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Curt Valentin Papers

in The Museum of Modern Art Archives

The Museum of Modern Art Archives
11 West 53 Street
New York, NY 10019-5497
© 2006
The Museum of Modern Art Museum Archives

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Valentin, Curt, 1902-1954
Title: Curt Valentin Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1937-1955
Quantity: 90 boxes


Note: When requesting files from the Valentin Papers, researchers should record both the folder number and folder title in order to assure correct retrieval.

The Papers are organized into seven Series:
Series I: Exhibition Data, 1937-1955.
Series II: Picasso Lithograph sales, 1945-48.
Series III: Correspondence
Subseries A: Artists

Subseries B: Individual collectors, publishers

Subseries C: Dealer/Galleries

Subseries D: Institutional collectors, museums & galleries

Subseries E: Institutions
Series IV: Photographs
Series V: Publicity
Series VI: Liquidation
Series VII: Business Records
Subseries A: Correspondence
Subseries B: "On Approval", 1953-1955

Subseries C: "Statements", 1953-1955

Subseries D: "Bills", 1953-53

Subseries E: "Accountant's Report", February 29, 1949 and February 28, 1950

Biographical Note

Curt Valentin was born in Hamburg Germany in 1902. After completing his education, Valentin became a modern art dealer in Berlin. In 1934 Valentin returned to Hamburg to work in the Buchholz Gallery. Owned by Karl Buchholz, this gallery maintained two businesses: a bookstore in the front and, in the rear, an art gallery devoted to the modern art classified as degenerate by Hitler.

In 1937 Valentin immigrated to the United States with a sufficient number of modern German paintings to open a gallery under the Buchholz name in New York City. After two difficult years on West Forty-sixth Street, Valentin moved the gallery to West Fifty-seventh Street. In 1951 the gallery became the Curt Valentin Gallery.

Widely respected as one of the most astute dealers in modern art, Valentin organized influential exhibitions and attracted major artists to his Gallery. His enthusiasm for sculpture is obvious from the artists and exhibitions he selected. Valentin also published several distinguished, limited edition books in which the writings of poets and novelists were "illustrated" by a contemporary artist.

Curt Valentin died of a heart attack in August 1954 while visiting Marino Marini in Italy. One year later the Gallery was liquidated and some work from the Gallery was sold at a Parke-Bernet auction in November 1955. Several of Valentin's artists, as well as his assistant, Jane Wade, joined the Otto Gerson Gallery, which, after Gerson's death in 1962, became the Marlborough-Gerson Gallery.

Scope and Content Note

As one of the most respected dealers handling modern art in New York City, Curt Valentin enthusiastically supported and exhibited the work of notable artists such as Paul Klee, Ludwig Kirchner, Hans Arp and Jacques Lipchitz. He encouraged the efforts of his countrymen Gerhard Marcks, Lyonel Feininger and Max Beckmann and was a strong advocate of contemporary sculptors such as Alexander Calder, Mary Callery, Wilhelm Lehmbruck, Marino Marini, Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore. In addition he did a brisk business in contemporary prints, most notably lithographs by Pablo Picasso, see Series II.

Valentin's correspondence with artists (and many more) (Series III.A) reflects his firm commitment to modern art, purposefulness in promoting artists and compassion for the uncertainties of an artist's existence. The correspondence with Beckmann, Arp and Moore is especially substantial.

There is extensive correspondence with private collectors (including David Thomson and Douglas Cooper), other art dealers (Berggruen, Rolf Burgi, D.H. Kahnweiler), as well as institutions worldwide (museums, universities, etc.) which bought and borrowed art work from the Valentin Gallery. Although much of this correspondence has been arranged in Series III.B-III.E, related material can be located, among Series VII: Business Records.

The Papers include documentation relating to most of the exhibitions held at the Buchholz Gallery (New York) and the Curt Valentin Gallery. (Series I). Very few of the papers relate to Valentin's activities as a publisher of luxury illustrated books. Seven boxes of photographs of art works are included in the Papers, see Series IV. Publicity albums spanning Valentin's years in New York, 1937-1954 are included in the Papers, see Series V. Series VII: Business records consist primarily of files (invoices, statements, bills, etc.) generated during the Gallery's last three years, 1953-55. They seem to have been kept separate from the rest of the Papers because of their importance to the cessation of the Gallery's daily activities. Documentation related to the liquidation of the gallery in 1955 is in Series VI.


