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John B. Hightower Papers

in The Museum of Modern Art Archives

The Museum of Modern Art Archives
11 West 53 Street
New York, NY 10019-5497
© 2006
The Museum of Modern Art Museum Archives
Finding aid prepared by Rona Roob and DR, 1991; revised by Rona Roob and RW, 1991.

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Hightower, John B. (John Brantley), 1933-2013
Title: John B. Hightower Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1968-1972
Quantity: 3.5 Linear Feet
8 5" document boxes and 1 2.5" document box


The Papers are processed to the filing unit level and are organized into five series:
I. Museum Activities and Events
I.1. General Activities
I.2. Dinners and Benefits
I.3. Exhibitions and Series
I.4. Proposed Exhibitions and Projects
I.5. Response to Events at Kent State
I.6. Calendar Appointments
I.7. Fund Raising
I.8. Publications
I.9. Committees and Reports
II. Non-Museum Matters
III. Art Workers Coalition and Protest Groups
III.1. Art Workers Coalition
III.2. Black Panther Party/Martin Luther King Study Center
IV. Correspondence
IV.1. Alphabetical arrangement by name of person
IV.2. Alphabetical arrangement by organization
IV.3. Alphabetical arrangement by state (U.S.A.)
IV.4. Alphabetical arrangement by place (abroad)
V. Confidential Material

Biographical Note

On May 1, 1970, John Brantley Hightower (1933-) succeeded Bates Lowry as Director of The Museum of Modern Art. He resigned on January 5, 1972, at which time Richard E. Oldenburg, the current Director of the Museum, was named Acting Director. During Hightower's tenure, new programs, such as the Projects series, were begun, the Museum's first strike occurred, and the union, called the Professional and Administrative Staff Association (PASTA), was formed.

Hightower received a B.A. from Yale University (1955) and received a Doctor of Fine Arts at California College of Arts and Crafts. Hightower had been Director of the New York State Council on the Arts (1964-1970) before accepting the director position at the Museum.

After he left the Museum he became President of the Associated Councils of the Arts [American Council for the Arts] (New York, NY) from 1972 to 1974, visual critic in arts administration at the Yale Graduate School of Drama (New Haven, CT) from 1972 to 1977, and founder and chairman of Advocates for the Arts (Los Angeles, CA) from 1974 to 1977.

Scope and Content Note

The processed John Hightower Papers (1968-1972) include 1.75 linear feet of correspondence, memos, reports, drafts, outlines, pamphlets, and clippings assembled by Hightower's office during his tenure as Director. They occupy 8 5" document boxes and 1 2.5" document box. The documentation had been previously stored in 4 non-archival "bankers" boxes, the labels from which may be found in first filing unit.

As Director, Hightower's activities touched upon every facet of the Museum and his Papers document Museum events and policies of the period. The Papers include files on fundraising, advertising, benefits, and various departmental activities. They also include reports and notes from different committees, such as a report from the Byers committee which studied afro-american, hispanic and other ethnic art (1971) and files on protests against the Museum by various groups, such as the Art Workers Coalition. Correspondence on Museum exhibitions, such as Barnett Newman (1971), Information (1970), and Tent by Otto Frei, as well as the newly established Projects series (1970-71) are included. There is also a significant amount of correspondence from organizations as well as individuals, notably Roland Penrose, Ellsworth Kelly, Richard E. Oldenburg, Russell Lynes, David Rockefeller, Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr., Howardena Pindell, and Faith Ringgold.


Access Restrictions

The records are open for research and contain few restricted materials.

Ownership and Literary Rights

The John B. Hightower Papers are the physical property of The Museum of Modern Art. Literary rights, including copyright belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assigns. Rights to work produced during the normal course of Museum business resides with The Museum of Modern Art. For further information, and to obtain permission to publish or reproduce, contact the Museum Archivist.

Index Terms

This collection is indexed under the following headings in DADABASE, the library catalog of The Museum of Modern Art. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons, or places should search the catalog using these headings.
Persons and Organizations:
Art museum directors.
Art Workers Coalition (New York, N.Y.)
Hightower, John B. (John Brantley), 1933-2013
Hightower, John B. (John Brantley), 1933-2013
Hightower, John B., 1933- -- Archives.
Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.) -- Employees.
Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.) -- Finance.
Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.) -- Management.
Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.) -- Strike, 1971.
PASTA (Association)
Art museum directors.
Art Workers Coalition (New York, N.Y.)
Hightower, John B., 1933- -- Archives.
Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.) -- Employees.
Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.) -- Finance.
Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.) -- Management.
Museum of Modern Art (New York, N.Y.) -- Strike, 1971.
PASTA (Association)

Related Collections at MoMA and Elsewhere

See also 'Strikes by MoMA Union [PASTA] and Protests by Outside Groups' which can be found in the Archives' Department of Public Information Papers; "Protest and Rebellion: The Function of the AWC; An Interview with John Hightower." Arts Magazine. 44(7):18-24; 1970 May; The Museum of Modern Art Annual Report 1970-1971; John B. Hightower Archive Pamphlet File.

Administrative Information


These records were transferred from Richard E. Oldenburg's office to the Library in January 1975 where they were stored in the Special Collections area until the establishment of the Archives in 1989. Upon transfer to the Archives in 1990, they were processed and made available to qualified researchers.

Preferred Citation

John B. Hightower Papers, [series.folder]. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York.

Additional Descriptive Data

Explanation of Abbreviations

ALS = autograph letter(s) signed in the hand of the writer
AL = autograph letter(s) lacking handwritten signature
TLS = typed letter(s) signed by the writer
TL = typed letter(s) lacking handwritten signature
n.d. = dated information incomplete, i.e. no date supplied by the document [ ] = dates in brackets were determined from outside source(s)
AAM = American Association of Museums
AWC = Art Workers Coalition
EN = Elaine Naramore [Secretary to NYSCA Executive Director (JBH); Assistant to MoMA Director (JBH)]
Exh. = Exhibition
FR = Faith Ringgold
JBH = John B. Hightower
MoMA = The Museum of Modern Art
NEA = National Endowment for the Arts
NYSCA = New York State Council on the Arts

Container List

Series I. The Museum Of Modern Art

(88 folders)

Subgroup 1. General Activities

(17 folders)

Folder Title Date
I.1.1 Summary Contents Labels from Original Boxes

Incl. 4 labels.

I.1.2 Key to Files

1 item
Incl. TL list "Key to Files."

I.1.3 "JBH Memos to the Staff"

Incl. TL memos JBH-Staff ca. 5/1970-12/1970; 1 [JBH?] annotated Staff Association Agenda 9/16/1970.

ca. 5/1970-12/1970
I.1.4 "Departmental Meetings"

Incl. TL memos JBH-Department Heads 6/1971-12/1971; memos JBH-Staff ca. 6/1970-1/1971 re: meetings; 1 carbon EN-Dept. Heads[?] 8/9/1971 re: Aug. 26th dinner mtg.; notes from mtngs. 6/23/1971-7/7/1971; 1 memo Wilder Green-Staff 6/21/1971 re: revised exhibition schedule; 1 carbon memo JBH-Dept. Heads 6/11/1971 re: Capital Campaign Fund; dept./staff lists n.d.

ca. 6/1970-12/1971
I.1.5 "Topical Meetings Wednesdays"

Incl. 1 memo JBH-Dept. Heads[?] 9/14/1971 re: 9/14/1971 topical mtg.; [Jim Rousmaniere?] annotated list n.d. "Prospects for Whom Projects are Needed;" Directors Meeting notes 3/11/1971; notes n.d.; 1 xerox memo Barbara Jakobson-JBH 10/21/1970 re: special event for the Stein exhibition.

I.1.6 "Exhibitions - Sept. 9, 1971 - To Be Signed"

Incl. [JBH?] handwritten notes n.d.; 1 memo Wilder Green-JBH 8/2/1971 with attached list of forthcoming exhibitions through 1972; xerox list 8/18/1971 re: Special Events.

I.1.7 "Exhibition Aid and Funding"

Incl. xerox corresp. and memos ca. 10/1970-4/1971.

ca. 10/1970-4/1971
I.1.8 "Art Advisory"

1 item
Incl. 1 cc memo Mildred Constantine-Charles Hesse 7/12/1971 re: meeting with Peter Price [of Magazine Networks?].

I.1.9 "Fortieth Anniversary"

Incl. 1 TL postcard [John Hoare Kerr?]-Bates Lowry 2/18/1969 re: change of address; 1 TL memo CB-[?] 2/12/1969 re: John Hoare Kerr; Huntington Galleries announcement 2/1969; "see also Junior Council File."

I.1.10 "Advertising"

Re: Christmas 1969 mail-order sales, MoMA television spot announcments, and New York Times advertisement; incl. 1 xerox memo Ethel Shein-Richard Oldenburg 5/7/1970; note JBH-Ethel Shein n.d.; note Ethel Shein-JBH 5/26/[70]; 1 xerox memo Elizabeth Shaw-William Rubin 4/16/1970; 1 xerox memo Elizabeth Shaw-JBH 3/25/1970.

I.1.11 "MoMA Strike '71"

2 items
Incl. MoMA press release 8/25/1971 "Museum Galleries Open Despite Strike;" 1 TL form letter JBH-Contributing Members 8/27/1971.

