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Kynaston McShine "Information" Exhibition Research

in The Museum of Modern Art Archives

The Museum of Modern Art Archives
11 West 53 Street
New York, NY 10019-5497
© 2008
The Museum of Modern Art Museum Archives
Finding aid prepared by Rona Roob, Museum Archivist, and Apphia Loo, Archives Assistant, April 1992; revised and updated by Amanda Sullivan, 2008.

Overview of the Collection

Creator: McShine, Kynaston
Title: Kynaston McShine Information Exhibition Research
Inclusive Dates: 1969-1970
Quantity: 7 Linear Feet
contained in twenty document boxes (10x5x15.5") and one flat box (3.5x16x20") for oversized material.


Original order has been maintained whenever possible. The records have been processed to the folder level.
Series I: Secondary source material: periodicals and publications.
Series II: Research material arranged by country.
Series III: Periodicals and exhibition catalogs related to Conceptual Art.
Series IV: Artists files arranged alphabetically.

Biographical Information

Kynaston McShine (1935-) has held positions in the Museums' Department of Painting and Sculpture as Associate Curator, 1968-71; Curator of Exhibitions, 1971-84; Senior Curator, 1984-2001; Acting Chief Curator 2001-03 and Chief Curator at Large, 2003 to the present.

Scope and Content

The processed Information records (7 linear feet) are contained in twenty document boxes (10x5x15.5") and one flat box (3.5x16x20") for oversized material. All material dates from 1969 through 1970.

The records were assembled by Kynaston McShine for Information [MoMA Exh. #934, July 2-September 20 1970]. The records include correspondence with artists concerning biographies, proposals, instructions for exhibition, and photographs.

Noteworthy correspondents include Vito Acconci, John Baldessari, James Lee Byars, Group Frontera, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, Lucy Lippard, Bruce McLean, N. E. Thing Co., OHO Group, and Adrian Piper.

In a memorandum to Arthur Drexler dated February 5, 1970 Kynaston McShine described the exhibition:

"As you know my exhibition 'Information' is primarily concerned with the strongest international art movement or 'style' of the moment which is 'conceptual art,' 'art povera,' 'earthworks,' 'systems,' 'process art,' etc. in its broadest definition.

The exhibition will demonstrate the non-object quality of this work and the fact that it transcends the traditional categories of painting, sculpture, photography, film, drawing, prints, etc."


Access Restrictions

The records are open for research and contain no restricted materials.

Ownership and Literary Rights

The Kynaston McShine Information Exhibition Research is the physical property of The Museum of Modern Art. Literary rights, including copyright belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assigns. Rights to work produced during the normal course of Museum business resides with The Museum of Modern Art. For further information, and to obtain permission to publish or reproduce, contact the Museum Archivist.

Administrative Information


The original record group consisted of 4 transfiles transferred from Kynaston McShine to the Museum Library in July 1972, which were transferred to the Archives in June 1990 and processed in April 1992.

Preferred Citation

Published citations should take the following form:

Long Form: Kynaston McShine Information Exhibition Research, [series.folder]. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York.

Short Form: Information, [series.folder]. MoMA Archives, NY.

Additional Descriptive Data

Explanation of Abbreviations

KM Kynaston McShine
TLS typed letter signed
TL typed letter
corresp. correspondence
n.d. no date given

Container List

Series I: Secondary Source Material: Periodicals and Publications 1965-1970

Secondary source material

Folder Title Date
I.1 "Sweet Mystery of Life" by Amy Goldin. Art News. 68(3): 46-51 1969 May
I.2 The Sunday Times Magazine 1968 August 11
I.3 Observer 1968 August 18
I.4 Queen 434(5686) January 7-20 1970
I.5 Studio International Journal of Modern Art 177(910)

Includes "'Untitled 1969': A footnote on art and minimal Stylehood" by Barbara Reise re: Robert Morris
"An Opera by Carl André" and "Aerial Art" by Robert Smithson

1969 April
I.6 Studio International Journal of Modern Art. 178(914); re: Craig Martin 1969 September
I.7 Studio International Journal of Modern Art. 178(917)

Re: Barry Flanagan, Carl André Joseph Kosuth, Robert Morris, Douglas Huebler

NOTE: This file is empty. The Museum Library holds a copy of this issue.