Access Restrictions

The records are open for research and contain no restricted materials.

Ownership and Literary Rights

The Curt Valentin Papers are the physical property of The Museum of Modern Art. Literary rights, including copyright belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assigns. Rights to work produced during the normal course of Museum business resides with The Museum of Modern Art. For further information, and to obtain permission to publish or reproduce, contact the Museum Archivist.

Index Terms

This collection is indexed under the following headings in DADABASE, the library catalog of The Museum of Modern Art. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons, or places should search the catalog using these headings.
Persons and Organizations:
Arp, Jean, 1887-1966 -- Correspondence.
Art -- Collectors and collecting.
Art dealers -- New York (N.Y.)
Art, German.
Art, Modern -- 20th century.
Beckmann, Max, 1884-1950. -- Correspondence.
Berggruen, Heinz -- Correspondence.
Buchholz Gallery (New York, N.Y.) -- Archives.
Burgi, Rolf -- Correspondence.
Calder, Alexander, 1898-1976 -- Correspondence.
Callery, Mary -- Correspondence.
Cooper, Douglas, 1911- -- Correspondence.
Curt Valentin Gallery (New York, N.Y.) -- Archives.
Entartete Kunst.
Feininger, Lyonel, 1871-1956 -- Correspondence.
Hepworth, Barbara, Dame, 1903-1975 -- Correspondence.
Kahnweiler, Daniel Henry, 1884- -- Correspondence.
Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig, 1880-1938 -- Correspondence.
Klee, Paul, 1879-1940 -- Correspondence.
Lehmbruck, Wilhelm, 1881-1919 -- Correspondence.
Lipchitz, Jacques, 1891- -- Correspondence.
Marini, Marino, 1901- -- Correspondence.
Moore, Henry, 1898- -- Correspondence.
Picasso, Pablo, 1881-1973 -- Correspondence.
Picasso, Pablo, 1881-1973 -- Prints.
Prints -- 20th century.
Sculpture, Modern -- 20th century.
Thomson, David -- Correspondence.
Valentin, Curt, 1902-1954
Valentin, Curt, 1902-1954 -- Archives.
Valentin, Curt, 1902-1954.
Arp, Jean, 1887-1966 -- Correspondence.
Art -- Collectors and collecting.
Art dealers -- New York (N.Y.)
Art, German.
Art, Modern -- 20th century.
Beckmann, Max, 1884-1950. -- Correspondence.
Berggruen, Heinz -- Correspondence.
Buchholz Gallery (New York, N.Y.) -- Archives.
Burgi, Rolf -- Correspondence.
Calder, Alexander, 1898-1976 -- Correspondence.
Callery, Mary -- Correspondence.
Cooper, Douglas, 1911- -- Correspondence.
Curt Valentin Gallery (New York, N.Y.) -- Archives.
Entartete Kunst.
Feininger, Lyonel, 1871-1956 -- Correspondence.
Hepworth, Barbara, Dame, 1903-1975 -- Correspondence.
Kahnweiler, Daniel Henry, 1884- -- Correspondence.
Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig, 1880-1938 -- Correspondence.
Klee, Paul, 1879-1940 -- Correspondence.
Lehmbruck, Wilhelm, 1881-1919 -- Correspondence.
Lipchitz, Jacques, 1891- -- Correspondence.
Marini, Marino, 1901- -- Correspondence.
Moore, Henry, 1898- -- Correspondence.
Picasso, Pablo, 1881-1973 -- Correspondence.
Picasso, Pablo, 1881-1973 -- Prints.
Prints -- 20th century.
Sculpture, Modern -- 20th century.
Thomson, David -- Correspondence.
Valentin, Curt, 1902-1954 -- Archives.
Document Types:
Bills (Financial).

Administrative Information


This Collection was given to the Library by the Curt Valentin Estate through the efforts of Ralph Colin.

Preferred Citation

Curt Valentin Papers, [series.folder]. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York.

Container List

Series I: Exhibition Data 1937-1955

Exhibitions at Buchholz and Curt Valentin Gallery. Arranged alphabetically by title of exhibition.