I.1.12 "JBH Statements re: Political Protests"

Incl. 1 ALS Joseph V. Noble (Vice-Director for Administration of The Metropolitan Museum of Art)-JBH 5/27/1970; 1 postcard [?]-JBH n.d.; 1 ALS E. Rugg-JBH 5/22/1970; 1 ALS [?]-JBH 5/26/1970; 1 memo JBH-Staff 5/13/1970.

ca. 5/1970
I.1.13 "Special Fees for Aged"

Re: proposed reduction of MoMA entrance fees for the elderly; incl. 1 TL carbon EN-Carol Abernathyj (Office for the Aging) 7/1/1971; 1 TLS Roberta R. Spohn (Deputy Director, Office for the Aging)-EN 4/28/1971; 2 carbon TL EN-Roberta Spohn 2/1971-4/1971; 1 TLS Roberta Spohn-JBH 1/20/1971.

ca. 1/1971-7/1971
I.1.14 "Involvement - Political, Social, Community"

Incl. "Requiem by a Veteran" n.d.; "Teach Art--Action" by Lil Picard 6/16/1970; statement Ground Floors Committee, Art Strike n.d.; memos ca. 4/1970-5/1970; flyer Committee For Open Communication/New York Media Project n.d.; clipping n.d.

ca. 4/1970-6/1970
I.1.15 "Environment"

Incl. Polis Seventy Six: in the image of an ideal community 4/17/1970; memo Peter M. Schwartz-JBH [marked "FYI"] n.d.

ca. 4/1970
I.1.16 "Univeristy Club"

2 items
Incl. 1 TLS Michael Straight-JBH 7/6/1971; 1 carbon TLS Michael Straight-Admissions Committee of The University Club 7/6/1971.

ca. 7/1971
I.1.17 "Bicycle Rack"

Re: MoMA's installation of outdoor bicycle racks; incl. corresp. ca. 8/1970; 2 b/w photographs n.d. of people on bicycles; 1 receipt 8/12/1970 for 8 bicycle racks; 5 hand-written notes n.d.

ca. 8/1970
I.1.18 "Book-of-the-Month-Club"

marked "From Rosette;" re: John Canaday as writer for MoMA's Book-of-the-Month-Club Seminars; incl. 1 carbon TL Walter Bareiss-Axel G. Rosin 1/1/1970; 2 TLS Axel G. Rosin-Walter Bareiss 11/1969-1/1970; 1 TLS AHB-William S. Paley 1/8/1970; 1 memo Bill Rubin-Walter Bareiss 1/5/1969; 1 xerox memo Helen Franc-Richard Oldenburg 12/30/1969; 1 TLS Kristin Stromquist-JBH 10/22/1969; 1 transcript "WNBC Television, Speaking Freely," with guest John Canaday and host Edwin Newman, filmed: 9/16/1969, aired: 10/25/1969.

ca. 1/1969-1/1970
I.1.19 "Requests for Employment"

Incl. corresp. ca. 2/1969-10/1971 and resumes.

ca. 2/1969-10/1971

Subgroup 2. Dinners and Benefits

(4 folders)

Folder Title Date
I.2.20 "Aquavella Benefit - Oct. 13, 1971, RE 4-6300 #414"

Re: Aquavella Galleries' Modigliani Benefit exh. 10/13/1971 which resulted in a profit of $19,644.50 for MoMA; incl. corresp. ca. 9/1971-12/1971; admission cards n.d.; annotated invitation n.d.; xerox invitation n.d.; response card/envelope n.d.; exh. announcement n.d.

ca. 9/1971-12/1971
I.2.21 "Barristers' Wives"

Re: Barristers' Wives' Benefit 6/26/1971 at MoMA; incl. corresp. and memos ca. 2/1971-6/1971; clippings.

ca. 1/1971-6/1971
I.2.22 "Damon Runyon Dinner May 7, 1971"

3 items
Damon Runyon Memorial Fund for Cancer Research; incl. 1 carbon TL JBH-Mrs. Bunty Lawrence 6/2/1971; 1 TLS Mrs. Bunty Lawrence-JBH 4/20/1971; 1 TLS Dorothy C. Moore-JBH 2/9/1971.

ca. 2/1971-6/1971
I.2.23 "June 9 Benefit"

Re: Benefit for the Museum's Program; incl. memos and corresp. ca. 4/1971-6/1971.

ca. 4/1971-6/1971

Subgroup 3. Exhibitions and Series

(7 folders)

Folder Title Date
I.3.24 Artist as Adversary

MoMA Exh. #968, 7/1/1971-9/27/1971; incl. 1 b/w photograph n.d. of Marc Morrells "Study for Hanging 1966;" 1 xerox TLS Judith N. Schwartz-JBH 7/22/1971; 1 memo Betsy Jones-JBH 5/3/1971 re: permission to exh. Marc Morrel's Study for 'Hanging'; 4 AL notes n.d. [re: a hearing?]; 1 memo Mildred Constantine-JBH 5/5/1971; 1 ALS William S. Paley-JBH 5/19/1971; 1 xerox TL JBH-William S. Paley 5/21/1971 re: withdrawal of Morrel drawing from exh.; 1 xerox AL JBH-William S. Paley 5/18/1971 re: exh. of works utilizing the American flag; 1 cc carbon memo Richard L. Palmer-HJans van den Houten 7/12/1971 re: The Artist as Adversary NEA grant; 1 cc carbon Charles T. Hesse-Mrs. Starke Meyer (NEA) 7/13/1971 re: interim report for grant; xerox NEA Grant Fiscal Report and Cash Request form 7/13/1971; 1 memo Betsy Jones-JBH 7/16/1971 re: NEA grant; 1 cc carbon memo Charles Hesse-Wilder Green 10/21/1970 re: NEA aid for exhs.

ca. 10/1970-7/1971
I.3.25 Barnett Newman

["Barnett Newman"]
MoMA Exh. #980, 10/21/1971-1/10/1972; incl. memos and corresp. ca. 6/1970-12/1971; press release 10/21/1971; exh. catalog n.d.

ca. 6/1970-12/1971
I.3.26 Information

MoMA Exh. #934, 7/2/1970-9/20/1970; incl. corresp. and memos ca. 3/1970-2/1971 re: 'Dial-a-Radical' in Information; 1 xerox TLS JBH-David Rockefeller 7/23/1970 re: 'what Art means to JBH;' clippings.

ca. 3/1970-2/1970
I.3.27 The Work of Frei Otto/ Tent

["Frei Otto"]
MoMA Exh. #970, Tent 6/7/1971-10/24/1971; incl. 1 xerox TLS Justin Henshell (architect)-Wilder Green 10/13/1971; 1 xerox memo Richard Palmer-Bernie Waxelbaum 8/27/1971; 2 carbon TL H. van den Houten-Wilder Green 8/1971-9/1971; 1 memo Charles Hesse-JBH 6/9/1971; 1 xerox TL David Rockefeller-General Lauris Norstad 6/1/1971; 2 xerox TLS Lauris Norstad-David Rockefeller 4/16-5/10/1971; 1 memo JBH-Ludwig Glaeser 5/25/1971; 1 carbon TL Richard Palmer-Wilder Green 5/11/1971; 1 memo F.A. Sykryanz-JBH 4/26/1971; 1 memo Emily Stone-Ludwig Glaeser 1/7-1/14/1971.

ca. 3/1970-10/1971
I.3.28 "Art and Subsidy, Panel Discussion, April 14, 1970"

Incl. corresp. and memos ca. 2/1970-4/1970; "Lecture Series" 12/15/1969; "Questions for Tuesday Night, April 14, 1970" n.d.; "Partial List for 'Art and Subsidy 1970'" n.d.; "The Great Cultural Conspiracy" by Alex Gross (reprinted from the East VIllage Other, 4/7/1970).

ca. 12/1969-4/1970
I.3.29 "Projects"

Re: budget and proposed shows for Projects exhibition series; incl. memos ca. 11/1970-12/1971.

ca. 11/1970-12/1971
I.3.30 Film: One-to-One

Incl. 1 xerox TLS Gordon Hyatt-Willard [Van Dyke] 7/22/1970 with Gordon Hyatt's monograph 7/22/1970 "The Viewing Experience"; 1 carbon memo JBH-Willard Van Dyke 3/9/1971; 1 memo Willard Van Dyke-JBH 1/25/1971; 1 xerox memo [?]-Willard [Van Dyke] 1/21/1971; 1 carbon cc memo Willard Van Dyke/Donald Richie-Wilder Green 5/11/1970; "Movies: One to One" n.d.; 1 carbon TL JBH-Gordon Hyatt 9/9/1970.

ca. 5/1970-1/1971

Subgroup 4. Proposed Exhibitions and Projects

(5 folders)

Folder Title Date
I.4.31 "Concrete Poetry Exhibition"

Re: Galen Williams' proposed exh. of Concrete Poetry; incl. 2 TLS Mary Ellen Solt-JBH 12/5/1970-6/15/1971; 1 carbon TL JBH-Mrs. David LeBarge 1/19/1971; 1 TLS Mrs. David LeBarge-JBH 1/4/1971; 1 carbon TL JBH-Mary Ellen Solt 1/13/1971; exh. leaflet 2/1970 "expose: concrete poetry" re: Indiana Univ. exh.; 1 ALS card Galen [Williams]-JBH 12/11/1970; 1 xerox TLS Mary Ellen Solt-Galen Williams 12/5/1970.

ca. 2/1970-6/1971
I.4.32 "Eugene Rodriguez"

Re: proposed project; incl. corresp. ca. 6/1971; Eugene Rodriguez' resume n.d.; Institute of Contemporary Hispanic Arts proposal 1971.

ca. 6/1971
I.4.33 "Alex Starkey"

Re: "Underwater Art Center;" incl. corresp. ca. 9/1970-7/1971; 3 slides ca. 1970.

ca. 9/1970-7/1971
I.4.34 "Telephone Referral Service"

Re: 'an information referral service' to 'uncover upcoming trends and problems in the arts community;' incl. 1 TLS Harold Snedcof-JBH 12/9/1970; 1 postcard Susan-John n.d.; 1 memo Susan-John 12/11; "Artists Crisis and Resources Project: General list of categories of assistance" 11/17/1970; 1 xerox TL Lucienne Bloch-Harold Snedcof 11/12/1970; 3 memo Lucienne Bloch-JBH ca. 10/1970-11/1970; "Draft Proposal for a Telephone Referral Service for the Arts" n.d.; "Artists' Crisis and Resource Agency" statement of project n.d.

ca. 10/1970-12/1970
I.4.35 "Archival Survey"

Re: grants from the NEA (Museum Aid Program) and the Noble Foundation to sponsor Archival Survey; incl. memos ca. 9/1971-10/1971; 1 TL draft memo n.d. re: Archival Analysis and study.

ca. 9/1971-10/1971

Subgroup 5. Response to Events at Kent State

(2 folders)