1969 December
I.8 Art International 13(9)

Includes "Time: A Panel Discussion" edited by Lucy Lippard re: Carl André, Michael Cain, Douglas Huebler, Ian Wilson

1969 November
I.9 Art International 13(8); re: Josef Beuys (in German) 1969 October
I.10 Art International 13(7); Includes "Hans Haacke" by Bitite Vinklers 1969 September
I.11.a "McLuhan"

12 items
Includes The McLuhan Dew-Line 2(6)
1970 May-June; 2(5)
1970 March-April; 2(4)
1970 January-February

I.11.b "McLuhan"

19 items
Includes The McLuhan Dew-Line 1(12); 1969 June; 2(1); 1969 July; 1(10); 1969 April; 1(9) Section 3; 1969 March; 1(5); 1968 November; 1(3); 1978 September; 1(4); 1968 October; 1(9) Section 1; 1969 March

I.11.c Art in America 58(2) 1970 March-April.
I.12 Art News 68(4) Summer 1969
I.13 Art News 68(7); re: Robert Morris 1969 November
I.14 New York 2(15) 1969 April 14
I.15 Art News 68(9); re: Josef Beuys 1970 January
I.16 Art News 68(5); re: "Barry Le Va and the Non-Descript Distribution" by Larry Rosing 1969 September
I.17 Art `N' Artists 4(9); re: Keith Millow 1969 December
I.18 Time 92(21) 1968 November 22
I.19 Harper's Bazaar No. 3087. 1969 February
I.20 Vogue 152(10, Whole No. 3010) 1968 December
I.21 Vogue 154(10, Whole No. 3030) 1969 December
I.22 Vogue 155(1, Whole No. 3031) 1970 January
I.23 Look 33(1) 1969 January 7
I.24 Look 33(11) 1969 May 27
I.25 Look 33(21) 1969 October 21
I.26 Life 67(15) 1969 October 10
I.27 The Sunday Times Magazine, re: George Orwell 1968 August 18
I.28 It. 60(2) 1969 July
I.29 Art in America56(2) 1968 March/April
I.30 Art in America58(1); re: Robert Morris January/February
I.31 Woodstock Nation, A Talk-Rock Album by Abbie Hoffman (New York: Vintage Books 1969
I.32 Arts Magazine 44(3); re: Michael Heizer 1970 December/January
I.33 Arts Magazine 44(1); re: Klaus Rinke 1969 September/October
I.34 Art and Artists 4(6); re: Bill Bollinger 1969 September
I.35 Museum News 48(9) 1970 May
I.36 Studio International Special issue re: Cybernetic Serendipity: the Computer and the Arts 1968
I.37 Harper's Bazaar Spot-Check; Comment on Culture-U.S.A. (ca. 1969)
I.38 The New York Times Magazine. Section 6 December 14, 1969
I.39 Esquire 70 (5, Whole No. 420)and 62(1, Whole No. 374) 1965 January and 1968 November
I.40 Opus International No. 4 (4th trimester); (in French) 1967 December
I.41 Exhibition catalog, New Alchemy: Elements, Systems, Forces

Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto; Museum of Contemporary Art, Montreal; Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Quebec