Folder Title Date
I.[1] American sculpture 1941
I.[2] American sculpture of our time 1943
I.[3] Arp 1949,1954
I.[4] Ascher panel by Matisse & Moore 1949
I.[5] Aspects of modern drawing 1942
I.[6] Barlach 1938
I.[7] Beaudin 1949
I.[8] Beaudin, Braque, Ciris, Klee, Léger, Masson, Picasso 1941
I.[9] Beckmann

[12 folders]
1938-1939, 1940, 1941, 1942 (Chicago), 1946, 1946 (The Actors), 1947, 1948 (St. Louis), 1949, 1951, 1951, 1954

I.[10] Blaue Reiter 1954
I.[11] Bores 1939
I.[12] Braque 1938-1939
I.[13] Butler 1955
I.[14] Butler, Cassinari, Cox, Kreisberg, Pickens 1953
I.[15] Caesar 1943
I.[16] Calder

[5 folders]
1944, 1945, 1947-1949, 1952, 1955

I.[17] Callery

[2 folders]
1944, 1947-1955

I.[18] Carved in stone 1946
I.[19] Chagall 1952
I.[20] Closing exhibition 1955
I.[21] Contemporary British artists 1945
I.[22] Contemporary drawings 1950
I.[23] Contemporary European painters and sculptors 1939
I.[24] Contemporary European painting and sculpture

[2 folders]

I.[25] Contemporary German art (Boston) 1939
I.[26] Contemporary paintings and sculpture

[2 folders]

1951-1952, 1954
I.[27] Contemporary prints 1943, 1945
I.[28] Corinth memorial exhibition 1950-1952
I.[29] Cubism 1949
I.[30] Degas 1945
I.[31] Despiau 1939
I.[32] Drawings by contemporary painters and sculptors 1947, 1952
I.[33] Early work by contemporary artists 1943
I.[34] Ensor 1944
I.[35] Exhibition 1937
I.[36] Feininger

[7 folders]
1941, 1943, 1944, 1946, 1948, 1950, 1952-1954

I.[37] Fifty drawings, gouaches, pastels & watercolors 1940
I.[38] Flannagan

[2 folders]

I.[39] Fresnaye 1945
I.[40] From Rodin to Brancusi 1941
I.[41] Gris book

[2 folders]
Problems with copyright

I.[42] Gris

[4 folders]

1944, 1947, 1950
I.[43] Gris drawings
I.[44] Gris letters
I.[45] Gris pictures
I.[46] Group exhibition

[3 folders]

1949, 1950, 1954
I.[47] Hepworth 1954
I.[48] Heritage of Rodin 1951
I.[49] Homage a Rodin 1942
I.[50] In memory of Curt Valentin 1954
I.[51] Kirchner

[2 folders]
Announcement, 1952

I.[52] Klee

[9 folders]
1938, 1940, 1941 (Chicago), 1948, 1948-49, 1950, 1953

I.[53] Klee drawings 1950
I.[54] Klee, Masson & some aspects of primitive ancient sculpture 1943
I.[55] Klee: sixty unknown drawings 1951
I.[56] Klee [Drawings by..] 1955
I.[57] Knaths 1942
I.[58] Kokoschka

[2 folders]
1938-1939, 1940-1941 (Chicago)

I.[59] Kollwitz 1938
I.[60] Kollwitz lithography 1941
I.[61] Kriesberg 1955
I.[62] Landmarks in modern German art 1940
I.[63] Laurens 1947, 1952
I.[64] Léger

[3 folders]
1942, 1950-1951 Léger, Matisse, Miró, Moore panels & sculpture 1949

I.[65] Lehmbruck at Marie Harriman Gallery 1939
I.[66] Lehmbruck-Modigliani 1937
I.[67] Lehmbruck-Maillol 1941
I.[68] Lehmbruck & his contemporaries 1951
I.[69] Lipchitz

[12 folders]
1942 (Chicago), 1943, 1946, 1948, 1951, 1954 and portfolio

I.[70] Maillol-Sintenis 1937
I.[71] Maillot

1940, 1940 (Chicago), 1945, 1951

I.[72] Marc 1940
I.[73] Marcks 1938-1939
I.[74] Marini

[2 folders]