Folder Title Date
I.5.36 "Kent State University Killings May 1970 - JBH & MoMA Response"

Re: MoMA response to killings at Kent State, and public reaction to MoMA response; incl. corresp. and memos ca. 5/1970; 1 ALS Lincoln Kirstein-JBH 5/6/1970; 1 TLS Nelson Rockefeller-JBH 5/15/1970; 1 TLS David Rockefeller-JBH 5/13/1970; press release re: free admission to MoMA on 5/5/1970 in protest of killings at Kent State; clippings.

ca. 5/1970
I.5.37 "Protest Exhibition"

Re: exhibition of protest art in Washington, D.C.; incl. corresp. and memos ca. 6/1970-11/1970; Against the Madness catalog[?] ca. 6/1970; clippings.

ca. 6/1970-11/1970

Subgroup 6. Calendar Appointments

(9 folders)

Folder Title Date
I.6.38 "American Association of Museums May 30 - June 1, 1970"

Incl. 1 TLS Hugo G. Rodeck (Director, University of Colorado Museum)-JBH 6/15/1970; AAM press release "Prominent National Leaders will Address Over 1,000 Members of The American Association of Museums" 5/31-6/4/1970; JBH registration form 4/15/1970 for AAM Conference and attached Preliminary Program; 1 memo JBH-Staff 5/28/1970 re: AAM Block Party on 6/2/1970; 1 memo Elizabeth Shaw-JBH et. al. 5/8/1970 re: AAM Block Party; 1 cc xerox memo Sarah Hoge-Dick Koch 4/21/1970 re: costs for AAM reception 6/2/1970; "Racism, Sexism, Repression, and War: Discussion - American Association of Museums Meeting" 6/1/1970 [JBH speech?]; 1 TL Doloris Holmes/Sara Saporta/Corinne Robins/Nancy Spero (Women Artists in Revolution, W.A.R.)-JBH 6/1/1970 condemning JBH's actions and statements on 5/22/1970, with attached list of demands; JBH "Reply to W.A.R." 6/1/1970; "Joint Proposals Prepared by Delegates of the 1970 A.A.M. Conference and the N.Y. Artists' Strike, n.d.; newspaper clipping 6/2/1970.

ca. 4/1970-6/1970
I.6.39 "August"

2 items
Re: appointment in August 1972; incl. 1 carbon TL EN-Raoul Mellish (Assistant Director Queensland Art Gallery) 6/21/1971; 1 TLS Raoul Mellish-René d'Harnoncourt 6/17/1971.

I.6.40 Board of Trustees Reception ["October 13, 1971 Founders Room"]

Re: invitation to certain staff members to join MoMA Trustees for cocktails after Oct. 13th Board of Trustees mtg.; incl. 1 invitation 9/22/1971; staff invitation list 10/13/1971; 1 ALS postcard Kay Hochschild-JBH 9/28/1971.

I.6.41 "International Council"

Incl. corresp., memos, lists ca. 3/1969-11/1971; 1 mtg. summary 6/10/1970.

ca. 3/1969-11/1971
I.6.42 "International Program"

Incl. 2 xerox cc memos Waldo Rasmussen-Arthur Drexler/Kynaston McShine 1/4/1971; 1 xerox cc cable Palmer-L.T. Dewilde (Gemeentemusea Amsterdam) 1/7/1972; xerox "Round Table on a New approach to the Biennals in Order to Make them More Up-To-Date" 9/5/1971; 1 xerox TLS G.C. Docking-John Stringer 10/18/1971; 1 xerox TLS John Stringer-Annette Dixon 1/4/1972; 1 memo Waldo Rasmussen-JBH/Wilder Green 10/21/1971 with attached xerox TLS Jirí Kotalík-Waldo Rasmussen 10/6/1971 and xerox TL Waldo Rasmussen-Jirí Kotalík 10/21/1971; 1 memo Waldo Rasmussen-JBH 8/2/1971; International Program mtg. transcript 8/11/1971; 1 xerox memo Riva Castleman-Waldo Rasmussen 8/13/1971; 1 carbon cc TL Arthur Drexler-Waldo Rasmussen 8/16/1971; 1 memo Emily C. Stone-JBH 8/17/1971; 1 xerox TLS Robert H. McBride-Waldo Rasmussen 11/8/1971; 1 xerox cc TL Waldo Rasmussen-JBH 9/30/1971; 1 xerox cc TLS Waldo Rasmussen-Martin Friedman 11/19/1971; 1 xerox TLS Martin Friedman-Wilder Green 10/28/1971.

ca. 1/1971-1/1972
I.6.43 "Legislative Lists, 1970-71"

Incl. list 1/1/1970 "Legislators generally unsympathetic to the arts;" name/address lists n.d. for House of Representatives, New York State Senate, New York State Assembly, United States Senate; list n.d. of Conservative Legislators.

ca. 1/1970
I.6.44 "February 25, 1971, Legislator's Reception"

Incl. typed and handwritten name/address lists of senators and assemblymen; letters in response to JBH's invitation to N.Y. State Legislators' Reception at MoMA ca. 2/1971; 1 Operating Scehedule for reception; "Master List of State Legislators and N.Y.C. Congressmen" 2/11/1971.

ca. 2/1971
I.6.45 "October"

1 item
Invitation to champagne preview for Picasso retrospective exh. at the Marlborough and Saidenberg Galleries, 10/5/1971; incl. 1 TLS American Cancer Society-JBH 7/7/1971.

I.6.46 "September"

3 items
Re: Society Japan House opening in Sept. 1971; incl. 1 invitation to exh. and ceremonial opening 9/13; 1 invitation Mr./Mrs. Douglas Auchincloss-JBH 9/13 to black tie dinner prior to opening; 1 announcement for exh. opening 9/1971.


Subgroup 7. Fund Raising

(15 folders)

Folder Title Date
I.7.47 "Fund-Raising - Planning Committee"

3 items
Incl. Planning Committee attendance list n.d.; 2 TLS Arthur B. Tourtellot-Bates Lowry 11/1968-3/1969.

ca. 11/1968-3/1969
I.7.48 "Fund-Raising - Sponsorship Committee"

Incl. Sponsorship Committee list n.d.; annotated list n.d. "Special Gifts Committee ($10,000 - 100,000)."

I.7.49 "Fund Raising - Steering Committee"

Incl. xerox memo Walter N. Thayer-Bates Lowry 4/22/1969; lists n.d. re: the Annenberg Family Project and The Adele Levy Project; 4 memos Walter N. Thayer-Steering Committee 2/1969-4/1969; 1 postcard Eliza-Bates Lowry 1969; "Names to be Submitted to Steering Committee on March 4, 1969" listing 'possible donor,' 'possible gift,' 'possible solicitor;' 1 carbon form-letter William S. Paley-[10 people] 1/28/1969 with attached list of names to whom letter was sent; 1 carbon TL [?]-Gardner Cowles 1/23/1969; 1 xerox TL [?]-Edward M.M. Warburg 1/23/1969; 1 carbon TL William S. Paley-Willard C. Butcher 1/23/1969; 1 xerox memo Richard H. Koch-William S. Paley 1/8/1969.

ca. 1/1969-4/1969
I.7.50 Leadership for the Seventies

Incl. 1 xerox TL Maurice G. Gurin-Walter N. Thayer 2/17/1970; "Outline for Oral Presentation" 2/17/1970; 1 ALS Maurice Gurin-JBH 2/17/1970; draft "Leadership for the Seventies: A National Program for the Museum of Modern Art," by Maurice G. Gurin 2/17/1970; 1 ALS JBH-E[N] n.d.

I.7.51 "Fund Raising Campaign Memo to Walter N. Thayer"

Incl. NYSCA memo JBH-Walter N. Thayer 3/10/1970 re: "Leadership for the Seventies: A National Program for the Museum of Modern Art."

I.7.52 "Leadership for the Seventies: Drafts, Gurin Study"

Incl. memos ca. 3/1970; 1 memo Waldo Rasmussen-Charles Hess 3/9/1970 [marked Confidential]; drafts "Leadership for the Seventies" ca. 1970; leaflet "Thirty Trends in the 'New Fund Raising,'" by Maurice G. Gurin, reprinted from 2/1970.

ca. 2/1970-3/1970
I.7.53 "Leadership for the Seventies: General Information"

Incl. 1 xerox TL Maurice G. Gurin-Walter N. Thayer 5/21/1970; 2 TL Maurice G. Gurin-JBH 3/12/1970; xerox preliminary list "Major Gift Opportunities" n.d.; solicitor assignments 4/17/1970; 1 memo Walter N. Thayer-JBH 5/12/1970; 1 memo JBH-Staff 5/7/1970 re: The Museum's Capital Campaign, with attachment "New Directions for the Future," by JBH n.d.

ca. 3/1970-5/1970
I.7.54 "Leadership for the Seventies: Memos"

Incl. memos ca. 3/1970-6/1970; 1 memo Charles Hesse-JBH 5/11/1970 [marked Confidential]; corresp. incl.:
Delihas, Jim
Hesse, Charles
Koch, Richard H.
Shaw, Elizabeth
Stone, Emily C.

ca. 3/1970-6/1970
I.7.55 "Fund Raising Campaign, Steering Committee"

3 items
Incl. 1 Steering Committee mtg. transcript 4/21/1970; 2 xerox memos Walter N. Thayer-Members of the Steering Committee 5/1970-9/1970; 1 announcement Members Steering Committee Meeting [ca. 3/1970].

ca. 3/1970-9/1970
I.7.56 "Leadership for the Seventies: Printed Materials"

Incl. "Leadership for the Seventies: A Program for the Museum of Modern Art" n.d.; memo J. Delihas-JBH 4/14/1970; 1 TLS Charles T. Hesse-JBH 3/5/1970 with xeroxed attachments re: "Leadership for the Seventies;" 1 xerox TL Walter Thayer-Maurice Gurin 3/25/1970; preliminary announcement, "A Message to Our Members Announcing a Program for the Seventies," by JBH n.d.

ca. 3/1970-4/1970
I.7.57 "Capital Campaign"

green folder
Prepared informational folder re: Capital Funds Campaign; incl. "The Capital Funds Campaign for the Museum of Modern Art: The Concerns and Directions of Its Programs in the 70's" n.d.; The Museum of Modern Art Annual Report 1969-1970; "The Museum of Modern Art Campaign Strategy" n.d.; "The Museum of Modern Art: An Outline for Oral Presentation of the Capital Funds Campaign" n.d.; "The Capital Funds Campaign for the Museum of Modern Art: The Financial Foundation for Continuing Leadership" n.d.; The Museum: an informal introduction to The Museum of Modern Art, New York, text by Richard Schickel, photographs by Dan Budnik; New York: The Museum of Modern Art, c. 1970.

ca. 1970
I.7.58 "Gift Opportunities"

1 item
Incl. 6 page list n.d. of major gift prospects for the information of solicitors of major gift prospects ($100,000 and above).

