School partnerships are an important part of MoMA’s program offerings. These programs allow MoMA to build strong relationships with entire school communities. The work that we do with students is grounded in themes and techniques that can be found in MoMA’s collection and allow students to make connections between their lives and the artwork through conversation and multi-modal activities.

Partnerships serve the needs of schools through a range of programming both in the schools and at the Museum, and grow out of existing relationships with teachers and schools that share MoMA’s commitment to developing students’ curiosity and critical-thinking skills through deep engagements with art. Through repeated engagements with MoMA’s collection and educators, school partnerships foster students’ sense of ownership and relationship to the Museum.

We deeply value our relationship with MoMA. MoMA is not an average museum partner. The relationship we have has been fostered over time, it’s a committed relationship that is tailored to the needs of our school family and all its members…. Because it touches all aspects of our school community it is a comprehensive partnership. MoMA knows us, they know our children, our teachers and our families and treat us as partners collaborating in the education of our children paying attention to our needs, academic, cultural and social, this is why we value the relationship so strongly and consider MoMA a part of our school family.

Dawn Brooks-Decosta, Principal, Thurgood Marshall Academy Lower School

I ended the project feeling that I was just the means to allow for a true partnership between the students, their peers, school staff, and MoMA. This has truly been a community project, and it has been a pleasure to participate.

Helen Barry, Art Teacher, PS131B

Volkswagen of America is proud to be MoMA’s lead partner of education.

Generous support for School and Teacher Programs is provided by the Carroll and Milton Petrie Education Program Endowment, the William Randolph Hearst Endowment Fund, and the Mimi and Peter Haas Endowment Fund for Elementary School Programs.

Additional funding is provided by the Ducommun and Gross Family Foundation and by the Annual Education Fund.