1950, 1953
I.[75] Masson

[8 folders]
1941 (Baltimore), 1942 (Chicago), 1942, 1944, 1945, 1947, 1949, 1953

I.[76] Matisse sculpture 1953
I.[77] Mauer 1943
I.[78] Merida 1941
I.[79] Moore

[3 folders]

1943, 1951, 1954
I.[80] Munch 1944
I.[81] Newberry collection 1948
I.[82] Nolde 1939
I.[83] Opening exhibition 1937
I.[84] Painting and sculpture from Europe 1947
I.[85] Paintings and sculpture by contemporary European artists 1939
I.[86] Paintings and sculpture from Europe 1948
I.[87] Paintings and drawings by Braque, Gris, Klee / Sculpture by Laurens 1940
I.[88] Paintings, watercolors and sculpture by European artists 1941
I.[89] Picasso books
I.[90] Picasso-Guernica book
I.[91] Picasso

[2 folders]

1940, 1945
I.[92] Picasso lithographs 1947
I.[93] Picasso drawings 1947
I.[94] Picasso

[3 folders]
1949, 1951-1952, 1953

I.[95] Piper

[3 folders]

1948, 1950-1955
I.[96] Recent graphic work 1949
I.[97] Rodin 1946,1954
I.[98] Roesch, Caesar, Ben-Zion 1943
I.[99] Roesch, Cutler 1946
I.[100] Roesch

[5 folders]
1939, 1941, 1945, 1949, 1953

I.[101] Rouault Correspondence
I.[102] Rouault 1940
I.[103] Sculpture and sculptors drawings 1953
I.[104] Sculpture by Degas, Matisse, Renoir 1943
I.[105] Sculpture by painters

[2 folders]

1939, 1951
I.[106] Sculpture

[2 folders]

1948, 1949
I.[107] Sculpture by Kolbe, Sintenis, Barlach, Lehmbruck, Marcks 1939
I.[108] Self Portraits
I.[109] Seurat book 1946-1947
I.[110] Seventy-five selected prints

[3 folders]

1940, 1941, 1942
I.[111] Sintenis correspondence
I.[112] Sintenis 1939
I.[113] Smith 1946
I.[114] Sutherland

[3 folders]
1946, 1948, 1953

I.[115] Zerbe 1941

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Series II: Picasso Lithograph Sales 1955

Auction catalog of Curt Valentin Gallery holdings.

Folder Title Date
II.1 Curt Valentin-Picasso Lithograph sales 1945-1948
II.2 Curt Valentin Auction catalog 1955

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Series III: Correspondence 1937-1955

Subseries A: Artists 1937-1955

Arranged alphabetically

Box Title Date
III.A.1.[1] Albers, Josef
III.A.1.[2] Arp, Jean

[3 folders]

III.A.2 Beckmann Notebook I

[6 folders]

III.A.3 Beckmann Notebook II

[8 folders]
Includes translation of Beckmann lecture given at the New Burlington Galleries, July 21, 1938

III.A.4 Beckmann Notebook III

[13 folders]
Drawings, etching, lithographs and woodcuts on September 23, 1947
List with prices

III.A.5 Beckmann Notebooks IV

[4 folders]
Notes on the triptych Argonauts from Beckmanns' diary

III.A.6 Beckmann Notebook V

[5 folders]
Contains statement on prices and where work is located, owned

III.A.7.[1] Beckmann, Mathilde
III.A.7.[2] BenShmuel 1945-46
III.A.7.[3] Ben-Zion
III.A.7.[4] Bores, Francisca 1943-1948
III.A.7.[5] Braque, G. "Reflections"
III.A.7.[6] Butler, Reg
III.A.7.[7] Caesar, Doris 1939-1946
III.A.7.[8] Calder Letters, pt. 1

[3 folders]

III.A.8 Calder Letters, pt. 2

[5 folders]

III.A.9.[1] Callery

[2 folders]

III.A.9.[2] Chagall 1941-48
III.A.9.[3] Cox, Ian
III.A.10.[1] Cutler 1943-1947
III.A.10.[2] Despiau (one article)
III.A.10.[3] Dioda 1945-47
III.A.10.[4] Feininger Letters, Pt. 1

[3 folders]

III.A.11.[1] Feininger Letters, Pt. 2

[3 folders]

