 17, 1972]</p> <p><b>1006.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Richard Tuttle and David Novros</i> [MoMA Exh. #1006, June 12–July 17, 1972]</p> <p><b>1007a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Symbolism, Synthesists, and the Fin-de-Siècle</i> [MoMA Exh. #1007a, June 20–October 10, 1972]</p> <p><b>1007b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Prints for Collectors</i> [MoMA Exh. #1007b, June 26–September 15, 1972]</p> <p><b>1008.</b>&nbsp; <i>European Drawings from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1008, June 27–October 10, 1972]</p> <p><b>1009.</b>&nbsp; <i>Kurt Schwitters</i> [MoMA Exh. #1009, July 31–September 10, 1972]</p> <p><b>1010.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sculpture from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1010, September 22–October 29, 1972]</p> <p><b>1011.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photographs by Henry Wessel, Jr.</i> [MoMA Exh. #1011, September 23, 1972–March 13, 1973]</p> <p><b>1012a.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Acquisitions: Three Mirós</i> [MoMA Exh. #1012a, September 30–November 8, 1972]</p> <p><b>1012b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Landscape</i> [MoMA Exh. #1012b, October 9–November 15, 1972]</p> <p><b>1012c.</b>&nbsp; <i>African Textiles and Decorative Arts</i> [MoMA Exh. #1012c, October 11, 1972–January 31, 1973]</p> <p><b>1013.</b>&nbsp; <i>Philadelphia in New York: 90 Modern Works from the Philadelphia Museum of Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #1013, October 18, 1972–January 7, 1973]</p> <p><b>1014.</b>&nbsp; <i>Etchings Etc.</i> [MoMA Exh. #1014, October 25, 1972–February 5, 1973]</p> <p><b>1015.</b>&nbsp; <i>Diane Arbus</i> [MoMA Exh. #1015, November 7, 1972–January 21, 1973]</p> <p><b>1016.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dubuffet: Persons and Places</i> [MoMA Exh. #1016, November 9, 1972–January 23, 1973]</p> <p><b>1017.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gastone Novelli</i> [MoMA Exh. #1017, November 9, 1972–January 8, 1973]</p> <p><b>1018a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Luis Fernando Benedit</i> [MoMA Exh. #1018a, November 14, 1972–January 2, 1973]</p> <p><b>1018b.</b>&nbsp; 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Kahn: 1901–1974</i> [MoMA Exh. #1056b, March 22–April 7, 1974]</p> <p><b>1057.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Japanese Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #1057, March 27–May 19, 1974]</p> <p><b>1058.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisition: Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #1058, March 28–April 28, 1974]</p> <p><b>1059.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Paintings of Gerald Murphy</i> [MoMA Exh. #1059, April 9–May 19, 1974]</p> <p><b>1060.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Rafael Ferrer</i> [MoMA Exh. #1060, April 22–May 27, 1974]</p> <p><b>1061.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jacob Israel Avedon: Photographed by Richard Avedon</i> [MoMA Exh. #1061, May 1–June 16, 1974]</p> <p><b>1062a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Printed, Cut, Folded, and Torn</i> [MoMA Exh. #1062a, May 10–August 11, 1974]</p> <p><b>1062b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #1062b, May 31–September 8, 1974]</p> <p><b>1063.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Sonia Landy Sheridan and Keith Smith</i> [MoMA Exh. #1063, June 4–July 14, 1974]</p> <p><b>1064.</b>&nbsp; <i>Seurat to Matisse: Drawing in France</i> [MoMA Exh. #1064, June 13–September 8, 1974]</p> <p><b>1065.</b>&nbsp; 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Griffith Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1098, May 15–September 3, 1975]</p> <p><b>1099a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Irving Penn: Recent Works</i> [MoMA Exh. #1099a, May 19–August 3, 1975]</p> <p><b>1099b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Prints by Sculptors</i> [MoMA Exh. #1099b, May 21–September 1, 1975]</p> <p><b>1100.</b>&nbsp; <i>Barbara Hepworth, 1903–1975</i> [MoMA Exh. #1100, May 23–June 15, 1975]</p> <p><b>1101.</b>&nbsp; <i>Milton Glaser</i> [MoMA Exh. #1101, June 2–October 21, 1975]</p> <p><b>1102.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tinguely: La Vittoria</i> [MoMA Exh. #1102, June 26–September 1, 1975]</p> <p><b>1103.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Jacques Villon Centennial</i> [MoMA Exh. #1103, July 8–September 21, 1975]</p> <p><b>1104.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video V</i> [MoMA Exh. #1104, August 1–September 30, 1975]</p> <p><b>1105.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Masters: Manet to Matisse</i> [MoMA Exh. #1105, August 5–September 28, 1975]</p> <p><b>1106.</b>&nbsp; <i>Picture Puzzles</i> [MoMA Exh. #1106, August 12–November 16, 1975]</p> <p><b>1107a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawings: Recent Gifts</i> [MoMA Exh. #1107a, September 5–November 11, 1975]</p> <p><b>1107b.</b>&nbsp; <i>76 Jefferson</i> [MoMA Exh. #1107b, September 11–December 1, 1975]</p> <p><b>1108.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Walter Pichler</i> [MoMA Exh. #1108, September 12–November 3, 1975]</p> <p><b>1109.</b>&nbsp; <i>Printsequence</i> [MoMA Exh. #1109, October 3, 1975–January 18, 1976]</p> <p><b>1110.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Architecture of the École des Beaux-Arts</i> [MoMA Exh. #1110, October 29, 1975–January 4, 1976]</p> <p><b>1111.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video VI</i> [MoMA Exh. #1111, November 1, 1975–January 31, 1976]</p> <p><b>1112.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Prints: Robert Ryman and Richard Smith</i> [MoMA Exh. #1112, November 6–30, 1975]</p> <p><b>1113.</b>&nbsp; <i>Eugene Buechel, S.J.: Rosebud and Pine Ridge Photographs, 1922–1942</i> [MoMA Exh. #1113, November 20, 1975–February 8, 1976]</p> <p><b>1114a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Design Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1114a, November 21, 1975–January 11, 1976]</p> <p><b>1114b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Stuart Davis</i> [MoMA Exh. #1114b, November 27, 1975–April 28, 1976]</p> <p><b>1115a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Bernhard and Hilla Becher</i> [MoMA Exh. #1115a, December 8, 1975–January 22, 1976]</p> <p><b>1115b.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Museum Menagerie</i> [MoMA Exh. #1115b, December 9, 1975–March 7, 1976]</p> <p><b>1116.</b>&nbsp; <i>Shinjuku: The Phenomenal City</i> [MoMA Exh. #1116, December 16, 1975–March 7, 1976]</p> <p><b>1117.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawing Now: 1955–1975</i> [MoMA Exh. #1117, January 21–March 9, 1976]</p> <p><b>1118.</b>&nbsp; <i>Constructivism in Poland, 1923–1936</i> [MoMA Exh. #1118, January 30–March 25, 1976]</p> <p><b>1119.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video VII</i> [MoMA Exh. #1119, February 4–March 31, 1976]</p> <p><b>1119a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Cubism and Its Affinities</i> [MoMA Exh. #1119a, February 9–May 9, 1976]</p> <p><b>1120.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Michael Snow, Photographs</i> [MoMA Exh. #1120, February 19–April 27, 1976]</p> <p><b>1121.</b>&nbsp; <i>Morgan Russell: Synchromist Studies, 1910–1922</i> [MoMA Exh. #1121, March 16–May 25, 1976]</p> <p><b>1121a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography for Collectors</i> [MoMA Exh. #1121a, March 16–June 20, 1976]</p> <p><b>1122.</b>&nbsp; <i>The “Wild Beasts”: Fauvism and Its Affinities</i> [MoMA Exh. #1122, March 24–June 1, 1976]</p> <p><b>1123.</b>&nbsp; <i>Posters from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1123, March 26–May 19, 1976]</p> <p><b>1124.</b>&nbsp; <i>Josef Albers, 1888–1976</i> [MoMA Exh. #1124, March 26–April 19, 1976]</p> <p><b>1125.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: William T. Wiley</i> [MoMA Exh. #1125, April 5–May 16, 1976]</p> <p><b>1126.</b>&nbsp; <i>Max Ernst, 1891–1976</i> [MoMA Exh. #1126, April 2–30, 1976]</p> <p><b>1127.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video VIII</i> [MoMA Exh. #1127, April 19–June 20, 1976]</p> <p><b>1128.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paul Strand, 1890–1976</i> [MoMA Exh. #1128, April 13–May 10, 1976]</p> <p><b>1129.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mark Tobey, 1890–1976</i> [MoMA Exh. #1129, April 27–May 21, 1976]</p> <p><b>1130.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography: Recent Acquisitions, 1974–1976</i> [MoMA Exh. #1130, May 6–July 18, 1976]</p> <p><b>1131.</b>&nbsp; <i>Narrative Prints</i> [MoMA Exh. #1131, May 14–August 8, 1976]</p> <p><b>1132.</b>&nbsp; <i>Prints from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1132, May 14–August 8, 1976]</p> <p><b>1133.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photographs by William Eggleston</i> [MoMA Exh. #1133, May 24–August 1, 1976]</p> <p><b>1134.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1134, May 28–July 13, 1976]</p> <p><b>1135.</b>&nbsp; <i>André Masson</i> [MoMA Exh. #1135, June 2–August 17, 1976]</p> <p><b>1136.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Architecture of Luis Barragán</i> [MoMA Exh. #1136, June 4–September 1, 1976]</p> <p><b>1137.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Taxi Project: Realistic Solutions for Today</i> [MoMA Exh. #1137, June 16–September 7, 1976]</p> <p><b>1138.</b>&nbsp; <i>Handmade Paper Prints and Unique Works</i> [MoMA Exh. #1138, June 28–September 12, 1976]</p> <p><b>1139.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video IX</i> [MoMA Exh. #1139, July 1–September 30, 1976]</p> <p><b>1140.</b>&nbsp; <i>Some American Drawings: Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1140, July 19–September 12, 1976]</p> <p><b>1141.</b>&nbsp; <i>Longer Views: 40 Photographs by Nick Nixon</i> [MoMA Exh. #1141, July 22–October 3, 1976]</p> <p><b>1142.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Panama Canal Photographs by Ernest “Red” Hallen</i> [MoMA Exh. #1142, August 9–October 3, 1976]</p> <p><b>1143.</b>&nbsp; <i>Between World Wars: Drawing in Europe and America</i> [MoMA Exh. #1143, August 20–November 14, 1976]</p> <p><b>1144.</b>&nbsp; <i>Reinstallation of the Painting and Sculpture Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1144, September 3–November 9, 1976]</p> <p><b>1145.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Glory: New Designs for Flags</i> [MoMA Exh. #1145, September 11–October 24, 1976]</p> <p><b>1146.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rodin &amp; Balzac</i> [MoMA Exh. #1146, September 20–November 18, 1976]</p> <p><b>1147.</b>&nbsp; <i>Los Angeles: Selections from the Art Lending Service</i> [MoMA Exh. #1147, September 21–November 28, 1976]</p> <p><b>1148.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Natural Paradise: Painting in America 1800–1950</i> [MoMA Exh. #1148, September 29–November 30, 1976]</p> <p><b>1149.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video X</i> [MoMA Exh. #1149, October 3–November 30, 1976]</p> <p><b>1150.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photographs by Stephen Shore</i> [MoMA Exh. #1150, October 8, 1976–January 4, 1977]</p> <p><b>1151.</b>&nbsp; <i>Satellite Exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #1151, October 13–November 8, 1976]</p> <p><b>1152.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Charles Simonds and Mary Miss</i> [MoMA Exh. #1152, October 14–December 2, 1976]</p> <p><b>1153.</b>&nbsp; <i>Alexander Calder, 1898–1976</i> [MoMA Exh. #1153, November 11–December 7, 1976]</p> <p><b>1154.</b>&nbsp; <i>Matisse/Gaudí: Ecclesiastical Designs</i> [MoMA Exh. #1154, November 15, 1976–January 9, 1977]</p> <p><b>1155.</b>&nbsp; <i>Man Ray, 1890–1976</i> [MoMA Exh. #1155, November 18–December 7, 1976]</p> <p><b>1156.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #1156, November 22, 1976–March 1, 1977]</p> <p><b>1157.</b>&nbsp; <i>Prints: Acquisitions, 1973–1976</i> [MoMA Exh. #1157, November 23, 1976–February 20, 1977]</p> <p><b>1158.</b>&nbsp; <i>Harry Callahan</i> [MoMA Exh. #1158, December 2, 1976–February 8, 1977]</p> <p><b>1158a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rooms</i> [MoMA Exh. #1158a, December 7, 1976–February 6, 1977]</p> <p><b>1159.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Peter Campus</i> [MoMA Exh. #1159, December 10, 1976–January 18, 1977]</p> <p><b>1160.</b>&nbsp; <i>European Master Paintings from Swiss Collections: Post-Impressionism to World War II</i> [MoMA Exh. #1160, December 17, 1976–March 1, 1977]</p> <p><b>1161.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tina Modotti</i> [MoMA Exh. #1161, January 10–April 5, 1977]</p> <p><b>1162.</b>&nbsp; <i>Posters by Painters</i> [MoMA Exh. #1162, January 21–March 23, 1977]</p> <p><b>1162a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XI</i> [MoMA Exh. #1162a, January 24–April 28, 1977]</p> <p><b>1163.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Buckminster Fuller and John Cage</i> [MoMA Exh. #1163, January 27–March 6, 1977]</p> <p><b>1164.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Filmmakers’ Image</i> [MoMA Exh. #1164, February 10–April 25, 1977]</p> <p><b>1164a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Maps</i> [MoMA Exh. #1164a, February 14–April 10, 1977]</p> <p><b>1165.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: Furniture and Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1165, March 3–May 3, 1977]</p> <p><b>1166.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fred Williams: Landscapes of a Continent</i> [MoMA Exh. #1166, March 10–May 8, 1977]</p> <p><b>1167.</b>&nbsp; <i>Matisse: The Swimming Pool</i> [MoMA Exh. #1167, March 11–August 1, 1977]</p> <p><b>1168.</b>&nbsp; <i>British Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1168, March 17–May 30, 1977]</p> <p><b>1169.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bookworks</i> [MoMA Exh. #1169, March 17–May 30, 1977]</p> <p><b>1170.</b>&nbsp; <i>Robert Rauschenberg</i> [MoMA Exh. #1170, March 25–May 17, 1977]</p> <p><b>1171.</b>&nbsp; <i>Wall Hangings: The New Classicism</i> [MoMA Exh. #1171, April 8–July 17, 1977]</p> <p><b>1172.</b>&nbsp; <i>Courthouse</i> [MoMA Exh. #1172, April 12–July 10, 1977]</p> <p><b>1172a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artists by Artists</i> [MoMA Exh. #1172a, April 18–June 26, 1977]</p> <p><b>1173.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Allen Ruppersberg</i> MoMA Exh. #1173, May 17–July 4, 1977]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions of Contemporary Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. No#. May 25–August 15, 1977]</p> <p><b>1174.</b>&nbsp; <i>Extraordinary Men</i> [MoMA Exh. #1174, June 2–July 17, 1977]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Universal Pictures</i> [June 2, 1977–February 21, 1978]</p> <p><b>1175.</b>&nbsp; <i>Impresario: Ambroise Vollard</i> [MoMA Exh. #1175, June 6–September 6, 1977]</p> <p><b>1176.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XII</i> [MoMA Exh. #1176, June 9–July 31, 1977]</p> <p><b>1177.</b>&nbsp; <i>Universal Pictures</i> [MoMA Exh. #1177, June 9, 1977–January 12, 1978]</p> <p><b>1177a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from Art Lending Service</i> [MoMA Exh. #1177a, July 1–September 5, 1977]</p> <p><b>1178.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Michael Vessa</i> [MoMA Exh. #1178, July 12–August 22, 1977]</p> <p><b>1179.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photographs by Chauncey Hare</i> [MoMA Exh. #1179, July 18–October 22, 1977]</p> <p><b>1180.</b>&nbsp; <i>Extraordinary Women</i> [MoMA Exh. #1180, July 22–September 20, 1977]</p> <p><b>1181.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XIII</i> [MoMA Exh. #1181, August 1–October 16, 1977]</p> <p><b>1182.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Graphic Revolution: 1915–1935</i> [MoMA Exh. #1182, August 5–October 31, 1977]</p> <p><b>1183.</b>&nbsp; <i>Naum Gabo, 1890–1977</i> [MoMA Exh. #1183, August 26–September 12, 1977]</p> <p><b>1184.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Nam June Paik</i> [MoMA Exh. #1184, August 29–October 10, 1977]</p> <p><b>1185.</b>&nbsp; <i>Abstraction-Création, Art Non-Figuratif</i> [MoMA Exh. #1185, September 20–December 4, 1977]</p> <p><b>1186.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Drawn and Matched</i> [MoMA Exh. #1186, September 20–December 4, 1977]</p> <p><b>1187.</b>&nbsp; <i>Impressions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1187, September 23, 1977–January 2, 1978]</p> <p><b>1187a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dream/Reality/Dream</i> [MoMA Exh. #1187a, September 26–November 28, 1977]</p> <p><b>1188.</b>&nbsp; <i>Cézanne: The Late Work</i> [MoMA Exh. #1188, October 7, 1977–January 2, 1978]</p> <p><b>1189.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XIV</i> [MoMA Exh. #1189, October 17–December 11, 1977]</p> <p><b>1190.</b>&nbsp; <i>Public Relations: Photographs by Garry Winogrand</i> [MoMA Exh. #1190, October 18–December 11, 1977]</p> <p><b>1191.</b>&nbsp; <i>Herbert Bayer: Photographic Works</i> [MoMA Exh. #1191, October 31, 1977–January 29, 1978]</p> <p><b>1192.</b>&nbsp; <i>Noguchi: The Sculptor as Designer</i> [MoMA Exh. #1192, November 11, 1977–January 8, 1978]</p> <p><b>1192a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Posters in the Penthouse</i> [MoMA Exh. #1192a, December 1, 1977–February 6, 1978]</p> <p><b>1193.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XV</i> [MoMA Exh. #1193, December 12, 1977–February 5, 1978]</p> <p><b>1194.</b>&nbsp; <i>Arp on Paper</i> [MoMA Exh. #1194, December 15, 1977–March 5, 1978]</p> <p><b>1195.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Alice Aycock</i> [MoMA Exh. #1195, December 19, 1977–February 5, 1978]</p> <p><b>1196.</b>&nbsp; <i>Le Corbusier: Architectural Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1196, January 20–March 26, 1978]</p> <p><b>1197.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sol Lewitt</i> [MoMA Exh. #1197, February 3–April 4, 1978]</p> <p><b>1198.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XVI</i> [MoMA Exh. #1198, February 6–April 2, 1978]</p> <p><b>1199.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Standpoints: Photography, 1940–1955</i> [MoMA Exh. #1199, February 6–April 30, 1978]</p> <p><b>1199a.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Art for the New Year</i> [MoMA Exh. #1199a, February 13–April 9, 1978]</p> <p><b>1200.</b>&nbsp; <i>Steichen: The Master Prints, 1895–1914</i> [MoMA Exh. #1200, February 14–March 28, 1978]</p> <p><b>1201.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Collections</i> [MoMA Exh. #1201, February 16–March 12, 1978]</p> <p><b>1202.</b>&nbsp; <i>Reinstallation of the Auditorium Gallery</i> [MoMA Exh. #1202, February 23–April 23, 1978]</p> <p><b>1203.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Shigeko Kubota</i> [MoMA Exh. #1203, March 16–May 2, 1978]</p> <p><b>1204.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mexican Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #1204, March 16–July 2, 1978]</p> <p><b>1205.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Reeva Potoff</i> [MoMA Exh. #1205, April 3–May 21, 1978]</p> <p><b>1206.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XVII</i> [MoMA Exh. #1206, April 3–April 30, 1978]</p> <p><b>1207.</b>&nbsp; <i>Nine Windows by Chagall</i> [MoMA Exh. #1207, April 13–May 30, 1978]</p> <p><b>1208.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bang &amp; Olufsen: Design for Sound by Jakob Jensen</i> [MoMA Exh. #1208, April 14–June 18, 1978]</p> <p><b>1208a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art for Corporations</i> [MoMA Exh. #1208a, April 17–July 4, 1978]</p> <p><b>1209.</b>&nbsp; <i>Richard Lindner: 1901–1978</i> [MoMA Exh. #1209, April 18–May 2, 1978]</p> <p><b>1210.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Treasury of Modern Drawing: The Joan and Lester Avnet Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1210, April 28–July 4, 1978]</p> <p><b>1211.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XVIII</i> [MoMA Exh. #1211, May 4–June 20, 1978]</p> <p><b>1212.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jerry Dantzic and the Cirkut Camera</i> [MoMA Exh. #1212, May 9–July 30, 1978]</p> <p><b>1213.</b>&nbsp; <i>Designed for Film: The Hollywood Art Director</i> [MoMA Exh. #1213, May 11–September 26, 1978]</p> <p><b>1214.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1214, May 25–August 8, 1978]</p> <p><b>1215.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jim Dine’s Etchings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1215, June 6–September 5, 1978]</p> <p><b>1216.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Max Neuhaus</i> [MoMA Exh. #1216, June 8–September 5, 1978]</p> <p><b>1217.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XIX, Part I</i> [MoMA Exh. #1217, June 22–July 11, 1978]</p> <p><b>1218.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Architecture of Gunnar Asplund</i> [MoMA Exh. #1218, June 30–October 1, 1978]</p> <p><b>1219.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artists and Writers</i> [MoMA Exh. #1219, July 10–October 3, 1978]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. No#. July, 12, 1978–May, 16, 1979]</p> <p><b>1219a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Art Lending Service</i> [MoMA Exh. #1219a, July 10–September 5, 1978]</p> <p><b>1220.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XIX, Part II</i> [MoMA Exh. #1220, July 20–August 22, 1978]</p> <p><b>1221.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mirrors and Windows: American Photography Since 1960</i> [MoMA Exh. #1221, July 26–October 2, 1978]</p> <p><b>1222.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art Sinsabaugh: Landscapes</i> [MoMA Exh. #1222, August 7–October 31, 1978]</p> <p><b>1223.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Jonathan Borofsky</i> [MoMA Exh. #1223, August 17–October 29, 1978]</p> <p><b>1224.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Lucio Pozzi</i> [MoMA Exh. #1224, August 24–September 12, 1978]</p> <p><b>1225.</b>&nbsp; <i>Charles Eames, 1907–1978</i> [MoMA Exh. #1225, August 31–November 6, 1978]</p> <p><b>1225a.</b>&nbsp; <i>New York/New York</i> [MoMA Exh. #1225a, September 11–November 13, 1978]</p> <p><b>1226.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #1226, September 12–November 26, 1978]</p> <p><b>1227.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Fred Sandback</i> [MoMA Exh. #1227, September 15–November 7, 1978]</p> <p><b>1228.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Anne and Patrick Poirier</i> [MoMA Exh. #1228, September 15–November 7, 1978]</p> <p><b>1229.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Laurie Anderson</i> [MoMA Exh. #1229, September 16–November 12, 1978]</p> <p><b>1230.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Hamish Fulton</i> [MoMA Exh. #1230, October 3–November 26, 1978]</p> <p><b>1231.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XXI</i> [MoMA Exh. #1231, October 3–November 14, 1978]</p> <p><b>1232.</b>&nbsp; <i>Revolution: Russian Avant-Garde, 1912–1930</i> [MoMA Exh. #1232, October 12, 1978–January 2, 1979]</p> <p><b>1233.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Architecture of Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens</i> [MoMA Exh. #1233, October 13, 1978–January 7, 1979]</p> <p><b>1234.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Bill Beckley</i> [MoMA Exh. #1234, October 14–November 28, 1978]</p> <p><b>1235.</b>&nbsp; <i>Matisse in the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #1235, October 25, 1978–January 30, 1979]</p> <p><b>1236.</b>&nbsp; <i>W. Eugene Smith Memorial</i> [MoMA Exh. #1236, October 27, 1978–January 7, 1979]</p> <p><b>1237.</b>&nbsp; <i>Grain Elevators: Photographs by Frank Gohlke</i> [MoMA Exh. #1237, November 7, 1978–February 4, 1979]</p> <p><b>1237a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture Collection: Reinstallation of the East Wing</i> [MoMA Exh. #1237a, November 16, 1978–January 2, 1979]</p> <p><b>1238.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XXII</i> [MoMA Exh. #1238, November 16, 1978–January 2, 1979]</p> <p><b>1239.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: American Prints</i> [MoMA Exh. #1239, November 16, 1978–February 20, 1979]</p> <p><b>1239a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gold</i> [MoMA Exh. #1239a, November 20, 1978–February 19, 1979]</p> <p><b>1240.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paperworks by Ellsworth Kelly</i> [MoMA Exh. #1240, November 30, 1978–January 30, 1979]</p> <p><b>1241.</b>&nbsp; <i>20 Gifts in Honor of Myron Orlofsky</i> [MoMA Exh. #1241, December 1, 1978–January 9, 1979]</p> <p><b>1242.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rediscovering RKO</i> [MoMA Exh. #1242, December 14, 1978–July 10, 1979]</p> <p><b>1243.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XXIII</i> [MoMA Exh. #1243, January 4–January 30, 1979]</p> <p><b>1244.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paul Klee Centennial: Prints and Transfer Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1244, January 8–April 3, 1979]</p> <p><b>1245.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jackie Winsor</i> [MoMA Exh. #1245, January 12–March 6, 1979]</p> <p><b>1246.</b>&nbsp; <i>Anne Ryan: The Intimate Collages</i> [MoMA Exh. #1246, January 16–March 6, 1979]</p> <p><b>1247.</b>&nbsp; <i>Posters from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1247, January 18–July 15, 1979]</p> <p><b>1247a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XXIV</i> [MoMA Exh. #1247a, February 1–27, 1979]</p> <p><b>1248.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Donald Lipski</i> [MoMA Exh. #1248, February 8–March 18, 1979]</p> <p><b>1249.</b>&nbsp; <i>Prairie: Photographs by Robert Adams</i> [MoMA Exh. #1249, February 9–May 1, 1979]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Nelson Rockefeller Memorial Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, February 14–March 19, 1979]</p> <p><b>1250.</b>&nbsp; <i>Transformations in Modern Architecture</i> [MoMA Exh. #1250, February 21–April 24, 1979]</p> <p><b>1251.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XXV</i> [MoMA Exh. #1251, March 1–April 10, 1979]</p> <p><b>1252.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gaetano Pesce: Projects for a Skyscraper</i> [MoMA Exh. #1252, March 2–April 10, 1979]</p> <p><b>1252a.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Stage Show</i> [MoMA Exh. #1252a, March 5–May 29, 1979]</p> <p><b>1253.</b>&nbsp; <i>Frank Stella: The Indian Bird Maquettes</i> [MoMA Exh. #1253, March 12–May 1, 1979]</p> <p><b>1254.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Masterworks of Edvard Munch</i> [MoMA Exh. #1254, March 15–April 24, 1979]</p> <p><b>1255.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Bill Viola</i> [MoMA Exh. #1255, March 15–April 24, 1979]</p> <p><b>1255a.</b>&nbsp; <i>The James Thrall Soby Bequest</i> [MoMA Exh. #1255a, March 22–May 9, 1979]</p> <p><b>1256.