The Paul Rosenberg ArchivesA Gift of Elaine and Alexandre Rosenberg PaulRosenberg

Overview of the Collection

Biographical and Company History

Scope and Content


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Administrative Information

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Box and Folder List

Series I: L. & P. Rosenberg Fils (1906-1908); Galeries Paul Rosenberg (1908-1928)

Subseries I.A: Correspondence: L. & P. Rosenberg Fils (1906-1908); Galeries Paul Rosenberg (1908-1928)

Subseries I.B: Exhibitions files, 1906-1928

Subseries I.C: Invoices and receipts; miscellaneous correspondence, 1906-1928

Subseries I.D: Russian State Archives inventory and administrative documents for the Paul Rosenberg archives

Series II. Paul Rosenberg and Company (New York) [1940-1993]

Subseries II.A: PR&Co files, 1940-1941-1942

Subseries II.B: PR&Co files 1942-1943

Subseries II.C: PR&Co files 1944-1945 [-1946]

Subseries II.D: PR&Co files 1946-1947

Subseries II.E: PR&Co files Paris Records 1948-1949

Subseries II.F: PR&Co 1950-1951

Subseries II.G: APR files [1949]-1950-1951-1952

Subseries II.H: PR&Co files 1952-1953

Subseries II.I: PR&Co files 1954-1955

Subseries II.J: PR&Co files 1956-1957

Subseries II.K: PR Co files 1958-[1959]

Subseries II.L: PR&Co [1958-] 1959

Subseries II.M: PR&Co . files 1959-1960

Subseries II.N: PR&Co files 1960-1961

Subseries II.O: PR&Co files 1961-1962

Subseries II.P: PR&Co files, 1962-1963

Subseries II.Q: PR&Co files 1963-64

Subseries II.R: PR&Co files 1964-1965

Subseries II.S: PR&Co files 1965-1966

Subseries II.T: PR&Co files 1966-1967

Subseries II.U: PR&Co files 1967-1968

Subseries II.V: PR&Co 1968-1969

Subseries II.W: PR&Co 1969-1970

Subseries II.X: PR&Co August 1970 - July 1971

Subseries II.Y: PR&Co August 1971 - July 1972

Subseries II.Z: PR&Co August 1972 - July 1973

Subseries II.AA: P.R. files August 1973 - July 1974

Subseries II.BB: PR&Co files with Art Advisory Panel files 1969-1972 1969-1972

Subseries II.CC: PR&Co September 1975 - August 1976

Subseries II.DD: PR&Co September 1976 - August 1977

Subseries II.EE: PR&Co September 1977 - August 1978

Subseries II.FF: PR&Co August 1978 - July 1979

Subseries II.GG: PR&Co files August 1979 - July 1980

Subseries II.HH: PR&Co 1980-1981

Subseries II.II: PR&Co files September 1981 - August 1982

Subseries II.JJ: PR&Co 1982-1983

Subseries II.KK: PR&Co 1983-1984

Subseries II.LL: PR&Co 1984-1985

Subseries II.MM: PR&Co 1985-1986

Subseries II.NN: PR&Co 1986-1987

Subseries II.OO: PR&Co 1987-1989

Subseries II.PP: PR&Co 1989-1993

Subseries II.QQ: PR & Co.: M & P files 1946-1955

Subseries II.RR: PR&Co and Rosenberg and Helft (London): Selected and researched files 1940-1945

Series III: Photographic Materials

III.A: Rosenberg galleries (Paris) [circa 1910-1940]

Series III.B: Photographic Materials: PR&Co Research Collection: Artists files

Subseries III.C: Miscellaneous PR&Co Photographic, Graphic, Manuscript and Textual Materials

Subseries III.D: Miniature Photographic Prints Mounted in Data Index Card File Systems; Glass and Acetate Slide Collections

Subseries III.E: Oversize PR&Co Photographic, Graphic and Printed Materials

Subseries III.F Photographic Materials Extracted from PR&Co Series II Document Files: Fragile Photo Prints, Negatives, Transparencies, Slides

Series IV: Paul Rosenberg and Company: Indexes, Ledgers, Lists, Finding Aids, Reference Materials

Series IV.A: PR&Co Indexed Ledger Lists and 'Stock Books'

Series IV.B: PR&Co Working Reference Lists and Indexes

Series IV.C: Index Card Containers

Series IV.D: Inventories Prepared by External Agencies

Series V: Paul Rosenberg and Company, New York: Files Compiled by PR and Company to Research and Support War Losses and Restitution Claims

Series V.A: Files Compiled by PR and APR to Research and Support War Losses And Restitution Claims [1940-1959]

Series V.B: Photo and Documentary Files Compiled by PR, APR to Support War Losses and Restitution Claims; Selected and Researched Documents File

Series V.C: Files Compiled by EAR and Rosenberg Heirs to Research and Support Art and Archives War Losses and Restitution Claims [1987 to present]