III.A.11.[2] Flannagan 1940-1946
III.A.12 Gris, Notebook 1955
III.A.13.[1] Gatch, Lee 1954
III.A.13.[2] Gropius, Walter 1954
III.A.13.[3] Grosz 1939-1941
III.A.13.[4] Hayter 1945-1947
III.A.13.[5] Hepworth

[2 folders]

III.A.13.[6] Hofer 1948
III.A.13.[7] Kirchner 1937-1949
III.A.14 Klee, Paul & Lily and Felix

[4 folders]

III.A.15.[1] Knaths 1941-1953
III.A.15.[2] Kokoschka 1938-1949
III.A.15.[3] Kolbe 1937-1947
III.A.15.[4] Kollowitz 1938
III.A.15.[5] Kriesberg, Irving
III.A.15.[6] Lachaise 1940-1946
III.A.15.[7] Laurens 1946-1947
III.A.16.[1] Léger 1943-1948
III.A.16.[2] Lehmbruck, Guido
III.A.16.[3] Lipchitz 1941-1955
III.A.16.[4] Maar, Dora 1953-1955
III.A.16.[5] Maillol

[2 folders]

III.A.16.[6] Manzu, Giacomo 1953-1954
III.A.16.[7] Marcks

[3 folders]

III.A.17 Marini, Pt. 1

[2 folders]

III.A.18 Marini, Pt. 2

[3 folders]

III.A.19.[1] Masson

[3 folders]

III.A.19.[2] Matisse 1948
III.A.19.[3] Merida 1939-1942
III.A.19.[4] Midener, Walter 1953-1954
III.A.19.[5] Milne 1943
III.A.19.[6] Miró 1947-1954
III.A.20 Moore, Pt. 1

[3 folders]

III.A.21.[1] Moore, Pt. 2 1952-1956
III.A.21.[2] Morandi, Giorgio 1953-1955
III.A.21.[3] Nicholson, Ben 1946-1954
III.A.21.[4] Noguchi, Isamu 1953
III.A.21.[5] O'Keeffe 1945
III.A.21.[6] Osborn 1955
III.A.21.[7] Ozenfant 1955
III.A.21.[8] Picard 1952-1954
III.A.21.[9] Pickens, Pt. 1 1943-1955
III.A.22.[1] Pickens, Pt. 2

[2 folders]

III.A.22.[2] Pickhardt 1942-1950
III.A.22.[3] Piper

[2 folders]

III.A.23.[1] Piper 1952-1955
III.A.23.[2] Roesch

[3 folders]

III.A.23.[3] Schmidt-Rottluff 1938, 1950
III.A.23.[4] Schrag, Karl 1955
III.A.23.[5] Shahn, Ben 1954
III.A.24 Sutherland, Pt. 1

[2 folders]

III.A.25 Sutherland, Pt. 2

[4 folders]

III.A.26.[1] Tunnard 1946-1949
III.A.26.[2] Urban 1940-1947
III.A.26.[3] Winper 1953-1955
III.A.26.[4] Zerbe 1941-1942

Subseries B: Individual Collectors and publishers 1950s

Box Title
III.B.1 A-Ch

Includes: Alverthorpe Gallery, American-British Art Center, Beverly Storage, Karl Buchholz, Buchholz Gallery (Madrid), Bedworth, William Calfee, Louis Caree, Ida Chagall-Mayer, Ludwig Charell, Carroll-Knight Gallery

III.B.2 -Co-

1 notebook

III.B.3 Douglas Cooper, pt. 1

1 notebook

III.B.4 Douglas Cooper, pt. 2

1 notebook

III.B.5 Cr-Cz and Lois Davis

Includes Gerald Cramer

III.B.6 -D-


III.B.7 E-Lu

Includes Will Grohman, Sturgis Ingersoll, Hans Jude

III.B.8 Lund-S

Includes Lund-Humphries, Newberry, Pulitzer, Rockefeller, Skira, Soby


Includes Tannenhill, Tannenbaum, Thompson, US Gov't-Customs, Valentin family, Alex Voemel

III.B.10 W-Z

Includes Wittenborn, Zwemmer, Zervos

Subseries C: Dealers/Galleries

Box Title Date
III.C.1.[1] Berggruen
III.C.1.[2] Bernouilli
III.C.2.[1] Margaret Brown Gallery
III.C.2.[2] Rolf Burgi, pt. 1


III.C.3 Rolf Burgi,pt. 2


III.C.4 Richard S. Davis


III.C.5 Henry Kleeman


III.C.6 D.H. Kahnweiler (Galerie Louise Leiris) 1953-1956

Subseries D: Collectors, Institutional (Museums & Galleries)

See also listing in Subseries III.E.