I.42 Canadian Art Today (a Studio International publication) 42(6) 1970
I.43 Exhibition catalog, The British Avant-Garde. (The New York Cultural Center in collaboration with Studio International 1971
I.44 Exhibition catalog, "Humo + Humo" 1969 October 24-November 1
I.45 Exhibition catalog, Sixième Biennale de Paris (in French) 1969 October 2-November 2
I.46 Underground Press Syndicate, Pianeta Fresco, Equinozio Invernale 1968
I.47 Exhibition catalog, Intermedia `69. Heidelberg (in German) 1969 May 16-June 22
I.48 Blueprint for Counter Education by Maurice Stein and Larry Miller (New York: Doubleday 1970
I.49 Exhibition catalog, Kunsthalle Bern, 50 Years, 12 Environments (in German) 1968 July
I.50 Exhibition catalog, Kunsthalle Bern (in German) 1969 November 8-December 7
I.51 Primitive Art and Ethnography of the Amazon Valley (Feigen Gallery) n.d.
I.52 The Only Real Picture Newspaper 1(6) n.d.
I.53 The Only Real Picture Newspaper 1(5) n.d.
I.54 The Only Real Picture Newspaper 2(2) n.d.
I.55 The Only Real Picture Newspaper 2(1) n.d.
I.56 Exhibition catalog, Austriennale (Palazzo dell'Arte al Parco, Milan) 1968
I.57 Metro No. 14 1968 June
I.58 Exhibition catalog, Gianni Emilio Simonetti (Galleria La Bertesca, Genova, 1969
I.59 Exhibition catalog, Vision and Television (Rose Art Museum, Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts) 1970
I.60 "Midway" n.d.
I.61 Exhibition catalog, Martha Peluffo

Includes 8 items
Galería Carmen Waugh, exhibition announcement
3e Salon International de Galeries-Pilotes (Museum of Decorative Arts in Lausanne, 1970)
Exhibition brochure, Donato Ferrari (Galeria Seta, 1965)
Exhibition announcement of works by Barry Le Va (Division of Art Gallery, Ohio State University, n.d.)
Poster re: exhibition of works by Chapin and Sweeney (Division of Art Gallery, Ohio State University, n.d.)
Book reviews, The Poets of the New York School edited by John Bernard Myers and An Anthology of New York Poets edited by Rod Padgett and David Shapiro; poster re: Erik Thygesen.

I.62 BMI, The Many Worlds of Music Summer issue 1969
I.63 Museum Journal Series 14(1) 1969 February
I.64 Museum Journal Series 14(2) 1969 April
I.65 Exhibition brochure, André Masson (Galleria la Bertesca, Genova) 1969
I.66 Tamarind: Homage to Lithography (New York: The Museum of Modern Art) 1969
I.67 Brochure, Museu de Arte Moderna de Rio de Janeiro

Re: architecture and program

1967 September
I.68 Konstrevy No.3, (Galerie Pierre, Stockholm) 1969
I.69 Exhibition catalog, Destruction Art (Finch College Museum of Art) 1968
I.70 Hvedekorn No. 6 1966
I.71 Exhibition catalog, Anonymiteter Kommunikationszoner (Lunds Konsthall) 1968
I.72 Exhibition catalog, Egon Fischer (Galerie Birch, Copenhague) 1968
I.73 Exhibition catalog, An Event: Extension of Town Environment (Aarhus Art Society) 1967
I.74 Billedkunst No. 4 1968
I.75 Exhibition catalog, Foreningen For Ung Dansk Kunst; 25 Ars Jubilaeums Udstilling 1967
I.76 Exhibition proposal, Intermedia '68 (Presented by John Brockman Associates and The American Federation of Arts) 1968
I.77 List of programs available, represented by Intermedia Artists Corporation n.d.
I.78 Exhibition catalog, Public Eye (Kunsthaus Hamburg) 1968
I.79 Ta' #1-8, (in Danish) ca. 1967
I.80 Ta' BOX No. 1

Includes a stick, a bag of sand, documentation in a zip-lock bag

I.81 Ta' BOX No. 2

Includes a pine cone, plastic flower, among other paraphernalia in a zip-lock bag

I.82 Red cloth object by James Lee Byars n.d.
I.83* robho nos. 1, 3, 4, and November/December 1967 issue