I.7.59 "Fund Raising - Capital Campaign 1971"

Incl. corresp. ca. 2/1971-9/1971; xerox "Intial List of Projects for funding - September 28, 1971" with suggested donors in parentheses; 1 memo Walter Thayer-[?] 6/8/1971 re: campaign material; "The Program for Meeting the Financial Needs of The Museum of Modern Art" 4/2/1971; xerox draft "Foreward for Fund Raising Brochure John B. Hightower" 5/11/1971; 2 copies [1 annotated] memo Walter Thayer-Paley 2/1/1971 re: The Capital Fund Campaign; xerox "An Outline for Oral Presentation of the Capital Funds Campaign" n.d.; xerox "The Financial Foundation for Continuing Leadership" n.d.; xerox "The Capital Funds Campaign for The Museum of Modern Art: The Concerns and Directions of Its Programs in the 70's" n.d.; Fund Raising Mtg. Summaries 4/26/1971-12/13/1971.

ca. 2/1971-12/1971
I.7.60 "Steering Committee"

1 item
Incl. 1 annotated carbon TL J.A. Rousmaniere-JBH 9/20/1971.

I.7.61 "Fund Raising"

Re: fundraising proposals for MoMA Exhs. [i.e. MoMA Exh. #1012 African Textiles and Decorative Arts, MoMA Exh. #988 Le Centre Beaubourg: A Museum of Modern Art for Paris, MoMA Exh. #958 Romare Bearden: The Prevalence of Ritual, MoMA Exh. #959 The Sculpture of Richard Hunt, MoMA Exh. #968 Artist as Adversary] and other special projects; incl. corresp. and memos ca. 10/1970-12/1971; "A Presentation for the Annenberg Family: An Endowment for Acquisitions to Assure the Continued Pre-Eminence of the Museum's Collection of Paintings, Sculpture, Drawings and Prints" 11/1971; "Foundation Appeals" n.d.

ca. 10/1970-12/1971

Subgroup 8. Publications

(5 folders)

Folder Title Date
I.8.62 "Annual Report 1970"

Re: 1970 Annual Report; incl. draft/outline Director's statement n.d.; memos ca. 3/1970-11/1970 re: President's Report; 1 memo JBH-Helen Franc 11/23/1970 [marked Confidential].

ca. 3/1970-11/1970
I.8.63 Annual Report, "Calendar" and Jazz in the Garden

2 items
Re: 5/1971 MoMA Calendar, Annual Report, and Jazz in the Garden; incl. 2 memos Geoff-John [JBH] 5/3/1971-6/13/1971.

ca. 5/1971-6/1971
I.8.64 "Museum Staff Newsletter"

Re: Members' Newsletters; incl. memos ca. 3/1970-4/1971; The Museum of Modern Art Members Newsletter November 1970.

ca. 7/1969-4/1971
I.8.65 "Spring 1970 Newsletter"

3 items
Incl. "Members' Newsletter" JBH statement 3/31/1970; "suggested topics for article by JBH in Spring Members Newsletter" n.d.; "Spring 1970 Members Newsletter, table of contents" n.d.

ca. 3/1970
I.8.66 "Organ"

Re: "Organ," a monthly staff magazine published by MoMA; icl. "Organ," I(2) 7/1970, I(3) 10/1970; 1 TL anonymous staff memo-JBH n.d. re: dislike of "Organ."

ca. 7/1970-10/1970

Subgroup 9. Committees and Reports

(22 folders)

Folder Title Date
I.9.67 "Acquisitions" Committee

1 item
Incl. 1 TL memo Peter Bunnell-Acquisitions Committee/Curatorial Council 12.1.9 [sic.].

I.9.68 "Adminsitration"

2 items
Incl. 2 memos 7/1969-10/1969.

I.9.69 "Byers Committee"

Incl. bound "Report to the Trustees of The Museum of Modern Art: The Committee to Study Afro-American, Hispanic and Other Ethnic Art" 6/1971; 1 carbon TL JBH-J. Frederic Byers, III 5/17/1971 with attached "Projected Additional cost of Implementing Byers Committee Recommendations" n.d.; 1 TL memo EN-Charlie Hesse 4/30/1971; 1 xerox "Byers Committee: Summary Report to the Museum of Modern Art's Board of Trustees" n.d.; 1 memo JBH-Hans van den Houten 2/2/1971; 3 draft charts "Projected additional cost of implementing Byers Committee Recommendations" n.d.; outline of "Progress to Date" n.d.; 1 memo Waldo Rasmussen-Byers International Sub-Committee n.d. re: foreign countries' requests for exhibitions received by the International Program; 1 memo International Sub-Committee-Byers Committee n.d.; 1 memo Mildred Constantine-Byers Committee 10/29/1970; "International Study Center Report for the International Sub-Committee to the Byers Committee" n.d.; Adrienne Mancia's "Report to the Byers Committee from the International Sub-Committee" n.d.; "Report to the Byers Committee from Howardena Pindell" n.d.; 1 carbon TL H. van den Houten-G.E. Marenoff 6/22/1970; 1 xerox TL JBH-Carroll Greene, Jr. 7/13/1970.

ca. 7/1970-6/1971
I.9.70 "Byers Committee" Binder

Incl. xerox home/business "Trustees" address list 9/1971; "The Byers Committee: Highlights of a Forthcoming Report to the Board of Trustees of The Museum of Modern Art" n.d.; highlighted "Byers Committee: Summary Report to The Museum of Modern Art's Board of Trustees" n.d.; 2 annotated copies [1 [JBH?] annotated] "Summary" n.d.; "Byers Committee: Report to Trustees - February 1971" [ca. 1971]; 2 versions "Museum of Modern Art: Report of Byers Sub-Committee on Community Relations" 2/4/1971.

ca. 2/1971-9/1971
I.9.71 "Community Relations" Committee

Incl. memo Susan Bernstein-Eric Rowlison 6/30; "Notes from the meeting of Artist Relations Committee" 6/13/1969, 6/18/1969, 6/26/1969.

I.9.72 "Co-Ordination"

Incl. memos ca. 7/1969-5/1970; "The International Council of The Museum of Modern Art, Inc.: Membership, Summer 1969" address lists; personnel list n.d.; list "Committees of the Curatorial Council" 7/11/1969; "The Junior Council, 1969-1970" address list; "Trustee Committees" list 1/8/1970.

ca. 11/1968-5/1970
I.9.73 "Coordinating Committee - EHN"

Re: Coordinating Committee meetings; incl. 2 meeting schedules ca. 1/1971; meeting notes 3/31/1971, 4/7/1971, 4/21/1971, 5/19/1971, 6/2/1971, 6/16/1971, 6/30/1971; "Proposals Under Consideration for Union Negotations" n.d.

ca. 1/1971-6/1971
I.9.74 "Curatorial Council Committee"

Incl. tentative itinerary International Council's Spring Meeting in Germany 6/1972; corresp. and memos ca. 9/1970-9/1971; memo Charles Hesse-Heads/Associates of Adminsitrative and Curatorial Depts. 11/9/1970 re: procedure for recording/ acknowledging gifts to the Museum.

ca. 7/1969-12/1971
Binder Title Date
I.9.75 "Curatorial Council Committees" [black 3 ring "National" binder]

Contents of binder divided into 11 sections:
[Incl. 1 TL memo EN-[Committee Heads] 3/5/1971; 1 TL memo JBH-Staff 2/26/1971; 2 [committee member] lists n.d.]
[Incl. 1 xerox TLS memo Jennifer Licht-JBH 8/10/1971; 2 highlighted reports 3/11/1970 "Curatorial Council Committee on Acquisitions."]
"Archives and Documentation"
[Incl. xerox "Report of the Archives and Documentation Curatorial Committee" 6/1/1971; agenda and memos ca. 3/1971-5/1971.]
[Incl. memos 3/1971-4/1971; xerox "Report of the Building Committee - Curatorial Council" [ca. 4/1971].]
"Community Relations"
[Incl. memo 3/4/1971; 2 copies [1 copy [JBH?] annotated] "Report of Artist Relations Committee" 6/30/1969.]
[Incl. 2 memos 3/1971.]
[Incl. 2 xerox memos 5/1971-8/1971; xerox draft "Report of the Curatorial Council Committee on Exhibitions;" 2 copies [1 highlighted, 1 [JBH?] annotated] "Report of the Curatorial Council Committee on Exhibitions" 4/28/1970.]
[Incl. 2 copies [1 copy highlighted and marked "Elaine Naramore's copy"] report 11/5/1969 "Curatorial Council Committee on Membership."]
[Incl. memo 3/24/1971; "Report of the Curatorial Council Sub-Committee on Personnel" 11/12/1969.]
[Incl. memo 4/26/1971; 2 copies "Report of the Production Committee - October 8, 1969."]
[Incl. memo 4/26/1971; 2 copies [1 highlighted] "Report of the Curatorial Council Sub-Committee on The Museum of Modern Art's Publication Program" 2/11/1970; mtg. summaries 5/12/1971, 5/19/1971, 6/9/1971, 6/16/1971.

ca. 7/1969-8/1971
Folder Title Date
I.9.76 "Exhibitions" Committee

Incl. memos ca. 7/1969-3/1970; "C/E Response Report: The 1960's" n.d.

ca. 7/1969-3/1970
I.9.77 Temporary Exhibition Procedure,

Incl. 1 TL memo JBH-Staff Concerned with Exhibtions 12/4/1970, with attached manual 10/1970 "The Museum of Modern Art Temporary Exhibition Procedure."

ca. 10/1970-12/1970
I.9.78 "Membership Committee"

Incl. memos ca. 10/1969-11/1969; [JBH?] annotated "Curatorial Council Committee on Membership" report 11/5/1969.

ca. 10/1969-11/1969
I.9.79 "Personnel" Committee

Incl. 2 memos 11/1969-3/1970; [JBH?] annotated "Confidential, Report of the Staff Committee on Personnel" n.d.; "Confidential, Comparison of Curatorial Salaries" n.d.; "Introductory Remarks" n.d.; "Report of the Curatorial Council Sub-Committee on Personnel" 11/12/1969.

ca. 11/1969-3/1970
I.9.80 "Production" Committee

Incl. "Report of the Production Committee" 10/8/1969; outside contractor figures for 8 exhs. n.d.; memo Eric Rowlison-[Production Committee] 10/22/1969; "Supplement to Production Committee Report re: Point 6 of Proposals" n.d.

ca. 10/1969
I.9.81 "Mr. John Hightower March 11, 1971"

Re: International Council; incl. Program Committee Meeting attendance list 3/11/1971.