Box Title
III.D.1.[1] Albright Art Gallery
III.D.1.[2] Allen Memorial Art Museum
III.D.1.[3] American University
III.D.1.[4] Art Gallery of Toronto
III.D.2.[1] Art Institute of Chicago
III.D.2.[2] Arts Club of Chicago
III.D.3.[1] Busch-Reisinger (Harvard)
III.D.3.[2] California Palace of Legion of Honor
III.D.3.[3] Carnegie Institute
III.D.3.[4] Cincinnati Art Museum
III.D.4 City Art Museum of St. Louis
III.D.5.[1] Cleveland Museum
III.D.5.[2] Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts
III.D.5.[3] Contemporary Arts Association (Houston)
III.D.5.[4] Corcoran Gallery
III.D.5.[5] Cornell University
III.D.6.[1] Dallas Museum of Fine Arts
III.D.6.[2] Delgado Museum of Art (New Orleans)
III.D.6.[3] Denver Art Museum
III.D.6.[4] Detroit Institute of Art
III.D.7.[1] Des Moines Art Center
III.D.7.[2] DeYoung Memorial Museum
III.D.7.[3] Flint Institute of Arts
III.D.7.[4] Fogg Art Museum
III.D.7.[5] Fort Worth Art Association
III.D.8a.[1] Grand Rapids Art Gallery
III.D.8a.[2] Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston)
III.D.8a.[3] Institute of Contemporary Arts see Corcoran
III.D.8a.[4] Mills College
III.D.8a.[5] Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute
III.D.8a.[6] Museum of Fine Arts (Boston)
III.D.8a.[7] Museum of Fine Arts (Richmond)
III.D.8b Museum of Modern Art
III.D.9.[1] National Collection of Fine Arts
III.D.9.[2] National Gallery of Art
III.D.9.[3] Norton Gallery and School
III.D.9.[4] Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
III.D.9.[5] Philadelphia Museum of Art
III.D.10.[1] Phillips Memorial Gallery
III.D.10.[2] Portland Museum
III.D.10.[3] Print Club (Philadelphia)
III.D.11.[1] Renaissance Society (U. of Chicago)
III.D.11.[2] Ringling Museum
III.D.11.[3] St. Paul Gallery
III.D.11.[4] San Francisco Museum of Art
III.D.11.[5] Santa Barbara Museum of Art
III.D.12.[1] Seattle Art Museum
III.D.12.[2] Smith Art Museum
III.D.12.[3] Society of 4 Arts
III.D.12.[4] Springfield Art Museum
III.D.12.[5] Syracuse University
III.D.12.[6] Toledo Museum of Art
III.D.13.[1] University of Illinois
III.D.13.[2] Wadsworth Atheneum
III.D.13.[3] Washington University
III.D.13.[4] Wellsley College
III.D.14.[1] Wichita Board of Parks Commission
III.D.14.[2] Worcester Art Museum