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Martín Chambi and Edward Ranney</i> [MoMA Exh. #1256, March 23–May 3, 1979]</p> <p><b>1257.</b>&nbsp; <i>David Hockney: The Blue Guitar</i> [MoMA Exh. #1257, April 10–July 10, 1979]</p> <p><b>1258.</b>&nbsp; <i>Larry Rivers/Terry Southern: The Donkey and the Darling</i> [MoMA Exh. #1258, April 10–July 10, 1979]</p> <p><b>1259.</b>&nbsp; <i>Video from Tokyo to Fukui and Kyoto</i> [MoMA Exh. #1259, April 19–June 19, 1979]</p> <p><b>1260.</b>&nbsp; <i>Three Houses</i> [MoMA Exh. #1260, April 21–May 20, 1979]</p> <p><b>1261.</b>&nbsp; <i>Nineteenth-Century Photographs from the Arnold H. Crane Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1261, May 7–July 29, 1979]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. No# May 16–December 3, 1979]</p> <p><b>1262.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Sculpture: Selections from the Collection of The Museum of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #1262, May 18–August 7, 1979]</p> <p><b>1263.</b>&nbsp; <i>Thirty Sculptors’ Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1263, May 18–June 6, 1979]</p> <p><b>1264.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XXVII</i> [MoMA Exh. #1264, May 18–June 6, 1979]</p> <p><b>1265.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architectural Projects by Roger Ferri and Allan Greenberg</i> [MoMA Exh. #1265, June 2–July 15, 1979]</p> <p><b>1265a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Views over America</i> [MoMA Exh. #1265a, June 4–July 30, 1979]</p> <p><b>1266.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sound Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #1266, June 25–July 5, 1979]</p> <p><b>1267.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gifts of Drawing</i> [MoMA Exh. #1267, August 9–November 13, 1979]</p> <p><b>1268.</b>&nbsp; <i>Larry Fink</i> [MoMA Exh. #1268, August 6–October 30, 1979]</p> <p><b>1269.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XXVIII</i> [MoMA Exh. #1269, August 7–September 18, 1979]</p> <p><b>1270.</b>&nbsp; <i>American International Pictures: Twenty-Five Years</i> [MoMA Exh. #1270, July 16–September 4, 1979]</p> <p><b>1271.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Architecture and Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #1271, August 4–September 30, 1979]</p> <p><b>1272.</b>&nbsp; <i>Patrick Henry Bruce: American Modernist</i> [MoMA Exh. #1272, August 22–October 21, 1979]</p> <p><b>1273.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ansel Adams and the West</i> [MoMA Exh. #1273, September 5–October 28, 1979]</p> <p><b>1274.</b>&nbsp; <i>Peter Ellenshaw: Special Effects Artist</i> [MoMA Exh. #1274, September 17–October 30, 1979]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XXIX</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, September 20–November 6, 1979]</p> <p><b>1274a.</b>&nbsp; <i>People Watching</i> [MoMA Exh. #1274a, October 1–November 27, 1979]</p> <p><b>1275.</b>&nbsp; <i>Liberty State Park: The Master Plan</i> [MoMA Exh. #1275, October 12–November 25, 1979]</p> <p><b>1276.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XXX, Urban Focus/New York</i> [MoMA Exh. #1276, November 8, 1979–January 1, 1980]</p> <p><b>1277.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art of the Twenties</i> [MoMA Exh. #1277, November 14, 1979–January 22, 1980]</p> <p><b>1278.</b>&nbsp; <i>In the Twenties: Portraits from the Photography Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1278, November 14, 1979–March 16, 1980]</p> <p><b>1279.</b>&nbsp; <i>Marc Chagall: Prints, Monotypes, Illustrated Books</i> [MoMA Exh. #1279, November 22, 1979–January 28, 1980]</p> <p><b>1280.</b>&nbsp; <i>Women of the Nineties: Fin-de-Siècle Prints</i> [MoMA Exh. #1280, November 28, 1979–January 28, 1980]</p> <p><b>1280a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Movin’</i> [MoMA Exh. #1280a, December 6, 1979–February 10, 1980]</p> <p><b>1281.</b>&nbsp; <i>Buildings for Best Products</i> [MoMA Exh. #1281, December 12, 1979–February 10, 1980]</p> <p><b>1281a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Edward Steichen Photography Center Reinstallation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1281a, December 21, 1979–unknown closing date]</p> <p><a href="#top">top</a></p> <div id="1980" /> <h2>1980–1989</h2> <p><b>1282.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XXXI, Nan Hoover: Fields of Blue</i> [MoMA Exh. #1282, January 3–January 29, 1980]</p> <p><b>1283.</b>&nbsp; <i>Four Recently Discovered Picabias and Other Modern Master Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1283, January 25–April 22, 1980]</p> <p><b>1284.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XXXII</i> [MoMA Exh. #1284, January 31–March 11, 1980]</p> <p><b>1285.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jackson Pollock: Drawing Into Painting</i> [MoMA Exh. #1285, February 4–March 16, 1980]</p> <p><b>1286.</b>&nbsp; <i>Eileen Gray</i> [MoMA Exh. #1286, February 6–April 1, 1980]</p> <p><b>1287.</b>&nbsp; <i>Printed Art: A View of Two Decades</i> [MoMA Exh. #1287, February 13–April 1, 1980]</p> <p><b>1288.</b>&nbsp; <i>David O. Selznick’s Hollywood</i> [MoMA Exh. #1288, February 14–May 14, 1980]</p> <p><b>1289.</b>&nbsp; <i>New York City Exposition and Convention Center</i> [MoMA Exh. #1289, February 21–March 30, 1980]</p> <p><b>1289a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Art Lending Service</i> [MoMA Exh. #1289a, March 23–May 12, 1980]</p> <p><b>1289b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Around Picasso</i> [MoMA Exh. #1289b, May 14–September 30, 1980]</p> <p><b>1290.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pablo Picasso: A Retrospective</i> [MoMA Exh. #1290, May 16–September 30, 1980]</p> <p><b>1291.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lillian Gish</i> [MoMA Exh. #1291, September 18–November 25, 1980]</p> <p><b>1291a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Art Lending Service</i> [MoMA Exh. #1291a, October 2, 1980–November 4, 1980]</p> <p><b>1292.</b>&nbsp; <i>Terry Fox: Room Temperature</i> [MoMA Exh. #1292, October 23, 1989–December 2, 1980]</p> <p><b>1293.</b>&nbsp; <i>Reinstallation of the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1293, October 23, 1980–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>1294.</b>&nbsp; <i>William Klein</i> [MoMA Exh. #1294, October 23, 1980–January 1, 1981]</p> <p><b>1295.</b>&nbsp; <i>Masterpieces from the Collection: Selections from the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries</i> [MoMA Exh. #1295, October 25, 1980–January 27, 1981]</p> <p><b>1296.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Painter and the Printer: Robert Motherwell’s Graphics</i> [MoMA Exh. #1296, October 30–December 16, 1980]</p> <p><b>1296a.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Penthouse Aviary</i> [MoMA Exh. #1296a, November 6, 1980–January 20, 1981]</p> <p><b>1297.</b>&nbsp; <i>Joseph Cornell</i> [MoMA Exh. #1297, November 11, 1980–January 20, 1981]</p> <p><b>1298.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Museum of Modern Art Expansion Model</i> [MoMA Exh. #1298, November 11, 1980–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>1298a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dan Graham: 2 Viewing Rooms</i> [MoMA Exh. #1298a, December 5, 1980–January 13, 1981]</p> <p><b>1299.</b>&nbsp; <i>Hollywood Portrait Photographers, 1921–1941</i> [MoMA Exh. #1299, December 5, 1980–February 28, 1981]</p> <p><b>1300.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Symbolist Aesthetic</i> [MoMA Exh. #1300, December 22, 1980–March 10, 1981]</p> <p><b>1301.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Children</i> [MoMA Exh. #1301, January 8–March 29, 1981]</p> <p><b>1302.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XXXV</i> [MoMA Exh. #1302, January 16–February 18, 1981]</p> <p><b>1302a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Inside Spaces</i> [MoMA Exh. #1302a, January 22–March 24, 1981]</p> <p><b>1303.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Work on Paper 1</i> [MoMA Exh. #1303, February 11–April 21, 1981]</p> <p><b>1304.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1304, March 19–June 2, 1981]</p> <p><b>1305.</b>&nbsp; <i>Wendy Clarke: Love Tapes</i> [MoMA Exh. #1305, March 26–May 5, 1981]</p> <p><b>1305a.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Art II: Surfaces/Textures</i> [MoMA Exh. #1305a, March 26–June 9, 1981]</p> <p><b>1306.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photographs by Alfred Capel-Cure</i> [MoMA Exh. #1306, April 3–June 28, 1981]</p> <p><b>1307.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dorothea Rockburne: Locus</i> [MoMA Exh. #1307, May 5–July 5, 1981]</p> <p><b>1308.</b>&nbsp; <i>Before Photography: Painting and the Invention of Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #1308, May 6–July 5, 1981]</p> <p><b>1309.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects</i> [MoMA Exh. #1309, May 13–June 17, 1981]</p> <p><b>1310.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gerry Schum: Video</i> [MoMA Exh. #1310, May 14–June 23, 1981]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design Gallery Reinstallation</i> [MoMA Exh. #No.# June, 1981–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>1310a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Summer Light</i> [MoMA Exh. #1310a, June 11–September 15, 1981]</p> <p><b>1311.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pierre Alechinsky: A Print Retrospective</i> [MoMA Exh. #1311, June 11–August 11, 1981]</p> <p><b>1312.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Video XXXVIII</i> [MoMA Exh. #1312, June 25–August 4, 1981]</p> <p><b>1313.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Landscapes</i> [MoMA Exh. #1313, July 9–October 4, 1981]</p> <p><b>1314.</b>&nbsp; <i>Marcel Breuer: Furniture and Interiors</i> [MoMA Exh. #1314, July 22–September 15, 1981]</p> <p><b>1315.</b>&nbsp; <i>Seven from Three (for Go)</i> [MoMA Exh. #1315, August 6–September 15, 1981]</p> <p><b>1316.</b>&nbsp; <i>Alfred H. Barr, Jr., 1902–1981</i> [MoMA Exh. #1316, August 18–October 21, 1981]</p> <p><b>1317.</b>&nbsp; <i>Words and Pictures</i> [MoMA Exh. #1317, August 20–October 6, 1981]</p> <p><b>1318.</b>&nbsp; <i>Posters by Armin Hofmann</i> [MoMA Exh. #1318, September 10–October 25, 1981]</p> <p><b>1319.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sophie Taeuber-Arp</i> [MoMA Exh. #1319, September 17–December 13, 1981]</p> <p><b>1319a.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Work in Black and White</i> [MoMA Exh. #1319a, September 17–November 24, 1981]</p> <p><b>1320.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Media Matrix and the Jean Seberg Story</i> [MoMA Exh. #1320, September 18–October 27, 1981]</p> <p><b>1321.</b>&nbsp; <i>Balthus: Works from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1321, September 30, 1981–January 4, 1982]</p> <p><b>1322.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Work of Atget: Old France</i> [MoMA Exh. #1322, October 3, 1981–January 3, 1982]</p> <p><b>1323.</b>&nbsp; <i>Still Life</i> [MoMA Exh. #1323, October 8, 1981–January 3, 1982]</p> <p><b>1324.</b>&nbsp; <i>Prints: Acquisitions 1977–1981</i> [MoMA Exh. #1324, October 15, 1981–January 3, 1982]</p> <p><b>1325.</b>&nbsp; <i>Audio Installation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1325, October 15–November 19, 1981]</p> <p><b>1326.</b>&nbsp; <i>Video From Latin America</i> [MoMA Exh. #1326, October 29–December 1, 1981]</p> <p><b>1327.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rediscovering French Film, Part I</i> [MoMA Exh. #1327, November 4, 1981–January 3, 1982]</p> <p><b>1328.</b>&nbsp; <i>Variaciones Ornamentales</i> [MoMA Exh. #1328, November 13, 1981–January 3, 1982]</p> <p><b>1328a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections From the Art Lending Service</i> [MoMA Exh. #1328a, November 26, 1981–January 3, 1982]</p> <p><b>1329.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Century of Modern Drawing, 1881–1981</i> [MoMA Exh. #1329, March 1–March 16, 1982]</p> <p><b>1330.</b>&nbsp; <i>Masterpieces from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1330, March 8, 1982–February/March 1983]</p> <p><b>1330a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Video Archive Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1330a, April 13–May 11, 1982]</p> <p><b>1331.</b>&nbsp; <i>Giorgio De Chirico</i> [MoMA Exh. #1331, March 30–June 29, 1982]</p> <p><b>1331a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art and Technology: Chicago Video at MoMA</i> [MoMA Exh. #1331a, May 13–June 29, 1982]</p> <p><b>1332.</b>&nbsp; <i>For 25 Years: Prints from ULAE</i> [MoMA Exh. #1332, June 17–October 14, 1982]</p> <p><b>1332a.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Imagery</i> [MoMA Exh. #1332a, July 1–August 12, 1982]</p> <p><b>1333.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Architecture of Richard Neutra: From International Style to California Modern</i> [MoMA Exh. #1333, July 21–October 12, 1982]</p> <p><b>1334.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Work on Paper 2: Borofsky, Clemente, Merz, Penck, Penone</i> [MoMA Exh. #1334, July 28–September 21, 1982]</p> <p><b>1334a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performance Video</i> [MoMA Exh. #1334a, August 12–September 21, 1982]</p> <p><b>1334b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Video and Satellite</i> [MoMA Exh. #1334b, September 23–October 26, 1982]</p> <p><b>1335.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Work of Atget: The Art of Old Paris</i> [MoMA Exh. #1335, October 14, 1982–January 4, 1983]</p> <p><b>1336.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bookworks</i> [MoMA Exh. #1336, October 18–December 1, 1982]</p> <p><b>1336a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Reading Video</i> [MoMA Exh. #1336a, October 28–December 7, 1982]</p> <p><b>1337.</b>&nbsp; <i>Louise Bourgeois</i> [MoMA Exh. #1337, November 3, 1982–February 8, 1983]</p> <p><b>1338.</b>&nbsp; <i>Frank Stella: Polar Co-ordinates for Ronnie Peterson</i> [MoMA Exh. #1338, November 18, 1982–January 11, 1983]</p> <p><b>1339.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rauschenberg in China</i> [MoMA Exh. #1339, December 2, 1982–February 8, 1983]</p> <p><b>1340.</b>&nbsp; <i>Videoart in Germany: 1963–1982</i> [MoMA Exh. #1340, December 9, 1982–January 31, 1983]</p> <p><b>1341.</b>&nbsp; <i>French Film Posters</i> [MoMA Exh. #1341, January 15–March 15, 1983]</p> <p><b>1342.</b>&nbsp; <i>Three New Skyscrapers</i> [MoMA Exh. #1342, January 27–March 29, 1983]</p> <p><b>1343.</b>&nbsp; <i>Territories</i> [MoMA Exh. #1343, February 4–March 8, 1983]</p> <p><b>1344.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions from the Department of Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1344, February 10–April 12, 1983]</p> <p><b>1345.</b>&nbsp; <i>Prints from Blocks: Gauguin to Now</i> [MoMA Exh. #1345, March 3–May 15, 1983]</p> <p><b>1345a.</b>&nbsp; <i>French Film Posters</i> [MoMA Exh. #1345a, March 10–April 26, 1983]</p> <p><b>1346.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Documentaries</i> [MoMA Exh. #1346, March 11–April 12, 1983]</p> <p><b>1347.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lisette Model, 1906–1983</i> [MoMA Exh. #1347, March 7–June 7, 1983]</p> <p><b>1348.</b>&nbsp; <i>Big Pictures by Contemporary Photographers</i> [MoMA Exh. #1348, April 13–June 28, 1983]</p> <p><b>1349.</b>&nbsp; <i>Joan Miró: A Ninetieth-Birthday Tribute</i> [MoMA Exh. #1349, April 14–April 26, 1983]</p> <p><b>1350.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Documentaries, Part II</i> [MoMA Exh. #1350, April 22–May 24, 1983]</p> <p><b>1351.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions from the Department of Drawings, Part II</i> [MoMA Exh. #1351, April 27–May 24, 1983]</p> <p><b>1352.</b>&nbsp; <i>British Film Posters</i> [MoMA Exh. #1352, April 28–June 8, 1983]</p> <p><b>1353.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Narrative</i> [MoMA Exh. #1353, May 26–June 30, 1983]</p> <p><b>1354.</b>&nbsp; <i>Some Recent Acquisitions: Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #1354, May 27–October 11, 1983]</p> <p><b>1355.</b>&nbsp; <i>James Stirling Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1355, May 27–July 20, 1983]</p> <p><b>1356.</b>&nbsp; <i>Miró and Picasso</i> [MoMA Exh. #1356, June 9–September 12, 1983]</p> <p><b>1356a.</b>&nbsp; <i>French Film Posters</i> [MoMA Exh. #1356a, June 9–July 19, 1983]</p> <p><b>1357.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performance Video</i> [MoMA Exh. #1357, June 30–August 9, 1983]</p> <p><b>1358.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mondrian: New York Studio Compositions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1358, July 14–September 27, 1983]</p> <p><b>1358a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Some Recent Acquisitions: Painting and Sculpture, Part II</i> [MoMA Exh. #1358a, July 17–September 27, 1983]</p> <p><b>1359.</b>&nbsp; <i>Some Contemporary Prints</i> [MoMA Exh. #1359, July 21–September 13, 1983]</p> <p><b>1360.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Posters</i> [MoMA Exh. #1360, July 21–August 23, 1983]</p> <p><b>1361.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Second Link: Viewpoints on Video in the Eighties</i> [MoMA Exh. #1361, August 18–September 27, 1983]</p> <p><b>1362.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jim Dine: A Heart at the Opera</i> [MoMA Exh. #1362, August 25–October 11, 1983]</p> <p><b>1363.</b>&nbsp; <i>Installation from the Department of Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1363, September 15–November 15, 1983]</p> <p><b>1364.</b>&nbsp; <i>Video Art: A History</i> [MoMA Exh. #1364, October 3, 1983–January 3, 1984]</p> <p><b>1365.</b>&nbsp; <i>Monumental Prints: Georg Baselitz and Rolf Iseli</i> [MoMA Exh. #1365, October 12, 1983–January 3, 1984]</p> <p><b>1366.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mount St. Helens Photographs: Work in Progress, Photographs by Frank Gohlke</i> [MoMA Exh. #1366, October 13–November 29, 1983]</p> <p><b>1367.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Modern Drawing: 100 Works on Paper from The Museum of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #1367, October 26, 1983–January 3, 1984]</p> <p><b>1367a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Installation from the Department of Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1367a, November 3–November 16, 1983]</p> <p><b>1368.</b>&nbsp; <i>Matisse: Jazz</i> [MoMA Exh. #1368, November 17, 1983–January 3, 1984]</p> <p><b>1369.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Collection of Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #1369, December 1, 1983–January 3, 1984]</p> <p><b>1370.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bill Brandt, 1905–1983</i> [MoMA Exh. #1370, December 22, 1983–January 3, 1984]</p> <p><b>1371.</b>&nbsp; <i>Joan Miró, 1893–1983</i> [MoMA Exh. #1371, December 27, 1983–January 3, 1984]</p> <p><b>1372.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Permanent Collection: Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #1372, May 17, 1984–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>1373.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Permanent Collection: Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1373, May 17, 1984–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>1374.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Permanent Collection: Prints and Illustrated Books</i> [MoMA Exh. #1374, May 17, 1984–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>1375.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Permanent Collection: Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #1375, May 17, 1984–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>1376.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Permanent Collection: Architecture and Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #1376, May 17, 1984–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>1377.</b>&nbsp; <i>An International Survey of Recent Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #1377, May 17–August 19, 1984]</p> <p><b>1378.</b>&nbsp; <i>Three Americans</i> [MoMA Exh. #1378, May 17–July 31, 1984]</p> <p><b>1378a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Video: Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1378a, May 17–September 3, 1984]</p> <p><b>1378b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lee Krasner, 1911–1984: Memorial</i> [MoMA Exh. #1378b, July 22–August 18, 1984]</p> <p><b>1379.</b>&nbsp; <i>Brassaï, 1899–1984: Memorial</i> [MoMA Exh. #1379, July 13, 1984–January 8, 1985]</p> <p><b>1380.</b>&nbsp; <i>Color Photographs: Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1380, August 18–November 6, 1984]</p> <p><b>1380a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Circulating Video Library</i> [MoMA Exh. #1380a, September 6–September 18, 1984]</p> <p><b>1381.</b>&nbsp; <i>Irving Penn</i> [MoMA Exh. #1381, September 12–November 27, 1984]</p> <p><b>1381a.</b>&nbsp; <i>About Paper</i> [MoMA Exh. #1381a, September 12–December 4, 1984]</p> <p><b>1382.</b>&nbsp; <i>“Primitivism” in 20th Century Art: Affinity of the Tribal and the Modern</i> [MoMA Exh. #1382, September 19, 1984–January 15, 1985]</p> <p><b>1383.</b>&nbsp; <i>Alvar Aalto: Furniture and Glass</i> [MoMA Exh. #1383, September 26–November 27, 1984]</p> <p><b>1384.</b>&nbsp; <i>From the Gilman Collection: Photographs Preserved in Ink</i> [MoMA Exh. #1384, November 15, 1984–March 3, 1985]</p> <p><b>1384a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Video and Ritual</i> [MoMA Exh. #1384a, September 27–November 20, 1984]</p> <p><b>1384b.</b>&nbsp; <i>British Film: Posters from Ealing Studios</i> [MoMA Exh. #1384b, October 25, 1984–February 26, 1985]</p> <p><b>1384c.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Survey: Artist’s TV Lab, WNET/Thirteen</i> [MoMA Exh. #1384c, November 23, 1984–January 1, 1985]</p> <p><b>1384d.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1384d, December 8, 1984–May 20, 1985]</p> <p><b>1385.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lee Krasner: A Retrospective</i> [MoMA Exh. #1385, December 20, 1984–February 12, 1985]</p> <p><b>1386.</b>&nbsp; <i>Video from Vancouver to San Diego</i> [MoMA Exh. #1386, January 4–February 26, 1985]</p> <p><b>1387.</b>&nbsp; <i>Josef Fenneker: Cinema Posters From Berlin</i> [MoMA Exh. #1387, February 14–March 31, 1985]</p> <p><b>1388.</b>&nbsp; <i>Reinstallation of the Contemporary Galleries</i> [MoMA Exh. #1388, February 15–March 17, 1985]</p> <p><b>1389.</b>&nbsp; <i>Henri Rousseau</i> [MoMA Exh. #1389, February 21–June 4, 1985]</p> <p><b>1390.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Drawings of Henri Matisse</i> [MoMA Exh. #1390, February 28–May 14, 1985]</p> <p><b>1391.</b>&nbsp; <i>Video: Recent Nonfiction</i> [MoMA Exh. #1391, February 28–March 31, 1985]</p> <p><b>1392.</b>&nbsp; <i>Happy Anniversary Department of Film, 1935–1985</i> [MoMA Exh. #1392, March 13–mid August, 1985]</p> <p><b>1393.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Work of Atget: Modern Times</i> [MoMA Exh. #1393, March 14–May 14, 1985]</p> <p><b>1394.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Work of Atget: The Ancien Régime</i> [MoMA Exh. #1394, March 14–May 14, 1985]</p> <p><b>1395.</b>&nbsp; <i>Philip Johnson: Selected Gifts</i> [MoMA Exh. #1395, April 10–October 27, 1985]</p> <p><b>1396.</b>&nbsp; <i>Posters by Franciszek Starowieyski</i> [MoMA Exh. #1396, April 11–June 4, 1985]</p> <p><b>1396a.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Expressionist Idiom</i> [MoMA Exh. #1396a, May 6–December 18, 1985]</p> <p><b>1397.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Personal View: Photography in the Collection of Paul F. Walter</i> [MoMA Exh. #1397, May 23–August 13, 1985]</p> <p><b>1398.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawing in Austria and Germany</i> [MoMA Exh. #1398, May 25–October 29, 1985]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Reinstallation of the Photography Gallery</i> [MoMA Exh. No#. May 1985–opening and closing dates uncertain]</p> <p><b>1399.</b>&nbsp; <i>Installation of Painting and Sculpture Department</i> [MoMA Exh. #1399, June 6–June 24, 1985]</p> <p><b>1400.</b>&nbsp; <i>Kurt Schwitters</i> [MoMA Exh. #1400, June 10–October 1, 1985]</p> <p><b>1401.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Work on Paper 3</i> [MoMA Exh. #1401, June 26–September 3, 1985]</p> <p><b>1402.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ricardo Bofill and Leon Krier: Architecture, Urbanism, and History</i> [MoMA Exh. #1402, June 26–September 3, 1985]</p> <p><b>1403a.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Work on Paper 3: Spatial Relationships in Video</i> [MoMA Exh. #1403a, July 22–October 25, 1985]</p> <p><b>1403b.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography: Zeke Berman, Antonio Mendoza, Judith Joy Ross, and Michael Spano</i> [MoMA Exh. #1403b, August 22–December 3, 1985]</p> <p><b>1404a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Music Video: The Industry and Its Fringes</i> [MoMA Exh. #1404a, September 6–October 15, 1985]</p> <p><b>1404b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tatyana Grosman Gallery Inaugural Installation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1404b, September 12, 1985–February 4, 1986]</p> <p><b>1405.</b>&nbsp; <i>“That’s Not All Folks!”: Warner Bros. Cartoons Golden Jubilee</i> [MoMA Exh. #1405, September 13, 1985–January 21, 1986]</p> <p><b>1406.</b>&nbsp; <i>NEA Twentieth Anniversary</i> [MoMA Exh. #1406, September 23–October 29, 1985]</p> <p><b>1407.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contrasts of Form: Geometric Abstract Art, 1910–1980</i> [MoMA Exh. #1407, October 2, 1985–January 7, 1986]</p> <p><b>1408.</b>&nbsp; <i>Henri De Toulouse-Lautrec</i> [MoMA Exh. #1408, October 30, 1985–January 26, 1986]</p> <p><b>1409.</b>&nbsp; <i>Self Portrait: The Photographer’s Persona, 1840–1985</i> [MoMA Exh. #1409, November 7, 1985–January 7, 1985]</p> <p><b>1409a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Made in India</i> [MoMA Exh. #1409a, November 8, 1985–January 21, 1986]</p> <p><b>1410.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Works from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1410, November 21, 1985–April 1, 1986]</p> <p><b>1411.</b>&nbsp; <i>Large Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1411, November 25, 1985–April 15, 1986]</p> <p><b>1412.</b>&nbsp; <i>Variants</i> [MoMA Exh. #1412, December 12, 1985–March 11, 1986]</p> <p><b>1412a.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Prints: 1900–1960; Recent Acquisitions: Illustrated Books</i> [MoMA Exh. #1412a, December 18, 1985–May 20, 1986]</p> <p><b>1413.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bill Jensen/First Etchings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1413, January 16–March 4, 1986]</p> <p><b>1414.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Video: Japan</i> [MoMA Exh. #1414, January 16–February 28, 1986]</p> <p><b>1415.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mies van der Rohe Centennial Exhibition</i> [MoMA Exh. #1415, February 5–April 15, 1986]</p> <p><b>1415a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Contemporary Prints</i> [MoMA Exh. #1415a, February 7–July 8, 1986]</p> <p><b>1416.