I.9.82 "Publications" Committee

Incl. 2 memos 8/1969-10/1969; "Report of the Curatorial Council Sub-Committee on The Museum of Modern Art's Publications Program" 2/11/1970.

ca. 8/1969-2/1970
I.9.83 "Security" Committee

1 item
Incl. 1 list "Security Committee Volunteers" 10/8/1969.

I.9.84 "Staff Ad Hoc Painting Committee"

Incl. memos and corresp. ca. 8/79-12/79; bound "Report to the Trustees: Ad Hoc Planning Committee" 9/1969; "Report of the Special Ad Hoc Committee Appointed to Review The Museum's Policies Regarding the Acceptance of Outside Engagements by Members of The Museum's Staff" 5/9/1968; "Report to the Trustees of the Ad Hoc Planning Committee" second draft 9/22/1969 [1st draft missing].

ca. 5/1968-12/1969
I.9.85 "Special Events" Committee

2 items
Incl. 2 lists "Special Events Committee Volunteers" n.d.

I.9.86 "Study Center" Committee

1 item
Incl. 1 list "Study Center Committee Volunteers" 7/16/1969.

I.9.87 Committees

Incl. various committee lists, agenda, financial summaries ca. 11/10/1971; "Report to the Annual Meeting of the Corporation of The Museum of Modern Art: Special Events, July 1, 1970-June 30, 1971."

ca. 7/1970-11/1971
I.9.88 Committee Memos

Incl. 1 memo Ludwig Glaeser-JBH 10/21/1970 re: Curatorial Council on Exhibitions/Orientation Galleries with attached diagrams and plans; corresp. ca. 9/1970-10/1970 re: Community Committee; 1 xerox TL memo Richard H. Koch-Personnel Committee of the Curatorial Council 10/9/1970; staff memos ca. 9/1970-10/1970 re: interest in serving on particular committees; "Proposed Recommendations of the Director to the Trustee Personnel Committee" draft 3/23/1971; 1 TL memo Richard Palmer-Personnel Sub-Committee 9/2/1970 re: Personnel Manual; 1 carbon TL memo EN-JBH 9/11/1970 re: synthesis of Membership Curatorial Report and Mtg.; 1 TL memo Staff Association-Trustee Committee on Personnel/Curatorial Council Committee on Personnel n.d.

ca. 10/1970-3/1971

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Series II. Non-Museum Matters

(8 folders)

Folder Title Date
II.1 The Arts Reporting Service

["Arts Reporting Svce."]
Incl. 6 issues The Arts Reporting Service, I(1), I(2) 1970 Sept. 21, II(2) 1971 Sept. 20, II(3) 1971 Oct. 4, II(4) 1971 Oct. 18, II(10) 1972 Jan. 10.

ca. 9/1970-1/1972
II.2 Museum Data Banks

2 items
Incl. Museum Data Banks, David Vance, The Museum of Modern Art, with attached form-letter David Vance-Members/Friends of the Museum Computer Network 2/11/1971; "Structure and Content of a Museum Data Bank" by David Vance and Jack Heller, compiled for use in connection with A Workshop on Data Collection and Data Dissemination in Museums at The Metropolitan Museum of art, 6/5/1970 (revised 7/1970 and 1/1971).

ca. 6/1970-2/1971
II.3 "Museum Directors"

1 item
Incl. xerox agenda for mtg. 10/7/1970, 6:30, The Century Club, New York.

II.4 Museum School Seminar

1 item
Incl. lecture, 23 typed pages, n.d., "Encounter in Museum and Art Education," by Irving Kaufman, City College, City University of New York, Museum School Seminar. Sponsored by The Institute For Study of Art in Education and The Museum of Modern Art, New York. Supported by a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts.

II.5 National Council on the Arts/National Endowment for the Arts

Incl. National Council on the Arts/National Endowment for the Arts, Office of the Chairman, "National Council on the Arts Members" and "Summary Highlights, Fiscal 1972 Programs, National Endowment for the Arts" 2/1972; National Council on the Arts/National Endowment for the Arts, "A Partial Directory of American Poets" compiled by Galen Williams, Director, Poets and Writers, Inc., 3/1971.

ca. 3/1971-2/1972
II.6 "Cooperative Museum Accounting"

Incl. "Museum Conference: November 20, 1970 - Suggested Agenda;" "Revised Attendance Sheet, Museum Conference - Boston, Mass., Friday, November 20, 1970;" Museum Conference memo George C. Seybolt (President, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) n.d., with attached "Return on Investment Portfolio;" 1 TLS William S. Paley-JBH 10/27/1970; 1 carbon TL William S. Paley-George C. Seybolt 10/30/1970; 1 carbon TL JBH-WIlliam S. Paley 10/15/1970; 3 TLS George C. Seybolt-William S. Paley 7/1/1970-9/25/1970; 1 carbon TL JBH-George C. Seybolt 7/10/1970; instructions and forms n.d.; 2 "Comparitive Income for the Fiscal Year 1969 or 1969-70" 9/22/1970, 11/18/1970; 2 "Comparitive Expenditures for the Fiscal Year 1969 or 1969-70" 9/22/1970, 11/18/1970; 2 "Comparitive Income Percentages for Fiscal Year 1969 or 1969-70" 9/22/1970, 11/18/1970; 2 "Comparitive Expenditure Percentages for the Fiscal Year 1969 or 1969-70" 9/22/1970, 11/18/1970; "Comparison of Employees by Departments for Fiscal Year 1969 or 1969-70" 9/22/1970; "Comparitive Membership Categorieis for Fiscal Year 1969 or 1969-70" 9/22/1970; "Miscellaneous Analyses - For Fiscal Year 1969 or 1969-70" 9/22/1970; "Comparitive Annual Attendance Records for Fiscal Year 1969 or 1969-70" 9/22/1970.

ca. 7/1970-11/1970
II.7 "Earth People's Park"

Re: funding and budget of "Earth People's Park," an environmentally-oriented project; incl. xeroxed corresp. ca. 12/1970-1/1971.

ca. 12/1970-1/1971
II.8 The John Hay Whitney Foundation

1 item
Incl. release from The John Hay Whitney Foundation 9/17/1970 re: "major expansion of the foundation's principal activity, the support of individual fellowships," [JBH?] annotated on verso.

ca. 9/1970

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Series III. Art Workers Coalition And Protest Groups

(18 folders)

Subgroup 1. Art Workers Coalition (AWC)

The Art Workers Coalition was the forerunner of the Professional Art Staff Association (PASTA).
(14 folders)

Folder Title Date
III.1.1 "International Cultural Revolutionary Forces"

Incl. 7 "Cultural Affairs: Government in Exile" 'communiques' ca. 1970 issued conjunctly by the Guerrilla Art Auction Group and the Belgian Government in Exile; 1 draft TL Waldo Rasmussen-Emergency Cultural Government 6/4/1970.

ca. 6/1970
III.1.2 Community Artists Cultural Survey

Re: Community Artists Cultural survey, coordinated by Tom Lloyd; incl. weekly report form n.d.; survey guide n.d.; proposal n.d.; 1 TLS Tom Lloyd-JBH 5/21/1970.

ca. 5/1970
III.1.3 "AWC - Decentralization"

Re: budget for Community Artists Cultural Survey; incl. corresp. [mostly xeroxed] ca. 3/1970-8/1970; xeroxed clippings 8/1970.

ca. 3/1970-8/1970
III.1.4 "AWC - Tom Lloyd"

Incl. 1 memo Tom Lloyd/Art Cowin-JBH n.d.; 1 carbon TL Tom Lloyd-JBH 5/21/1970 listing names and addresses of the 'black Artists Advisory Board;' 1 carbon TL JBH-Thomas Lloyd 5/4/1970 with attached xerox TL JBH-Seelig Lester 4/30/1970; xerox clipping 8/17/1970.

ca. 5/1970-8/1970
III.1.5 "AWC - Laurin Raiken"

2 items
Incl. 1 carbon TL JBH-Laurin Raiken 5/8/1970; 1 TLS Laurin Raiken-JBH 4/7/1970.

ca. 4/1970-5/1970
III.1.6 "AWC - Alex Gross"

Re: Alex Gross' proposal to 'put together information on living condition of individual artists;' incl. corresp. ca. 12/1969-5/1971; leaflets; clippings.

ca. 12/1969-5/1971
III.1.7 "Faith Ringold A.W.C."