Subseries E: Institutions

Folder Title
III.E.[1] Addison Gallery (Andover MA)
III.E.[2] Addison Gallery (Andover MA)
III.E.[3] Albright Art Gallery (Buffalo)
III.E.[4] Allen Memorial Art Museum (Oberlin College)
III.E.[5] Art Institute of Chicago
III.E.[6] Art Institute of Chicago
III.E.[7] Arts Club (Chicago)
III.E.[8] Baltimore Museum of Art
III.E.[9] Baltimore Museum of Art
III.E.[10] Bennington College
III.E.[11] Brooklyn Museum
III.E.[12] Brooklyn Museum
III.E.[13] Busch-Reisinger (Harvard University)
III.E.[14] California Palace of the Legion of Honor
III.E.[15] Carnegie Institute (Pittsburgh)
III.E.[16] Cincinnati Modern Art Society
III.E.[17] Cincinnati Modern Art Society
III.E.[18] Cincinnati Museum of Art
III.E.[19] Cincinnati Museum of Art
III.E.[20] City Art Museum of Saint Louis
III.E.[21] City Art Museum of Saint Louis
III.E.[22] Cleveland Museum of Art
III.E.[23] Cleveland Museum of Art
III.E.[24] Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts
III.E.[25] Contemporary Arts Assoc. (Houston)
III.E.[26] Cranbrook Academy of Art
III.E.[27] Cranbrook Academy of Art
III.E.[28] Dallas Museum of Fine Arts
III.E.[29] Denver Art Museum
III.E.[30] Denver Art Museum
III.E.[31] Detroit Institute of Arts
III.E.[32] Fogg Art Museum (Harvard)
III.E.[33] Herron Art Institute (Indianapolis)
III.E.[34] Herron Art Institute (Indianapolis)
III.E.[35] Indiana University (Bloomington)
III.E.[36] Indiana University (Bloomington)
III.E.[37] Indiana University (Bloomington)
III.E.[38] Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston)
III.E.[39] Institute of Contemnorary Art (Boston)
III.E.[40] Los Angeles County Museum
III.E.[41] Los Angeles County Museum
III.E.[42] Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY)
III.E.[43] Milwaukee Art Institute
III.E.[44] Minneapolis Institute of Arts
III.E.[45] Minnneapolis Institute of Arts
III.E.[46] Minnneapolis Institute of Arts
III.E.[47] ModernInstitute of Art (Beverly Hills, CA)
III.E.[48] Museum of Fine Arts (Boston)
III.E.[49] Museum of Fine Arts (Houston)
III.E.[50] Museum of Fine Arts (Richmond VA)
III.E.[51] Museum of Modern Art (NY)
III.E.[52] Museum of Modern Art (NY)
III.E.[53] Museum of Modern Art (NY)
III.E.[54] Nelson Gallery of Art (Kansas City)
III.E.[55] Norton Gallery & School of Art (West Palm Beach, FL)
III.E.[56] Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
III.E.[57] Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
III.E.[58] Pennsylvania Art Alliance
III.E.[59] Philadelphia Art Museum
III.E.[60] Philadelphia Art Museum
III.E.[61] Phillips Memorial Gallery
III.E.[62] Portland Art Museum (Portland, OR) Print Club (Philadelphia)
III.E.[63] Rhode Island School of Design
III.E.[64] San Francisco Museum of Art
III.E.[65] Smith College Museum
III.E.[66] Smith College Museum
III.E.[67] Society of the Four Arts (West Palm Beach, FL)
III.E.[68] Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
III.E.[69] State University of Iowa
III.E.[70] State University of Iowa
III.E.[71] Toledo Museum of Art
III.E.[72] University of Colorado (Boulder)
III.E.[73] University of Michigan
III.E.[74] University of Michigan
III.E.[75] University of Minnesota
III.E.[76] University of Minnesota
III.E.[77] University of Nebraska
III.E.[78] University of Nebraska
III.E.[79] Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (Richmond VA)
III.E.[80] Wadsworth Atheneum
III.E.[81] Walker Art Center (Minneapolis)
III.E.[82] Walker Art Center (Minneapolis)
III.E.[83] Whitney Museum of American Art
III.E.[84] Whitney Museum of American Art
III.E.[85] Yale University Art Gallery
III.E.[85] Yale University Art Gallery

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Series IV: Photographs

Photographs of works offered to, exhibited by, or sold through the Curt Valentin Gallery. 7 boxes arranged alphabetically.

Folder Title
IV.1 Arp
IV.2 Barlach
IV.3 Bayre
IV.4 Beaudin
IV.5 Beckmann
IV.6 Bonnard
IV.7 Bores
IV.8 Braque
IV.9 Burluik
IV.10 Butler
IV.11 Caesar
IV.12 Calder
IV.13 Callery
IV.14 Cassinari
IV.15 Cézanne
IV.16 Chagall
IV.17 Corinth
IV.18 Cox
IV.19 Cutler
IV.20 Daumier
IV.21 Degas
IV.22 Derain
IV.23 Despiau
IV.24 Duchamp
IV.25 Ensor
IV.26 Epstein
IV.27 Feininger
IV.28 Flannegan
IV.29 Gatch
IV.30 Gauguin
IV.31 Giacometti
IV.32 Gilot
IV.33 Goldman
IV.34 Gris

