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Box and Folder List

Series I. Department of Education Administration, 1938-1973

Series II. New York City High Schools Program, [1940s]-1974[1940s]-19711941-1974

Subseries II.A. General Background, [1940s]-1971

Subseries II.B. Alphabetical List of Exhibitions and Slide Programs Distributed to Schools, 1941-1974

Series III. Art Education at MoMA, 1920s-1982 (bulk 1944-1968)1944-19491943-1960s1920s-1982 (bulk 1941-1970)

Subseries III.A. War Veterans' Art Center, 1944-1949

Subseries III.B. Slide Talks, 1943-1960s

Subseries III.C. Art Classes General, 1920s-1982 (bulk 1941-1970)

Series IV. Children's Art Carnival and Caravan, 1940s-1979 (bulk 1942-1965)1940s-1979 (bulk 1942-1965)1952-[1953]1960s-1974

Subseries IV.A. Children's Art Carnival, 1940s-1979 (bulk 1942-1965)1942-19791956-195719571958-19591960-19751960s-1964, 19691940s-1960s

Subseries IV.A.i. MoMA and General, 1942-1979

Subseries IV.A.ii. Milan, 1956-1957

Subseries IV.A.iii. Barcelona, 1957

Subseries IV.A.iv. Brussels, 1958-1959

Subseries IV.A.v. Harlem, 1960-1978

Subseries India, 1960s-1964, 1969

Subseries IV.A.vii. Multiple Locations, 1940s-1960s

Subseries IV.B. "Through the Enchanted Gate," 1952-[1953]

Subseries IV.C. Children's Art Caravan, 1960s-1974

Series V. Art Barge, 1950s-2011 (bulk 1955-1980s)

Series VI. Exhibitions, 1938-1969

Series VII. MoMA Publications, 1941-1972

Series VIII. Professional Involvement, 1935-1980, 1985, 1996 (bulk 1948-1968)1935-1980, 1985, 19961947-19691943-1969

Subseries VIII.A. Education General, 1935-1980, 1985, 1996

Subseries VIII.B. Education-Related Correspondence, 1947-1969

Subseries VIII.C. National Committee on Art Education, 1943-1969

Series IX. Speeches and Writings, 1926-1982 (bulk 1938-1970)

Series X. Personal, 1945-1985, 1987, 20031945, 1946, 1951-1985, 20031951-1953, 1964-1981, 1987

Subseries X.A. Personal Records and Correspondence, 1945, 1946, 1951-1985, 2003

Subseries X.B. Awards and Honors, 1951-1953, 1964-1981, 1987

Series XI. Printed Materials, 1936-1995