</b>&nbsp; <i>Richard Serra/Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #1416, February 26–May 13, 1986]</p> <p><b>1417.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Win Knowlton</i> [MoMA Exh. #1417, March 13–April 22, 1986]</p> <p><b>1418.</b>&nbsp; <i>Grancel Fitz: Advertising Photographs, 1929–1939</i> [MoMA Exh. #1418, March 20–June 24, 1986]</p> <p><b>1419.</b>&nbsp; <i>Made in Scotland</i> [MoMA Exh. #1419, March 20–April 22, 1986]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design Galleries: Rotation</i> [April 1986]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Wall Hangings from the Collection</i> [April 1–September 30, 1986]</p> <p><b>1419a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Works from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1419a, April 11–October 9, 1986]</p> <p><b>1419aa.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Photography Reinstallation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1419aa, April 7–June 18, 1986]</p> <p><b>1420.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sculptors’ Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1420, April 26–September 2, 1986]</p> <p><b>1421.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Judith Barry</i> [MoMA Exh. #1421, May 2–June 3, 1986]</p> <p><b>1422.</b>&nbsp; <i>Comedy, Italian Style</i> [MoMA Exh. #1422, May 9–September 16, 1986]</p> <p><b>1423.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jasper Johns: A Print Retrospective</i> [MoMA Exh. #1423, May 19–August 19, 1986]</p> <p><b>1424.</b>&nbsp; <i>Naked/Nude</i> [MoMA Exh. #1424, May 29–September 30, 1986]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Reinstallation of Contemporary Gallery</i> [MoMA Exh. No#. June 6–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ralph Steiner Memorial Installation</i> [MoMA Exh. No#. July, 1986–specific opening or closing dates unknown]</p> <p><b>1425.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rosalind Solomon: Ritual</i> [MoMA Exh. #1425, July 3–September 30, 1986]</p> <p><b>1426.</b>&nbsp; <i>Vienna 1900: Art, Architecture and Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #1426, July 3–October 26, 1986]</p> <p><b>1427.</b>&nbsp; <i>Naked/Nude: Contemporary Prints</i> [MoMA Exh. #1427, July 23–December 7, 1986]</p> <p><b>1428.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dubuffet: Works on Paper</i> [MoMA Exh. #1428, September 13, 1986–January 13, 1987]</p> <p><b>1428a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Columbia Pictures</i> [MoMA Exh. #1428a, October 2, 1986–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>1429.</b>&nbsp; <i>Morris Louis</i> [MoMA Exh. #1429, October 1, 1986–January 4, 1987]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Crafts from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, October 1, 1986–unknown closing date]</p> <p><b>1430.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Prints of Odilon Redon</i> [MoMA Exh. #1430, October 2, 1986–February 3, 1987]</p> <p><b>1431.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 2: Philip Lorca di Corcia, Mary Frey, and David Hanson</i> [MoMA Exh. #1431, October 9, 1986–January 6, 1987]</p> <p><b>1432.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Works from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1432, November 6, 1986–March 31, 1987]</p> <p><b>1433.</b>&nbsp; <i>Francesco Clemente: The Departure of the Argonaut</i> [MoMA Exh. #1433, November 6, 1986–February 10, 1987]</p> <p><b>1434.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Justen Ladda</i> [MoMA Exh. #1434, November 15, 1986–January 6, 1987]</p> <p><b>1435.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mario Botta</i> [MoMA Exh. #1435, November 20, 1986–February 10, 1987]</p> <p><b>1436.</b>&nbsp; <i>Video: Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1436, November 25, 1986–February 10, 1987]</p> <p><b>1437.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture: Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1437, November 27, 1986–February 10. 1987]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design Permanent Collection Installation</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, January 1987–specific opening or closing dates unknown]</p> <p><b>1438.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lartigue: Panoramas of the Twenties</i> [MoMA Exh. #1438, January 15–March 3, 1987]</p> <p><b>1439.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Joel Otterson</i> [MoMA Exh. #1439, January 17–March 3, 1987]</p> <p><b>1439a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawings Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1439a, January 24–June 14, 1987]</p> <p><b>1440.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paul Klee</i> [MoMA Exh. #1440, February 4–May 5, 1987]</p> <p><b>1441.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jan Groover</i> [MoMA Exh. #1441, March 5–June 2, 1987]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography Permanent Collection Re-Installation</i> [MoMA Exh. No#, March 1987–specific opening or closing dates unknown]</p> <p><b>1442.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Magdalena Jetelová</i> [MoMA Exh. #1442, March 14–April 28, 1987]</p> <p><b>1443.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Drawings of Roy Lichtenstein</i> [MoMA Exh. #1443, March 15–June 2, 1987]</p> <p><b>1444.</b>&nbsp; <i>Le Corbusier: Five Projects</i> [MoMA Exh. #1444, March 26–May 26, 1987]</p> <p><b>1445.</b>&nbsp; <i>Reinstallation of the Painting and Sculpture Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1445, April 25–June 13, 1987]</p> <p><b>1446.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Prints, 1960–1985</i> [MoMA Exh. #1446, May 22–July 26, 1987]</p> <p><b>1447.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography: Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1447, May 7–June 23, 1987]</p> <p><b>1448.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Mike Glier</i> [MoMA Exh. #1448, May 9–July 7, 1987]</p> <p><b>1449.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gauguin and his Circle in Brittany: The Prints of the Pont-Aven School</i> [MoMA Exh. #1449, May 22–July 26, 1987]</p> <p><b>1450.</b>&nbsp; <i>25 Years of James Bond: Gift of Albert R. Broccoli</i> [MoMA Exh. #1450, June 1–July 5, 1987]</p> <p><b>1451.</b>&nbsp; <i>BERLINART 1961–1987</i> [MoMA Exh. #1451, June 4–September 8, 1987]</p> <p><b>1452.</b>&nbsp; <i>Iliazd and the Illustrated Book</i> [MoMA Exh. #1452, June 16–August 18, 1987]</p> <p><b>1453.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mario Bellini: Designer</i> [MoMA Exh. #1453, June 25–September 15, 1987]</p> <p><b>1454.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Video Study Collection: 1968–1987</i> [MoMA Exh. #1454, June 24–September 15, 1987]</p> <p><b>1455.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawing since 1940</i> [MoMA Exh. #1455, June 25–October 13, 1987]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Blanchette H. Rockefeller Gallery</i> [Summer to Fall 1987]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Blanchette H. Rockefeller Gallery</i> [December 9, 1987–no closing date]</p> <p><b>1456.</b>&nbsp; <i>William Rau and the Railroad</i> [MoMA Exh. #1456, July 2–September 29, 1987]</p> <p><b>1457.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paramount Pictures: 75 Years</i> [MoMA Exh. #1457, July 10, 1987–March 23, 1988]</p> <p><b>1458.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Michael Young</i> [MoMA Exh. #1458, July 23–September 15, 1987]</p> <p><b>1459.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Tom Otterness</i> [MoMA Exh. #1459, July 23–October 13, 1987]</p> <p><b>1460.</b>&nbsp; <i>Surrealist Prints from the Collection of The Museum of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #1460, August 6–December 8, 1987]</p> <p><b>1461.</b>&nbsp; <i>Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Early Work</i> [MoMA Exh. #1461, September 10–November 29, 1987]</p> <p><b>1462.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Louise Lawler</i> [MoMA Exh. #1462, September 19–November 29, 1987]</p> <p><b>1463.</b>&nbsp; <i>Frank Stella: Works from 1970 to 1987</i> [MoMA Exh. #1463, October 12, 1987–January 5, 1988]</p> <p><b>1464.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 3: Paul Graham, Barbara Norfleet, and Thomas Roma</i> [MoMA Exh. #1464, October 15, 1987–January 5, 1988]</p> <p><b>1465.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bill Viola: Installations</i> [MoMA Exh. #1465, October 17, 1987–January 3, 1988]</p> <p><b>1466.</b>&nbsp; <i>European Drawing Between the Wars</i> [MoMA Exh. #1466, October 24, 1987–March 1, 1988]</p> <p><b>1467.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture, New Reinstallation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1467, December 24, 1987–September 12, 1988]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design: Reinstallation of Hector Guimard’s Paris Metro</i> [November–December 1987]</p> <p><b>1468.</b>&nbsp; <i>For 25 Years: Crown Point Press</i> [MoMA Exh. #1468, November 20, 1987–March 8, 1988]</p> <p><b>1469.</b>&nbsp; <i>Master Prints from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1469, November 20, 1987–March 8, 1988]</p> <p><b>1470.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Alison Wilding</i> [MoMA Exh. #1470, November 21, 1987–February 2, 1988]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Blanchette H. Rockefeller Gallery</i> [December 9, 1987–no closing date]</p> <p><b>1471.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gifts of Works on Paper by Robert Motherwell</i> [MoMA Exh. #1471, December 12, 1987–February 23, 1988]</p> <p><b>1471A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Works from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1471A, December 24, 1987–September 12, 1988]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design Permanent Gallery Reinstallation</i> [Winter 1987–88]</p> <p><b>1472.</b>&nbsp; <i>Picturing “Greatness”</i> [MoMA Exh. #1472, January 14–April 17, 1988]</p> <p><b>1473.</b>&nbsp; <i>Committed to Print</i> [MoMA Exh. #1473, January 31–April 19, 1988]</p> <p><b>1474.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Photographs of Josef Albers: A Selection from the Collection of the Josef Albers Foundation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1474, January 27–April 19, 1988]</p> <p><b>1475.</b>&nbsp; <i>Donald Sultan’s Black Lemons</i> [MoMA Exh. #1475, February 4–May 3, 1988]</p> <p><b>1476.</b>&nbsp; <i>Vito Acconci: Public Places</i> [MoMA Exh. #1476, February 11–May 3, 1988]</p> <p><b>1477.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Rosemarie Trockel</i> [MoMA Exh. #1477, February 13–April 3, 1988]</p> <p><b>1478.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Art in Context</i> [MoMA Exh. #1478, February 29–March 6, 1988]</p> <p><b>1479.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Cézanne Treasure: The Basel Sketchbooks</i> [MoMA Exh. #1479, March 10–June 5, 1988]</p> <p><b>1480.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Print Acquisitions, 1986–1988</i> [MoMA Exh. #1480, March 24–July 19, 1988]</p> <p><b>1481a.</b>&nbsp; <i>In Honor of Toiny Castelli: Drawings from the Toiny and Leo Castelli Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1481a, April 1–May 15, 1988]</p> <p><b>1481b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rauschenberg, 34 Drawings for Dante’s “Inferno” and Selections from the Drawings Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1481b, April 1–July 17, 1988]</p> <p><b>1482.</b>&nbsp; <i>French Film Posters</i> [MoMA Exh. #1482, April 1–October 18, 1988]</p> <p><b>1483.</b>&nbsp; <i>Designs For Independent Living</i> [MoMA Exh. #1483, April 16–June 7, 1988]</p> <p><b>1484.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Body of Work: Photographs by John Coplans</i> [MoMA Exh. #1484, April 23–July 10, 1988]</p> <p><b>1485.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture, New Reinstallation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1485, December 24, 1987–September 12, 1988]</p> <p><b>1486.</b>&nbsp; <i>Garry Winogrand</i> [MoMA Exh. #1486, May 15–August 16, 1988]</p> <p><b>1487.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Modern Poster</i> [MoMA Exh. #1487, June 6–September 6, 1988]</p> <p><b>1488.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Joan Fontcuberta/Pere Formiguera</i> [MoMA Exh. #1488, June 18–August 9, 1988]</p> <p><b>1489.</b>&nbsp; <i>Deconstructivist Architecture</i> [MoMA Exh. #1489, June 23–August 30, 1988]</p> <p><b>1490.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions, Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #1490, July 16–October 11, 1988]</p> <p><b>1491.</b>&nbsp; <i>Europe, America: A Selection from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1491, July 28, 1988–October 23, 1989]</p> <p><b>1492.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Prints of Henri Matisse</i> [MoMA Exh. #1492, August 6–November 6, 1988]</p> <p><b>1492a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Following Matisse’s Line</i> [MoMA Exh. #1492a, August 6–November 6, 1988]</p> <p><b>1493.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Nachume Miller</i> [MoMA Exh. #1493, August 18–October 11, 1988]</p> <p><b>1494.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Drawings of Philip Guston</i> [MoMA Exh. #1494, September 7–November 1, 1988]</p> <p><b>1495.</b>&nbsp; <i>Video: New Canadian Narrative</i> [MoMA Exh. #1495, September 8–November 1, 1988]</p> <p><b>1496.</b>&nbsp; <i>Nicholas Nixon: Pictures of People</i> [MoMA Exh. #1496, September 15–November 13, 1988]</p> <p><b>1497.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Works from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1497, September 29. 1988–June 6, 1989]</p> <p><b>1498.</b>&nbsp; <i>Anselm Kiefer</i> [MoMA Exh. #1498, October 16, 1988–January 3, 1989]</p> <p><b>1499.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 4: Patrick Faigenbaum, Reagan Louie, and Michael Schmidt</i> [MoMA Exh. #1499, October 20, 1988–January 10, 1989]</p> <p><b>1500.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler</i> [MoMA Exh. #1500, October 22–November 29, 1988]</p> <p><b>1501.</b>&nbsp; <i>Collage: Selections from the Permanent Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1501, November 3, 1988–February 28, 1989]</p> <p><b>1502.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fluxus: Selections from the Gilbert and Lila Silverman Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1502, November 15, 1988–April 7, 1989]</p> <p><b>1503.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Drawings of Richard Diebenkorn</i> [MoMA Exh. #1503, November 17, 1988–January 10, 1989]</p> <p><b>1504.</b>&nbsp; <i>Abstractions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1504, November 17, 1988–March 26, 1989]</p> <p><b>1505.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Documentary Video: Subject to Change</i> [MoMA Exh. #1505, November 17, 1988–January 10, 1989]</p> <p><b>1506.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1506, November 24, 1988–January 10, 1989]</p> <p><b>1506a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Henri Matisse: Nuit De Noël and Liturgical Vestments</i> [MoMA Exh. #1506a, November 24, 1988–January 10, 1989]</p> <p><b>1507.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: David Ireland</i> [MoMA Exh. #1507, December 10, 1988–January 15, 1989]</p> <p><b>1508.</b>&nbsp; <i>Chaplin: A Centennial Celebration</i> [MoMA Exh. #1508, January 1–June 30, 1989]</p> <p><b>1509.</b>&nbsp; <i>Walker Evans: American Photographs</i> [MoMA Exh. #1509, January 19–April 11, 1989]</p> <p><b>1510.</b>&nbsp; <i>Andy Warhol: A Retrospective</i> [MoMA Exh. #1510, February 6–May 2, 1989]</p> <p><b>1511.</b>&nbsp; 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<i>A Modern Museum: The 1939 Goodwin/Stone Building</i> [MoMA Exh. #1518, May 10–August 22, 1989]</p> <p><b>1519.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Bernhard and Anna Blume</i> [MoMA Exh. #1519, May 13–June 20, 1989]</p> <p><b>1520.</b>&nbsp; <i>Christopher Wilmarth</i> [MoMA Exh. #1520, May 25–August 20, 1989]</p> <p><b>1521.</b>&nbsp; <i>Helen Frankenthaler: A Paintings Retrospective</i> [MoMA Exh. #1521, June 5–August 20, 1989]</p> <p><b>1522.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Works from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1522, June 24, 1989–March 18, 1990]</p> <p><b>1523.</b>&nbsp; <i>California Photography: Remaking Make-Believe</i> [MoMA Exh. #1523, June 28–August 22, 1989]</p> <p><b>1524.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Elizabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio</i> [MoMA Exh. #1524, July 1–August 15, 1989]</p> <p><b>1524a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painters for the Theater</i> [MoMA Exh. #1524a, July 14–November 1, 1989]</p> <p><b>1525.</b>&nbsp; <i>Siskind from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1525, July 20–October 16, 1989]</p> <p><b>1526.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Cubist Imprint</i> [MoMA Exh. #1526, August 18–November 7, 1989]</p> <p><b>1527.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1527, August 18–November 7, 1989]</p> <p><b>1528.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Matt Mullican</i> [MoMA Exh. #1528, August 24–November 7, 1989]</p> <p><b>1528a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Video and Language</i> [MoMA Exh. #1528a, September 7–October 31, 1989]</p> <p><b>1529.</b>&nbsp; <i>Picasso and Braque: Pioneering Cubism</i> [MoMA Exh. #1529, September 24, 1989–January 16, 1990]</p> <p><b>1530.</b>&nbsp; <i>Kayserzinn Pewter</i> [MoMA Exh. #1530, October 12, 1989–January 9, 1990]</p> <p><b>1530a.</b>&nbsp; <i>American MovieMakers: The Dawn of Sound</i> [MoMA Exh. #1530a, October 19–November 26, 1989]</p> <p><b>1531.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 5: Vincent Borrelli, Thomas Florschuetz, Mike Mandel</i> [MoMA Exh. #1531, October 25, 1989–January 9, 1990]</p> <p><b>1532.</b>&nbsp; <i>Video and the Computer</i> [MoMA Exh. #1532, November 2–December 3, 1989]</p> <p><b>1532a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawings of the Eighties from the Collection, Part I</i> [MoMA Exh. #1532a, November 9, 1989–February 13, 1990]</p> <p><b>1533.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects: Houston Conwill</i> [MoMA Exh. #1533, November 16, 1989–January 9, 1990]</p> <p><b>1534.</b>&nbsp; <i>For 20 Years: Editions Schellmann</i> [MoMA Exh. #1534, November 16, 1989–March 13, 1990]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design Permanent Collection Galleries</i> [November 1989–no closing date]</p> <p><b>1535.</b>&nbsp; <i>Prints: Proofs and Variants</i> [MoMA Exh. #1535, November 16, 1989–March 13, 1990]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sidney Janis Memorial</i> [November 30, 1989–January 3, 1990]</p> <p><b>1536.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Japanese Posters from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1536, December 9, 1989–April 16, 1990]</p> <p><b>1537.</b>&nbsp; <i>Directed by Vincente Minnelli</i> [MoMA Exh. #1537, December 15, 1989–January 28, 1990]</p> <p><a href="#top">top</a></p> <div id="1990" /> <h2>1990–1999</h2> <p><b>1538.</b>&nbsp; <i>Video and Myth</i> [MoMA Exh. #1538, January 4–February 27, 1990]</p> <p><b>1539.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tina Barney</i> [MoMA Exh. #1539, January 18–April 10, 1990]</p> <p><b>1539a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography Gallery Reinstallation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1539a, January 18, 1990–]</p> <p><b>1540.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 20: Vernon Fisher</i> [MoMA Exh. #1540, January 20–March 5, 1990]</p> <p><b>1541.</b>&nbsp; <i>James Rosenquist: Welcome to the Water Planet</i> [MoMA Exh. #1541, February 8–May 1, 1990]</p> <p><b>1542.</b>&nbsp; <i>Robert Moskowitz</i> [MoMA Exh. #1542, February 10–May 1, 1990]</p> <p><b>1542a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gunta Stölzl and Anni Albers</i> [MoMA Exh. #1542a, February 15–July 8, 1990]</p> <p><b>1543.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography Until Now</i> [MoMA Exh. #1543, February 18–May 29, 1990]</p> <p><b>1543a.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Video: Dream</i> [MoMA Exh. #1543a, March 2–May 6, 1990]</p> <p><b>1544.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 21: Cildo Meireles</i> [MoMA Exh. #1544, March 17–May 1, 1990]</p> <p><b>1545.</b>&nbsp; <i>Figurative Inventions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1545, March 22–July 17, 1990]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design Collection: Philip Johnson Gallery</i> [Spring 1990–no closing date]</p> <p><b>1546.</b>&nbsp; <i>Prints in Parts Since 1970</i> [MoMA Exh. #1546, March 22–July 17, 1990]</p> <p><b>1546a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawings from the Eighties from the Collection II</i> [MoMA Exh. #1546a, April 12–July 10, 1990]</p> <p><b>1546b.</b>&nbsp; <i>John Gutmann: Beyond the Document</i> [MoMA Exh. #1546b, April 19–July 17, 1990]</p> <p><b>1546c.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Works from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1546c, April 19–October 23, 1990]</p> <p><b>1547.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pier Paolo Pasolini: The Eyes of a Poet</i> [MoMA Exh. #1547, April 26–June 19, 1990]</p> <p><b>1548.</b>&nbsp; <i>Icon</i> [MoMA Exh. #1548, May 11–August 12, 1990]</p> <p><b>1549.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 22: Franz Gertsch</i> [MoMA Exh. #1549, May 12–June 26, 1990]</p> <p><b>1550.</b>&nbsp; <i>Francis Bacon</i> [MoMA Exh. #1550, May 30–August 28, 1990]</p> <p><b>1551.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artist’s Choice: Ellsworth Kelly, Fragmentation and the Single Form</i> [MoMA Exh. #1551, June 15–September 4, 1990]</p> <p><b>1552.</b>&nbsp; <i>Matisse in Morocco: The Paintings and Drawings, 1912–1913</i> [MoMA Exh. #1552, June 20–September 4, 1990]</p> <p><b>1553.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architectural Drawings of the Russian Avant-Garde</i> [MoMA Exh. #1553, June 28–September 4, 1990]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Twentieth Century Fox: 1935–1965</i> [June 29–October 30, 1990]</p> <p><b>1554.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 23: Lorna Simpson</i> [MoMA Exh. #1554, July 6–August 26, 1990]</p> <p><b>1554A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawing in Europe, 1881–1938</i> [MoMA Exh. #1554A, July 19–October 21, 1990]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Glass from the Collection</i> [July 13–December 11, 1990]</p> <p><b>1555.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lady Hawarden, Victorian Photographer</i> [MoMA Exh. #1555, July 26–October 9, 1990]</p> <p><b>1556.</b>&nbsp; <i>First Light: Twenty Etchings by James Turrell</i> [MoMA Exh. #1556, July 26–November 13, 1990]</p> <p><b>1557.</b>&nbsp; <i>Master Prints from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1557, July 26–November 13, 1990]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography Collection Permanent Collection</i> [August 1990–no closing date]</p> <p><b>1558.</b>&nbsp; <i>Information Art: Diagramming Microchips</i> [MoMA Exh. #1558, September 6–October 30, 1990]</p> <p><b>1559.</b>&nbsp; <i>High and Low: Modern Art and Popular Culture</i> [MoMA Exh. #1559, October 7, 1990–January 15, 1991]</p> <p><b>1560.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 6: Paul D’Amato, Carl Pope, and JoAnn Verburg</i> [MoMA Exh. #1560, October 17, 1990–January 1991]</p> <p><b>1561.</b>&nbsp; <i>Inasmuch as it is Already Taking Place</i> [MoMA Exh. #1561, October 19, 1990–January 6,1991]</p> <p><b>1562.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Works from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1562, November 1, 1990– ]</p> <p><b>1563.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawn in America, 1898–1945</i> [MoMA Exh. #1563, November 1,1990–March 1991]</p> <p><b>1564.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 24: Kiki Smith</i> [MoMA Exh. #1564, November 10, 1990–January 2, 1991]</p> <p><b>1565.</b>&nbsp; <i>Still Life Into Object</i> [MoMA Exh. #1565, November 22, 1990–March 19, 1991]</p> <p><b>1566.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gift of the Associates: 1975–190</i> [MoMA Exh. #1566, November 27, 1990–March 19, 1991]</p> <p><b>1567.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artist’s Choice: Chuck Close, Head-On/The Modern Portrait</i> [MoMA Exh. #1567, January 10–March 19, 1991]</p> <p><b>1568.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 25: Dennis Adams</i> [MoMA Exh. #1568, January 12–February 26, 1991]</p> <p><b>1569.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #1569, January 16–March 9, 1991]</p> <p><b>1570.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1570, January 17–March 3, 1991]</p> <p><b>1571.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 26: Stuart Clipper</i> [MoMA Exh. #1571, February 1–April 28, 1991]</p> <p><b>1572.</b>&nbsp; <i>Liubov Popova</i> [MoMA Exh. #1572, February 14–April 23, 1991]</p> <p><b>1573.</b>&nbsp; <i>British Photography from the Thatcher Years</i> [MoMA Exh. #1573, February 14–April 28, 1991]</p> <p><b>1574.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art of the Forties</i> [MoMA Exh. #1574, February 20–April 30, 1991]</p> <p><b>1575.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Dream Merchants: Making and Selling Films in Hollywood’s Golden Age</i> [MoMA Exh. #1575, March 7–June 1, 1991]</p> <p><b>1576.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 27: Michael Craig-Martin</i> [MoMA Exh. #1576, March 9–April 23, 1991]</p> <p><b>1577.</b>&nbsp; <i>Four German Printmakers: Max Klinger, Lovis Corinth, Christian Rohlfs and Otto Dix</i> [MoMA Exh. #1577, April 4–July 23, 1991]</p> <p><b>1578.</b>&nbsp; <i>Malelade by Georg Baselitz</i> [MoMA Exh. #1578, April 9–July 23, 1991]</p> <p><b>1579.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mean Streets: American Photographs from the Collection, 1940s–1980s</i> [MoMA Exh. #1579, April 17–July 16, 1991]</p> <p><b>1580.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Surrealist Drawing: A Selection from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1580, April 18–September 3, 1991]</p> <p><b>1581.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 28: Kyoko Kumai</i> [MoMA Exh. #1581, May 3–June 18, 1991]</p> <p><b>1582.</b>&nbsp; <i>Seven Master Printmakers: Innovations in the Eighties</i> [MoMA Exh. #1582, May 16–August 13, 1991]</p> <p><b>1583.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fact/Fiction</i> [MoMA Exh. #1583, May 17–August 18, 1991]</p> <p><b>1584.</b>&nbsp; <i>Roberto Burle Marx: The Unnatural Art of the Garden</i> [MoMA Exh. #1584, May 23–August 13, 1991]</p> <p><b>1585.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ad Reinhardt</i> [MoMA Exh. #1585, June 1–September 2, 1991]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Junction and Journey: Trains and Film</i> [June 21–October 27, 1991]</p> <p><b>1586.