Incl. 1 carbon memo Elaine Johnson-Koch/Rubin/Shaw/Naramore 4/8/1971 re: trial of FR, Jon Hendricks, Jean Toche; 1 memo Richard H. Koch-JBH 1/15/1971 re: 1/11/1971 AWC disturbance at MoMA; 1 xerox memo Roy Williams-Richard Koch 1/14/1971 re: 1/11/1971 AWC disturbance at MoMA; 1 carbon TL JBH-FR 1/4/1971 re: exh. "Transatlantic Cultures;" 1 carbon TL EN-FR 11/18/1970 re: 12/1 Byers meeting; 1 carbon TLS FR-JBH 10/14/1970 re: proposed program relevant to "black art and black people at MoMA;" 1 carbon TLS FR-JBH (attention David Rockefeller) 10/14/1970 re: proposed program relevant to "black art and black people at MoMA; "2 xerox pages from publication[?] n.d.; "What do Women Artists Want" submitted by FR and Theresa Schwartz n.d.; "Conference: The Role of Women in Art" FR et. al. n.d., with attached TLS "Women's Wailing Wall" FR []-Governor Rockefeller n.d.;" 1 carbon TL JBH-FR 11/4/1970; 1 memo Richard E. Saloman-EN 11/2/1970, with attached bcc TL Richard E. Saloman-FR 11/2/1970; 1 ALS FR-Richard E. Salomon 10/26/1970; 1 ALS FR-JBH 10/26/1970; 1 carbon TL JBH-FR 10/29/1970.

ca. 10/1970-1/1971
III.1.8 "Art Workers Coalition Materials and Information"

Incl. corresp. ca. 11/1969-1/1971; xerox clippings.

ca. 11/1969-1/1971
III.1.9 "AWC General Correspondence to MoMA and JBH"

Incl. 2 TLS Jackie Skiles-JBH 1/4-1/14/1970; 1 carbon TL JBH-Jacqueline Skiles 1/11/1971; 1 TLS Vinnette Justine Carroll-JBH 4/29/1970; 1 ALS Alex Gross-Walter Bareiss 1/29/1970; 1 carbon TL JBH-J. Stuart Macdonald 5/27/1970; 1 TLS J. Stuart Macdonald-JBH 3/5/1970; 1 carbon TL JBH-Carroll Greene, Jr. 5/4/1970.

ca. 1/1970-1/1971
III.1.10 "Art Workers Coalition I"

2 items
Incl. Artworkers Coalition's bound "Documents 1" ca. 1969; bound "Open Hearing" n.d.

ca. 1969
III.1.11.a "Art Workers Coalition II & Artists Relations Committee"

[Originally 1 file.]
Incl. corresp. ca. 1/1970-6/1970; xerox memo Richard H. Koch-Staff 6/30/1970 with attached anonymous letter 6/19/1970 re: New York Artists' Strike; 1 xerox memo Bill Rubin-JBH 6/1/1970 re: Artists 5/28/1970 meeting; "Black and Puerto Rican Artists" 2/24/1970 (revised 4/28/1970); 3 telexes 3/3/1970; "Proposal: Eight Community Cultural Centers In the Greater New York Area" 2/11/1970; 1 TL Betsy Jones/John Szarkowski-MoMA Executive Committee n.d. re: Report on mtg. with the Women's Committee of the AWC; "Program for Women Artist Revolutionaries" n.d.; memos re: "the poster" ca. 1/1970-2/1970; draft TL [?]-AWC 1/30/1970; 1 xerox TL JBH-Richard Koch 1/26/1970 re: AWC and Injunction; 1 xerox TL Betsy Jones-John Szarkowski 1/20/1970 re: mtg. with the Women Artist Revolutionaries; MoMA statement "The Museum and the Protest Poster" 1/8/1970; 1 xerox memo Emily C. Stone-Wilder Green n.d. [marked Confidential] re: New York Council on Community Affairs;" 1 TL memo Elaine Johnson-Arthur Drexler 1/8/1970 [marked Confidential] re: Community Affairs Committee of the AWC and MoMA; AWC flyers and statements ca. 1/1970.

ca. 1/1970-6/1970
III.1.11.b "Art Workers Coalition II & Artists Relations Committee"

Incl. corresp. ca. 2/1969-12/1969; re: scheduling of AWC mtngs.; address list n.d.; xerox "A Call for the Immediate Resignation of All the Rockefellers from the Board of Trustees of The Museum of Modern Art" 11/10/1969 signed Jon Hendricks/Jean Toche; "Manifesto for the Guerilla Art Action Group" 10/30/1969 signed Jon Hendricks/Jean Toche; "Guerrilla Art Action at the Whitney Museum of American Art" 11/14/1969; "Press Communique" 10/31/1969; corresp. ca. 5/1969-7/1969 re: 'Artists Against the Expressway;' xerox "Report of the Artist Relations Committee" 7/30/1969; TL list "The Damands of Art Workers Coalition" 6/1969; MoMA press release 7/1969 re: summary of MoMA/AWC talks; 1 xerox memo Susan Bernstein-Charles Hesse et. al. 6/16/1969 re: 6/13 mtg. of Artist Relations Committee; xerox MoMA press release 6/11/1969 re: AWC comments on up-coming MoMA Exh. The New American Painting and Sculpture: The First Generation; drafts ca. 6/1969 responding to 13 AWC demands; clippings.

ca. 1/1970-6/1970
III.1.12 "Artists Strike Meeting - May 28, 1970"

Incl. annotated 'Minutes' of Meeting with Members of the Artists Community 5/28/1970; 1 memo Bill Rubin-JBH 6/1/1970; lists n.d. re: those invited to meeting with Members of the Artists Community; 1 xerox TL JBH-Robert Morris 5/19/1970; 1 xerox JBH statement 5/22/1970 re: strike against art institutions.

ca. 5/1970-6/1970
III.1.13 "Artists Strike 1970"

Incl. JBH statements ca. 5/1970 re: 5/22/1970 artists strike; 1 xerox TLS Bob Morris-Jenny Licht 9/23/1970; 1 xerox TLS Stephen E. Weil-Allan D'Archangelo 5/29/1970; 1 TL Anonymous re: New York Artists Strike 6/19/1970; 1 TL Art Strike-JBH 5/26/1970; 1 carbon TL JBH-Mr./Mrs. Haskel 7/27/1970; 1 ALS Mr./Mrs. Benjamin Haskel-JBH 5/24/1970; 1 ALS Thomas M. Messer-JBH 5/22/1970 with attached "Notice to the Public" re: not closing Museum; 1 TLS Robert Morris/Poppy Johnson-JBH [stamped] 5/22/1970; 1 Western Union Telegram Anonymous-JBH 5/20/1970; 1 xerox TL JBH-Robert Morris 5/19/1970; "Statement in Response to the Demands of Robert Morris" by John I. H. Baur 5/15/1970; 2 press previews The Jewish Museum re: Using Walls (Outdoors) 5/12/1970; 1 TL petition-JBH 5/21/1970; 1 cable Geurrilla Art Action Group-JBH 5/21/[70] and JBH response n.d.; 1 statement by the Art Strike Committee 5/21/1970; 1 memo TL Garry George-JBH 5/21/1970; 1 carbon TL JBH-Robert Morris 5/20/1970; 1 TLS Robert Morris-JBH n.d.; 1 memo Kynaston McSchine-JBh 5/19/1970 with attached TLS Robert Mangold-McShine 5/16/1970 and ALS Jo Baer-McShine 5/14/1970; 1 TL memo William Rubin-JBh 5/20/1970 with attached xerox TLS Pat Kaufman Feder-Rubin 5/19/1970; 1 statement Robert Morris 5/15/1970; "Art Strike Committee Agenda" n.d.; clippings.

ca. 5/1970-9/1970

Subgroup 2. Black Panther Party/Martin Luther King Study Center

(4 folders)

Folder Title Date
III.2.14 "Rick Solomon"

Re: staff attendance list for party on July 23. Incl. 1 carbon TL memo EN-Rick Salomon 6/30/1970; published materials.

ca. 6/1970
III.2.15 "Black and Puerto Rican Artists"

Incl. cable Melvin Edward/Daniel Johnson/William T. Williams-JBH 6/5/1970; 2 releases "Black Art Workers Denounce Art Strike as Racist" 6/4/1970; "The Manifesto of WSABAL" n.d.; 1 form letter Time-Life-Films n.d.; xerox "The Puerto Rican Art Worker's Coalition Indicts the Metropolitan Museum of Art" 6/18/1970; purchase order 6/11/1970; xerox "Educational Program Relevant to the Black and Puerto Rican Communities and the New York City Public Schools" submitted by the Art Workers Coalition Black and Puerto Rican Committee n.d.; "The Black Man and His Culture" exhibit sponsored by the Exhibits Committee, New York Chapter, The American Institute of Architects 5/1970 with notes on verso; 1 carbon JBH-Eugenia Guinier 5/26/1970; 1 memo Bill Rubin-JBH 5/12/1970; memo Emily Stone-Bill Rubin 5/5/1970; 1 ALS Eugenia Guinier-MoMA Board of Directors 3/30/1970; 1 memo Bill Rubin-JBH 4/30/1970; xerox memo Bill Rubin-Arthur Drexler 2/24/1970; many ALS students The Louis D. Brandeis High School Annex-JBH ca. 6/1970 re: Martin Luther King Study Center; 3 leaflets "War Dead;" brochure re: Black Panther Party; 1 xerox TLS Elisabeth Gayle Selver-[?] 5/14/1970; list, "Joint Committee on Defense Production" n.d.; pamphlet "On the Ideology of the Black Panther Party" by Eldridge Cleaver, Part I, n.d.; clippings.

ca. 2/1970-6/1970
III.2.16 "Martin Luther King Study Center"

Incl. "Supplementary Demands of the A.W.C." (distributed on sidewalk 5/2/1970); 1 TL Wood-John 6/2; 1 carbon memo Elaine-John 5/6/1970; annotated "Program for Change: Black and Puerto Rican Culture" n.d.; Western Union carbon JBH-Gordon Parks 4/28/1970; carbon "Qualifications for the Director of the Martin Luther King Study Center at The Museum of Modern Art" n.d.; annotated xerox "Qualifications for the Director of the Martin Luther King Study Center at The Museum of Modern Art" n.d.; cable Tom Lloyd/FR-JBH 6/10/1970; cable Guerilla Art Action Group-JBH 3/3/1970; cable Cultural Affairs Government in Exile-JBH 3/3/1970; cable AWC Black and Puerto Rican Committee and Other Black and Puerto Rican Groups-JBH 3/4/1970; xerox clipping 5/3/1970.

ca. 3/1970-6/1970
III.2.17 Martin Luther King Study Center Endorsement

"Studies Program Endorsements"]
[1 item
Incl. 1 TLS The Brothers Art Shop-JBH 6/16/1970 re: establishment of The Martin Luther King, Jr., Study Center for Black Art.


