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The following is a list of collections held by the Museum Archives.

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Collections at The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building

4 West Fifty-fourth Street, Manhattan

Administrative Records and Papers

Annual Reports, 1931–1940
Alfred H. Barr, Jr. Papers, 1918–1975
Lillie P. Bliss Scrapbook, 1920–1930
Department of Circulating Exhibitions Records, 1931–1991
Contemporary Arts Council Annual Reports, 1986–1998
Marcel Duchamp Lectures, 1974
Early Ledger Books, 1929–1936
Early Museum History: Administrative Records, 1930–1963
A. Conger Goodyear Scrapbooks, 1929–1939
Department of Graphics Records, 1959–1995
Guestbook, 1929–1943
René d'Harnoncourt Papers, 1930–1968
John B. Hightower Papers, 1968–1972
Kynaston McShine "Information" Exhibition Research, 1968–1970
International Council and International Program Records Subseries I.A: ICE-F Exhibition Files
International Council and International Program Records Subseries I.B: International Program SP-ICE Exhibition Files, through Series VI: International Council Administrative Records
Junior Council/Associate Council Records, 1949–1986
Lincoln Kirstein Correspondence and Notes
Bates Lowry Papers, 1965–1969
Dorothy C. Miller Papers, 1929–1981
The Museum of Modern Art Exhibition Records 1929-1963
The Museum of Modern Art Exhibition Records 1980-1989
Beaumont Newhall Papers, 1934–1954
Frank O'Hara Papers, 1956–1968
Oral Histories, 1987–Present
Department of Public Information Scrapbooks and Records, 1929–1997
Reports and Pamphlets, 1929–Present
John Rewald Matisse Correspondence, 1950–1951
Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Albums, 1929–1940
Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Print Collection Inventory
Paul Sachs Correspondence, 1926–1952
William C. Seitz Papers, 1958–1961
James Thrall Soby Papers, 1930–1979
Sound Recordings of Museum–Related Events, 1939–Present
Special Events Advisory Committee Minutes
James Johnson Sweeney Papers
Video Recordings of Museum-Related Events, 2005–Present (DVDs only)

Records of Outside Organizations and Individuals

Vito Acconci Notebooks 1969-1977
Armory Show Material
Artists' Letters and Manuscripts, 1928–1976
James Lee Byars Correspondence
Valentine Dudensing Ledger Books
Sergei Eisenstein Scrapbooks and Correspondence, 1900–1930
David Hoffman MoMA History Interviews, 1986
Robert Motherwell Scrapbooks, 1944–1978
The Dedalus Foundation's Robert Motherwell Recordings, 1972–2004
The Dedalus Foundation's Robert Motherwell Scrapbooks, 1944–2000
J.B. Neumann Papers, 1914–1960
Gerhard Richter Scrapbook, 1966–1996
The Seth Siegelaub Papers, 1945–2011
Calvin Tomkins Papers, 1960–2006
Curt Valentin Papers, 1937–1955

Collections in Queens

Thirty-third Street and Queens Boulevard, Long Island City, Queens

Administrative Records and Papers

Victor D'Amico Papers, 1926–2011
Department of Architecture and Design Charette Materials
"Art of the Young Child" Panels
Art Lending Service/Art Advisory Service Records, 1951–1996
Richard Brown Baker: Diary Excerpts, 1952–1960
Alan R. Blackburn, Jr. Papers, 1934–1935
Riva Castleman Papers, 1976–1993
Betty Chamberlain: History of MoMA, 1953–1954
Leslie Cheek, Jr. Papers, 1981–1994
Collectors Records, 1929–1987
Dance Archives, 1940–1949
Department of Education Records, 1967–1982
Film Exhibition Files, 1936–1990
Jane Fluegel Papers, 1967–1981
Richard Griffith Papers, 1931–1965
Thomas B. Hess-Willem de Kooning Papers, 1951–1967
Jasper Johns Drawings
Elaine Johnson Papers, 1960–1979
Philip Johnson Papers, 1930–1996
William S. Lieberman Papers, 1939–1979
Grace M. Mayer Papers, 1929–1995
John McAndrew Garden Plans
Mail Order Catalogues, 1969–2001
Miscellaneous Awards, 1979–Present
MoMA PS1 Archives Series I: Curatorial and Exhibition Records
MoMA PS1 Archives Series II and III: Press and Publications Records
MoMA PS1 Archives Series IV through IX: Studio Program, the Director's Office, Development, Administration, and Other Records
Museum-Related Photographs, 1949–Present
Photographic Archive, 1929–Present
Margaret Potter Papers, 1968–1971
Private Collection Card File
Original Charters, 1929
Department of Painting and Sculpture Artist Records, 1935–1972
Department of Painting and Sculpture Projects Series Binders
PASTA and Protests, 1968–2001
Jane Sabersky Papers, 1950–1970
Ellen Schwartz Harris Papers, 1989–1992
William and Mary Sisler Papers, 1962–1984
Department of Publications Collection on Proposed David Smith Monograph
Edward Steichen Archive, 1880s–1996
Video Recordings of Museum-Related Events, 1977–Present
Monroe Wheeler Papers, 1923–1985