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 29: Thierry Kuntzel</i> [MoMA Exh. #1586, June 20–September 3, 1991]</p> <p><b>1587.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Graphic Designs of Herbert Matter</i> [MoMA Exh. #1587, July 4–December 3, 1991]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture Permanent Collection</i> [July 1991–no closing date]</p> <p><b>1588.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lee Friedlander: Nudes</i> [MoMA Exh. #1588, July 25–October 8, 1991]</p> <p><b>1589.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1589, August 7–November 22, 1991]</p> <p><b>1590.</b>&nbsp; <i>Color Prints from France 1890–1910</i> [MoMA Exh. #1590, August 8–November 5, 1991]</p> <p><b>1591.</b>&nbsp; <i>Consumer Tools: Personal Visions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1591, September 5–November 10, 1991]</p> <p><b>1592.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Masks and Helmets</i> [MoMA Exh. #1592, September 12–November 19, 1991]</p> <p><b>1593.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 30: Guillermo Kuitka</i> [MoMA Exh. #1593, September 13–October 29, 1991]</p> <p><b>1594.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Still Life: Selections from the Drawing Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1594, September 19, 1991–January 15, 1992]</p> <p><b>1595.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pleasures and Terrors of Domestic Comfort</i> [MoMA Exh. #1595, September 26, 1991–December 31, 1991]</p> <p><b>1596.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tadao Ando</i> [MoMA Exh. #1596, October 2–December 31, 1991]</p> <p><b>1597.</b>&nbsp; <i>Video Viewpoint: Sadie Benning, A Place Called Lovely</i> [MoMA Exh. #1597, October 7–November 10, 1991]</p> <p><b>1598.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dislocations</i> [MoMA Exh. #1598, October 19, 1991–January 7, 1992]</p> <p><b>1599.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 7</i> [MoMA Exh. #1599, October 17, 1991–January 7, 1992]</p> <p><b>1600.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 31: A Space Without Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #1600, November 8–December 8, 1991]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Ad Reinhardt Collection, Gift of Mr. And Mrs. Walter T. Wittmann. Museum Library</i> [November 11, 1991–July 24, 1992]</p> <p><b>1601.</b>&nbsp; <i>Yiddish Film Between Two Worlds</i> [MoMA Exh. #1601, November 14, 1991–January 14, 1992]</p> <p><b>1602.</b>&nbsp; <i>Word 2 My Mother</i> [MoMA Exh. #1602, November 18, 1991–January 19, 1992]</p> <p><b>1603.</b>&nbsp; <i>Master Prints from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1603, November 21, 1991–March 24, 1992]</p> <p><b>1604.</b>&nbsp; <i>Speaking Out: Film and Video About AIDS</i> [MoMA Exh. #1604, November 22–December 3, 1991]</p> <p><b>1605.</b>&nbsp; <i>Richard Serra: Anfangar Series</i> [MoMA Exh. #1605, November 25, 1991–April 4, 1992]</p> <p><b>1606.</b>&nbsp; <i>For 25 Years; Gemini G.E.L.</i> [MoMA Exh. #1606, November 26, 1991–March 24, 1992]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design Permanent Collection Poster Gallery</i> [Winter 1991–1992]</p> <p><b>1607.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 32: Art Spiegelman</i> [MoMA Exh. #1607, December 17, 1991–January 28, 1992]</p> <p><b>1608.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Film from Germany</i> [MoMA Exh. #1608, December 21, 1991–January7, 1992]</p> <p><b>1609.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lighting from the Sixties and Seventies</i> [MoMA Exh. #1609, December 21, 1991–March 29, 1992]</p> <p><b>1610.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gay Block: Rescuers of the Holocaust</i> [MoMA Exh. #1610, January 16–April 7, 1992]</p> <p><b>1611.</b>&nbsp; <i>From the Archives: Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1611, January 24–February 29, 1992]</p> <p><b>1612.</b>&nbsp; <i>Committed Visions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1612, January 24–April 6, 1992]</p> <p><b>1613.</b>&nbsp; <i>Frank Gehry: New Furniture Prototypes</i> [MoMA Exh. #1613, January 24–March 23, 1992]</p> <p><b>1614.</b>&nbsp; <i>The William S. Paley Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1614, January 30–April 7, 1992]</p> <p><b>1615.</b>&nbsp; <i>Allegories of Modernism</i> [MoMA Exh. #1615, February 12–May 12, 1992]</p> <p><b>1616.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Acquisitions, Video: Joan Jonas, Nam June Paik, and William Wegman</i> [MoMA Exh. #1616, April 9–July 16, 1992]</p> <p><b>1617.</b>&nbsp; <i>Kaj Franck: Designer</i> [MoMA Exh. #1617, April 16–October 12, 1992]</p> <p><b>1618.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 33: Matthew McCaslin</i> [MoMA Exh. #1618, April 18–June 2, 1992]</p> <p><b>1619.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary European Prints</i> [MoMA Exh. #1619, April 9–September 22, 1992]</p> <p><b>1620.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gertrude Kasebier: Photographer</i> [MoMA Exh. #1620, April 23–July 14, 1992]</p> <p><b>1621.</b>&nbsp; <i>Antoni Tàpies in Print</i> [MoMA Exh. #1621, May 7–August 9, 1992]</p> <p><b>1622.</b>&nbsp; <i>More Than One Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #1622, May 14–August 9, 1992]</p> <p><b>1623.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 34: Felix Gonzalez-Torres</i> [MoMA Exh. #1623, May 15–June 30, 1992]</p> <p><b>1624.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Drawing 1880–1940: Selections from the Permanent Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1624, May 28–July 20, 1992]</p> <p><b>1625.</b>&nbsp; <i>Philip Guston: Works from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1625, May 28–July 27, 1992]</p> <p><b>1626.</b>&nbsp; <i>Warner Brothers: Behind the Shield</i> [MoMA Exh. #1626, June 4, 1992–March 1, 1993]</p> <p><b>1627.</b>&nbsp; <i>Louis I. Kahn: In the Realm of Architecture</i> [MoMA Exh. #1627, June 14–August 18, 1992]</p> <p><b>1628.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 35: Steven Kroninger</i> [MoMA Exh. #1628, July 2–August 9, 1992]</p> <p><b>1629.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 36: Erica Rothenberg</i> [MoMA Exh. #1629, July 11–September 2, 1992]</p> <p><b>1630.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Young Rebel in American Photography 1950–1970</i> [MoMA Exh. #1630, July 23–October 13, 1992]</p> <p><b>1631.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Photographs of Lucas Samaras: Selections from a Recent Gift</i> [MoMA Exh. #1631, August 29–December 1, 1992]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artists Magazines, Museum Library</i> [September 1, 1992–April 5, 1993]</p> <p><b>1632.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1632, September 9, 1992–February 17, 1993][October 2, 1992–February 2, 1993] [d’Harnoncourt Galleries (1–3)][October 10, 1992–February 21, 1993] [d’Harnoncourt Galleries (4)]</p> <p><b>1633.</b>&nbsp; <i>Henri Matisse: A Retrospective</i> [MoMA Exh. #1633, September 24, 1992–January 1993]</p> <p><b>1634.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 37: Suzanne La Font</i> [MoMA Exh. #1634, October 2–November 15, 1993]</p> <p><b>1635.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Artist and the Book in Twentieth Century Italy</i> [MoMA Exh. #1635, October 13, 1992–February 16, 1993]</p> <p><b>1636.</b>&nbsp; <i>Video: Two Decades</i> [MoMA Exh. #1636, October 15, 1992–January 3, 1993]</p> <p><b>1637.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 8</i> [MoMA Exh. #1637, October 29, 1992–January 12, 1993]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mies van der Rohe: Two Skyscrapers for Berlin</i> [November 1992–May 1993]</p> <p><b>1638.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 38: Jana Sterback</i> [MoMA Exh. #1638, November 20, 1992–January 5, 1993]</p> <p><b>1639.</b>&nbsp; <i>Nara Convention Hall International Design Competition</i> [MoMA Exh. #1639, November 20, 1992–March 7, 1993]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design Permanent Collection</i> [Winter 1992–1993]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>In Memoriam: Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller (Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3rd) 1909–1992</i> [December 3, 1992–January 27, 1993]</p> <p><b>1640.</b>&nbsp; <i>Matisse, Picasso, and Les Demoiselles d’Avignon</i> [MoMA Exh. #1640, January 23–31, 1993]</p> <p><b>1641.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawing in Black and White: Contemporary Works form the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1641, February 4–16, 1993]</p> <p><b>1642.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #1642, February 4–April 6, 1993]</p> <p><b>1643.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 39: Georg Herold/Markus Oehlen</i> [MoMA Exh. #1643, February 5–March 23, 1993]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Thinking is Form: The Drawings of Joseph Beuys,The Edward John Noble Education Center</i> [February 21–May 4, 1993]</p> <p><b>1644.</b>&nbsp; <i>Thinking is Form: The Drawings of Joseph Beuys</i> [MoMA Exh. #1644, February 21–May 4, 1993]</p> <p><b>1644a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Works from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1644a, February 27–]</p> <p><b>1645.</b>&nbsp; <i>Reading Prints</i> [MoMA Exh. #1645, March 4–July 6, 1993]</p> <p><b>1646.</b>&nbsp; <i>Max Ernst: Dada and the Dawn of Surrealism</i> [MoMA Exh. #1646, March 14–May 2, 1993]</p> <p><b>1647.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1647. September 1992 through January (?) 1993]</p> <p><b>1648.</b>&nbsp; <i>Santiago Calatrava: Structure and Expression</i> [MoMA Exh. #1648, March 25–May 18, 1993]</p> <p><b>1649.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 40: Ready Made Identities</i> [MoMA Exh. #1649, April 13–May 18, 1993]</p> <p><b>1650.</b>&nbsp; <i>John Heartfield: Photomontages</i> [MoMA Exh. #1650, April 15–July 6, 1993]</p> <p><b>1651.</b>&nbsp; <i>Philip Lorca di Corcia</i> [MoMA Exh. #1651, April 15–July 6, 1993]</p> <p><b>1652.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dada and Surrealism: Selections from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1652, April 15–July 6, 1993]</p> <p><b>1652a.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Century of Cinema: Selections from the Museum’s Special Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1652a, April. 22, 1993–January 15, 1994]</p> <p><b>1653.</b>&nbsp; <i>William Wegman’s Cinderella</i> [MoMA Exh. #1653, May 13–July 6, 1993]</p> <p><b>1654.</b>&nbsp; <i>Latin American Artists of the Twentieth Century</i> [MoMA Exh. #1654, June 2–September 7, 1993]</p> <p><b>1655.</b>&nbsp; <i>Preview: The Tokyo International Forum by Rafael Viñoly Architects</i> [MoMA Exh. #1655, June 11–August 4, 1993]</p> <p><b>1656.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Permanent Collection of Painting and Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #1656, July 1, 1993–closing date unknown (3rd floor, galleries 23–30); September 2, 1993–closing date unknown (2nd floor, galleries 1–13); September 11, 1993–closing date unknown (2nd floor, stairwell and galleries 14–22)]</p> <p><b>1657.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Works from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1657, July 1–August 22, 1993 (Gallery 31); July 1–August 16, 1993 (Gallery 32)]</p> <p><b>1658.</b>&nbsp; <i>Masterworks from the Collection pre-1945</i> [MoMA Exh. #1658, July 8–August 3, 1993]</p> <p><b>1659.</b>&nbsp; <i>Multiple Images: Photographs Since 1965 from the Permanent Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1659, July 15–October 5, 1993]</p> <p><b>1660.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pastimes in Prints</i> [MoMA Exh. #1660, July 24–September 28, 1993]</p> <p><b>1661.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Print Project by Chuck Close</i> [MoMA Exh. #1661, July 24–October 18, 1993]</p> <p><b>1661a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Zanuso/Sapper Installation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1661a, August 19–November 9, 1993]</p> <p><b>1662.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 41: Gabriel Orozco</i> [MoMA Exh. #1662, September 3–October 18. 1993]</p> <p><b>1662a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Drawing: Selections from the Collection 1884–1961</i> [MoMA Exh. #1662a, September 23, 1993–closing date unknown]</p> <p><b>1663.</b>&nbsp; <i>Robert Ryman</i> [MoMA Exh. #1663, September 26, 1993–January 4, 1994]</p> <p><b>1663A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Preview: The New Austrian Cultural Institute by Raimund Abraham</i> [MoMA Exh. #1663A, September 25–October 19, 1993]</p> <p><b>1664.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 42: Moira Dryer</i> [MoMA Exh. #1664, September 30–November 16, 1993]</p> <p><b>1665.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 9</i> [MoMA Exh. #1665, October 5, 1993–January 4, 1994]</p> <p><b>1666.</b>&nbsp; <i>Joan Miró</i> [MoMA Exh. #1666, October 13, 1993–January 11, 1994]</p> <p><b>1667.</b>&nbsp; <i>Joan Miró Prints from New York Lenders</i> [MoMA Exh. #1667, October 13, 1993–January 11, 1994]</p> <p><b>1668.</b>&nbsp; <i>Designed for Speed: 3 Automobiles by Ferrari</i> [MoMA Exh. #1668, November 4, 1993–March 8, 1994]</p> <p><b>1669.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 43: In Memory of...</i> [MoMA Exh. #1669, November 23–December 12, 1993]</p> <p><b>1669A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Eric Mendelsohn</i> [MoMA Exh. #1669A, December 16, 1993–May 23, 1994]</p> <p><b>1670.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 44: Sarah Lucas/Steven Pippin</i> [MoMA Exh. #1670, December 23, 1993–February 8, 1994]</p> <p><b>1671.</b>&nbsp; <i>For 25 Years: Brook Alexander Editions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1671, January 27–May 17, 1994]</p> <p><b>1672.</b>&nbsp; <i>Masters of the Bauhaus: Wasily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, and Lyonel Feininger</i> [MoMA Exh. #1672, January 27–May 17, 1994]</p> <p><b>1672A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gesture and Pose</i> [MoMA Exh. #1672A, January 13–April 5, 1994]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography: Reinstallation of the Contemporary Gallerie</i> [January 1994–no closing date]</p> <p><b>1673.</b>&nbsp; <i>Frank Lloyd Wright: Architect</i> [MoMA Exh. #1673, February 16–May 10, 1994]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Frank Lloyd Wright: Unity Temple: Reading the Plans, The Edward John Noble Education Center</i> [February 16–June 8, 1994(?)]</p> <p><b>1674.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 45: Chuck Hoberman</i> [MoMA Exh. #1674, February 24–April 12, 1994]</p> <p><b>1674A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Drawing, Part II: Selections from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1674A, February 25–June 14, 1994]</p> <p><b>1675.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artist’s Choice: John Baldessari</i> [MoMA Exh. #1675, March 17–May 10, 1994]</p> <p><b>1675A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Merce Cunningham Tribute</i> [MoMA Exh. #1675a, April 14–17, 1994]</p> <p><b>1676.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Surrealist Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #1676, April 15–July 5, 1994]</p> <p><b>1677.</b>&nbsp; <i>Thresholds/Bernard Tschumi: Architecture and Event</i> [MoMA Exh. #1677, April 21–July 5, 1994]</p> <p><b>1678.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 46: Karin Sander</i> [MoMA Exh. #1678, April 26–June 6, 1994]</p> <p><b>1679.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawings in Honor of Lily Auchincloss</i> [MoMA Exh. #1679, May 24–July 12, 1994]</p> <p><b>1680.</b>&nbsp; <i>Master Prints from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1680, May 27–August 2, 1994]</p> <p><b>1681.</b>&nbsp; <i>Masterpieces from the David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection: From Manet to Picasso</i> [MoMA Exh. #1681, June 8–September 6, 1994]</p> <p><b>1682.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sense and Sensibility: Women Artists and Minimalism in the 90s</i> [MoMA Exh. #1682, June 15–September 11, 1994]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sense and Sensibility: Women Artists and Minimalism in the 90’s, The Edward John Noble Education Center</i> [no dates provided]</p> <p><b>1683.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture: Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1683, June 16–September 11, 1994]</p> <p><b>1684.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lee Friedlander: Letters from the People</i> [MoMA Exh. #1684, June 16–September 11, 1994]</p> <p><b>1685.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Brtish Drawings: A Selection from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1685, June 23–September 13, 1994]</p> <p><b>1686.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 47: Luc Courchesne</i> [MoMA Exh. #1686, June 28–August 23, 1994]</p> <p><b>1686a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Stills</i> [MoMA Exh. #1686a, July 14–October 11, 1994]</p> <p><b>1687.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tribute to Annie Albers</i> [MoMA Exh. #1687, July 14, 1994–end of November 1994]</p> <p><b>1688.</b>&nbsp; <i>Metallic Fabrics from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1688, July 26, 1994–end of November 1994]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design Galleries: Selections from the Permanent Collectio</i> [July–November 1994]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design Poster Gallery</i> [July–November 1994]</p> <p><b>1689.</b>&nbsp; <i>Director’s Centennial: Ford/Renoir/Sternberg</i> [MoMA Exh. #1689, August 26, 1994–end of January ’95]</p> <p><b>1690.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Long View: Works from the Painting and Sculpture Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1690, September 8–October 25, 1994]</p> <p><b>1691.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Prints of Louise Bourgeois</i> [MoMA Exh. #1691, September 12, 1994–January 3, 1995]</p> <p><b>1692.</b>&nbsp; <i>Cy Twombly: A Retrospective</i> [MoMA Exh. #1692, September 21, 1994–January 10, 1995]</p> <p><b>1693.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawings in Black and White: A Selection of Contemporary Works from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1693, September 22, 1994–January 10, 1995]</p> <p><b>1694.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mapping</i> [MoMA Exh. #1694, October 5, 1994–December 20, 1995]</p> <p><b>1695.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Politicians: Photographs from 1943–1993</i> [MoMA Exh. #1695, October 5, 1994–January 3, 1995]</p> <p><b>1696.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 10: Shimon Attie, Abelardo Morell, Jorge Ribalta, Michal Rovner</i> [MoMA Exh. #1696, October 18, 1994–January 10, 1995]</p> <p><b>1697.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Century of Artists Books</i> [MoMA Exh. #1697, October 19, 1994–January 24, 1995]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Color-Copier: Aesthetic in Artist Books. Museum Library</i> [Autumn 1994]</p> <p><b>1698.</b>&nbsp; <i>Thresholds/O.M.A. at The Museum of Modern Art: Rem Koolhaas and the Place of Public Architecture</i> [MoMA Exh. #1698, November 2, 1994–February 21, 1995]</p> <p><b>1699.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 48: Ann Hamilton</i> [MoMA Exh. #1699, November 8, 1994–January 3, 1995]</p> <p><b>1700.</b>&nbsp; <i>German Expressionist Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1700, December 22, 1994–April 25, 1995]</p> <p><b>1701.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jacob Lawrence: The Migration Series</i> [MoMA Exh. #1701, January 11(12)–April 11, 1995]</p> <p><b>1702.</b>&nbsp; <i>Semblances</i> [MoMA Exh. #1702, January 14–May 9, 1995]</p> <p><b>1703.</b>&nbsp; <i>Max Beckmann Prints from The Museum of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #1703, January 14–May 9, 1995]</p> <p><b>1704.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #1704, January 18(19)–April 11, 1995]</p> <p><b>1705.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 49: Nancy Rubins</i> [MoMA Exh. #1705, January 24(26)–March 14, 1995]</p> <p><b>1706.</b>&nbsp; <i>Kandinsky: Compositions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1706, January 25(26)–April 25, 1995]</p> <p><b>1707.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1707, February 15–June 5, 1995]</p> <p><b>1707A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Typography and the Poster</i> [MoMA Exh. #1707A, February 15–May 31, 1995]</p> <p><b>1707B.</b>&nbsp; <i>Machine Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #1707B, February 15–April 4, 1995]</p> <p><b>1707C.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ten Masters of the Modern Poster</i> [MoMA Exh. #1707C, February 15–]</p> <p><b>1708.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Sculptors in the 60’s: Selected Drawings from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1708, February 16–June 20, 1995]</p> <p><b>1709.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bruce Nauman</i> [MoMA Exh. #1709, March 1(5)–May 23, 1995]</p> <p><b>1710.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 50: Tom Friedman</i> [MoMA Exh. #1710, March 28(30)–May 16, 1995]</p> <p><b>1711.</b>&nbsp; <i>Helen Chadwick: Bad Blooms</i> [MoMA Exh. #1711, April 12(13)–July 11, 1995]</p> <p><b>1712.</b>&nbsp; <i>Masterworks from the Louise Reinhardt Smith Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1712, May 3(4)–August 22, 1995]</p> <p><b>1713.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mutant Materials in Contemporary Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #1713, May 24(25)–August 27, 1995]</p> <p><b>1714.</b>&nbsp; <i>Adding It Up: Print Acquisitions 1970–1995</i> [MoMA Exh. #1714, May 27–September 5, 1995]</p> <p><b>1715.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 51: Paul McCarthy</i> [MoMA Exh. #1715, May 30(6/1)–July 18, 1995]</p> <p><b>1716.</b>&nbsp; <i>Designing Magic: Disney Animation Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #1716, June 9(10)–October 31, 1995]</p> <p><b>1717.</b>&nbsp; <i>The United Nations in Perspective</i> [MoMA Exh. #1717, June 13(15)–September 26, 1995]</p> <p><b>1718.</b>&nbsp; <i>Civic Architecture</i> [MoMA Exh. #1718, June 13–September 26, 1995]</p> <p><b>1719.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Silence: Photographs by Gilles Peress</i> [MoMA Exh. #1719, June 15–August 15, 1995]</p> <p><b>1719A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sculpture from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1719A, June 17–August 20, 1995]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gerhard Richter: Recent Acquisition</i> [July–September 1995]</p> <p><b>1720.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artist’s Choice: Elizabeth Murray</i> [MoMA Exh. #1720, June 19(20)–August 22, 1995]</p> <p><b>1721.</b>&nbsp; <i>Video Spaces: Eight Installations</i> [MoMA Exh. #1721, June 21(22)–September 12, 1995]</p> <p><b>1721A.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Human Figure: A Modern Vision</i> [MoMA Exh. #1721A, July 1–October 3, 1995]</p> <p><b>1722.</b>&nbsp; <i>Leon Levinstein</i> [MoMA Exh. #1722, July 20–October 10, 1995]</p> <p><b>1723.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Bequest of Nina and Gordon Bunshaft</i> [MoMA Exh. #1723, August 4–October 10, 1995]</p> <p><b>1724.</b>&nbsp; <i>Stieglitz at Lake George</i> [MoMA Exh. #1724, September 13(14), 1995–January 2, 1996]</p> <p><b>1725.</b>&nbsp; <i>Impressions of Nature</i> [MoMA Exh. #1725, September 16, 1995–January 2, 1996]</p> <p><b>1726.</b>&nbsp; <i>Light Construction</i> [MoMA Exh. #1726, September 20(21), 1995–January 2, 1996]</p> <p><b>1727.</b>&nbsp; <i>Piet Mondrian: 1872–1944</i> [MoMA Exh. #1727, September 27(October1), 1995–January 23, 1996]</p> <p><b>1728.</b>&nbsp; <i>Annette Messager</i> [MoMA Exh. #1728, October 11(12), ’95–January 16, 1996]</p> <p><b>1728a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Piet Mondrian’s DeStijl Colleagues</i> [MoMA Exh. #1728a, October 12, ’95–February 20, 1996]</p> <p><b>1728b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawings on Chance: Selections from the Permanent Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1728b, October 12, 1995–January 23, 1996]</p> <p><b>1729.</b>&nbsp; <i>From the Collection: Abstraction, Pure and Impure</i> [MoMA Exh. #1729, October 20, 1995–May 21, 1996]</p> <p><b>1729a.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 11</i> [MoMA Exh. #1729a, October 17(19), 1995–January 9, 1996]</p> <p><b>1730.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 52: Carrie Mae Weems</i> [MoMA Exh. #1730, October 31(November 1),1995–March 12,1996]</p> <p><b>1730A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Film Posters from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1730A, November 10, 1995–]</p> <p><b>1731.</b>&nbsp; <i>Published by Joe Fawbush</i> [MoMA Exh. #1731, November 30–December 12, 1996]</p> <p><b>1732.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 53: Oliver Herring/Leo Nilson</i> [MoMA Exh. #1732, January 16(18)–March 12, 1996]</p> <p><b>1733.</b>&nbsp; <i>Michael Schmidt: Einheit (U-NI-TY)</i> [MoMA Exh. #1733, January 17(18)–March 26, 1996]</p> <p><b>1734.</b>&nbsp; <i>Brancusi: A Special Installation, Selected Masterworks from the Musee de l’Art Moderne, Paris and from The Museum of Modern Art, New York</i> [MoMA Exh. #1734, January 18–May 5, 1996]</p> <p><b>1735.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sol LeWitt Prints</i> [MoMA Exh. #1735, January 23(25)–May 7, 1996]</p> <p><b>1736.</b>&nbsp; <i>Roy DeCarava: A Retrospective</i> [MoMA Exh. #1736, January 24(25)–May 7, 1996]</p> <p><b>1737.</b>&nbsp; <i>Beuys and After: Contemporary German Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1737, February 2–May 4, 1996]</p> <p><b>1738.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lilly Reich: Designer and Architect</i> [MoMA Exh. #1738, February 6(8)–May 7, 1996]</p> <p><b>1739.</b>&nbsp; <i>Deformations: Apects of the Modern Grotesque</i> [MoMA Exh. #1739, February 16–May 21, 1996]</p> <p><b>1740.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 54: Hirsch Perlman</i> [MoMA Exh. #1740, March 26(28)–May 21, 1996]</p> <p><b>1741.</b>&nbsp; <i>Come Sunday: Photographs by Thomas Roma</i> [MoMA Exh. #1741, April 2(4)–June 18, 1996]</p> <p><b>1742.</b>&nbsp; <i>Refining the Sports Car: Jaguar’s E-Type</i> [MoMA Exh. #1742, April 3(4)–August 20, 1996]</p> <p><b>1743.</b>&nbsp; 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<i>Contemporary Design from the Netherlands</i> [MoMA Exh. #1750, June 27–November 5, 1996]</p> <p><b>1751.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Gifts Honoring Philip Johnson’s Ninetieth Birthday</i> [MoMA Exh. #1751, July 3–October 30, 1996]</p> <p><b>1752.