I.84* Catalog, Kunst Markt Koln 1969



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Series II: Research material arranged by country 1964-1971

Folder Title Date
II.1 "Argentina"

8 items
Materiales, Nuevas Técnicas, Nuevas Expresiones (Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires, 1968) signed "Cynthia Colwell" on front page
Magnet: New York (Galeria Bonino, New York, 1964)
5 articles
Includes exhibition announcement, exhibition catalogs

1964, 1968-70
II.2 "Belgium"

4 items
Includes exhibition announcements

II.3 "Brazil"

3 items
Includes 1 TLS Rubens Gerchman-KM, 1970; article re: 1969 Bienal in Brazil; exhibition announcement

II.4 "Canada"

Includes news releases from Simon Fraser University
6 photographs of children with works by Dennis Vance, Dallas Selman and Glenn Toppings
The Vancouver Art Gallery Bulletin 1969 September; artscanada no. 118/119, 1968 June
The Vancouver Art Gallery Bulletinartscanada no. 130/131, 1969 April
9 articles
2 exhibition catalogs

II.5 "Juan Downey, Chile"

4 items
Includes exhibition catalog, 2 questionnaires, exhibition announcement

II.6 "Denmark"

18 items
Includes 1 TLS Stig Brøgger-KM, 1970
Panel 13 Information newsletters; exhibition catalog Willy Erskov (Maison du Danemark, Champs-Élysées, Paris, 1968
Paletten, 1969 April, 1968 February
Billedkunst, 1967 April

II.7 "England"

Includes exhibition catalogs
7 photographs (not annotated)
Kunsthalle Bern, 1967 re: Anthony Caro
Exhibition announcement, Nigel Greenwood Inc. Ltd., 1969

II.8 "France"

6 items
Includes articles

II.9.a "Germany"

17 items
Includes articles, exhibition announcements

II.9.b "Germany"

Exhibition catalogs, Objekte, Benutzen, Franz Erhard Walthur (Verlag Gebr. König, Köln-New York)
14 Mal 14; Eskalation (Kunsthalle Baden, Baden)

1968 and 1969
II.10 "Holland"

2 items
Includes exhibition announcement, article

1969, 1970
II.11.a "Italy"

Includes exhibition catalogs and announcements
Flash Art, 1970 February

II.11.b "Italy"

3 items
Includes an exhibition catalog from Galleria l'Attico, Rome and ephemera from Pallone, Giugno

II.11.c "Italy"

Exhibition catalog, Gennaio 70. (Museo Civico, exhibition information from Artmongers Gallery (1 1/4 × 5 × 5 1/4" box)

II.12 "Sweden"

6 items
Includes exhibition catalog, The 34th Biennale, Venice, 1968
Konstrevy no. 2, 1969, and special issue, "L'Art en Suède en 1968"

II.13 "Switzerland"

2 items
Includes exhibition catalog and "Joint-Actions by Lindow and Borlat

II.14 "U.S.A."

Includes 7th Annual New York Avant-Garde Festival on Two Islands,
Nine Young Artists Theodoron Awards (The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York), 1969
Posters and announcements re: Streetworks
Correspondence with Milan Knízák;
1 TL KM-Robert Whitman, 1969


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Series III: Periodicals and exhibition catalogs related to Conceptual Art 1968-1970

Folder Title Date
III.1.a "Import Conceptual Art Gray Show"

4 items
Includes exhibition catalogs

III.1.b "Import Conceptual Art Gray Show"