Records of Outside Organizations and Individuals

Avalanche Magazine Archives, 1968-1976
Richard Bellamy Papers, 1950–1999
Joseph Beuys “Eurasia Siberian Symphony” (1963) Documentary Photographs
Umberto Boccioni Correspondence with Vico Baer, 1911–1915
David Bourdon Correspondence, 1952–1997
Constantin Brancusi Correspondence and Research Material Collected by Sidney Geist, 1910–1968
Scott Burton Papers 1939–1990
Ludwig Charell Collection on Henri de Toulouse–Lautrec
Chase Manhattan Art Collection Inventory, 1970
The Herman and Nicole Daled Papers, 1961–2011
Katherine Dreier Papers, 1928–1929
Roger de la Fresnaye Research Photographs, 1960–1969
Naum Gabo Papers
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders “Art World” Collection
Harvard Society for Contemporary Art Scrapbooks, 1929–1933
Vladimir Isdebsky Papers, 1900–1960
Wassily Kandinsky Correspondence with William Grohmann, 1923–1943
Frederick J. Kiesler Papers, 1937–1983
Paul Klee Inventory Compiled by William Grohmann
Wynn Kramarsky Papers
Hellmut Lehmann–Haupt Papers, 1933–1951
John Margolies Papers, 1969–1974
Elie Nadelman: Letters on Cubism, 1922–1925
Howardena Pindell Correspondence and Research Materials, 1977–1984
Donald Richie Papers, 1946–1969
Hans Richter Archive, 1929–1974
George Rickey Papers
Leonce Rosenberg Correspondence, 1918–1932
Morgan Russell Papers, 1913–1950
Joseph Schillinger Papers
The Gilbert and Lila Silverman Fluxus Collection Archives
Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Lecture Archive, 1952–Present
John Sloan Archives
U.N.E.S.C.O Book
Curt Valentin Photographic Albums
Max Weber’s Cézanne Prints by Druet

George Wittenborn, Inc. Papers, 1930–1975

Other Collections

Unprocessed Records

Margaret Scolari Barr Papers, 1910–1987
Gordon Bunshaft Papers
International Study Center Records, 1960–1980
Mark Lombardi Card Archive, ca. 1990-2000
Kynaston McShine Papers
Department of Painting and Sculpture High and Low Ephemera
William S. Rubin Papers, 1973–1997
Something Else Press Collection
Department of Special Events Invitations, 1955–1979
Theater Posters

Department of Visitor Services Brochures, 1984–Present

Restricted Records

Bank Books, 1934–1981
Cashier's Safe Records, 1929–1977
Committee Minutes, 1931–1986
Sue B. Dorn Papers: Department of Development and Public Affairs, 1987–1994
General Counsel Documents

Porter McCray Papers
MoMA Archival Survey
Trustee Minutes, 1929–Present

Collections Promised to the MoMA Archives

The Paul Rosenberg Archives, 1905–2000
Please note that this collection is a promised gift and not held within the Museum. For access to the papers, please use the finding aid to select the relevant folders and then contact The Museum of Modern Art Archives via our contact form. The MoMA Archives will then forward the request for access to Mrs. Elaine Rosenberg for response. Access to the papers is provided at the office of Mrs. Rosenberg, located at 20 East Seventy-ninth Street, Manhattan.