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 55: Pieter Laurens Mol</i> [MoMA Exh. #1752, September 18(19)–November 12, 1996]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Film Posters from the Collection</i> [November 1996–January 1997]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Books in the MoMA Library Artists’ Book Collection, Museum Library</i> [Fall 1996–no closing date]</p> <p><b>1753.</b>&nbsp; <i>Antonin Artaud: Works on Paper</i> [MoMA Exh. #1753, October 1(3), 1996–January 7, 1997]</p> <p><b>1754.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jasper Johns: A Retrospective</i> [MoMA Exh. #1754, October 15(20), 1996–January 21, 1997]</p> <p><b>1755.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jasper Johns: Process and Printmaking</i> [MoMA Exh. #1738, October 15(17), 1996–January 21, 1997]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Printmaking Tools and Techniques. The Edward John Noble Education Center</i> [October 15, 1996–January 21, 1997]</p> <p><b>1756.</b>&nbsp; <i>Simple Gifts: A Selection of Gifts to the Collection from Lily Auchincloss</i> [MoMA Exh. #1756, October 18–23, 1996]</p> <p><b>1756A.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 12: Richard Billingham, Thomas Demand, Thomas Demand, Osamu Kanemura, Sophie Ristlehueber, Georgina Starr, Wolfgang Tillmans</i> [MoMA Exh. #1756A, October 23(24), 1996–February 4, 1997]</p> <p><b>1756B.</b>&nbsp; <i>More Weight</i> [MoMA Exh. #1756B, November 15, 1996–January 26, 1997]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Some Recent Acquisitions</i> [Autumn 1996–no closing date]</p> <p><b>1757.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 56: General Idea</i> [MoMA Exh. #1757, November 26(28), 1996–January 7, 1997]</p> <p><b>1757A.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Maximal Sixties: Pop, Op, and Figuration</i> [MoMA Exh. #1757A, January 18, 1996–May 27, 1997]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>General Idea, Museum Library</i> [November 26, 1996–January7, 1996]</p> <p><b>1758.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 57: Bul Lee/Chie Matsui</i> [MoMA Exh. #1758, January 21(23)–March 25, 1997]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dated Material: Calendars from the Museum’s Collections, Museum Library</i> [Spring 1997–no closing date]</p> <p><b>1759.</b>&nbsp; <i>Willem de Kooning: The Late Paintings, The 1980s</i> [MoMA Exh. #1759, January 22(23)–April 29, 1997]</p> <p><b>1760.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Singular Vision: Prints from Landfall Press</i> [MoMA Exh. #1760, February 4(6)–May 6, 1997]</p> <p><b>1761.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fantastic Prints</i> [MoMA Exh. #1761, February 4(6)–May 6, 1997]</p> <p><b>1762.</b>&nbsp; <i>Masterworks from the Florene May Schoenborn Bequest</i> [MoMA Exh. #1762, February 4–March 30, 1997]</p> <p><b>1763.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Photography 1890–1965 from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1763, February 19(20)–October 7, 1997]</p> <p><b>1764.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions: American Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #1764, February 19–April 15, 1997]</p> <p><b>1765.</b>&nbsp; <i>Manuel Alvarez Bravo</i> [MoMA Exh. #1765, February 19(20)–May 18, 1997]</p> <p><b>1766.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Photomontages of Hannah Höch</i> [MoMA Exh. #1766, February 26(27)–May 20, 1997]</p> <p><b>1767.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 58: Rikrit Tiravanija</i> [MoMA Exh. #1767, April 1(3)–June 1, 1997]</p> <p><b>1768.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 59: Architecture as Metaphor</i> [MoMA Exh. #1768, April 8(10)–June 3, 1997]</p> <p><b>1769.</b>&nbsp; <i>From The Grace M. Mayer Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1769, April 24–July 15, 1997]</p> <p><b>1770.</b>&nbsp; <i>Brought to Light: Black Cinema, 1921–1959: Selections from the James E. Wheeler Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1770, May 1–September 2, 1997]</p> <p><b>1771.</b>&nbsp; <i>Toward the New Museum of Modern Art: Sketchbooks of Ten Architects</i> [MoMA Exh. #1771, May 1–October 7, 1997]</p> <p><b>1771A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photographs from S-21 1975–79</i> [MoMA Exh. #1771A, May 15–October 7, 1997]</p> <p><b>1771B.</b>&nbsp; <i>More than One: Twentieth-Century Print Portfolio</i> [MoMA Exh. #1771B, May 16–September 2, 1997]</p> <p><b>1772.</b>&nbsp; <i>Objects of Desire: The Modern Still Life</i> [MoMA Exh. #1772, May 21(25)–August 26, 1997]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Objects of Desire: The Modern Still Life The Edward John Noble Education Center</i> [May 21, 1997–August 26, 1997]</p> <p><b>1773.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1773, May 30–August 19, 1997]</p> <p><b>1774.</b>&nbsp; <i>Recent Acquisitions in Modern Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1774, June 5–September 9, 1997]</p> <p><b>1775.</b>&nbsp; <i>Stenberg Brothers: Constructing a Revolution in Soviet Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #1775, June 9(10)–September 2, 1997]</p> <p><b>1776.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paris—the 1890s</i> [MoMA Exh. #1776, June 18–September 2, 1997]</p> <p><b>1777.</b>&nbsp; <i>Cindy Sherman: The Complete Untitled Film Stills</i> [MoMA Exh. #1777, June 24(26)–September 2, 1997]</p> <p><b>1778.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 60: John Currin, Elizabeth Peyton, Luc Tuymans</i> [MoMA Exh. #1778, June 26–September 9, 1997]</p> <p><b>1779.</b>&nbsp; <i>Object and Abstraction: Contemporary Photographs from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1779, July 27–October 7, 1997]</p> <p><b>1780.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Decade of Collecting: Recent Acquisitions in Contemporary Drawing</i> [MoMA Exh. #1780, September 18, 1997–January 20, 1998]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>George Wittenborn. Museum Library</i> [Fall 1997–no closing date].</p> <p><b>1781.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Concepts in Printmaking 1: Peter Halley</i> [MoMA Exh. #1781, September 17(18), 1997–February 8, 1998]</p> <p><b>1782.</b>&nbsp; <i>From Henri Toulouse Lautrec to Andy Warhol: Exploring Techniques</i> [MoMA Exh. #1782, September 17(18)–February 8, 1998]</p> <p><b>1783.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 61: Franz West</i> [MoMA Exh. #1783, September 23(25)–November 11, 1997]</p> <p><b>1783A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ellsworth Kelly: 15 Works on Paper 1949–1958</i> [MoMA Exh. #1783A, September 18, 1997–January 13, 1998]</p> <p><b>1784.</b>&nbsp; <i>On the Edge: Contemporary Art from the Werner and Elaine Dannheisser Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1784, September 29(30), 1997–January 20, 1998]</p> <p><b>1785.</b>&nbsp; <i>Egon Schiele: The Leopold Collection, Vienna</i> [MoMA Exh. #1785, October 8(12), 1997–January 4, 1998]</p> <p><b>1786.</b>&nbsp; <i>Vienna/Permanent Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1786, October 8(12), 1997–January 4, 1998]</p> <p><b>1787.</b>&nbsp; <i>Achille Castiglioni: Design!</i> [MoMA Exh. #1787, October 15(16), 1997–January 6, 1998]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Achille Castiglioni: Design! The Edward John Noble Education Center</i> [October 15, 1997–January 4, 1998]</p> <p><b>1788.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 13, Rineke Dijkstra, An My Le, Vic Muniz, Kuni‚ Sigiura</i> [MoMA Exh. #1788, October 23(24), 1997–January 13, 1998]</p> <p><b>1789.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 62: Steve McQueen</i> [MoMA Exh. #1789, November 25(26)–February 10, 1998]</p> <p><b>1790.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Hubley Studio: A Home for Animation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1790, December 19, 1997–January 2, 1998]</p> <p><b>1791.</b>&nbsp; <i>Reinstallation of the Museum Collection: Contemporary Photographs</i> [MoMA Exh. #1791, January 22–March 10, 1998]</p> <p><b>1792.</b>&nbsp; <i>Garry Winogrand: Selections from a Major Acquisition</i> [MoMA Exh. #1792, January 29–April 21, 1998]</p> <p><b>1793.</b>&nbsp; <i>From the Collection: Drawing in Latin America</i> [MoMA Exh. #1793, January 29–April 21, 1998]</p> <p><b>1794.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fabrications: The Tectonic Garden</i> [MoMA Exh. #1794, January 29–April 28, 1998]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Kathy Acker. Museum Library</i> [Spring 1998–no closing date]</p> <p><b>1795.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fernand Léger</i> [MoMA Exh. #1795, February 11(15)–June 2, 1998]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>From the Archives: Léger. Museum Library</i> [February 11, 1998–May 12, 1998]</p> <p><b>1796.</b>&nbsp; <i>Alvar Aalto: Between Humanism and Materialism</i> [MoMA Exh. #1796, February 18(19)–May 19, 1998]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Alvar Aalto: Between Humanisim and Materialism. The Edward John Noble Education Center</i> [February 18, 1998–May 19, 1998]</p> <p><b>1797.</b>&nbsp; <i>Focus: Chuck Close: Editioned Works</i> [MoMA Exh. #1797, February 25(26)–May 26, 1998]</p> <p><b>1798.</b>&nbsp; <i>Chuck Close</i> [MoMA Exh. #1798, February 25(26)–May 26, 1998]</p> <p><b>1799.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artists and Subjects: Picasso to Stella</i> [MoMA Exh. #1799, February 25(26)–May 26, 1998]</p> <p><b>1800.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rethinking the Modern: Three Proposals for The Museum Of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #1800, March 3(5)–April 28, 1998]</p> <p><b>1801.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Clutter of Happenstance: Photographs by Robert Cumming</i> [MoMA Exh. #1801, March 17(19)–July 5, 1998]</p> <p><b>1801a.</b>&nbsp; <i>"Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons, Spoken Softly with Mama”</i> [MoMA Exh. #1801a, March 5–May 26, 1998]</p> <p><b>1802.</b>&nbsp; <i>Elements of the Natural 1950–1992, Selections from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1802, May 7–September 8, 1998]</p> <p><b>1803.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 63: Karin Davie, Udomsak Krisanamis, Bruce Pearson, Fred Tomaselli</i> [MoMA Exh. #1803, May 12(14)–June 30, 1998]</p> <p><b>1804.</b>&nbsp; <i>Studio in a School, A Home in the City: Children’s 100th Birthday Celebration</i> [MoMA Exh. #1804, May 13–June 9, 1998]</p> <p><b>1805.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Concepts in Printmaking 2: Willie Cole</i> [MoMA Exh. #1805, June 8(9)–October 13, 1998]</p> <p><b>1806.</b>&nbsp; <i>Giacometti to Judd: Prints by Sculptors</i> [MoMA Exh. #1806, June 8(9)–October 13, 1998]</p> <p><b>1807.</b>&nbsp; <i>Film Posters from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1807, June 11–September 1, 1998]</p> <p><b>1808.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bonnard</i> [MoMA Exh. #1808, June 17(21)–October 13, 1998]</p> <p><b>1808a.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Video Acquisitions: Four Voices</i> [MoMA Exh. #1808a, June 25–September 20, 1998]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bonnard. The Edward John Noble Education Center</i> [June 17, 1998–October 13, 1998]</p> <p><b>1809.</b>&nbsp; <i>Aleksandr Rodchenko</i> [MoMA Exh. #1809, June 24(25)–October 6, 1998]</p> <p><b>1810.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tony Smith</i> [MoMA Exh. #1810, July 1(2)–September 22, 1998]</p> <p><b>1811.</b>&nbsp; <i>Love Forever: Yayoi Kusama 1958–1968</i> [MoMA Exh. #1811, July 8(9)–September 22, 1998]</p> <p><b>1812.</b>&nbsp; <i>More Pieces for the Puzzle: Recent Additions to the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1812, July 21–September 8, 1998]</p> <p><b>1813.</b>&nbsp; <i>David Goldblatt: Photographs of South Africa</i> [MoMA Exh. #1813, July 14(16)–October 6, 1998]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Avant-Garde in Print: Selected Materials from the Ex-Libris Inventory donated by Elaine Lustig Cohen. Museum Library</i> [Summer 1998–no closing date]</p> <p><b>1814.</b>&nbsp; <i>The New York School</i> [MoMA Exh. #1814, September 17, 1998–January 12, 1999]</p> <p><b>1815.</b>&nbsp; <i>UFA Film Posters, 1918–1943</i> [MoMA Exh. #1815, September 17, 1998–January 5, 1999]</p> <p><b>1816.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 64: Diana Thater</i> [MoMA Exh. #1816, September 24–November 10, 1998]</p> <p><b>1817.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 14</i> [MoMA Exh. #1817, October 14(15), 1998–January 12, 1999]</p> <p><b>1818.</b>&nbsp; <i>Focus: Pollock and Printmaking</i> [MoMA Exh. #1818, October 28(29), 1998–February 2, 1999]</p> <p><b>1818A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dubuffet to de Kooning: Expressionist Prints from Europe and America</i> [MoMA Exh. #1818A, October 28(29), 1998–February 2, 1999]</p> <p><b>1818B.</b>&nbsp; <i>Zhang Peili: Eating</i> [MoMA Exh. #1818B, October 28, 1998–February 2, 1999]</p> <p><b>1819.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jackson Pollock</i> [MoMA Exh. #1819, October 28(11/1), 1998–February 2, 1999]</p> <p><b>1820.</b>&nbsp; <i>Structure and Surface: Contemporary Japanese Textiles</i> [MoMA Exh. #1820, November 11(12), 1998–January 26, 1999]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Structure and Surface: Contemporary Japanese Textiles. The Edward John Noble Education Center</i> [November 11, 1998–January 26, 1999]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mies van der Rohe Award for Latin American Architecture</i> [Fall 1998–no closing date]</p> <p><b>1821.</b>&nbsp; <i>Miró’s Black and Red Series: New Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1821, November 17(19),1998–February 2, 1999]</p> <p><b>1822.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 65: Maurizio Cattelan</i> [MoMA Exh. #1822, November 6, 1998–December 4, 1998]</p> <p><b>1823.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 66: Campana/Ingo Maurer</i> [MoMA Exh. #1823, November 24(27), 1998–January 19, 1999]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>From the Archives: Pollock</i> [November 25, 1998–February 26, 1999}</p> <p><b>1823A.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Art 1940–1970: Selections from the Collection</i> [MoMA 1823A, December 11, 1998–February 16, 1999]</p> <p><b>1824.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sight Gags: Caricature, Grotesque, and Wit in Modern and Contemporary Drawing</i> [MoMA Exh. #1824, January 21–May 4, 1999]</p> <p><b>1825.</b>&nbsp; <i>Julia Margaret Cameron’s Women</i> [MoMA Exh. #1825, January 28–May 4, 1999]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography from the Collection </i> [MoMA Exh. No#, Spring 1999–specific opening or closing dates unknown]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Harry Callahan 1912–1999</i> [Spring 1999 [unknown opening and closing dates]</p> <p><b>1826.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 67: Elaine Reichek</i> [MoMA Exh. #1826, February 2(4)–March 30, 1999]</p> <p><b>1827.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pop Impressions Europe/USA: Prints and Multiples from the Museum of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #1827, February 16(18)–May 18, 1999]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Comics by David Sandlin, Chris Ware, Simon Grennan and Christophersperandio. Museum Library</i> [February 25, 1999–June 2, 1999]</p> <p><b>1828.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Museum as Muse: Artists Reflect</i> [MoMA Exh. #1828, March 10(14)–June 1, 1999]</p> <p><b>1828A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mary Lucier: Flood Songs</i> [MoMA Exh. #1828A, March 13–June 20, 1999]</p> <p><b>1828B.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ellsworth Kelly: Sculpture for a Large Wall and Other Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1828B. March 19, 1999–July 6, 1999]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>70/10: Documenting the Modern. The Edward John Noble Education Center</i> [Spring 1999–Summer 1999]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture Permanent Collection</i> [Opening date unknown–July 1999]</p> <p><b>1829.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sigmar Polke: Works on Paper, 1963–1974</i> [MoMA Exh. #1829, March 30(4/1)–June 16, 1999]</p> <p><b>1830.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 68: William Kentridge</i> [MoMA Exh. #1830, April 13(15)–June 8, 1999]</p> <p><b>1831.</b>&nbsp; <i>Alfred Hitchcock Centenary</i> [MoMA Exh. #1831, April 15–August 17, 1999]</p> <p><b>1831A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Post-war to Pop: Masterworks from MoMA’s Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1831A, April 29–October 5, 1999]</p> <p><b>1831B.</b>&nbsp; <i>Collecting in Depth: Drawings by Grosz, Schwitters, Ernst, and Klee</i> [MoMA Exh. #1831B, May 13–July 20, 1999]</p> <p><b>1832.</b>&nbsp; <i>Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Prints</i> [MoMA Exh. #1832, June 24–September 21, 1999]</p> <p><b>1833.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Un-Private House</i> [MoMA Exh. #1833, July 1–October 5, 1999]</p> <p><b>1834.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fame After Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #1834, July 7(8)–October 5, 1999]</p> <p><b>1835.</b>&nbsp; <i>Different Roads: Automobiles for the Next Century</i> [MoMA Exh. #1835, July 21(22)–September 21, 1999]</p> <p>Exhibitions #1836 through #1838 are part of <i>ModernStarts</i>, the 1st cycle of the MoMA2000 exhibitions.</p> <p><b>1836.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Starts: People</i> [MoMA Exh. #1836, October 6(7), 1999–February 1, 2000]</p> <p><b>1836A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Language of the Body</i> [MoMA Exh. #1836A, October 6(7), 1999–February 1, 2000]</p> <p><b>1836B.</b>&nbsp; <i>Composing with the Figure</i> [MoMA Exh. #1836B, October 6(7), 1999–February 1, 2000]</p> <p><b>1836C.</b>&nbsp; <i>Composing the Figure</i> [MoMA Exh. #1836C, October 6(7), 1999–February 1, 2000]</p> <p><b>1836D.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ensor/Posada</i> [MoMA Exh. #1836D, October 6(7), 1999–February 1, 2000]</p> <p><b>1836E.</b>&nbsp; <i>Unique Forms of Continuity in Space</i> [MoMA Exh. #1836E, October 6(7), 1999–February 1, 2000]</p> <p><b>1836F.</b>&nbsp; <i>Actors, Dancers, Bathers</i> [MoMA Exh. #1836F, October 6(7), 1999–February 1, 2000]</p> <p><b>1836G.</b>&nbsp; <i>Posed to unposed: Encounters with the Camera</i> [MoMA Exh. #1836G, October 6(7), 1999–February 1, 2000]</p> <p><b>1836H.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sol Lewitt Wall Drawing</i> [MoMA Exh. #1836G, October 6(7), 1999–February 1, 2000]</p> <p><b>1837.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Starts: Places</i> [MoMa Exh. #1837, October 27(28), 1999–March 14, 2000]</p> <p><b>1837A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Maria Fernanda Cardoso</i> [MoMA Exh. #1837A, October 27(28), 1999–March 14, 2000]</p> <p><b>1837B.</b>&nbsp; <i>Seasons and Moments</i> [MoMA Exh. #1837B, October 27(28), 1999–March 14, 2000]</p> <p><b>1837C.</b>&nbsp; <i>Changing Visions: French Landscape</i> [MoMA Exh. #1837C, October 27(28), 1999–March 14, 2000]</p> <p><b>1837D.</b>&nbsp; <i>Landscape as Retreat: Gauguin to Nolde</i> [MoMA Exh. #1837D, October 27(28), 1999–March 14, 2000]</p> <p><b>1837E.</b>&nbsp; <i>Hector Guimard and the Art Nouveau Interior</i> [MoMA Exh. #1837E, October 27(28), 1999–March 14, 2000]</p> <p><b>1837F.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rise of the Modern World</i> [MoMA Exh. #1837F, October 27(28), 1999–March 14, 2000]</p> <p><b>1837G.</b>&nbsp; <i>Unreal City</i> [MoMA Exh. #1837G, October 27(28), 1999–March 14, 2000]</p> <p><b>1837H.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Armory Show</i> [MoMA Exh. #1837H, October 27(28), 1999–March 14, 2000]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Junior Council, The Associate Council, The Contemporary Arts Council: Celebrating 50 Years. Museum Library</i> [November 3, 1999–March 18, 2000]</p> <p><b>1838.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Starts: Things</i> [MoMA Exh. #1838, November 17(21), 1999–March 14, 2000]</p> <p><b>1838A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Michael Craig-Martin: Ready or Not</i> [MoMA Exh. #1838A, November 17(21), 1999–March 14, 2000]</p> <p><b>1838B.</b>&nbsp; <i>Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden</i> [MoMA Exh. #1838B, November 17(21), 1999–March 14, 2000]</p> <p><b>1839.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 69: Julia Jacquette</i> [MoMA Exh. #1839, November 12, 1999 to winter 2000]</p> <p><b>1840.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 70: Xu Bing, Shirin Neshat, Simon Patterson (Banners Project, Series 1)</i> [MoMA Exh. #1840, November 22, 1999–May 1, 2000]</p> <p><a href="#top">top</a></p> <div id="2000" /> <h2>2000–2009</h2> <p>Exhibitions #1841 through #1865 are part of <i>Making Choices</i>, the 2nd cycle of the MoMA2000 exhibitions.</p> <p><b>1841.</b>&nbsp; <i>Kahn’s Modern Monuments</i> [MoMA Exh. #1841, March 15(16)–August 22, 2000]</p> <p><b>1842.</b>&nbsp; <i>Man Ray, Photographer</i> [MoMA Exh. #1842, March 15(16)–August 22, 2000]</p> <p><b>1843.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art is Arp</i> [MoMA Exh. #1843, March 15(16)–August 22, 2000]</p> <p><b>1844.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Dream of Utopia/Utopia of the Dream</i> [MoMA Exh. #1844, March 15(16)–August 22, 2000]</p> <p><b>1845.</b>&nbsp; <i>Walker Evans and Company</i> [MoMA Exh. #1845, March 15(16)–August 22, 2000]</p> <p><b>1846.</b>&nbsp; <i>Graphic-Photographic</i> [MoMA Exh. #1846, March 15(16)–August 22, 2000]</p> <p><b>1847.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Art Despite Modernism</i> [MoMA Exh. #1847, March 15(16)–August 22, 2000]</p> <p><b>1848.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Living I</i> [MoMA Exh. #1848, March 15(16)–August 22, 2000]</p> <p><b>1849.</b>&nbsp; <i>Giorgio Morandi Etchings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1849, March 15(16)–August 22, 2000]</p> <p><b>1850.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paris Salon</i> [MoMA Exh. #1850, March 15–August 22, 2000]</p> <p><b>1851.</b>&nbsp; <i>War</i> [MoMA Exh. #1851, March 15(16)–August 22, 2000]</p> <p><b>1852.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Marriage of Reason and Squalor</i> [MoMA Exh. #1852, March 30–September 19, 2000]</p> <p><b>1853.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Raw and the Cooked</i> [MoMA Exh. #1853, March 30–September 19, 2000]</p> <p><b>1854.</b>&nbsp; <i>Useless Science</i> [MoMA Exh. #1854, March 30–September 19, 2000]</p> <p><b>1855.</b>&nbsp; <i>Anatomically Incorrect</i> [MoMA Exh. #1855, April 26(30)–September 26, 2000]</p> <p><b>1856.</b>&nbsp; <i>Home Movies</i> [MoMA Exh. #1856, April 26(30)–September 26, 2000]</p> <p><b>1857.</b>&nbsp; <i>How Simple Can You Get?</i> [MoMA Exh. #1857, April 26(30)–September 26, 2000]</p> <p><b>1858.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ideal Motif: Stieglitz, Weston, Adams, and Callahan</i> [MoMA Exh. #1858, April 26(30)–September 26, 2000]</p> <p><b>1859.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Living II</i> [MoMA Exh. #1859, April 26(30)–September 26, 2000]</p> <p><b>1860.</b>&nbsp; <i>New York Salon</i> [MoMA Exh. #1860, April 26(30)–September 26, 2000]</p> <p><b>1861.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Observer: Cartier-Bresson After the War</i> [MoMA Exh. #1861, April 26(30)–September 26, 2000]</p> <p><b>1862.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paris Salon</i> [MoMA Exh. #1862, April 26–September 26, 2000]</p> <p><b>1863.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Rhetoric of Persuasion</i> [MoMA Exh. #1863, April 26(30)–September 26, 2000]</p> <p><b>1864.</b>&nbsp; <i>Seeing Double</i> [MoMA Exh. #1864, April 26(30)–September 26, 2000]</p> <p><b>1865.</b>&nbsp; <i>Shigeru Ban: A Paper Arc</i> [MoMA Exh. #1865, April 26(30)–August 1, 2000]</p> <p><b>1866.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 70: Banners (Cycle II)</i> [MoMA Exh. #1866, May 1–October 31, 2000]</p> <p><b>1867.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 71: John Bock</i> [MoMA Exh. #1867, May 4–June 13, 2000]</p> <p><b>1867A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Collection Highlights</i> [MoMA Exh. #1867A, May 25, 2000–January 28, 2001]</p> <p><b>1868.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 72: John Armleder/Piotr Uklanski</i> Uklanski (Sculpture garden) [MoMA Exh. #1868, June 1–August 1, 2000]Armleder (Café/Etc.) [MoMA Exh. #1868, June 1– December 5, 2000]</p> <p>Exhibitions #1869 through #1879 are part of <i>Open Ends</i>, the 3rd cycle of the MoMA2000 exhibitions.</p> <p><b>1869.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture Hot and Cold</i> [MoMA Exh. #1869, September 27(28), 2000–January 2, 2001]</p> <p><b>1870.</b>&nbsp; <i>Innocence and Experience</i> [MoMA Exh. #1870, September 27(28), 2000–January 2, 2001]</p> <p><b>1871.</b>&nbsp; <i>Matter</i> [MoMA Exh. #1871, September 27(28), 2000–January 2, 2001]</p> <p><b>1872.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pop and After</i> [MoMA Exh. #1872, September 27(28), 2000–January 2, 2001]</p> <p><b>1873.</b>&nbsp; <i>One Thing After Another</i> [MoMA Exh. #1873, September 27(28), 2000–January 2, 2001]</p> <p><b>1874.</b>&nbsp; <i>Actual Size</i> [MoMA Exh. #1874, October 18(19), 2000–February 20, 2001]</p> <p><b>1874A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Cindy Sherman: The Complete Untitled Film Stills</i> [MoMA Exh. #1874A. October 18, 2000–March 4, 2000]</p> <p><b>1875.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sets and Situations</i> [MoMA Exh. #1875, October 18(19), 2000–March 4, 2001]</p> <p><b>1876.</b>&nbsp; <i>Counter-Monuments and Memory</i> [MoMA Exh. #1876, November 1(5), 2000–January 30, 2001]</p> <p><b>1877.</b>&nbsp; <i>Minimalism and After</i> [MoMA Exh. #1877, November 1(5), 2000–January 30, 2001]</p> <p><b>1878.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Path of Resistance</i> [MoMA Exh. #1878, November 1(5), 2000–January 30, 2001]</p> <p><b>1879.</b>&nbsp; <i>White Spectrum</i> [MoMA Exh. #1879, November 1(5), 2000–January 30, 2001]</p> <p>The following five unnumbered exhibitions were part of <i>The Long View</i> exhibition series, a collaboration of MoMA and the Municipal Art Society of New York and shown at the Society.</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>SHoP/Sharples Holden Pasquarelli</i> [October 5–14, 2000]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>UN Studio/Van Berkel and Bos</i> [October 20–28, 2000]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Michael Maltzan</i> [November 2–11, 2000]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Reiser+Umemoto</i> [November 16–25, 2000]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Foreign Office Architects</i> [November 30–December 9, 2000]</p> <p><b>1880.