11 items
Includes exhibition catalog, announcement, posters

III.2 Exhibition catalog, Conceptual Art, Arte Povera, Land Art. (Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna, Torino 1970
III.3 Exhibition catalog, When Attitudes Become Form; Works - Concepts - Processes - Situations - Information. (Exhibition sponsored by Philip Morris Europe, shown at The Institute of Contemporary Arts, Nash House, The Mall, London) 1969
III.4 Exhibition catalog, Live in Your Head: When Attitudes Become Form; Works - Concepts - Processes - Situations - Information. (Exhibition sponsored by Philip Morris Europe, shown at Kunsthalle Bern) 1969
III.5 Exhibition catalog, Konzeption/Conception. (Herausgegeben vom Städtischen Museum, Leverkusen) 1969
III.6 Exhibition catalog, Op Losse Schroeven; Situatiesen Cryptostructuren. (Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam) 1969
III.7 Exhibition catalog, Anti-Illusion: Procedures/Materials. (Whitney Museum of American Art, New York) 1969
III.8 Exhibition catalog of works by Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, Lawrence Weiner at the Seth Siegelaub Gallery January 5-31, 1969
III.9 Design Quarterly - a Special Double Issue on "Conceptual Architecture". (Walker Art Center, Minneapolis) 1978/1979
III.10.a "Furniture"

Includes exhibition catalog
Memorandum KM-Arthur Drexler, 1970
Sales catalog from Flos Lighting Fixtures

III.10.b "Furniture"

3 items
Includes exhibition catalog
1 photograph
Sales catalog from Artemide Design, 1969

III.11 "Celender, Dan (sic) [Don],"

8 items
Includes corresp. re: planned exhibitions Cultural Art Movement, Corporate Art Movement, Mass Media Movement, and Organizational Art Movement

III.12 "Conceptual Architecture"

9 items
Includes Design Quarterly 1973, 1974/1975, 1976, 1977 and article, "Architectural Revolutions Visualized" by Lucy R. Lippard in Art International, 12(4); 1968

III.13.a "Miscellaneous Articles Relating to Information"

2 items

1969, 1970
III.13.b* "Miscellaneous Articles Relating to Information"


1969, 1970
III.14 "General (Articles on Criticism and Group Shows),"


III.15* Exhibition catalog, Vitalita del Negativo Nell'Arte Italiana (Palazzo delle Esposizioni)



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Series IV: Artists files 1969-1970

Arranged alphabetically. Series IV contains artists' files on artists and works included in Information. Documentation consists of biographies, proposals, correspondence, and photographs where noted. All folder titles were originally prefaced by "Information" or "Information - Artists"

Folder Title Date
IV.1 "Vito Acconci"

11 items
Includes 2 photographs

IV.2 "Carl Andre"

11 items
Includes 8 photographs

IV.3 "Archigram"

26 items
Includes periodicals and publications, 8 photographs of Instant City Model

IV.4 "Siah Armajani"

11 items
Includes 8 photographs

IV.5.a "Keith Arnatt"

38 items
Includes photographs, negatives, and slides.

IV.5.b* "Keith Arnatt"

Oversize - 19 photographs

IV.6 "Art & Language Press"

14 items

IV.7 "Art & Project"

9 items

IV.8 "Richard Artschwager"

5 items

IV.9 "David Askevold"

8 items

IV.10 "John Baldessari"

9 items
Includes 1 transparency

IV.11 "Barrio [Artur Alípio Barrio de Sousa Lopes]"

Includes 44 photographs, 8 transparencies, 8 negatives, 3 strips of color slides, 11 slides

IV.12.a "Barry, Robert"

6 items

IV.12.b* "Barry, Robert"

Oversize - caption for Inert Gas Series by Barry

IV.13 "Barthelme, Frederick"

10 items
Includes 2 photographs

IV.14.a "Becher, [Bernhard and Hilla]"

4 items

IV.14.b* "Becher, [Bernhard and Hilla]"

Oversize - exhibition catalog, Bernhard och Hilla Becher: Form Genom Funktion (Moderna Museet, Stockholm, 1970)

IV.15 "Mel Bochner, USA"

8 items
Includes 1 photograph

IV.16 "Bill Bollinger, USA"

13 items

IV.17 "Brecht, George"