[2 folders]

IV.35 Guys
IV.36 Harth
IV.37 Hayter
IV.38 Hitchens
IV.39 Hofer
IV.40 Kirchner
IV.41 Klee
IV.42 Kokoschka
IV.43 Kolbe
IV.44 Kollwitz
IV.45 Knaths
IV.46 La FresNaye
IV.47 Laurens
IV.48 Léger
IV.49 Lehmbruck
IV.50 Liebermann
IV.51 Lipchitz

[3 folders]

IV.52 Macke
IV.53 Maillol
IV.54 Manolo
IV.55 Marc
IV.56 Marcks
IV.57 Marini
IV.58 Masson

[2 folders]

IV.59 Matare
IV.60 Matisse
IV.61 Maurer
IV.62 Merida
IV.63 Milne
IV.64 Miró
IV.65 Modigliani
IV.66 Moore

[4 folders]

IV.67 Morandi
IV.68 Moreno
IV.69 Mueller
IV.70 Munch
IV.71 Nash
IV.72 Nay
IV.73 Nicholson
IV.74 Nolde
IV.75 Picasso

[10 folders]

IV.76 Pickens
IV.77 Piper
IV.78 Redon
IV.79 Renoir
IV.80 Richards
IV.81 Rodin
IV.82 Roesch
IV.83 Rouault
IV.84 Rousseau
IV.85 Rox
IV.86 Schmidt-Rottluff
IV.87 Seurat
IV.88 Sintenis
IV.89 Sutherland
IV.90 Tal Coat
IV.91 Torres-Garcia
IV.92 Tunnard
IV.93 Villon
IV.94 Weber Tunnar
IV.95 Winter
IV.96 Zerbe
IV.97 African mask
IV.98 Mesopotamian fragment
IV.99 Mexican idol, Chorotega civilization
IV.100 Mexican Mayan relief
IV.101 Unidentified

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Series V: Publicity

Subseries V.A. Albums 1937-1954

7 noteboooks
On Buchholz and Valentin Galleries as well as contemporary artists and art scene

Subseries V.B. Miscellaneous Clippings

1 box

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Series VI: Liquidation of Gallery

1955 Parke-Bernet auction catalog (#1622)which included art work from the Valentin estate is located in Series B.

Subseries A: Correspondence and documents

1 notebook

Subseries B: "Graphic Arts Inventory"

1 notebook
Done at time of Valentin's death

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Series VII: Business Records 1948-1956

This series represents files which were current at the time the gallery closed in 1955.

Subseries A: Correspondence 1951-1955

Unsorted / This seems to be material left on desk when project of arranging this collection was completed. 3 boxes.

Subseries A.1: "E - T"

5 boxes
Diverse files, including several concerning the transfer of artwork
"Frenkel & Coll (settlement of claims)"
"Grote, Ludwig"
"Hanover Gallery"
"Rudolf Hoffmann"
"Kahnweiler bills" (1952-54)
"Roman Norbert Kettererll(1952-55)"
"Flannagan casts"

Subseries B: "On Approval" 1953-1955

Records of artwork loaned by the Gallery to institutions (largely) for exhibitions. 1 box, filed "A-Z"

Subseries C: "Statements" 1953-1955

Statments issued by Gallery to individuals and institutions owing money to the Gallery. 2 boxes, arranged alphabetically.

Subseries D: "Bills" 1953-1955

Invoices a: ents of bills paid by Gallery for goods and services including books, castings, matting, conservation, shipping, flowers, cleaning, framing, printing, advertising, insurance, customs brokerage, etc. Largely 1953-1954. Separate files for, among others, W.S. Budworth, Frenkel & Co., W.R. Keating & Co., Meriden Gravure, Modern Art Foundry, Phoenix Engraving, Adolph Studly, Joseph Ternbach, Weyhe, Wittenborn. 3 boxes, arranged alphabetically.

Subseries D.1: "Paid Bills" 1954-1955

1 box
November 1954-December 1955; arranged by date of payment

Subseries E: "Accountant's Report" 1949-1950

February 28, 1949 and February 28, 1950; also includes correspondence (esp. with Kahnweiler) regarding the Gallery's closing, 1954-55.

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