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 70: Janine Antoni, Shahzia Sikander, Kara Walker</i> [MoMA Exh. #1880, November 22, 2000–March 13, 2001]</p> <p><b>1881.</b>&nbsp; <i>Van Gogh’s Postman: The Portraits of Joseph Roulin</i> [MoMA Exh. #1881, January 31(February 1), 2001–May 15, 2001]</p> <p><b>1881a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Collection Highlights</i> [MoMA Exh. #1881a, February 1, 2001–February 19, 2001]</p> <p><b>1882.</b>&nbsp; <i>Workspheres</i> [MoMA Exh. #1882, February 7(8), 2001–April 22, 2001]</p> <p><b>1883.</b>&nbsp; <i>Andreas Gursky</i> [MoMA Exh. #1883, February 28(March 4), 2001–May 15, 2001]</p> <p><b>1884.</b>&nbsp; <i>About Face</i> [MoMA Exh. #1884, March 22, 2001–June 5, 2001]</p> <p><b>1885.</b>&nbsp; <i>What is a Print?</i> [MoMA Exh. #1885, March 22, 2001–June 5, 2001]</p> <p><b>1886.</b>&nbsp; <i>Collaborations with Parkett: 1984 to Now</i> [MoMA Exh. #1886, April 3(5), 2001–June 5, 2001]</p> <p><b>1887.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mies in Berlin</i> [MoMA Exh. #1887, June 20(21), 2001–September 11, 2001]</p> <p><b>1888.</b>&nbsp; <i>MoMA Builds</i> [MoMA Exh. #1888, April 1, 2001–May 21, 2002]</p> <p><b>1889.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 73: Olafur Eliasson</i> [MoMA Exh. #1889, September 13, 2001–May 21, 2002]</p> <p><b>1889A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bernice Abbott’s New York</i> [MoMA Exh. #1889A, October 3, 2001–Jan/Feb 2002]</p> <p><b>1890.</b>&nbsp; <i>Alberto Giacometti</i> [MoMA Exh. #1890, October 10(11), 2001–January 8, 2002]</p> <p><b>1891.</b>&nbsp; <i>New to Modern</i> [MoMA Exh. #1891, October 25, 2001–January 8, 2002]</p> <p><b>1892.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 74: Ricci Albenda</i> [MoMA Exh. #1892, November 15(16), 2001–May 21, 2002]</p> <p><b>1893.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gerhard Richter: Forty Years of Painting</i> [MoMA Exh. #1893, February 13(14), 2002–May 21, 2002]</p> <p><b>1894.</b>&nbsp; <i>Life of the City</i> [MoMA Exh. #1894, February 28, 2002–May 21, 2002]</p> <p><b>1894A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Collection Highlights</i> [MoMA Exh. #1894A, February 28, 2002–May 21, 2002]</p> <p><b>1895.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 75: Layla Ali</i> [MoMA Exh. #1895, March 12 (14), 2002–May 21, 2002]</p> <p><b>1896.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Russian Avant-Garde Book 1910–1934</i> [MoMA Exh. #1896, March 28, 2002–May 21, 2002]</p> <p><b>1897.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tempo</i> [Moma Exh. #1897, June 29, 2002–September 9, 2002]</p> <p><b>1898.</b>&nbsp; <i>AUTObodies: Speed, Sport, Transport</i> [Moma Exh. #1898, June 29, 2002–September 16, 2002]</p> <p><b>1899.</b>&nbsp; <i>To Be Looked At: Painting and Sculpture from the Collection</i> [Moma Exh. #1899, June 29, 2002–September 6, 2004]</p> <p><b>1900.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Walk Through Astoria and Other Places in Queens: Photographs by Rudy Burckhardt</i> [Moma Exh. #1900, June 29, 2002–November 4, 2002]</p> <p><b>1901.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 76: Francis Alÿs</i> [Moma Exh. #1901, June 29, 2002–November 11, 2002]</p> <p><b>1902.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 77: Billboards by Sarah Morris, Julian Opie, Lisa Ruyter</i> [Moma Exh. #1902, October 7, 2002–December 1, 2002]</p> <p><b>1903.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawing Now:Eight Propositions</i> [Moma Exh. #1903, October 17, 2002–January 6, 2003]</p> <p><b>1904.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Changing of the Avant Garde: Visionary Architectural Drawings From the Gilman Collection</i> [Moma Exh. #1904, October 24, 2002–January 6, 2003]</p> <p><b>1905A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Masterworks of German Expressionism</i> [Moma Exh. #1905, November 14, 2002–April 14, 2003]</p> <p><b>1905B.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gary Hume, Spring Angels</i> [MoMA Exh. #1905B, December 3, 2002–January 1, 2003]</p> <p><b>1905C.</b>&nbsp; <i>Peter Halley, Exploding Cell</i> [MoMA Exh. #1905C, January–May 2003</p> <p><b>1906.</b>&nbsp; <i>Matisse Picasso</i> [Moma Exh. #1906, February 13, 2003–May 19, 2003]</p> <p><b>1907.</b>&nbsp; <i>Andy Warhol: Screen Tests</i> [MoMA Exh. #1907, May 1–September 1, 2003]</p> <p><b>1908.</b>&nbsp; <i>Max Beckmann</i> [MoMA Exh. #1908, June 26–September 29, 2003]</p> <p><b>1909.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ansel Adams at 100</i> [MoMA Exh. #1909, July 11–November 3, 2003]</p> <p><b>1910.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 78: Sabine Hornig</i> [MoMA Exh. #1910, July 17–September 8, 2003]</p> <p><b>1911.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pencil: Drawings from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1911, September 18, 2003–March 8, 2004]</p> <p><b>1912.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 79: Liam Gillick: Literally</i> [MoMA Exh. #1912, September 25–December 1, 2003]</p> <p><b>1913.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 80: Lee Mingwei: The Tourist</i> [MoMA Exh. #1913, September 25–November 24, 2003]</p> <p><b>1914.</b>&nbsp; <i>Installation in Honor of Kirk Varnedoe</i> [MoMA Exh. #1914, October 23, 2003–January 5, 2004]</p> <p><b>1915.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artist’s Choice: Mona Hatoum: Here is Elsewhere</i> [MoMA Exh. #1915, November 7, 2003–February 2, 2004]</p> <p><b>1916.</b>&nbsp; <i>Kiki Smith: Prints and Books and Things</i> [MoMA Exh. #1916, December 5, 2003–March 8, 2004]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>From the Archives: The Calvin Tomkins Papers</i> [December 5, 2003–May 2, 2004]</p> <p><b>1917.</b>&nbsp; <i>Roth Time: A Dieter Roth Retrospective</i> [MoMA Exh. #1917, March 12, 2004–June 7, 2004]</p> <p><b>1918.</b>&nbsp; <i>Humble Masterpieces</i> [MoMA Exh. #1918, April 8, 2004–September 27, 2004]</p> <p><b>1919a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Fashioning Fiction in Photography Since 1990</i> [MoMA Exh. #1919a, April 16, 2004–June 28, 2004]</p> <p><b>1919b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Damien Hirst, In A Spring, The Action of the World of Things, Volume 1</i> [MoMA Exh. #1919b, May 5, 2004–September 27, 2004]</p> <p><b>1919c.</b>&nbsp; <i>Santiago Calatrava’s Transportation Hub for the World Trade Center</i> [MoMA Exh. #1919c, May 6, 2004–September 27, 2004]</p> <p><b>1920.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 81: Jean Shin</i> [MoMA Exh. #1920, June 10, 2004–September 27, 2004]</p> <p><b>1921.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tall Buildings</i> [MoMA Exh. #1921, July 16, 2004–September 27, 2004]</p> <p><b>1922.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lee Bontecou: A Retrospective</i> [MoMA Exh. #1922, July 30, 2004–September 27, 2004]</p> <p><b>1923.</b>&nbsp; <i>Nine Museums by Yoshio Taniguchi</i> [MoMA Exh. #1923, November 20, 2004–January 31, 2005]</p> <p><b>1924.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 82: Mark Dion—Rescue Archaeology, A Project for the Museum of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #1924, November 20, 2004–April 18, 2005]</p> <p><b>1925.</b>&nbsp; <i>Michael Wesley: Open Shutter</i> [MoMA Exh. #1925, November 20, 2004–December 19, 2004]</p> <p><b>1926.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design Drawings: Inaugural Installation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1926, November 20, 2004 –March 21, 2005]</p> <p><b>1927.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design: Inaugural Installation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1927, November 20, 2004–November 7, 2005]</p> <p><b>1928.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary: Inaugural Installation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1928, November 20, 2004–July 11, 2005]</p> <p><b>1929.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawings from the Modern 1880–1945</i> [MoMA Exh. #1929, November 20, 2004–March 7, 2005]</p> <p><b>1930.</b>&nbsp; <i>Film and Media: Inaugural Installation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1930, November 20, 2004–February 7, 2005]</p> <p><b>1931.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture: Inaugural Installation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1931, November 20, 2004–TBD]</p> <p><b>1932.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography: Inaugural Installation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1932, November 20, 2004–June 6, 2005]</p> <p><b>1933.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artists and Prints Part 1</i> [MoMA Exh. #1933, November 20, 2004–March 14, 2005]</p> <p><b>1934.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden: Inaugural Installation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1934, November 20, 2004–TBD]</p> <p><b>1935.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Voices: Works from the UBS Art Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1935, February 4, 2005 –April 25, 2005]</p> <p><b>1936.</b>&nbsp; <i>Groundswell: Constructing the Contemporary Landscape</i> [MoMA Exh. #1936, February 25, 2005 –May 16, 2005]</p> <p><b>1937.</b>&nbsp; <i>Thomas Demand</i> [MoMA Exh. #1937, March 4, 2005–May 30, 2005]</p> <p><b>1938.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawing from the Modern, 1945–1975</i> [MoMA Exh. #1938, March 25, 2005–August 29, 2005]</p> <p><b>1939.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artists and Prints: Part 2</i> [MoMA Exh. #1939, April 13, 2005–July 4, 2005]</p> <p><b>1940.</b>&nbsp; <i>The High Line</i> [MoMA Exh. #1940, April 20, 2005–October 31, 2005]</p> <p><b>1941.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design Drawings: Rotation 2</i> [MoMA Exh. #1941, April 20, 2005–October 31, 2005]</p> <p><b>1942.</b>&nbsp; <i>Chris Marker: Owls at Noon, Prelude: The Hollow Men</i> [MoMA Exh. #1942, April 27, 2005–June 13, 2005]</p> <p><b>1943.</b>&nbsp; <i>Friedlander</i> [MoMA Exh. #1943, June 5, 2005–August 29, 2005]</p> <p><b>1944.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pioneering Modern Painting: Cézanne and Pissarro 1865–1885</i> [MoMA Exh. #1944, June 26, 2005–September 12, 2005]</p> <p><b>1945.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Works/New Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1945, June 29, 2005–September 26, 2005]</p> <p><b>1946.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mount St. Helens: Photographs by Frank Gohlke</i> [MoMA Exh. #1946, June 29, 2005–September 19, 2005]</p> <p><b>1947.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography Collection: Rotation 2</i> [MoMA Exh. #1947, June 29, 2005–November 28, 2005]</p> <p><b>1948.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artists and Prints: Part 3</i> [MoMA Exh. #1948, July 30, 2005–September 26, 2005]</p> <p><b>1949.</b>&nbsp; <i>Take Two: Worlds and Views from the Contemporary Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1949, September 14, 2005–July 3, 2006]</p> <p><b>1950.</b>&nbsp; <i>Drawing from the Modern, 1975–2005</i> [MoMA Exh. #1950, September 14, 2005–January 9, 2006]</p> <p><b>1951.</b>&nbsp; <i>Stillness: Michael Snow/Sam Taylor-Wood</i> [MoMA Exh. #1951, October 5, 2005–November 28, 2005]</p> <p><b>1952.</b>&nbsp; <i>SAFE: Design Takes on Risk</i> [MoMA Exh. #1952, October 16, 2005–January 2, 2006]</p> <p><b>1953.</b>&nbsp; <i>Focus: Elizabeth Murray</i> [MoMA Exh. #1953, October 19, 2005–January 9, 2006]</p> <p><b>1954.</b>&nbsp; <i>Between Representation and Abstraction</i> [MoMA Exh. #1954, October 19, 2005–January 9, 2006]</p> <p><b>1955.</b>&nbsp; <i>Elizabeth Murray</i> [MoMA Exh. #1955, October 28, 2005–January 9, 2006]</p> <p><b>1956.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography ’05: Carlos Garaicoa, Bertien Van Manen, Phillip Pisciotta, Robin Rhode</i> [MoMA Exh. #1956, October 21, 2005–January 16, 2006]</p> <p><b>1957.</b>&nbsp; <i>Beyond the Visible: The Art of Odilon Redon</i> [MoMA Exh. #1957, October 30, 2005–January 23, 2006]</p> <p><b>1958.</b>&nbsp; <i>In-Depth: The House of Spiritual Retreat by Emilio Ambasz</i> [MoMA Exh. #1958, November 23, 2005–March 6, 2006]</p> <p><b>1959.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design: Rotation 2</i> [MoMA Exh. #1959, December 14, 2005–April 3, 2006]</p> <p><b>1960.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pixar: 20 Years of Animation</i> [MoMA Exh. #1960, December 14, 2005–April 3, 2006]</p> <p><b>1960a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture Changes 2006</i> [MoMA Exh. #1960a, January 1, 2006–December 31, 2006]</p> <p><b>1960b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Public Spaces Changes 2006</i> [MoMA Exh. #1960b, January 1, 2006 through December 31, 2006]</p> <p><b>1961.</b>&nbsp; <i>Transforming Chronologies: An Atlas of Drawings, Part 1</i> [MoMA Exh. #1961, January 26, 2006 –April 24, 2006]</p> <p><b>1962.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Compulsive Line: Etching 1900 to Now</i> [MoMA Exh. #1962, January 25, 2006–April 17, 2006]</p> <p><b>1963.</b>&nbsp; <i>John Szarkowski: Photographs</i> [MoMA Exh. #1963, February 1, 2006–May 15, 2006]</p> <p><b>1963a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Giacometti and the Avant-Garde</i> [MoMA Exh. #1963a, February 3, 2006–November 14, 2006]</p> <p><b>1964.</b>&nbsp; <i>On-Site: New Architecture in Spain</i> [MoMA Exh. #1964, February 12, 2006–May 1, 2006]</p> <p><b>1965.</b>&nbsp; <i>Edvard Munch: The Modern Life of the Soul</i> [MoMA Exh. #1965, February 19, 2006–May 8, 2006]</p> <p><b>1966.</b>&nbsp; <i>Without Boundary: Seventeen Ways of Looking</i> [MoMA Exh. #1966, February 26, 2006–May 22, 2006]</p> <p><b>1967.</b>&nbsp; <i>William S. Rubin Memorial</i> [MoMA Exh. #1967, January 21, 2006–April 10, 2006]</p> <p><b>1968.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography Collection: Rotation 3</i> [MoMA Exh. #1968, March 15, 2006–November 27, 2006 (tentative close)</p> <p><b>1969.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design Drawings: Rotation 3</i> [MoMA Exh. #1969, April 29, 2006–July 17, 2006]</p> <p><b>1970.</b>&nbsp; <i>Against the Grain: Contemporary Art from the Edward R. Broida Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1970, May 3, 2006–July 10, 2006]</p> <p><b>1971.</b>&nbsp; <i>Since 2000: Printmaking Now</i> [MoMA Exh. #1971, May 3, 2006–September 18, 2006]</p> <p><b>1972.</b>&nbsp; <i>Transforming Chronologies: An Atlas of Drawings, Part 2</i> [MoMA Exh. #1972, May 10, 2006–October 2, 2006]</p> <p><b>1973.</b>&nbsp; <i>Landscape: Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1973, May 26, 2006–September 4, 2006]</p> <p><b>1974.</b>&nbsp; <i>Douglas Gordon: Timeline</i> [MoMA Exh. #1974, June 11, 2006–September 4, 2006]</p> <p><b>1975.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dada</i> [MoMA Exh. #1975, June 18, 2006–September 11, 2006]</p> <p><b>1976.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artist’s Choice: Herzog and De Meuron, Perception Restrained</i> [MoMA Exh. #1976, June 21, 2006–September 25, 2006]</p> <p><b>1977.</b>&nbsp; <i>International Film Posters</i> [MoMA Exh. #1977 May1, 2006–November 1, 2006]</p> <p><b>1978.</b>&nbsp; <i>Out of Time: A Contemporary View</i> [MoMA Exh. #1978, August 30, 2006–April 9, 2007]</p> <p><b>1979.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 83: Monika Sosnowska</i> [MoMA Exh. #1979, August 30–November 27, 2006]</p> <p><b>1980.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography ’06: Jonathan Monk, Barbara Probst, Jules Spinatsch</i> [MoMA Exh. #1980, September 21, 2006–January 8, 2007]</p> <p><b>1981.</b>&nbsp; <i>Eye on Europe: Prints, Books and Multiples/1960 to Now</i> [MoMA Exh. #1981, October 15, 2009–January 1, 2007]</p> <p><b>1982.</b>&nbsp; <i>Brice Marden: A Retrospective of Paintings and Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. 1982, October 29, 2006–January 15, 2007]</p> <p><b>1983.</b>&nbsp; <i>Eija-Liisa Ahtila: “The Wind”</i> [MoMA Exh. #1983. October 25, 2006–February 5, 2007]</p> <p><b>1984.</b>&nbsp; <i>Manet and the Execution of Maximilian</i> [MoMA #1984, November 5, 2006–January 29, 2007]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>America Fantastica: Art, Literature, and the Surrealist Legacy in Experimental Publishing, 1938–1968</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 1; organized by Library Council. November 6, 2006–January 22, 2007]</p> <p><b>1985.</b>&nbsp; <i>OMA in Beijing: China Central Television Headquarters by Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren</i> [MoMA Exh. #1985, November 15, 2006–March 26, 2007]</p> <p><b>1986.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rossellini on Paper</i> [MoMA Exh. #1986, November 15, 2006–April 9, 2007]</p> <p><b>1987.</b>&nbsp; <i>Digitally Mastered: Recent Acquisitions from the Museum’s Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1987, November 22, 2006–November 26, 2007]</p> <p><b>1988.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography Collection: Rotation 4</i> [MoMA Exh. #1988, December 15, 2006–July 17, 2007]</p> <p><b>1989.</b>&nbsp; <i>New York at Night: Photographs from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #1989, December 12, 2006–March 5, 2007]</p> <p><b>1989a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture Changes 2007</i> [MoMA Exh. #1989, January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2007]</p> <p><b>1989b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Public Spaces Changes 2007</i> [MoMA Exh. 1989b. January 1, 2007–December 31, 2007]</p> <p><b>1990.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artistic Collaborations: 50 Years at Universal Limited Art Editions</i> [MoMA Exh. #1990, January 17, 2007–May 21, 2007]</p> <p><b>1991.</b>&nbsp; <i>Doug Aitken: Sleepwalkers</i> [MoMA Exh. #1991, January 16, 2007–February 12, 2007]</p> <p><b>1992.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography Collection Rotation: Menschel Gallery</i> [MoMA Exh. #1992, January 19, 2007–April 23, 2007]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Documenting a Feminist Past: Art World Critique</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 2;organized by Library. January 25, 2007–March 27, 2007]</p> <p><b>1993.</b>&nbsp; <i>Live/Work: Performance into Drawing</i> [MoMA Exh. #1993, January 31, 2007–May 21, 2007]</p> <p><b>1994.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 84: Josiah McElheny</i> [MoMA Exh. #1994, February 12, 2007–April 9, 2007]</p> <p><b>1995.</b>&nbsp; <i>Armando Reverón</i> [MoMA Exh. #1995, February 11, 2007–April 16, 2007]</p> <p><b>1996.</b>&nbsp; <i>Focus: Paul Klee</i> [MoMA Exh. #1996, November 22, 2006–April 30, 2007]</p> <p><b>1997.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jeff Wall</i> [MoMA Exh. #1997, February 25, 2007–May 14, 2007]</p> <p><b>1998.</b>&nbsp; <i>Focus: David Smith</i> [MoMA Exh. #1998, February 28, 2007 –August 6, 2007]</p> <p><b>1999.</b>&nbsp; <i>Abbas Kiarostami: Image Maker</i> [MoMA Exh. #1998, March 1, 2007–May 28, 2007]</p> <p><b>2000.</b>&nbsp; <i>Comic Abstraction: Image-Breaking, Image-Making</i> [MoMA Exh. #2000, March 4, 2007–June 11, 2007]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Spaces for Learning at The Museum of Modern Art, 1929–1969</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 3; organized by Department of Education. March 29, 2007–May 29, 2007]</p> <p><b>2001.</b>&nbsp; <i>50 Years of Helvetica Architecture and Design Rotation 4</i> [MoMA Exh. #2001, April 6, 2007–April 6, 2008]</p> <p><b>2002.</b>&nbsp; <i>75 Years of Architecture at MoMA</i> [MoMA Exh. #2002, April 25, 2007–June 18, 2007]</p> <p><b>2003.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 85: Dan Perjovschi</i> [MoMA Exh. #2003, May 2, 2007–August 27, 2007]</p> <p><b>2004.</b>&nbsp; <i>Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon at 100</i> [MoMA Exh. #2004, May 9, 2007–August 27, 2007]</p> <p><b>2005.</b>&nbsp; <i>Barry Frydlender: Place and Time</i> [MoMA Exh. #2005, May 17, 2007–September 3, 2007]</p> <p><b>2006.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sensation and Sentiment: Cinema Posters 1912–1914</i> [MoMA Exh. #2006, May 23, 2007–August 27, 2007]</p> <p><b>2007.</b>&nbsp; <i>Richard Serra Sculpture: Forty Years</i> [MoMA Exh. #2007, June 3, 2007–September 10, 2007;The Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden, June 3, 2007–September 24, 2007]</p> <p><b>2008.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lines, Grids, Stains, Words</i> [MoMA Exh. #2008, June 13, 2007–October 22, 2007]</p> <p><b>2009.</b>&nbsp; <i>Re-picturing the Past/Picturing the Present</i> [MoMA Exh. #2009, June 13, 2007–November 5, 2007]</p> <p><b>2010.</b>&nbsp; <i>Automatic Update</i> [MoMA Exh. #2010. June 27, 2007–September 3, 2007]</p> <p><b>2011.</b>&nbsp; <i>What is Painting? Contemporary Art From the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #2011. July 7, 2007 –September 17, 2007]</p> <p><b>2012.</b>&nbsp; <i>Present Tense: Photographs by Joann Verburg</i> [MoMA Exh. #2012. July 15, 2007–November 5, 2007]</p> <p><b>2013.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lost Vanguard: Soviet Modernist Architecture, 1922–32 Photographs by Richard Pare</i> [MoMA Exh. #2013. July 18, 2007 through October 29, 2007]</p> <p><b>2014.</b>&nbsp; <i>Edward Steichen Photography Collection Galleries: Rotation 5</i> [MoMA Exh. #2014. August 8, 2007–March 3, 2008]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>James Lee Byars: The Art of Writing</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 4; organized by Museum Archives. September 5, 2007–October 29, 2007]</p> <p><b>2015.</b>&nbsp; <i>Panoramas of the Moving Image: Mechanical Slides and Dissolving Views from Nineteenth-Century Magic Lantern Shows</i> [MoMA Exh. #2015. September 12, 2007–February 25, 2008]</p> <p><b>2016.</b>&nbsp; <i>Focus: Alexander Calder</i> [MoMA Exh. #2016. September 14, 2007–April 14,2008]</p> <p><b>2017.</b>&nbsp; <i>Focus: Ellsworth Kelly</i> [MoMA Exh. #2017. September 19, 2007–January 21, 2008]</p> <p><b>2018.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography ’07: Tanyth Berkeley, Scott McFarland, Berni Searle</i> [MoMA Exh. #2018. September 30, 2007–January 1, 2008]</p> <p><b>2019.</b>&nbsp; <i>Raw</i> [MoMA #2019. October 4, 2007–December 3, 2007]</p> <p><b>2019a.</b>&nbsp; <i>RAW-WAR</i> [MoMA #2019a. January 5, 2008–March 3, 2008]</p> <p><b>2020.</b>&nbsp; <i>Georges Seurat: The Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #2020. October 28, 2007–January 7, 2008]</p> <p><b>2021.</b>&nbsp; <i>Martin Puryear</i> [MoMA Exh. #2021. November 4, 2007–January 14, 2008]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>William C. Seitz: Defending the Modern</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 5; organized by Museum Archives. November 7, 2007–December 30, 2007]</p> <p><b>2022.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Perspectives in Latin American Art, 1930–2006: Selections from a Decade of Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #2022. November 21, 2007–February 28, 2008]</p> <p><b>2023.</b>&nbsp; <i>Multiplex: Directions in Art, 1970–Now</i> [MoMA Exh. #2023. November 21, 2007–July 28, 2008]</p> <p><b>2023a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 86: Gert and Uwe Tobias</i> [MoMA Exh. #2023a. November 28, 2007–February 25, 2008]</p> <p><b>2024.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lucian Freud: The Painter’s Etchings</i> [MoMA Exh. #2024. December 16, 2007–March 10, 2008]</p> <p><b>2025.</b>&nbsp; <i>Just in: Recent Acquisitions from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #2025. December 21, 2007–November 30, 2008]</p> <p><b>2026.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture Changes 2008</i> [MoMA Exh. #2026. January 1, 2008–December 31, 2008]</p> <p><b>2027.</b>&nbsp; <i>Public Spaces Changes</i> [MoMA Exh. #2027. January 1, 2008–December 31, 2008]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Selections from the Richard Bellamy Papers</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 6; organized by Museum Archives. January 9, 2008–February 25, 2008]</p> <p><b>2028.</b>&nbsp; <i>Denkmal 11, Museum of Modern Art, 11 West 53 Street, New York, 2008 (Jan de Cock)</i> [MoMA Exh. #2028. January 23, 2008–April 14, 2008]</p> <p><b>2029.</b>&nbsp; <i>Design and the Elastic Mind</i> [MoMA Exh. #2029. February 24, 2008–May 12, 2008]</p> <p><b>2030.</b>&nbsp; <i>Color Chart: Reinventing Color, 1950 to Today</i> [MoMA #2030. March 2, 2008–May 12, 2008]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Machine for Living Color</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 7; organized by Library. March 3, 2008–May 14, 2008]</p> <p><b>2031.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 87: Sigalit Landau</i> [MoMA Exh. #2031. March 19, 2008–July 28, 2008]</p> <p><b>2032.</b>&nbsp; <i>Geometry of Motion, 1920s/1970s</i> [MoMA Exh. #2032. March 19, 2008–June 23, 2008]</p> <p><b>2033.</b>&nbsp; <i>Glossolalia: Languages of Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #2033. March 26, 2008–July 7, 2008]</p> <p><b>2034.</b>&nbsp; <i>Book/Shelf</i> [MoMA Exh. 2034. March 26, 2008–July 7, 2008]</p> <p><b>2035.</b>&nbsp; <i>Focus: Ad Reinhardt and Mark Rothko</i> [MoMA Exh. 2035. March 7, 2008–August 3, 2008]</p> <p><b>2036.</b>&nbsp; <i>Take Your Time: Olafur Eliasson</i> [MoMA Exh. #2036. April 20, 2008–June 30, 2008]</p> <p><b>2037.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jazz Score</i> [MoMA Exh. 2037. April 16–September 15, 2008]</p> <p><b>2038A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design Rotation 2008</i> [MoMA Exh. #2038A. April 25, 2008–April 13, 2009]</p> <p><b>2038B.</b>&nbsp; <i>George Lois: The “Esquire” Covers</i> [MoMA Exh. #2038B. April 25, 2008–April 13, 2009]</p> <p><b>2038C.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ateliers Jean Prouvé</i> [MoMA Exh. #2038C. April 25, 2008–April 13, 2009]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dada at MoMA</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 8; organized by Museum Archives. May 21, 2008–July 28, 2008]</p> <p><b>2039.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bernd and Hilla Becher: Landscape/Typology</i> [MoMA Exh. #2039. May 21, 2008–August 25, 2008]</p> <p><b>2039a.</b>&nbsp; <i>Focus: Joseph Beuys</i> [MoMA Exh. $2039a. May 30, 2008–February 22, 2010]</p> <p><b>2040.</b>&nbsp; <i>Focus: Picasso Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #2040. June 13–November 3, 2008]</p> <p><b>2041.</b>&nbsp; <i>Geo/Metric: Prints and Drawings from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #2041. June 15, 2008–August 18, 2008]</p> <p><b>2042.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dalí: Painting and Film</i> [MoMA Exh. #2042. June 29, 2008–September 15, 2008]</p> <p><b>2043.</b>&nbsp; <i>Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling</i> [MoMA Exh. #2043. July 20, 2008–October 20, 2008]</p> <p><b>2044.</b>&nbsp; <i>Young Architects Program 2008</i> [MoMA #2044. July 20, 2008–October 20, 2008]</p> <p><b>2045.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dreamland: Architecture Experiements since the 1970’s</i> [MoMA #2045. July 23, 2008–March 2, 2009]</p> <p><b>2046.