James Thrall Soby Papersin The Museum of Modern Art Archives Soby

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Box and Folder List

Series I: Subject Interest Material: Artists and Movements 1930s-1960s

Series II: Giorgio de Chirico ca. 1935-1970s

Subseries II.A: Catalogs and Gallery Announcements

Subseries II.B: Postpublication Material: Correspondence 1955-1960, 1970s

Subseries II.C: 1955 de Chirico Book: Giorgio de Chirico

Subseries II.D: De Chirico Exhibition, MoMA Exh. #583 Sept. 6-Oct. 30, 1955

Subseries II.E: Clippings ca. 1949-1960

Subseries II.F: Manuscripts

Subseries II.G: 1940s de Chirico Material 1940s

Subseries II.H: Photographs 1940s-1960s

Series III: Writings

Subseries III.A: JTS Bibliog. by JTS 1960

Subseries III.B: Typesrcipts

Subseries III.C: Non-Museum

Subseries III.D: Museum Matters 1970s-1990s

Subseries III.E: Pocket Diaries

Subseries III.F: Notebooks

Subseries III.G: Speeches and/or Talks

Series IV: Museum Matters 1940s-1970s

Subseries IV.A: Chronological Files

Subseries IV.B: Agendas and Reports

Subseries IV.C: Addenda

Series V: JTS Collection

Subseries V.A: Miscellaneous Late Items

Subseries V.B: Insurance: Collection Inventory

Subseries V.C: Correspondence with Artists 1932-1970

Subseries V.D: Correspondence with Dealers 1930s-1940s

Subseries V.E: Exhibition Catalogs

Subseries V.F: Visitors to JTS Collection

Subseries V.G: 1930s

Subseries V.H: Photographs

Series VI: Personal/Family

Subseries VI.A: Financial Data

Subseries VI.B: Williams College/Early Education

Subseries VI.C: JTS Family

Subseries VI.D: Thomas S. Childs, Jr. 1950s-1960s

Subseries VI.E: Photographs

Subseries VI.F: Miscellaneous

Subseries VI.G: Melissa Jane Wadley [later Childs]

Subseries VI.H: Negatives

Subseries VI.I: Oversized Photographs

Series VII: Albums ca. 1940-1955

Series VIII: Addenda to the James Thrall Soby Papers

Subseries VIII.A: Soby Autobiographical Memoir

Subseries VIII.B: James Thrall Soby Bequest

Subseries VIII.C: Photographs by James Thrall Soby

Subseries VIII.D: James Thrall Soby Correspondence

Subseries VIII.E: O'Reilly Gift