Edward Steichen Archive

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Scope and Content


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Box and Folder List

Series I. Personal, Family, and Correspondence

Subseries I.A. Luxembourg

Subseries I.B. United States and Paris

Subseries I.C. Steichen family

Subseries I.D. Carl Sandburg

Subseries I.E. Umpawaug property

Subseries I.F. Important correspondence

Subseries I.F.i. Culled Correspondence from ES home files

Subseries I.F.ii. Photocopied correspondence from other collections

Series II. Early Photography and Design Work

Subseries II.A. Photo-Secession, Camera Work, introduction of modern art to America

Subseries II.B. World War I period

Subseries II.C. Early design work

Series III. Professional Photographic Career

Subseries III.A. Professional photography, exhibitions, studios

Subseries III.B. Vanity Fair tear-sheets

Subseries III.C. Vogue tear-sheets

Subseries III.D. Advertising work

Subseries III.E. Engravers' proofs, advertising and Condé Nast publications

Series IV. War Years and Navy Service

Subseries IV.A. Non-naval photographic work

Subseries IV.B. Navy Service

Subseries IV.C. Exhibition Road to Victory

Subseries IV.D. Film The Fighting Lady

Subseries IV.E. Exhibition and publication Power in the Pacific

Subseries IV.F. Publication The Blue Ghost

Series V. MoMA Years

Subseries V.A. Directorship of Department of Photography, MoMA

Subseries V.B. The Family of Man exhibition: Planning, installation, showing, and press coverage

Subseries V.B.i The Family of Man at MoMA

Subseries V.B.ii The Family of Man at other venues

Subseries V.C. Steichen the Photographer [MoMA Exh. #682, March 28-May 30, 1961]

Subseries V.C.i. Steichen the Photographer at MoMA and in the U.S.

Subseries V.C.ii Steichen the Photographer at overseas venues

Series VI. Post-MoMA Exhibitions, Publications, and Anniversaries

Subseries VI.A. A Life in Photography

Subseries VI.B. Chronological files

Series VII. Documentation of ES's Painting, Photography, and Other Works

Subseries VII.A. Paintings

Subseries VII.B. Photography

Subseries VII.B.i. Background information, 1899-1963

Subseries VII.B.ii. Documentation of ES photographs in other collections,

Subseries VII.C. Portfolios, books, and photomurals

Subseries VII.D. Delphiniums

Subseries VII.D.i. Photographs

Subseries VII.D.ii. Notes, correspondence, and publications

Subseries VII.E. The shadblow tree

Series VIII. Portraits of ES

Series IX. Speeches, Interviews, and Articles

Subseries IX.A. Print publications: Magazines, newspapers, and journals

Subseries IX.A.i. Writings about and mentioning ES

Subseries IX.A.ii. Writings by ES

Subseries IX.B. Interviews, lectures, participation, and personal appearances

Subseries IX.C. Radio and television broadcasts

Subseries IX.D. Sound recordings

Subseries IX.E. Still and moving images

Series X. Honors, Awards, and Citations

Subseries X.A. Award Documents

Subseries X.B. Medals and plaques

Subseries X.C. Clippings and background information

Series XI. Memorabilia and Objects

Subseries XI.A. Memorabilia

Subseries XI.B. Objects

Series XII. Published Materials

Subseries XII.A. Books

Subseries XII.B. Posters