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pipe, Glass, Bottle of Rum: The Art of Appropriation</i> [MoMA Exh. #2046. July 30, 2008–November 10, 2008]</p> <p><b>2047.</b>&nbsp; <i>Wunderkammer: A Century of Curiosities</i> [MoMA Exh. #2047. July 30, 2008–November 10, 2008]</p> <p><b>2048.</b>&nbsp; <i>Kirchner and the Berlin Street 1913–15</i> [MoMA Exh. #2048. August 3–November 10, 2008]</p> <p><b>2049.</b>&nbsp; <i>Looking at Music: Media Art of the 1960s</i> [MoMA Exh. #2049. August 17, 2008–January 5, 2009]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Elements and Unknown</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 9; organized by Library Council. September 4, 2008–November 23, 2008]</p> <p><b>2050.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 88: Lucy McKenzie</i> [MoMA Exh. #2050. September 10, 2008–December 1, 2008]</p> <p><b>2051.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 2008: Josephine Meckseper and Mikhael Subotzky</i> [MoMA Exh. #2051. September 14, 2008–January 5, 2009]</p> <p><b>2052.</b>&nbsp; <i>Van Gogh and the Colors of Night</i> [MoMA Exh. #2052. September 21, 2008–January 5, 2009]</p> <p><b>2053.</b>&nbsp; <i>Here is Every, Four Decades of Contemporary Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #2053. September 9, 2008–March 23, 2009]</p> <p><b>2054.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Printed Picture</i> [MoMA Exh. 2054. October 16, 2008 through July 23, 2009]</p> <p><b>2055.</b>&nbsp; <i>Batiste Madalena: Hand-Painted Film Posters for the Eastman Theatre, 1924–192</i> [MoMA Exh. #2055. October 14, 2008–April 6, 2009]</p> <p><b>2056.</b>&nbsp; <i>Joan Miró: Painting and Anti-Painting 1927–1937</i> [MoMA Exh. #2056. November 2, 2008–January 12, 2009]</p> <p><b>2057.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pipilotti Rist: Pour Your Body Out (7354 Cubic Meters)</i> [MoMA Exh. #2057. November 19, 2008–February 2, 2009]</p> <p><b>2058.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rough Cut: Design Takes a Sharp Edge</i> [MoMA Exh. #2058. November 26, 2008–January 4, 2010]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Museum and the War Effort: Artistic Freedom and Reporting for “The Cause”</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 10. November 26, 2008–February 11, 2009]</p> <p><b>2059.</b>&nbsp; <i>Focus: Jasper Johns</i> [MoMA Exh. #2059. December 5, 2008–February 16, 2009]</p> <p><b>2060.</b>&nbsp; <i>Focus: Sol LeWitt</i> [MoMA Exh. #2060. December 5, 2008–June 1, 2009]</p> <p><b>2061.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artist’s Choice: Vik Muniz, Rebus</i> [MoMA Exh. #2061. December 11, 2008–February 23, 2009]</p> <p><b>2062.</b>&nbsp; <i>Marlene Dumas: Measuring Your Own Grave</i> [MoMA Exh. 2062. December 14, 2008–February 16, 2009]</p> <p><b>2063.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Scultpure Changes 2009</i> [MoMA Exh. 2063. January 1, 2009–December 31,2009]</p> <p><b>2064.</b>&nbsp; <i>Public Spaces Changes 2009</i> [MoMA Exh. #2064. January 1, 2009–December 31, 2009]</p> <p><b>2065.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performance 1: Tehching Hsieh</i> [MoMA Exh. #2065. January 21, 2009–May 18, 2009]</p> <p><b>2066.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Shimmer of Possibility. Photographs by Paul Graham</i> [MoMA Exh. 2066. February 4, 2009–May 18, 2009]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Words in Freedom: Futurism at 100</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 11; organized by Department of Education. February 13, 2009–April 6, 2009]</p> <p><b>2067.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 89: Klara Liden</i> [MoMA Exh. 2067. February 24, 2009 through June 8, 2009]</p> <p><b>2068.</b>&nbsp; <i>Martin Kippenberger: The Problem Perspective</i> [MoMA Exh. 2068. March 1, 2009–May 11, 2009]</p> <p><b>2069.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performance 2: Simone Forti</i> [MoMA Exh. 2069. March 7, 2009–March 8, 2009</p> <p><b>2070.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performance 3: “Trio A” by Yvonne Rainer</i> [MoMA Exh. 2070. March 7, 2009–March 8, 2009]</p> <p><b>2071.</b>&nbsp; <i>Stage Pictures: Drawing for Performance</i> [MoMA Exh. #2071. March 11, 2009–September 7, 2009]</p> <p><b>2072.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paper: Pressed, Stained, Slashed, Folded</i> [MoMA Exh. #2072. March 11, 2009–June 22, 2009]</p> <p><b>2073.</b>&nbsp; <i>Into the Sunset: Photography’s Image of the American West</i> [MoMA Exh. #2073. March 29, 2009–June 8, 2009]</p> <p><b>2074.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tangled Alphabets: León Ferrari and Mira Schendel</i> [MoMA Exh. #2074. April 5, 1009–June 15, 2009]</p> <p><b>2075.</b>&nbsp; <i>In Situ: Architecture and Landscape</i> [MoMA Exh. #2075. April 8, 2009–February 22, 2010]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>How to Make a Modern Art Library: Selections from the Éluard-Dausse Collection</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 12; organized by Library. April 8, 2009–June 22, 2009]</p> <p><b>2076.</b>&nbsp; <i>Compass in Hand: Selections from the Judith Rothschild Foundation Contemporary Drawings Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #2076. April 22, 2009–January 4, 2010]</p> <p><b>2077A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Architecture and Design Rotation 2009</i> [MoMA Exh. #2077A. May 6, 2009–November 30, 2009]</p> <p><b>2077B.</b>&nbsp; <i>What was Good Design? MoMA’s Message 1944–56</i> [MoMA Exh. #2077B. May 6, 2009–January 11, 2011]</p> <p><b>2077C.</b>&nbsp; <i>Polish Poster</i> [MoMA Exh. #2077C. May 6, 2009–November 30, 2009]</p> <p><b>2078.</b>&nbsp; <i>Aernout Mik</i> [MoMA Exh. #2078. May 6, 2009–July 27, 2009]</p> <p><b>2079.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sensation and Sentiment, Redux</i> [MoMA Exh. #2079. May 6, 2009–November 9, 2009]</p> <p><b>2080.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sculpture in Color</i> [MoMA Exh. #2080. May 18, 2009–January 11, 2010]</p> <p><b>2081.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography Rotation Summer 2009</i> [MoMA Exh. #2081. May 29, 2009–September 14, 2009]</p> <p><b>2082.</b>&nbsp; <i>Looking at Music, Side 2</i> [MoMA Exh. #2082. June 10, 2009–November 30, 2009]</p> <p><b>2083.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performance 4: Roman Ondák</i> [MoMA Exh. #2083. June 23, 2009–September 14, 2009]</p> <p><b>2084.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Erotic Object: Surrealist Sculpture from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #2084. June 24, 2009–January 4, 2010]</p> <p><b>2085.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 90: Song Dong</i> [MoMA Exh. #2085. June 24, 2009–September 7, 2009]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Another Modern Art: Dance and Theater</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 13; organized by Museum Archives. June 24, 2009–August 24, 2009]</p> <p><b>2086.</b>&nbsp; <i>Young Architects Program 2009</i> [MoMA Exh. 2086. June 26, 2009–September 14, 2009]</p> <p><b>2087.</b>&nbsp; <i>James Ensor</i> [MoMA Exh. #2087. June 28, 2009–September 21, 2009]</p> <p><b>2088A.</b>&nbsp; <i>In and Out of Amsterdam: Travels in Conceptual Art, 1960–1976</i> [MoMA Exh. #2088A. July 19, 2009–October 5, 2009]</p> <p><b>2088B.</b>&nbsp; <i>In and Out of Amsterdam: “Art and Project Bulletin,” 1968–1989</i> [MoMA Exh. #2088B. July 14, 2009–October 26, 2009]</p> <p><b>2089.</b>&nbsp; <i>Cézanne to Picasso: Paintings from the David and Peggy Rockefeller Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #2089. July 17, 2009–August 31, 2009]</p> <p><b>2090.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ron Arad: No Discipline</i> [MoMA Exh. #2090, August 2, 2009–October 19, 2009]</p> <p><b>2091.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography Collection: Rotation 6</i> [MoMA Exh. #2091. August 7, 2009–March 22, 2010]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Freedom of the Press: Artists Publish on the American Presidency</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 14; organized by Library. August 26, 2009–October 26, 2009]</p> <p><b>2092.</b>&nbsp; <i>Monet’s Water Lilies</i> [MoMA Exh. #2092. September 13, 2009–April 12, 2010]</p> <p><b>2093.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 2009: Walead Beshty, Daniel Gordon, Leslie Hewitt, Carter Mull, Sterling Ruby, and Sara Vanderbeek</i> [MoMA Exh. #2093. September 30, 2009–January 11, 2010]</p> <p><b>2094.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paul Sietsema</i> [MoMA Exh. #2094. September 30, 2009–February 15, 2010]</p> <p><b>2095.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performance 5: Mark Leckey</i> [MoMA Exh. #2095. October 1, 2009–October 3, 2009]</p> <p><b>2096.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 91: Artur Zmijewski</i> [MoMA Exh. #2096. October 28, 2009–February 1, 2010]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>MoMA Starts: An 80th Anniversary Exhibition</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 15; organized by Museum Archives. October 28, 2009–January 25, 2010]</p> <p><b>2097.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performance 6: Fischerspooner</i> [MoMA Exh. #2097. November 1, 2009]</p> <p><b>2098.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bauhaus 1919–1933: Workshops for Modernity</i> [MoMA Exh. #2098. November 8, 2009–January 25, 2010]</p> <p><b>2099.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tim Burton</i> [MoMA Exh. #2099. November 22, 2009–April 26, 2010]</p> <p><b>2100A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gabriel Orozco</i> [MoMA Exh. #2100A. December 13, 2009–March 1, 2010]</p> <p><b>2100B.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gabriel Orozco: Samurai Tree Invariants</i> [MoMA Exh. #2100B. December 13, 2009–March 1, 2010]</p> <p><b>2101.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performance 7: “Mirage” by Joan Jonas</i> [MoMA Exh. #2101. December 18, 2009–May 31, 2009]</p> <p><b>2102A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Shaping Modernity: Design 1880–1980, Part 1</i> [MoMA Exh. #2102A. December 12, 2009–January 10, 2011; re-installation: February 2, 2011–February 27, 2012]</p> <p><b>2102B.</b>&nbsp; <i>The New Typography</i> [MoMA Exh. #2102B. December 23, 2009–July 26, 2010]</p> <p><a href="#top">top</a></p> <div id="2010" /> <h2>2010–present</h2> <p><b>2103.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture Changes 2010</i> [MoMA Exh. #2103. January 1, 2010–December 31, 2010]</p> <p><b>2104.</b>&nbsp; <i>Public Spaces Changes</i> [MoMA Exh. #2104. January 1, 2010–December 31, 2010]</p> <p><b>2105.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ernesto Neto: Navedenga</i> [MoMA Exh. #2105. January 20, 2010–April 5, 2010]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paul Rosenberg and Company: From France to America</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 16; organized by Museum Archives. January 27, 2010–April 5, 2010]</p> <p><b>2106.</b>&nbsp; <i>Action! Design over Time</i> [MoMA Exh. #2106. February 3, 2010–January 31, 2011]</p> <p><b>2107.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pictures by Women: A History of Modern Photography (Part 1)</i> [MoMA Exh. #2107. February 3, 2010–August 30, 2010]</p> <p><b>2108.</b>&nbsp; <i>William Kentridge: Five Theme</i> [MoMA Exh. #2108. February 24, 2010–May 17, 2010]</p> <p><b>2109.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 92: Yin Xiuzhe</i> [MoMA Exh. 2109. February 24, 2010–May 24, 2010]</p> <p><b>2110.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performance 8: William Kentridge: “I am not me, the horse is not mine”</i> [MoMA Exh. #2110. March 4, 2010]</p> <p><b>2111.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Modern Myth: Drawing Mythologies in Modern Times</i> [MoMA Exh. #2111. March 10, 2010–August 30, 2010]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lost and Found: The Work of Bern Porter from the Collection of The Museum of Modern Art Library</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 17; organized by Library. April 7, 2010–July 26, 2010]</p> <p><b>2112.</b>&nbsp; <i>Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present</i> [MoMA Exh. #2112. March 14, 2010–May 31,2010]</p> <p><b>2113.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rising Currents: Projects for New York’s Waterfront</i> [MoMA Exh. #2113. March 24, 2010–October 11, 2010]</p> <p><b>2114.</b>&nbsp; <i>Picasso: Themes and Variation</i> [MoMA Exh. #2114. March 28, 2010–August 30, 2010]</p> <p><b>2115.</b>&nbsp; <i>Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Modern Century</i> [MoMA Exh. #2115. April 11, 2010–June 28, 2010]</p> <p><b>2116.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lee Bontecou: All Freedom in Every Sense</i> [MoMA Exh. #2116. April 16, 2010–September 6, 2010]</p> <p><b>2117.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mind and Matter: Alternative Abstractions, 1940s to Now</i> [MoMA Exh. #2117. May 5, 2010–August 16, 2010]</p> <p><b>2118.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pictures by Women: A History of Modern Photography (Part 2)</i> [MoMA Exh. #2118. May 7, 2010–April 18, 2011]</p> <p><b>2119.</b>&nbsp; <i>Maya Deren’s Legacy: Women and Experimental Film</i> [MoMA Exh. #2119. May 14, 2010–October 18, 2010]</p> <p><b>2120.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bruce Nauman: “Days”</i> [MoMA Exh. #2120. June 2, 2010–August 23, 2010]</p> <p><b>2121.</b>&nbsp; <i>From Line to Plane</i> [MoMA Exh. #2121. June 8, 2010–April 27, 2011]</p> <p><b>2122.</b>&nbsp; <i>Young Architects Program 2010</i> [MoMA Exh. #2122. June 30, 2010–August 23, 2010]</p> <p><b>2123.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Art from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #2123. June 30, 2010–September 19, 2011; Atrium: June 30, 2010–November 29, 2010]</p> <p><b>2124.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 93: Dinh Q. Lê</i> [MoMA Exh. #2124. June 30, 2010–January 24, 2011]</p> <p><b>2125.</b>&nbsp; <i>Matisse: Radical Invention, 1913–1917</i> [MoMA Exh. #2125. July 18, 2010–October 11, 2010]</p> <p><b>2126.</b>&nbsp; <i>Underground Gallery: London Transport Posters, 1920s–1940s</i> [MoMA Exh. #2126. July 28, 2010–January 10, 2011]</p> <p><b>2127.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Original Copy: Photography of Sculpture, 1839 to Today</i> [MoMA Exh. #2127. August 1, 2010–November 1, 2010</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Experimental Women in Flux</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 18; organized by Library. August 4, 2010–November 8, 2010]</p> <p><b>2128.</b>&nbsp; <i>Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen</i> [MoMA Exh. #2128. September 15, 2010–May 2, 2011]</p> <p><b>2129.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 2010: Roe Ethridge, Elad Lassry, Alex Prager, and Amanda Ross-Ho</i> [MoMA Exh. #2129. September 29, 2010–January 10, 2011]</p> <p><b>2130.</b>&nbsp; <i>Small Scale, Big Change: New Architectures of Social Engagement</i> [MoMA Exh. #2130. October 3, 2010–January 3, 2011]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artifact or Idea? Photography in MoMA Exhibition Design, 1937–1979</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 19; organized by Library. November 10, 2010–April 15, 2011]</p> <p><b>2131A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Abstract Expressionist New York: The Big Picture</i> [MoMA Exh. #2131A. October 3, 2010–April 25, 2011]</p> <p><b>2131B.</b>&nbsp; <i>Abstract Expressionist New York: Ideas Not Theories: Artists and the Club 1942–1962</i> [MoMA Exh. #2131B. October 3, 2010–February 28, 2011]</p> <p><b>2131C.</b>&nbsp; <i>Abstract Expressionist New York: Rock Papers Scissor</i> [MoMA Exh. #2131C. October 3, 2010–February 28, 2011]</p> <p><b>2132.</b>&nbsp; <i>On to Pop</i> [MoMA Exh. #2132. October 3, 2010–May 9, 2011]</p> <p><b>2133.</b>&nbsp; <i>Building Collections: Recent Acquisitions of Architecture</i> [MoMA Exh. #2133. November 10, 2010–May 30, 2011]</p> <p><b>2134.</b>&nbsp; <i>Weimar Cinema, 1919–1933: Daydreams and Nightmares</i> [MoMA Exh. #2134. November 17, 2010–March 7, 2011]</p> <p><b>2134A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Paula Hayes: Nocturne of the Limax Maximus</i> [MoMA Exh. #2134A. November 17, 2010–April 18, 2011]</p> <p><b>2135.</b>&nbsp; <i>On Line: Drawing through the Twentieth Century</i> [MoMA Exh. #2135. November 21, 2010–February 7, 2011]</p> <p><b>2136.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performance 9: Allora and Calzadilla</i> [MoMA Exh. #2136. December 8, 2010–January 10, 2011]</p> <p><b>2137.</b>&nbsp; <i>Andy Warhol: Motion Pictures</i> [MoMA Exh. #2137. December 19, 2010–March 21, 2011]</p> <p><b>2138.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture Changes 2011</i> [MoMA Exh. #2138. January 1, 2011–December 31, 2011]</p> <p><b>2139.</b>&nbsp; <i>Public Spaces Changes 2011; includes Paula Hayes, Nocturne of the Limax maximus</i> [MoMA Exh. #2139. January 1, 2011–December 31, 2011]</p> <p><b>2140.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performance 10: Alison Knowles, in conjunction with the exhibition, Contemporary Art from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #2140. January 20–February 4, 2011]</p> <p><b>2141.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performance 11: On Line/Trisha Brown Dance Company, in conjunction with the exhibition, On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century</i> [MoMA Exh. #2141. January 12–16, 2011]</p> <p><b>2142.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performance 12: On Line/Marie Cool and Fabio Balducci, in conjunction with the exhibition, On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century</i> [MoMA Exh. #2142. January 19–20, 2011]</p> <p><b>2143.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performance 13: On Line/Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, in conjunction with the exhibition, On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century</i> [MoMA Exh. #2143. January 22–23, 2011]</p> <p><b>2144.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performance 14: On Line/Ralph Lemon, in conjunction with the exhibition, On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century</i> [MoMA Exh. #2144. January 26–30, 2011]</p> <p><b>2145.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performance 15: On Line/Xavier Le Roy, in conjunction with the exhibition, On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century</i> [MoMA Exh. #2145. February 2–6, 2011]</p> <p><b>2146.</b>&nbsp; <i>Staging Action: Performance in Photography Since 1960</i> [MoMA Exh. #2146. January 28, 2011–May 9, 2011]</p> <p><b>2147A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Plywood: Material, Process, Form</i> [MoMA Exh. #2147A. February 2, 2011–March 4, 2013; temporarily closed February 28–March 22, 2012]</p> <p><b>2147B.</b>&nbsp; <i>Seeing Red: Hungarian Revolutionary Posters, 191</i> [MoMA Exh. #2147B. February 2, 2011–August 1, 2011]</p> <p><b>2148.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 94: Henrik Olesen</i> [MoMA Exh. #2148. February 9, 2011–May 23, 2011]</p> <p><b>2149.</b>&nbsp; <i>Picasso: Guitars 1912–1914</i> [MoMA Exh. #2149. February 13, 2011–June 6, 2011]</p> <p><b>2150.</b>&nbsp; <i>Looking at Music 3.0</i> [MoMA Exh. #2150. February 16, 2011–May 30, 2011]</p> <p><b>2151.</b>&nbsp; <i>Standard Deviations: Types and Families in Contemporary Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #2151. March 2, 2011–January 30, 2012]</p> <p><b>2152.</b>&nbsp; <i>I Am Still Alive: Politics and Everyday Life in Contemporary Drawing</i> [MoMA Exh. #2152. March 23, 2011–September 19, 2011]</p> <p><b>2153.</b>&nbsp; <i>Impressions from South Africa, 1965 to Now</i> [MoMA Exh. #2153. March 23, 2011–August 29, 2011]</p> <p><b>2154.</b>&nbsp; <i>German Expressionism: The Graphic Impulse</i> [MoMA Exh. #2154. March 27, 2011–July 11, 2011]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Access to Tools: Publications from the Whole Earth Catalogue, 1968–1974</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 20; organized by Library. April 18, 2011–July 26, 2011]</p> <p><b>2155.</b>&nbsp; <i>Francis Alÿs: A Story of Deception</i> [MoMA Exh. #2155. May 8, 2011–August 1, 2011]</p> <p><b>2156.</b>&nbsp; <i>Photography Collection: Rotation</i> [MoMA Exh. 2156. May 13, 2011–March 12, 2012]</p> <p><b>2157.</b>&nbsp; <i>Crafting Genre: Kathryn Bigelow</i> [MoMA Exh. #2157. May 18, 2011–October 3, 2011]</p> <p><b>2158.</b>&nbsp; <i>Figure in the Garden</i> [MoMA Exh. #2158. May 20, 2011–TBD]</p> <p><b>2159.</b>&nbsp; <i>Cy Twombly: Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #2159. May 20, 2011–January 2, 2012]</p> <p><b>2160.</b>&nbsp; <i>Boris Mikhailov: Case History</i> [MoMA Exh. #2160. May 25, 2011–September 5, 2011]</p> <p><b>2161.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 95: Runa Islam</i> [MoMA Exh. #2161. May 27, 2011–September 19, 2011]</p> <p><b>2162.</b>&nbsp; <i>Harun Farocki: Images of War (at a Distance)</i> [MoMA Exh. #2162. June 29, 2011–January 2, 2012]</p> <p><b>2163.</b>&nbsp; <i>Young Architects Program 2011</i> [MoMA Exh. #2163. June 22, 2011–September 19, 2011]</p> <p><b>2164.</b>&nbsp; <i>194X–9/11: American Architects and the Cit</i> [MoMA Exh. #2164. July 1, 2011–January 2, 2012]</p> <p><b>2165.</b>&nbsp; <i>Grand Openings Return of the Blog</i> [MoMA Exh. #2165. July 20, 2011–August 1, 2011]</p> <p><b>2166.</b>&nbsp; <i>Talk to Me: Design and the Communication Between People and Objects</i> [MoMA Exh. #2166. July 24, 2011–November 7, 2011]</p> <p><b>2167.</b>&nbsp; <i>Full Steam Ahead, Ocean Travel Posters, 1930s</i> [MoMA Exh. #2167. August 17, 2011–February 27, 2012]</p> <p><b>2168.</b>&nbsp; <i>Carlito Carvalhosa: Sum of Days</i> [MoMA Exh. #2168. August 24, 2011–November 14, 2011]</p> <p><b>2169.</b>&nbsp; <i>de Kooning: A Retrospective</i> [MoMA Exh. #2169. September 18, 2011–January 9, 2012]</p> <p><b>2170.</b>&nbsp; <i>Thing/Thought: Fluxus Editions, 1962–1978</i> [MoMA Exh. #2170. September 21, 2011–January 16, 2012]</p> <p><b>2171.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 2011: Moyra Davey, George Georgiou, Deana Lawson, Doug Rickard, Viviane Sassen, Zhang Dali</i> [MoMA Exh. #2171. September 28, 2011–January 16, 2012]</p> <p><b>2172.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gifted: Collectors and Drawings at MoMA, 1929–1983</i> [MoMA Exh. #2172. October 19, 2011–February 12, 2012]</p> <p><b>2173.</b>&nbsp; <i>Combatant Status Review Tribunals, pp. 002954–003064: A Public Reading</i> [MoMA Exh. #2173. November 12, 2011–November 13, 2011]</p> <p><b>2174.</b>&nbsp; <i>Diego Rivera: Murals for The Museum of Modern Art</i> [MoMA Exh. #2174. November 13, 2011–May 14, 2012]</p> <p><b>2175.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 96: Haris Epaminonda</i> [MoMA Exh. #2175. November 17, 2011–February 20, 2012]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>“Scenes from Zagreb: Artists’ Publications of the New Art Practice”</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 21; organized by Library. [No MoMA Exh. #. December 12, 2011–February 17, 2012]</p> <p><b>2176.</b>&nbsp; <i>Contemporary Galleries: 1980–Now</i> [MoMA Exh. #2176. November 16, 2011–February 9, 2014]</p> <p><b>2177.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sanja Iveković: Sweet Violence</i> [MoMA Exh. #2177. December 18, 2011–March 26, 2012]</p> <p><b>2178.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture Changes 2012</i> [MoMA Exh. #2178. January 1, 2012–December 31, 2012]</p> <p><b>2179.</b>&nbsp; <i>Public Spaces Changes 2012</i> [MoMA Exh. #2179. January 1, 2012–December 31, 2012]</p> <p><b>2180.</b>&nbsp; <i>James Rosenquist: F-111</i> [MoMA Exh. #2180. January 25, 2012–July 30, 2012]</p> <p><b>2181.</b>&nbsp; <i>9 Scripts from a Nation at War</i> [MoMA Exh. #2181. January 25, 2011–November 7, 2011]</p> <p><b>2182.</b>&nbsp; <i>Antony and the Johnsons: Swanlights</i> [MoMA #2182. January 26, 2012]</p> <p><b>2183.</b>&nbsp; <i>Eugène Atget: "Documents Pour Artistes</i> [MoMA Exh. #2183. February 3, 2012–April 9, 2012]</p> <p><b>2184.</b>&nbsp; <i>Foreclosed: Rehousing the American Dream</i> [MoMA Exh. #2184. February 15, 2012–August 13, 2012]</p> <p><b>2185.</b>&nbsp; <i>Printin’, in conjunction with the exhibition, Print/Out</i> [MoMA Exh. #2185. February 15, 2012–May 14, 2012]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Millennium Magazines</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 22; organized by Library. February 20, 2012–May 14, 2012]</p> <p><b>2186.</b>&nbsp; <i>Print/Out, in conjunction with the exhibition, Printin’</i> [MoMA Exh. #2186. February 19, 2012–May 14, 2012]</p> <p><b>2187.</b>&nbsp; <i>Cindy Sherman</i> [MoMA Exh. #2187. February 26, 2012–June 11, 2012]</p> <p><b>2188.</b>&nbsp; <i>Born out of Necessity</i> [MoMA Exh. #2188. March 2, 2012–January 28, 2013]</p> <p><b>2189.</b>&nbsp; <i>MoMA Media Lounge 2012</i> [MoMA Exh. #2189. February 29, 2012–December 31, 2012]</p> <p><b>2190.</b>&nbsp; <i>Exquisite Corpses: Drawing and Disfiguration</i> [MoMA Exh. #2190. March 14, 2012–July 9, 2012]</p> <p><b>2191.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 97: Mark Boulos</i> [MoMA Exh. #2191. March 19, 2012–July 16, 2012]</p> <p><b>2192.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Modern Restaurant Window—Andrea Zittell</i> [MoMA Exh. #2192. March 26, 2012–March 26, 2013]</p> <p><b>2193.</b>&nbsp; <i>Shaping Modernity: Design 1880–1980, Part 2</i> [MoMA Exh. #2193. March 28, 2012–March 8, 2013</p> <p><b>2194.</b>&nbsp; <i>Electric Currents, 1900–1940</i> [MoMA Exh. #2194. March 28, 2012–September 24, 2012]</p> <p><b>2195.</b>&nbsp; <i>Kraftwerk—Retrospective 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8</i> [MoMA Exh. #2195. April 10–17, 2012]</p> <p><b>2196.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Shaping of New Visions: Photograph, Film, Photobook</i> [MoMA Exh. #2196. April 16, 2012–ongoing]</p> <p><b>2197.</b>&nbsp; <i>Words in the World: Combatant Status Review Tribunals, pp. 002954–003064: A Public Reading</i> [MoMA Exh. #2197. April 27, 2012–April 28, 2012]</p> <p><b>2198.</b>&nbsp; <i>Words in the World: Nora Schults with EI Arakawa Countdown</i> [MoMA Exh. #2198. April 30, 2012, May 2, 2012]</p> <p><b>2199.</b>&nbsp; <i>Words in the World: Paulina Olowska: Alphabet</i> [MoMA Exh. #2199. May 3, 2012–May 5, 2012]</p> <p><b>2200.</b>&nbsp; <i>Words in the World: Guy de Cointet. Five Sisters and Espahor Iedet ko Uluner!</i> [MoMA Exh. #2200. May 9, 2012 and May 10, 2012]</p> <p><b>2201.</b>&nbsp; <i>Taryn Simon: A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters I–XVIII</i> [MoMA Exh. #2201. May 2, 2012–September 3, 2012]</p> <p><b>2202.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language</i> [MoMA Exh. #2202. May 6, 2012–August 27, 2012]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>“How to Make Good Pictures”: Manuals and the Popularization of Amateur Photography</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 23; organized by Library. May 16, 2012–July 30, 2012]</p> <p><b>2203.</b>&nbsp; <i>New to the Print Collection: Matisse to Bourgeois</i> [MoMA Exh. #2203. June 13, 2012–January 7, 2012]</p> <p><b>2204.