The Ford Foundation Scholars in Residence at The Museum of Modern Art will be inspiring thinkers who offer fresh perspectives on the history of modern and contemporary art, and on the Museum’s collection and archives. This pilot program seeks to support the work of three thought leaders with demonstrated records of achievement to pursue their own independent research projects that make use of MoMA’s resources. The Scholars will also participate in internal curatorial conversations that set the course for the Museum’s collection presentation, exhibitions, acquisitions, and programming.

They will join the Museum for a one-year term, beginning in September 2022. During their time at MoMA, the Scholars will continue to pursue their own research interests with open access to MoMA’s resources, research collections, and networks, and with dedicated support in navigating these. The Scholars will participate in conversations that help shape the Museum’s collection, acquisition strategy, program and scholarship and engage with Museum staff on a regular basis: the schedule of these engagements will be shaped on arrival depending on the Scholar’s expertise and interest, but can be expected to total approx. 4-6 hours a week. Ford Foundation Scholars in Residence will be selected based on their previous record of achievement, and potential to add new layers of meaning to works in the Museum’s collection and to understandings of modern and contemporary art. The Museum strongly encourages applications from those groups historically underrepresented in the Museum field.