7 items

IV.18 "Stanley Brouwn"

14 items

IV.19 "Daniel Buren"

16 items
Includes 1 photograph, exhibition catalog (Wide White Space Gallery, 1969)
"Paris Commentary" in Studio International, 177(907): 47-49; 1969 January re: Buren

IV.20 "Victor Burgin"

9 items

IV.21 "Donald Burgy"

9 items

IV.22 "Ian Burn and Mel Ramsden"

5 items

IV.23.a "James Lee Byars"

17 items
Includes 4 objects, 1 TLS (copy) Noble M. Melencamp (White House)-Byars, 1970

IV.23.b "James Lee Byars"

16 items

IV.23.c "James Lee Byars"

Correspondence and Objects, Byars-KM

IV.24 "Jorge Carballa, Argentina

8 items

IV.25 "Cook, Christopher"

10 items

IV.26 "Roger Cutforth"

6 items

IV.27 "Carlos D'Alessio"

2 items

IV.28 "Hanne Darboven, Germany"

11 items

IV.29 "Walter de Maria, USA"

6 items

IV.30 "Jan Dibbets, Holland"

33 items
Includes 13 photographs

IV.31 "Gerald Ferguson"

14 items

IV.32 "Rafael Ferrer"

27 items
Includes 15 photographs

IV.33.a "Group Frontera"

39 items
Includes 1 photograph and negative.

IV.33.b* "Group Frontera"

Oversize - 6 items includes 9 sheets describing work, 3 clippings, and ephemera

IV.34 "Hamish Fulton"

14 items
Includes 4 photographs

IV.35 "John Giorno"

20 items

IV.36 "Dan Graham"

28 items

IV.37 "Hans Haacke, Germany"

11 items

IV.38 "Ira Joel Haber, USA"

7 items

IV.39 "Randy Hardy"

7 items

IV.40 "Mike [Michael] Heizer, USA"

8 items
Includes clippings

IV.41 "Hans Hollein"

17 items
Includes 9 photographs

IV.42 "Douglas Huebler, USA"

37 items
Includes corresp. between Huebler and the United States Senate, exhibition catalogs of one-man shows (The Addison Gallery of American Art, Andover, Massachusetts, 1970 and Seth Siegelaub, New York, 1970)

IV.43 "Robert Huot, USA"

5 items

IV.44 "Peter Hutchinson, USA"

12 items
Includes 3 clippings, 1 photograph

IV.45 "Richards Jarden"

17 items
Includes 2 photographs

IV.46 "Kaltenbach, Stephen"

6 items

IV.47 "Kosuth, [Joseph]"

10 items

IV.48 "Christine Kozlov"

5 items

IV.49.a "David Lamelas, Argentina"

9 items

IV.49.b* "David Lamelas, Argentina"

Oversize - includes 10 photographs of Study of Relationships and Time as Activity by Lamelas; 4 photographs of Signaling Peace by Lamelas; 2 clippings

IV.50 "Latham, [John]"

16 items

IV.51 "Barry Le Va"

4 items

IV.52 "Sol LeWitt, USA"

7 items

IV.53 "Lippard, Lucy"

4 items

IV.54 "Richard Long"

4 items

IV.55.a "Bruce McLean, England"

16 items

IV.55.b "Bruce McLean, England"

Album (1 3/4x9 3/4x14 1/2") re: King for a Day and 999 other pieces/works/things etc. by McLean (for a retrospective at the Hayward Gallery, New York)

IV.56 "Cildo Meireles, Brazil"

5 items

IV.57 "Marta Minujin, Argentina"

14 items

IV.58 "Bob [Robert] Morris"

9 items
Includes 6 articles

IV.59 "N. E. Thing Co., Iain Baxter, Canada"

52 items
Includes 15 photographs

IV.60 "Bruce Nauman, USA"

13 items

IV.61 "New York Graphic Workshop" [Luis Camnitzer, Liliana Porter, José Guillermo Castillo]