</b>&nbsp; <i>Young Architects Program 2012</i> [MoMA Exh. #2204. June 28, 2012–September 3, 2012]</p> <p><b>2205.</b>&nbsp; <i>Alighiero Boetti: Game Plan</i> [MoMA Exh. #2205. July 1, 2012–October 1, 2012]</p> <p><b>2206.</b>&nbsp; <i>Century of the Child: Growing by Design, 1900–2000</i> [MoMA Exh. #2206. July 29, 2012–November 5, 2012]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artists’ Alphabets</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 24; organized by Library. August 1, 2012–October 22, 2012]</p> <p><b>2207.</b>&nbsp; <i>Eyes Closed/Eyes Open: Recent Acquisitions in Drawings</i> [MoMA Exh. #2207. August 9, 2012–January 7, 2013]</p> <p><b>2208.</b>&nbsp; <i>Quay Brothers: On Deciphering the Pharmacist’s Prescription for Lip-Reading Puppets</i> [MoMA Exh. #2208. August 12, 2012–January 7, 2013]</p> <p><b>2209.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 98: Slavs and Tatars</i> [MoMA Exh. #2209. August 15, 2012–December 10, 2012]</p> <p><b>2210.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bruce Nauman: The 1980s</i> [MoMA Exh. #2210. August 22, 2012–June 23, 2013]</p> <p><b>2211.</b>&nbsp; <i>9+1 Ways of Being Political: 50 Years of Political Stances in Architecture and Urban Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #2211. September 12, 2012–March 25, 2013]</p> <p><b>2212.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performing Histories: Live Artworks Examining the Past: Andrea Fraser: “Men on the Line: Men Committed to Feminism, KPFK, 1972” in conjunction with the exhibition, Performing Histories (1)</i> [MoMA Exh. #2212. September 12, 2012]</p> <p><b>2213.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performing Histories (1)</i> [MoMA Exh. #2213. September 12, 2012–March 11, 2013]</p> <p><b>2214.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #2214. October 3, 2012–February 4, 2014]</p> <p><b>2215.</b>&nbsp; <i>Alina Szapocznikow: Sculpture Undone, 1955–1972</i> [MoMA Exh. #2215. October 7, 2012–January 28, 2013]</p> <p><b>2216A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Some Sweet Day. Steve Paxton’s Video Installation: “Weight of Sensation”</i> [MoMA Exh. #2216A. October 15, 18, 19, 2012]</p> <p><b>2216B.</b>&nbsp; <i>Some Sweet Day. Steve Paxton: “State” and “Satisfyin’ Lover”</i> [MoMA Exh. #2216B. October 17, 21, 2012]</p> <p><b>2216C.</b>&nbsp; <i>Some Sweet Day. Jerome Bel: “The Show Must Gone On”</i> [MoMA Exh. #2216C. October 20, 21, 2012]</p> <p><b>2216D.</b>&nbsp; <i>Some Sweet Day. Faustin Linyekula: “What is Black Music Anyway…/Self Portraits”</i> [MoMA Exh. #2216D. October 24, 27, 28, 2012]</p> <p><b>2216E.</b>&nbsp; <i>Some Sweet Day. Dean Moss and Laylah Ali: “Voluntaries”</i> [MoMA Exh. #2216E. October 24, 27, 28, 2012]</p> <p><b>2216F.</b>&nbsp; <i>Some Sweet Day. Kevin Beasley: “I Want My Spot Back”</i> [MoMA Exh. #2216F. October 25, 26, 2012]</p> <p><b>2216G.</b>&nbsp; <i>Some Sweet Day. Deborah Hay: “Blue”</i> [MoMA Exh. #2216G. November 2, 3, 4, 2012]</p> <p><b>2216H.</b>&nbsp; <i>Some Sweet Day. Sarah Michelson: “Devotion Study #3”</i> [MoMA Exh. #2216H. November 2, 3, 4, 2012]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Artist in Place: The First 10 Years of MoMA PS1</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 25; organized by Museum Archives. October 24, 2012–January 8, 2013]</p> <p><b>2217.</b>&nbsp; <i>Edvard Munch: The Scream</i> [MoMA Exh. #2217. October 24, 2012–April 29, 2013]</p> <p><b>2218.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artist’s Choice: Trisha Donnelly</i> [MoMA Exh. #2218. November 9, 2012–July 28, 2013]</p> <p><b>2219.</b>&nbsp; <i>Meta-Monumental Garage Sale</i> [MoMA Exh. #2219. November 17, 2012–November 30, 2012]</p> <p><b>2220.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tokyo 1955–1970: A New Avant-Garde</i> [MoMA Exh. #2220. November 18, 2012–February 25, 2013]</p> <p><b>2221.</b>&nbsp; <i>Goldfinger: The Design of an Iconic Film Title</i> [MoMA Exh. #2221. October 5, 2012–March 18, 2013]</p> <p><b>2222.</b>&nbsp; <i>Shadow Monsters</i> [MoMA Exh. #2222. December 7, 2012–January 2, 2013]</p> <p><b>2223.</b>&nbsp; <i>Christian Marclay—The Clock</i> [MoMA Exh. # 2223. December 21, 2012–January 21, 2013]</p> <p><b>2224.</b>&nbsp; <i>Inventing Abstraction: 1910–1925</i> [MoMA Exh. #2224. December 23, 2012–April 15, 2013]</p> <p><b>2225.</b>&nbsp; <i>Public Spaces Changes 2013</i> [MoMA Exh. #2225. January 1, 2013–December 31, 2013]</p> <p><b>2226.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture Changes 2013</i> [MoMA Exh. #2226. January 1, 2013–December 31, 2013]</p> <p><b>2227.</b>&nbsp; <i>MoMA Media Lounge 2013</i> [MoMA Exh. #2227. January 1, 2013–July 8, 2013]</p> <p><b>2228.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 99: Meiro Koizumi</i> [MoMA Exh. #2228. January 9, 2013–May 6, 2013]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>“This is the way your leverage lies”: The Seth Siegelaub Papers as Institutional Critique</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 26; organized by Museum Archives. January 9, 2013–March 4, 2013 ]</p> <p><b>2229.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performing Histories: Live Artworks Examining the Past. Eiko and Koma: “The Caravan Project,” in conjunction with the exhibition, Tokyo 1955–1970: A New Avant-Garde</i> [MoMA Exh. #2229. January 16, 2013–January 21, 2013</p> <p><b>2230.</b>&nbsp; <i>Wolfgang Laib</i> [MoMA Exh. #2230. January 23, 2013–March 11, 2013]</p> <p><b>2231.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performing Histories: Live Artworks Examining the Past. Kelly Nipper with Japanther: “Tessa Pattern Takes a Picture,” in conjunction with the exhibition, Inventing Abstraction: 1910–1925</i> [MoMA Exh. #2231. January 30, 31, 2013]</p> <p><b>2232.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performing Histories: Live Artworks Examining the Past. Fabian Barba: “A Mary Wigman Dance Evening,” in conjunction with the exhibition, Inventing Abstraction: 1910–1925</i> [MoMA Exh. #2232. February 1, 2013]</p> <p><b>2233.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performing Histories: Live Artworks Examining the Past. Ei Arakawa: “Paris and Wizard: The Musical,” in conjunction with the exhibition, Tokyo 1955–1970: A New Avant-Garde</i> [MoMA Exh. #2233. February 6, 7, 2013]</p> <p><b>2234.</b>&nbsp; <i>Glamour Vérité—Paris/Hollywood: Cinema’s “Pour Vous” Magazine, 1928–1940</i> {MoMA Exh. #2234. February 6, 2013–August 25, 2013]</p> <p><b>2235.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performing Histories: Live Artworks Examining the Past. Trajal Harrel: “Used, Abused, and Hung Out to Dry,” in conjunction with the exhibition, Tokyo 1955–1970: A New Avant-Garde</i> [MoMA Exh. #2235. February 13, 14, 2013]</p> <p><b>2236.</b>&nbsp; <i>Wait, Later this will be Nothing: Editions by Dieter Roth</i> [MoMA Exh. #2236. February 17, 2013–June 24, 2013]</p> <p><b>2237.</b>&nbsp; <i>Applied Design</i> [MoMA Exh. #2237. March 1, 2013–January 20, 2014]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Charting Fluxus: George Maciunas’s Ambitious Art History</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 27; organized by Museum Archives. March 6, 2013–May 6, 2013 ]</p> <p><b>2238.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performing Histories: Live Artworks Examining the Past. Simone Forti: “King’s Fool” in conjunction with the exhibition, Performing Histories (1)</i> [MoMA Exh. #2238. March 6, 2013–March 8, 2013]</p> <p><b>2239.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light</i> [MoMA Exh. #2239. March 6, 2013–August 12, 2013]</p> <p><b>2240.</b>&nbsp; <i>Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light</i> [MoMA Exh. #2240. March 10, 2013–June 24, 2013]</p> <p><b>2241.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Trip from Here to There</i> [MoMA Exh. #2241. March 15, 2013–July 30, 2013]</p> <p><b>2242.</b>&nbsp; <i>Abstract Generation: Now in Print</i> [MoMA Exh. #2242. March 15, 2013–June 24, 2013]</p> <p><b>2243.</b>&nbsp; <i>Tilda Swinton: The Maybe</i> [MoMA Exh. #2243. March 23, 25, April 17, 2013]</p> <p><b>2244.</b>&nbsp; <i>Hand Signals: Digits, Fists, and Talons</i> [MoMA Exh. #2244. April 5, 2013–September 8, 2013]</p> <p><b>2245.</b>&nbsp; <i>Claes Oldenburg: The Street and The Store; Claes Oldenburg: Mouse Museum/Ray Gun Wing</i> [MoMA Exh. #2245. April 14, 2013–August 5, 2013]</p> <p><b>2246.</b>&nbsp; <i>XL: 19 New Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #2246. May 9, 2013–January 6, 2014]</p> <p><b>2247.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 100: Akram Zaatari</i> [MoMA Exh. #2247. May 11, 2013–September 23, 2013]</p> <p><b>2248.</b>&nbsp; <i>Performing Histories: Live Artworks Examing the Past. Untitled Movements by Contact Gonzo, in conjunction with the exhibition, Tokyo 1955–1970: A New Avant-Garde</i> [MoMA Exh. #2248. March 29, 2013]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Please Come to the Show, Part 1 (1960–1980)</i> [Cullman Exhibition No. 28; organized by Library. May 8, 2013–July 22, 2013]</p> <p><b>2249.</b>&nbsp; <i>An Evening with Kerry Tribe</i> [MoMA Exh. #2249. May 13, 2013]</p> <p><b>2250.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rain Room</i> [MoMA Exh. #2250. May 12, 2013–July 28, 2013]</p> <p><b>2251.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ellsworth Kelly: Chatham Series</i> [MoMA Exh. #2251. May 25, 2013–September 8, 2013]</p> <p><b>2252.</b>&nbsp; <i>Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes</i> [MoMA Exh. #2252. June 15, 2013–September 23, 2013]</p> <p><b>2253.</b>&nbsp; <i>Young Architects Program</i> [MoMA Exh. #2253. July 2, 2013–September 2, 2013]</p> <p><b>2254.</b>&nbsp; <i>Cut ’n’ Paste: From Architectural Assemblage to Collage City</i> [MoMA Exh. #2254. July 10, 2013–January 5, 2013]</p> <p><b>2255.</b>&nbsp; <i>Walker Evans American Photographs</i> [MoMA Exh. #2255. July 19, 2013–January 26, 2014]</p> <p><b>2256.</b>&nbsp; <i>Carol Bove: The Equinox</i> [MoMA Exh. #2256. July 20, 2013–January 12, 2014]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Please Come to the Show, Part II (1980–Now)</i> [Cullman Exhibition, No. 29;organized by Library. July 24, 2013–September 23, 2013]</p> <p><b>2257.</b>&nbsp; <i>Soundings: A Contemporary Score</i> [MoMA Exh. #2257. August 10, 2013–November 3, 2013]</p> <p><b>2258.</b>&nbsp; <i>American Modern: Hopper to O’Keeffe</i> [MoMA Exh. #2258. August 17, 2013–January 26, 2014]</p> <p><b>2259.</b>&nbsp; <i>Olafur Eliasson—Ventilator</i> [MoMA Exh. #2259. September 7, 2013–October 15, 2013]</p> <p><b>2260.</b>&nbsp; <i>Images of an Infinite Film</i> [MoMA Exh. #2260. September 7, 2013–March 2, 2014]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Reading List: Artists’ Selections from the MoMA Library Collection</i> [Cullman Exhibition No. 30; organized by Library. September 25, 2013–January 6, 2014]</p> <p><b>2261.</b>&nbsp; <i>New Photography 2013</i> [MoMA Exh. #2261. September 14, 2013–January 6, 2014]</p> <p><b>2261A.</b>&nbsp; <i>“And Martin” performance by Brendan Fowler in conjunction with the exhibition, New Photography</i> [MoMA Exh. #2261A. September 16, 2013]</p> <p><b>2262.</b>&nbsp; <i>Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary 1926–1938</i> [MoMA Exh. #2262. September 28, 2013–January 12, 2014]</p> <p><b>2263.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dorothea Rockburne: “Drawing Which Makes Itself”</i> [MoMA Exh. #2263. September 21, 2013–January 20, 2014]</p> <p><b>2264.</b>&nbsp; <i>Dante Ferretti: Design and Construction for the Cinema</i> [MoMA Exh. #2264. September 28, 2013–February 9, 2014]</p> <p><b>2265.</b>&nbsp; <i>Designing Modern Women 1890–1990</i> [MoMA Exh. #2265. October 5, 2013–October 5, 2014]</p> <p><b>2266.</b>&nbsp; <i>There Will Never Be Silence: Scoring John Cage’s "4′33″</i> [MoMA Exh. #2266. October 12, 2013–June 22, 2014]</p> <p><b>2267.</b>&nbsp; <i>Mike Kelley</i> [MoMA Exh. #2267. October 13, 2013–February 2, 2014]</p> <p><b>2268a.</b>&nbsp; <i>20 Dancers for the XX Century in the performance series, Musée de la dance: Three Collective Gestures</i> [MoMA Exh. #2268a. October 18, 2013–October 20, 2013]</p> <p><b>2268b.</b>&nbsp; <i>Levée des conflits extended/Suspension of Conflicts Extended in the performance series, Musée de la dance: Three Collective Gestures</i> [MoMA Exh. #2268b. October 25, 2013–October 27, 2013]</p> <p><b>2268c.</b>&nbsp; <i>Flip Book in the performance series, Musée de la dance: Three Collective Gestures</i> [MoMA Exh. #2268c. November 1, 2013–November 3, 2013]</p> <p><b>2269.</b>&nbsp; <i>Isa Genzken: Retrospective</i> [MoMA Exh. #2269. November 23, 2013–March 10, 2013]</p> <p><b>2270.</b>&nbsp; <i>Isaac Julien: Ten Thousand Waves</i> [MoMA Exh. #2270. November 25, 2013–March 10, 2014]</p> <p><b>2271.</b>&nbsp; <i>Munio Gitai Weinraub: Revisiting a Kibbutz</i> [MoMA Exh. #2271. October 24, 2013–January 22, 2014]</p> <p><b>2272.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ileana Sonnabend: Ambassador for the New </i> [MoMA Exh. #2272. December 21, 2013–April 21, 2014]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Artist /Novelist</i> [Cullman Exhibition No. 31; organized by Library. January 8, 2014–March 31, 2014]</p> <p><b>2273.</b>&nbsp; <i>Eszter Salamon: Dance for Nothing</i> [MoMA Exh. #2273. January 15, 2014 and January 16, 2014]</p> <p><b>2274.</b>&nbsp; <i>Frank Lloyd Wright and the City: Density vs. Dispersal</i> [MoMA Exh. #2274. February 1, 2014–June 1, 2014]</p> <p><b>2275.</b>&nbsp; <i>A World of its Own: Photographic Practices in the Studio</i> [MoMA Exh. #2275. February 8, 2014–October 5, 2014]</p> <p><b>2276.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Collection of Ideas</i> [MoMA Exh. #2276. February 15, 2014–January 11, 2015]</p> <p><b>2277.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gauguin: Metamorphoses</i> [MoMA Exh. #2277. March 8, 2014–June 8, 2014]</p> <p><b>2278.</b>&nbsp; <i>Public Spaces Changes 2014</i> [MoMA Exh. #2278. January 1, 2014–December 31, 2014]</p> <p><b>2279.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture Changes 2014</i> [MoMA Exh. #2279. January 1, 2014–December 31, 2014]</p> <p><b>2280.</b>&nbsp; <i>Robert Heinecken: Object Matter</i> [MoMA Exh. #2280. March 15, 2014–September 7, 2014]</p> <p><b>2281.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jasper Johns: Regrets</i> [MoMA Exh. #2281. March 15, 2014–September 7, 2014]</p> <p><b>2282.</b>&nbsp; <i>Alibis: Sigmar Polke 1963–2010</i> [MoMA Exh. #2282. April 19, 2014–August 3, 2014]</p> <p><b>2283.</b>&nbsp; <i>Flotsam Jetsam / Patty Chang and David Kelly</i> [MoMA Exh. #2283. March 15, 2014–August 10, 2014]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Unmaker of Objects: Edgardo Antonio Vigo's Marginal Media</i> [Cullman Exhibition No. 32; organized by Library. April 2, 2014–June 30, 2014]</p> <p><b>2284.</b>&nbsp; <i>Simone Forti and Charlemagne Palestine: “illummminnnatttionnnsssss!!!!!!!”</i> [MoMA Exh. #2284. April 13–14, 2014]</p> <p><b>2285.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Window 2014</i> [MoMA Exh. #2285. May 7, 2014–November 11, 2015]</p> <p><b>2286.</b>&nbsp; <i>Lygia Clark: The Abandoment of Art, 1948–1988</i> [MoMA Exh. #2286. May 10, 2014–August 24, 2014]</p> <p><b>2287.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sites of Reason: A Selection of Recent Acquisitions</i> [MoMA Exh. #2287. June 11, 2014–September 28, 2014]</p> <p><b>2288.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Subway and the City: Massimo Vignelli, 1931–2014</i> [MoMA Exh. #2288. July 3, 2014–October 20, 2014]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ray Johnson Designs</i> [Cullman Exhibition No. 33; organized by Library. July 2, 2014–September 29, 2014]</p> <p><b>2289.</b>&nbsp; <i>Conceptions of Space: Recent Acquisitions in Contemporary Architecture</i> [MoMA Exh. #2289. July 4, 2014–October 19, 2014]</p> <p><b>2290.</b>&nbsp; <i>Young Architects Program 2014—MoMA</i> [MoMA Exh. #2290. July 4, 2014–September 7, 2014]</p> <p><b>2291.</b>&nbsp; <i>Christopher Williams: The Production Line of Happiness</i> [MoMA Exh. #2291. July 27, 2014–November 2, 2014]</p> <p><b>2292A.</b>&nbsp; <i>“James Lee Byars: A Series of Performances ”in conjunction with “James Lee Byars: 1/2 An Autobiography”</i> [MoMA Exh. #2292A. August 27, 2014]</p> <p><b>2292B.</b>&nbsp; <i>James Lee Byars: A Series of Performances in conjunction with “James Lee Byars: 1/2 An Autobiography”</i> [MoMA Exh. #2292B. September 7, 2014</p> <p><b>2293.</b>&nbsp; <i>Best Product Panels </i> [MoMA Exh. #2293. June 23, 2015–January 17, 2016]</p> <p><b>2294.</b>&nbsp; <i>100 Years in Post-Production: Resurrecting a Lost Landmark of Black Film History</i> [MoMA Exh. #2294. October 24, 2014–March 31, 2015]</p> <p><b>2295.</b>&nbsp; <i>Charles Gaines: Manifestos 2</i> [MoMA Exh. #2295. September 27, 2014]</p> <p><b>2296A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Georgian Cinema: Kavkasia</i> [MoMA Exh. #2296A. September 23, 2014</p> <p><b>2296B.</b>&nbsp; <i>Georgian Cinema: Beth Custer</i> [MoMA Exh. #2296B. November 22, 2014</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Analog Network: Mail Art, 1960–1999</i> [Cullman Exhibition No. 34; organized by Library. October 1,2014–December 10, 2014]</p> <p><b>2297.</b>&nbsp; <i>Robert Gober: The Heart is Not a Metaphor</i> [MoMA Exh. #2297. October 4, 2014–January 18, 2015</p> <p><b>2298A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bill Morrison: Spark of Being</i> [MoMA Exh. #2298A. October 14, 2014]</p> <p><b>2298B.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bill Morrison: Films for Cello</i> [MoMA Exh. #2298B. October 23, 2014]</p> <p><b>2298C.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bill Morrison: The Great Flood</i> [MoMA Exh. #2298C. November 21, 2014]</p> <p><b>2299.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jean Dubuffet: Soul of the Underground</i> [MoMA Exh. #2299. October 18, 2014–April 5, 2015</p> <p><b>2300.</b>&nbsp; <i>Cut to Swipe</i> [MoMA Exh. #2300. October 11, 2014–March 22, 2015</p> <p><b>2301.</b>&nbsp; <i>Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs</i> [MoMA Exh. #2301. October 12, 2014–February 8, 2015</p> <p><b>2302.</b>&nbsp; <i>Making Music Modern: Design for Ear and Eye</i> [MoMA Exh. #2302. November 25, 2014–November 1, 2015]</p> <p><b>2303.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Photographs from the Thomas Walther Collection, 1909–1949</i> [MoMA Exh. #2303. December 13, 2014–April 19, 2015]</p> <p><b>2304.</b>&nbsp; <i>Sturtevant: Double Trouble</i> [MoMA Exh. #2004. November 9, 2014–February 22, 2015]</p> <p><b>2305.</b>&nbsp; <i>Uneven Growth: Tactical Urbanisms for Expanding Megacities</i> [MoMA Exh. #2005. November 22, 2014–May 10, 2015]</p> <p><b>2306.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Forever Now: Contemporary Painting in an Atemporal World</i> [MoMA Exh. #2306. December 14, 2014–April 5, 2015]</p> <p><b>2307.</b>&nbsp; <i>The Paris of Toulouse-Lautrec: Prints and Posters</i> [MoMA Exh. #2307. July 26, 2014–March 22, 2015]</p> <p><b>2308.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ramallah / New York</i> [MoMA Exh. #2308. February 14, 2014–September 28, 2014]</p> <p><b>2309.</b>&nbsp; <i>Nicholas Nixon: Forty Years of The Brown Sisters, in the series, Inbox: New Acquisitions 2014</i> [MoMA Exh. #2309. November 22, 2014–Janyuary 4, 2015]</p> <p><b>2310A.</b>&nbsp; <i>“The Practice,” from the performance, “Trajal al Harrell: In one step are a thousand animals” </i> [MoMA Exh. #2310A. September 4, 5, 2014]</p> <p><b>2311.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gustav Klimt: Adele Bloch-Bauer II</i> [MoMA Exh. #2311. September 4, 2014–September 1, 2019]</p> <p><b>2312.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bill Morrison: Re-Compositions</i> [MoMA Exh. #2312. October 14, 2014–March 31, 2015]</p> <p><b>2313.</b>&nbsp; <i>Boris Bućan: Music Posters</i> [MoMA Exh. #2313. November 7, 2014–February 2, 2015]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Production-Reproduction: The Circulation of Photographic Modernism, 1900–1950</i> [Cullman Exhibition No. 35; organized by Library. December 12, 2014–March 30, 2015]</p> <p><b>2314.</b>&nbsp; <i>This is for Everyone: Design Experiments for the Common Good</i> [MoMA Exh. #2314. February 14, 2015–January 17, 2016]</p> <p><b>2315.</b>&nbsp; <i>Scenes for a New Heritage: Contemporary Art from the Collection</i> [MoMA Exh. #2315. March 7, 2015–April 10, 2016]</p> <p><b>2316.</b>&nbsp; <i>Björk</i> [MoMA Exh. #2316. March 8, 2015–June 7, 2015]</p> <p><b>2317.</b>&nbsp; <i>Latin America in Construction: Architecture 1955–1980</i> [MoMA Exh. #2317. March 29, 2015–July 19, 2015]</p> <p><b>2318.</b>&nbsp; <i>One-Way Ticket: Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series and Other Visions of the Great Movement North</i> [MoMA Exh. #2318. April 3, 2015–September 7, 2015]</p> <p><b>2319.</b>&nbsp; <i>Public Spaces Changes 2015</i> [MoMA Exh. #2319. January 1, 2015–December 31, 2015]</p> <p><b>2320.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture Changes 2015</i> [MoMA Exh. #2320. January 1, 2015–December 31, 2015]</p> <p><b>2321.</b>&nbsp; <i>Christopher Wool, in the series, Inbox: New Acquisitions 2015</i> [MoMA Exh. #2321. January 7, 2015–February 16, 2015]</p> <p><b>2322.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 101: Rabih Mroué</i> [MoMA Exh. #2322. April 21, 22, 2015]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Written Works: Modernist Thought and Human Experience</i> [Cullman Exhibition No. 36; organized by Library. April 1, 2015–June 29, 2015]</p> <p><b>2323.</b>&nbsp; <i>Andy Warhol: Campbell’s Soup Cans and Other Works, 1953–1967</i> [MoMA Exh. #2323. April 25, 2015–October 12, 2015]</p> <p><b>2324.</b>&nbsp; <i>Gilbert &amp; George: The Early Years</i> [MoMA Exh. #2324. May 9, 2015–September 27, 2015]</p> <p><b>2325.</b>&nbsp; <i>Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960–1971</i> [MoMA Exh. #2325. May 17, 2015–September 7, 2015]</p> <p><b>2326.</b>&nbsp; <i>Art on Camera: Photographs by Shunk-Kender, 1960–1971</i> [MoMA Exh. #2326. May 17, 2015–October 4, 2015]</p> <p><b>2327.</b>&nbsp; <i>From Bauhaus to Buenos Aires: Grete Stern and Horacio Coppola</i> [MoMA Exh. #2327. May 17, 2015–October 4, 2015]</p> <p><b>2328.</b>&nbsp; <i>Scorsese Collects</i> [MoMA Exh. #2328. May 30, 2015–October 25, 2015]</p> <p><b>2329.</b>&nbsp; <i>Yvonne Rainer: The Concept of Dust, or How do you look when there’s nothing left to move</i> [MoMA Exh. #2329. June 9, 10, 13, 14, 2015]</p> <p><b>2329A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Pierre Huyghe’s Untilled (Liegender Frauenakt)</i> [MoMA Exh. #2329A. June 16, 2015–August 19, 2015]</p> <p><b>2330.</b>&nbsp; <i>Steffani Jemison: Promise Machine</i> [MoMA Exh. #2330. June 25, 2015–June 28, 2015]</p> <p><b>2331.</b>&nbsp; <i>Young Architects Program 2015—MoMA</i> [MoMA Exh. #2331. June 26, 2015–September 7, 2015</p> <p><b>2332.</b>&nbsp; <i>Endless House: Intersections of Art and Architecture</i> [MoMA Exh. #2332. June 27, 2015–March 6, 12016]</p> <p><b>2333.</b>&nbsp; <i>Zoe Leonard: Analogue</i> [MoMA Exh. #2333. June 27, 2015–August 30, 2015]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>Messing with MoMA: Critical Interventions at The Museum of Modern Art, 1939–Now</i> [Cullman Exhibition No. 37; organized by Library. July 1, 2015–November 29, 2015]</p> <p><b>2334.</b>&nbsp; <i>Take an Object</i> [MoMA Exh. #2334. August 22, 2015–February 28, 2016]</p> <p><b>2335.</b>&nbsp; <i>Transmissions: Art in Eastern Europe and Latin America, 1960–1980</i> [MoMA Exh. #2335. September 5, 2015–January 3, 2016]</p> <p><b>2336.</b>&nbsp; <i>Picasso Sculpture</i> [MoMA Exh. #2336. September 14, 2015–February 7, 2016]</p> <p><b>2337.</b>&nbsp; <i>Walid Raad</i> [MoMA Exh. #2337. October 12, 2015–January 31, 2016]</p> <p><b>2338.</b>&nbsp; <i>Soldier, Spectre, Shaman: The Figure and the Second World War</i> [MoMA Exh. #2338. October 24, 2015–March 20, 2016]</p> <p><b>2339.</b>&nbsp; <i>Joaquín Torres-García: The Arcadian Modern</i> [MoMA Exh. #2339. October 25, 2015–February 15, 2016]</p> <p><b>2340.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ocean of Images: New Photography 2015</i> [MoMA Exh. #2340. November 7, 2015–March 20, 2016]</p> <p><b>2341.</b>&nbsp; <i>Juliana Huxtable: There Are Certain Facts that Cannot Be Disputed</i> [MoMA Exh. #2341. November 13, 2016–November 14, 2016]</p> <p><b>2342.</b>&nbsp; <i>Jackson Pollock: A Collection Survey: 1934–1954</i> [MoMA Exh. #2342. November 22, 2015–May 1, 2016]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>“The Roof of the Whale”: El Techo de la Ballena and the Venezuelan Avant-Garde, 1961–1969</i> [Cullman Exhibition No. 38; organized by Library. December 1, 2015–February 28, 2016</p> <p><b>2343.</b>&nbsp; <i>Ernie Gehr: Carnival of Shadows</i> [MoMA Exh. #2343. November 21, 2015–July 4, 2016]</p> <p><b>2344.</b>&nbsp; <i>Raymond Loewy</i> [MoMA Exh. #2344. November 21, 2015–February 15, 2016]</p> <p><b>2345.</b>&nbsp; <i>Modern Window—Xaviera Simmons</i> [MoMA Exh. #2345. December 3, 2015– December (?) 2016]</p> <p><b>2345A.</b>&nbsp; <i>Public Spaces Changes 2016</i> [MoMA Exh. #2345A. January 1, 2016–December 31, 2016]</p> <p><b>2345B.</b>&nbsp; <i>Painting and Sculpture Changes 2016</i> [MoMA Exh. #2345B. January 1, 2016–December 31, 2016]</p> <p><b>2345C.</b>&nbsp; <i>Inbox: New Acquisitions 2016. Glenn Ligon. Jack Goldstein. James Siena: Pockets of Wheat. Jeff Scher. Andres Serrano from The Abramson Collection. Robert Mapplethorpe. Muriel Cooper: Information Landscapes</i> [MoMA Exh. #2345C. Glenn Ligon: January 8, 2016–February 21, 2016. Jack Goldstein: February 8, 2016–February 28, 2016. James Siena: Pockets of Wheat: February 26, 2016–April 15, 2016. Jeff Scher: March 4, 2016–April 4, 2016. Andres Serrano from The Abramson Collection: April 8, 2016–May 6, 2016. Robert Mapplethorpe: April 19, 2016–May 22, 2016. Muriel Cooper: Information Landscapes: May 13, 2016–June 12, 2016</p> <p><b>2346.</b>&nbsp; <i>Marcel Broodthaers</i> [MoMA Exh. #2346. February 14, 2016–May 15, 2016]</p> <p><b>2347.</b>&nbsp; <i>Maria Hassabi: Plastic</i> [MoMA Exh. #2347. February 21, 2016–March 20, 2016]</p> <p><b>No#.</b>&nbsp; <i>THE ELECTRO-LIBRARY: European Avant-Garde Magazines from the 1920s</i> [Cullman Exhibition No. 39; organized by Library. March 7, 2016–June 13, 2016]</p> <p><b>2348.</b>&nbsp; <i>Projects 102: Neïl Beloufa</i> [MoMA Exh. #2348. March 12, 2016–June 12, 2016]</p> <p><b>2349.</b>&nbsp; <i>A Japanese Constellation: Toyo Ito, Sanaa, and Beyond</i> [MoMA Exh. #2349. March 13, 2016–July 4, 2016]</p> <p><b>2350.</b>&nbsp; <i>Rachel Harrison: Perth Amboy</i> [MoMA Exh. #2350. March 19, 2016–September 5, 2016]</p> <p><b>2351.</b>&nbsp; <i>From the Collection: 1960–1969</i> [MoMA Exh. #2351. March 26, 2016–March 12, 2017]</p> <p><b>2352.</b>&nbsp; <i>Edgar Degas: A Strange New Beauty</i> [MoMA Exh. #2352. March 26, 2016–July 24, 2016]</p> <p><b>2353.</b>&nbsp; <i>Bouchra Khalili: The Mapping Journey Project</i> [MoMA Exh. #2353. April 9, 2016–October 10, 2016]</p> <p><a href="#top" class="small-type">TOP</a> </p> </div> </div> <div class="column-c"> <div class="JS_Widget"> <a href="/widgets/collection/all_collection_works" rel=""></a> </div> </div> <br class="clear" /> </div>