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Series IV. Correspondence

(92 folders)

Subgroup 1. Alphabetical arrangement by name of person

(22 folders)

Folder Title Date
IV.1.1 "A People"

Incl. "Black Mountain Project" proposal, n.d.
[Adams?], Howard (National Gallery of Art)
Alegria, Ricardo E. (Executive Director, Institute of Puerto Rican Culture)
Alper, Jackie
Amberg, Mrs. George
Anderson, Carolyn/John
Anderson, Warren M. (Chmn., Committee on Finance, The Senate, NY State)
Anderson, Wayne V. (Chmn., Committee on the Visual Arts, M.I.T.)
Annenberg, Walter (Embassy of the United States of America)
Arky, Dr. Ronald (Harvard Medical School, Dept. of Medicine, Boston City Hospital)
Astor, Mrs. Vincent
van Ameringen, Henry, I.F.F.
Ravenel, Gaillard [associated with Black Mountain project], incl. resume.

ca. 4/1968-11/1971
IV.1.2 "B People"

Barclay, Douglas (Chmn, Committee on Mental Hygiene, The Senate, NY) Barnes, Margo Sue, incl. resume
Barwick, Kent (Director, The Municipal Art Society of NY)
Battcock, Gregory
Bayer, Louise M., incl. resume
Beck, Mary L.
Benedict, Stephen, incl. resume of Joe B. Fleming
Bennett, Mrs. Richard M.
Bernstein, Arnold
Biddle, James (Chmn., The Drawing Society)
Bishop, Budd H. (Director, Chattanooga Art Association, Inc.).
Blackford, John H.
Blake, Peter (Architect)
Bleier, Edward (Vice Pres., Network Sales & Programming, Warner Bros. Television)
Breeskin, Adelyn (Curator, Contemporary Painting and Sculpture, National Collection of Fine Arts)
Brockman, John
Broquedis, Mary Josephine
Broughton, Shirley
Brown, Firman H. (Chmn., Dept. of Drama and Speach, Ithaca College)
Brown, M. Elinor, Prof. (Prof. of Art History, Fordham Univ.)
Brown, Milton W. (Executive Officer, Doctoral Program Art History, City Univ. of NY)
Browning, James (General Manager, American Music Center, Inc.)
Bucher, George, Prof. (Susquehanna Univ.)
Burroughs, Mr./Mrs. Eric.

ca. 9/1970-11/1971
IV.1.3 "C People"

Cameron, Duncan
Campbell, Robin (Director of Art, The Arts Council of Great Britain)
Campbell, William P.
Caperton, Emily
Carpenter, William (Center for the Arts at Ithaca)
Carroll, Vinnette Justine (Exective Director, Urban Arts Corps)
Carter, Maryce
Casati, Cesare M.
Castillo, Jose Guillermo (Center for Inter-American Relations), incl. resume of May Brawley Hill
Cates, John M., Jr. (President, Center for Inter-American Relations)
Chapin, Louise
Chapin, Schuyler G. (Amberson Productions, Admissions Committee, The Century Association)
Chase, Cleveland B. (Cleveland B. Chase Co., Inc., Management Consultants)
Cherkis, Carl (Director, College Bound Program, Board of Education, New York City)
Cohen, Dr. Raquel (Lindemann Mental Health Center)
Conger, Clement (Curator, The White House)
Cowan, William, incl. resume
Cowin, Daniel (Burnham and Company).

ca. 6/1970-12/1971
IV.1.4 "D People"

Daniels, Richard C.
Darling, Lowell (Fat City Art Works)
Davis, Howard McP. (Chairman, Dept. of Art and Archaeology, Columbia Univ.)
Derembeis, Catherine
de Rham, Emily, incl. resume
Desenberg, Trudi
Deutsch, Harry
DeWitt, Paul B. (Executive Secretary, The Association of the Bar of the State of NY)
Diamond, Henry L.
Dufallo, Dick/Zaidy
Dunbar, Alexander (Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation)
Duncan, Barbara
Duncan, Fred.

ca. 2/1969-10/1971
IV.1.5 "E People"

Eastman, John (Executive Vice President, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture)
Ebstel, John (photographer)
Edelstein, Leonard
Edelston, Martin (General Manager, Commentary)
Eldridge, Thomas S.
Elmo, John, A.I.D. (Pres., NY District Chapter, American Institute of Interior Designs)
Elowitch, Robert J. (Chmn., The Maine Committee for the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture)
Entenza, John (Director, Graham Foundation)
Erpf, Mrs. Armand
Ewing, Mrs. Theodore.

ca. 7/1970-12/1971
IV.1.6 "F People"

Faine, Prof. Hy (Director, Management in the Arts Program, Univeristy of California)
Fanelli, John (Vice President, Stephen Goerl Associates)
Farber, Herbert J. (The New Yorker Club)
Fischer, John
Flynn, John (President, High Energy Processing Corporation)
Foerster, Prof. Bernd (Acting Dean, School of Architecture, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
Fogelson, Mrs. Allan
Fortenbery, Thomas W. (Vice President, J.R. Taft Corporation)
Fosburg, Linda
Frank, George (Director, CLinical Psychology, New York University)
Frates, Mrs. Kent
Friedberg, M. Paul (M. Paul Friedberg & Associates)
Friedman, Michael (Steindecker, Friedman & Co.).

ca. 10/1969-12/1971
IV.1.7 "G People"

Gardner, R. Neil (for Edgar Tafel, Architect, A.I.A.)
Garfinkel, Barry H. (Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom), incl. "Federal Power Commission Washington, D.C.: In the Matter of Power Authority of the State of New York: Project No. 2685: Statement of Evironmental Position by Intervenor Sierra Club and Comments on Pasny's Evironmental Report," "United States of America Federal Power Commission: Statement of Evironmental Position of Intervenors Town of Durham, New York, Association For the Preservation of Durham Valley: and Intervenors Brooks Atkinson, Marshall Bell, Barry H. Garfinkel, Alfred Gellhorn, Arthur Goldschmidt, Walton McClure, Earl Morse and Agnes Garfinkel," "Brief on Behalf of Petitioners Town of Durham and Association for the Preservation of Durham Valley"
Gash, Emily Genauer
Gash, Frederick (Frederick Gash Foundation)
Gifford, Grace/Howard
Gilbert, Charles W. (Pres., Evironment Planning and Design)
Gillman, Jerome (Public Relations, Richard Weiner, Inc.)
Gingrich, Arnold (Publisher, Esquire)
Giorno, John (Giorno Poetry Systems)
Gladstone, Mike (Museum of American Folk Art)
Glenn, Jack W. (Jack Glenn Gallery)
Glicksman, Donald S. (Deputy Director, Research and Program Development, The Citizens Conference on State Legislatures)
Glickman, Harold (Associate Director, Corcoran Gallery of Art)
Glimcher, Arnold B. (Director, The Pace Gallery)
Goldman, Shewin (Pres., Ballet Theater Foundation, Inc.)
Goodale, James C., incl. clipping
Graff, Mrs. Robert D.
des Grange, Jane (Director, Suffolk Museum and Carriage House at Stony Brook, Long Island)
Green, Joseph G. (Director, Programme in Theatre Arts, York University)
Greenberg, Mrs. Noah
Grey, Mrs. Benjamin E. (Ben and Abby Grey Foundation Inc.)
Griswold, Denny (Publisher/Editor, Publisher, Public Rleations News)
Gross, Alex, incl. 'List of the Members of the Board of Advisors for the Foundation for the Committee of Artists'
Groteclaes, Denise
Gundlach, Bonnie Bird
Gwaltney, Minton.

ca. 8/1968-11/1971
IV.1.8 "H People"

Burgard, Ralph, incl. enclosure from Jim Haseltine
Hancock, Emily [letter of recommendation re:]
Hammond, Flossie
Hanes, R. Philip, Jr. (Chmn. of the Board, Hanes Dye and Fishing Co.)
Hanks, Nancy (National Endowment for the Arts)
Hanson, Mr./Mrs.
Hart, Mrs. Thomas
Hauge, Gabriel
Hawkins Dance Company, The Erick
Heller, Richard M.
Hellmuth, James G. (Vice Pres., Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York)
Herman, Robert (Department of Economics, Union College)
Herrick, Georgia S. (Ibex Companies)
Hetler, Louis (State Univ. of New York At Brockport)
Hezekiah, Lloyd (Director, The Brooklyn Children's Museum)
Highet, Keith
Hipscher, Jerome J. (Chmn., Rockaway Cultural, Educational, Recreational and Historical Society)
Hoag, John A. (Vice Pres./Branch Manager, First Hawaiian Bank)
Hoffman, Jay K. (Jay K. Hoffman Presentations)
Hollander, John
Holmes, Walter S., Jr. (Pres., C.I.T. Financial Corporation)
Hoving, Nancy B.
Hoyt, Marilyn
Hughes, James J., Jr.
Hull, William (Director of Exhibitions, College of Arts and Architecture, The Pennsylvania State University), incl. clipping
Huxtable, Ada Louise (The New York Times)
Hyatt, Gordon (Gordon Hyatt Inc.)
Hyde, Phil (New York State Council on the Arts).

ca. 2/1969-11/1971
IV.1.9 "I People"

Ikeda family [re: Kumiko Ikeda, who worked in JBH's home; some corresp. marked Confidential]
Islar, Albert H. (Lone Star Publishing Co., Inc.)
Ives, Martin (Deputy Comptroller, State of NY Dept. of Audit and Control).

ca. 6/1968-10/1971
IV.1.10 "J People"

