The Museum Library, Archives, and the Department of Education organize regular exhibitions in The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building. Exhibitions include:

Past exhibitions

The Unmaker of Objects: Edgardo Antonio Vigo’s Marginal Media
Reading List: Artists’ Selections from the MoMA Library Collection
Please Come to the Show, Part II (1980–Now)
Please Come to the Show, Part I (1960–1980)
Charting Fluxus: George Maciunas’s Ambitious Art History
“This is the way your leverage lies”: The Seth Siegelaub Papers as Institutional Critique
The Artist in Place: The First 10 Years of MoMA PS1
Artists’ Alphabets
“How to Make Good Pictures”: Manuals and the Popularization of Amateur Photography
Millennium Magazines
Scenes from Zagreb: Artists’ Publications of the New Art Practice
Access to Tools: Publications from the Whole Earth Catalog, 1968–1974
Artifact or Idea? Photography in MoMA Exhibition Design, 1937–1979
Experimental Women in Flux
Lost and Found: The Work of Bern Porter from the Collection of The Museum of Modern Art Library
Paul Rosenberg and Company: From France to America
MoMA Starts: An 80th Anniversary Exhibition
Freedom of the Press: Artists Publish on the American Presidency
Another Modern Art: Dance and Theater
How to Make a Modern Art Library: Selections from the Éluard-Dausse Collection
Words in Freedom: Futurism at 100
The Museum and the War Effort: Artistic Freedom and Reporting for “The Cause”
Elements and Unknowns
Dada at MoMA
Machine for Living Color
Selections from the Richard Bellamy Papers
William C. Seitz: Defending the Modern
James Lee Byars: The Art of Writing
Picasso’s Demoiselles d’Avignon at 100
Spaces for Learning at The Museum of Modern Art, 1929–1969
Documenting a Feminist Past: Art World Critique
America Fantastica: Art, Literature, and the Surrealist Legacy in Experimental Publishing, 1938–1968