29 items
Includes mail art

IV.62 "Newspaper, Other Arts, Stephen Lawrence"

24 items
Includes 20 photographs

IV.63.a "OHO Group, Yugoslavia"

57 items
Includes 40 photographs, 8 transparencies, corresp. with Taja Vidmar

IV.63.b "OHO Group, Yugoslavia"

7 items
"Milenko Matanović

IV.63.c "OHO Group, Yugoslavia"

3 items
"David Nez"

IV.63.d "OHO Group, Yugoslavia"

3 items
"Marko Pogacnik"

IV.63.e "OHO Group, Yugoslavia"

3 items
"Andraz [Scaron]alamun"

IV.63.f "OHO Group, Yugoslavia"

6 items
"Tomaz [Scaron]alamun"

IV.63.g "OHO Group, Yugoslavia"

1 3/4x9 3/4x14 1/2"

IV.64.a "Helio Oiticica"

21 items
Includes photograph.

IV.64.b* "Helio Oiticica"

Oversize - work plans

IV.65 "On Kawara, Japan"

2 items

IV.66 "Dennis Oppenheim, USA"

Includes 1 photograph, ephemera, clippings re: Ocean Project

IV.67 "Panaramenko [Henri Frederic Felix van Herwegen], Belgium"

14 items

IV.68 "Giulio Paolini"

7 items
Includes photograph

IV.69 "Paul Pechter"

13 items

IV.70 "Giuseppe Penone"

9 items

IV.71 "Adrian Piper"

8 items

IV.72 "Pistoletto [Michelangelo], Italy"

12 items

IV.73 "Emilio Prini"

6 items

IV.74 "Alejandro Puente, Argentina"

10 items
Includes 2 photographs

IV.75 "Markus Raetz, Switzerland"

8 items

IV.76 "Yvonne Rainer"

2 items

IV.77 "Information possibles for Germany (Klause Rinke)"

4 items

IV.78 "Ed Ruscha, USA"

10 items

IV.79 "J.M. Sanejouand"

25 items
Includes 2 exhibition catalogs, 16 photographs

IV.80 "John van Saun, USA"

8 items
Includes 2 exhibition catalogs

IV.81 "Richard Sladden"

8 items

IV.82 "Robert Smithson"

8 items

IV.83 "Keith Sonnier"

5 items
Includes 2 photographs

IV.84.a "Ettore Sottsass jr. (sic)"

3 items

IV.84.b* "Ettore Sottsass jr. (sic)"

Oversize - 2 photographs

IV.85 "Erik Thygesen"

13 items

IV.86 "Giulherme Magalhees Vaz"

11 items

IV.87 "Bernard Venet"

6 items
Includes 2 photographs

IV.88 "Jeffrey Wall"

8 items

IV.89 "Ian Wilson"

5 items

IV.90 "Lawrence Weiner, USA"

13 items
Includes exhibition announcements

IV.91* Miscellaneous Oversize Material

Includes proposal by Stig Brøgger; 3 photographs of works by Barry Flanagan; and 1 work, 2 photographs, and 2 contact sheets (13.5x17") not annotated

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Box and Folder List

Box Series Folder
1 I 1-11.c
2 I 12-25
3 I 26-39
4 I 40-48
5 I 49-64
6 I 65-80
7 I 81-82
II 1-5
8 II 6-9.a
9 II 9.b-11.c
10 II 12-14
III 1.a-1.b
11 III 2-7
12 III 8-13.a
13 III 14
IV 1-10
14 IV 11-23.a
15 IV 23.b-30
16 IV 31-44
17 IV 45-59
18 IV 60-63.g
19 IV 64-78
20 IV 79-90
21 I 83*-84*
III 13.b*, 15*
IV 5.b*, 12.b*, 14.b*, 33.b*, 49.b*, 64.b*, 84.b*, 91*

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