Jackson, Nigel L. (Pres., Art Director, Acts of Art)
Javits, Mrs. Jacob [re: Experimental Center in the Arts]
Jay, Eddy
Jond, Andrew (UUAB Organizational Manager, State University of NY at Buffalo)
Jones, Ada Fisher (Assistant Appointments Officer to the Governor)
Jones, Dr. Louis C. (Director, NY State Historical Association)
Johnson, Carole (Modern Organization for Dance Evolvement, Inc.)
Johnson, Ruth, incl. photo
Joseph, Anne (University of Georgia)
Junken, Elizabeth.

ca. 4/1970-10/1971
IV.1.11 "K People"

Incl. 1 carbon TL JBH-Ellsworth Kelly 11/30/1971;
Kahlenberg, Mary (Curator, Textiles and Costumes, Los Angeles County Museum of Art)
Kaplan, Abbott (President, State University of New York at Purchase)
Kaprelian, Michael V. [letter of recommendation re:]
Katz, Rosalie K.
Keiser, Basil [letter of recommendation re:]
Kelly, Ellsworth
Kelly, Frank J., Major, USMC
Kendall, Donald M. (President, Pepsico)
Kepes, Gregory (Director, Center for Advanced Visual Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Kerr, John Hoare, incl. resume
Ketchum, Richard M. (Managing Director, American Heritage Publishing Co., Inc.), incl. resume
Kirschner, Richard (Managing Director, University of Pennsylvania)
Klüver, Billy (Experiments in Art and Technology, Inc.)
Knox, Seymour
Koch, Edward I. (Congress of the United States, House of Representatives)
Kolodney, Nathan (Education Director, 92nd St. Young Men's & Young Women's Hebrew Assn.)
Korman, Rochelle T.
Krauss, Anthony
Krawitz, Herman E. (Metropolitan Opera, Metropolitan Opera Assoc.)
Kummel, Herbert (Executive Director, Dance Notation Bureau, Inc.)
Kunkel, Miss Georgie (Education Chairperson, NOW)
Kusielewicz, Eugene (President, The Kosciuszko Foundation).

ca. 2/1969-11/1971
IV.1.12 "L People"

La Fleche, Duane (Editorial Page Editor, The Knickerbocker News)
Lamb, Dana S. (Ingalls & Snyder)
Lamb, Mrs. Gordon
Lamb, Lawton S. (Ingalls & Snyder)
Lane, Clarence D. (Assemblyman)
Lansing, Dine (Business and Financial Editor, The Christian Science Monitor)
Lawrence, Jacob [letter of recommendation re:]
Lee, William Ming Sing (Copelin and Lee, Architects AIA)
Lerman, Omar K. (General Adminsitrator, City Center Joffrey Ballet)
Lewin, George J. (Stroheim and Romann)
Lewis, Anita
Libert, Jack
Lincoln, William
Lindsay, Mrs. John V.
Litt, Lawrence R. (Project Director, Wolf & Macklowe Company, Inc.)
Lloyd, Francis K. (Marlborough Gallery, Inc.)
Lloyd, Lewis L.
Longstretch, Clara (Conductor, The Master Institute Chorus)
Lorch, Leonard G., incl. photo and history of "American Flag 'Mobile'"
Lowry, W. McNeil (Vice President, Division of Humanities and the Arts, The Ford Foundation)
Luhrs, Doris
Lunette, Donald M. (Director, McGraw-Hill Planetarium), incl. photos of art works
Lye, Len
Lyndon, Donlyn (Head, Department of Architecture, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Lynes, J. Russell (Managing Editor, Harper's Magazine)
Lyons, Orin [letter of recommendation re:].

ca. 2/1970-1/1972
IV.1.13 "M People"

Kendall, George M. (General Director, The MacDowell Colony)
McDonagh, Don
MacDonald, Miss Duncan (Executive Director, National Friends of Public Broadcasting)
McGraw, Mrs. Vincent P.
McKeown, Paul J. (Federal President, The Arts Council of Australia)
McLanathan, Richard, incl. foreign money, i.e. coins and bills, and old transit token
McMains, Charles V., Jr. (Executive Office, Woolworth Building)
Machiz, Herbert
Mainardi, Patricia
Manasse, George
Manges, Gerard H., incl. resume of Francisca E.M. van Kempen
Mark, Chuck
Marron, Mrs. Donald B.
Meyer, Mrs. Eugene, family of
Meyer, John M., III (Dominick & Dominick, Incorporated)
Meyer, Ursula
Michaelis, Diana T. (Program Coordinator, Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies)
Miller, Philena
Mitchell, Arthur (The Dance Theater of Harlem)
Mitchem, Dan G. (Senior Vice President, The Cramer-Krasselt Co.)
Morris, Newbold (Citizens for Duffey)
Morrow, William H. (Alumni Secretary, Mount Hermon Alumni Assocation)
Moskof, Martin Stephen (Martin Stephen Moskof & Associates Inc.)
Munson, Henry Lee (H.L. Munson & Co., Inc.)
Murray, Mrs. Walter J.
Myhr, Dean A. (Executive Director, Minnesota State Arts Council), incl. clipping.

ca. 3/1970-12/1971
IV.1.14 "N People"

Newman, Charles (Editor, Tri-Quarterly, Northwestern University)
Newton, Michael (Executive Director, Arts and Educational Council of Greater St. Louis)
Niederkorn, Thomas (Chmn., Board of Trustees, Center for the Arts at Ithica)
Nields, Mrs. John W. (Chmn. of the Creative Arts Committee, Goddard-Riverside Community Center)
Nikolais, Alwin (Henry Street Playhouse)
Niles, Dalwin J. (Chmn., Committee on Mental Hygiene, The Senate, State of New York)
Ninow, Margaret Howgate (Steiner, Rouse & Company), incl. clipping.

ca. 9/1968-11/1971
IV.1.15 "O,P,Q People"

Carmen [hand-painted card]
Oakes, Theresa
O'Kane, Doris
Orr, Olen, incl. resume
Patrick, C. Mel (Chmn., Greater New York Committee to Aid African Students)
Pauley, Hal
Pekarsky, Mel
Perdue, Mrs. Rhodes L.
Perrault, Edward J., F.A.I.D. (President, American Institute of Interior Designers)
Perrot, Paul N. (Director, The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning Glass Center), incl. JBH biographical sketch
Peyser, Peter A. (Member of Congress, House of Representatives)
Pike, Otis G. (Armed Srevices Committee, House of Representatives)
Pledger, Mr./Mrs. Walter R.
Pollen, Peregrine (President, Parke-Bernet Galleries Inc.)
Potter, Ted (Director, The Gallery of Contemporary Art)
Pratt, Loring G.
Price, John R. (Special Assistant to the President, The White House)
Putsch, Henry E. (Coordinator of Program Development, The Philadelphia 1976 Bicentennial Corp.).

ca. 8/1969-11/1971
IV.1.16 "R People"

Incl. 1 TLS Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr. 10/18/1971
Rasmussen, Geraldine
Rathbone, Perry T. (Director, Museum of Fine Arts)
Ratti, John (Senior Editor, Social Studies, The New Book of Knowledge)
Rebay Foundation, Trustees of
Redmond, Michael (Senior Consultant, Carnglass Press)
Redpath, Norman
Regnante, Frank (Regional Manager, Information Services Incorporated)
Reich, Charles (Random House)
Reynal, Jeanne
Richmond, Frederick W.
Rickles, Joseph L.
Ridley, Gregory/Gloria
Riley, Edward S. (Universal Education and Visual Arts)
Rinzler, Alan (President, Straight Arrow Books)
Roberts, Gail (L.B. Kaye Associates, Ltd.)
Rooney, John L. (Member, Committee on Appropriations, Congress of the United States, House of Representatives)
Roosevelt, Mr./Mrs. Franklin D., Jr.,
Rosborough, G.S., Jr. (President, Board of Commissioners, The Measuregraph Company)
Rosen, Mrs. Seymour
Rosenwald, Peter J. (Wunderman, Ricotta & Kline, Inc.)
Ross, Herman A.
Roszak, Theodore
Rowley, Stephen B. (Mt. Hermon)
Rubinow, Raymond S. (J.M. Kaplan Fund, Inc.)
Ruddley, John (Director, Westchester Art Workshop)
Ruder, William (Ruder and Finn Inc.)
Ruge, Daniel F. (Director, State of New York, Washington Office), incl. resume marked Confidential
Ruilmann, Cyril J..

ca. 6/1968-1/1972
IV.1.17 "S People"

Lane, C.D. "Larry" (Rules/Transportation Committees, The Assembly, State of NY)
Sadek, George (Dean, School of Art and Architecture, Cooper Union)
Sage, DeWitt L., Jr. (Krainin/Sage Productions, Inc.)
Salberg, Murry (Associate Director, Information and Education, Planned Parenthood World Population)
Saltonstall, Mrs. David
Samuel, Harold
Santiago-Dogan, Esmeralda (Tex-Tech Campus)
Schloder, John
Schorr, Julia
Schwartz, Barry N. (Coordinator, Planning and Projects, NY City Community College of the City Univ. of NY), incl. proposal A Touch of Spring
Segal, Martin E. (Lincoln Center)
Sherman, Alexandra S.A. (The MacDowell Colony, Inc.)
Shestack, Mel
Sider, Harriet
Simsarian, L. Kenneth (General Manager, New Jersey Boys Chorus School)
Singer, Arnold B., incl. resume
Slater, Joseph E. (Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies)
Smith, Charles Augustus
Smith, Mrs. Richard V.
Snelson, Ken
Snyder, Gerald L.
Sokal, David M.
Sokolow, Anna (Drama Department, Towson State College)
Solá, María Teresa (Director, Galeria Carmen Waugh)
Solmssen, Peter (Cultural Affairs Officer, Consulate General of the United States of America)
Solomons, Gus
Stanfield, Lee
Stanton, Dr. Frank (President, Columbia Broadcasting System)
Starr, Pat (Publicity Chmn., "Spring Fling")
Steckel, Jordan (Sculptor/Designer), incl. NEA project proposal and slides
Steinway, Mrs. Frederick (Project Coordinator, Arts in Education Committee, Bank Street College of Education)
Stern, Gerd (Intermedia Systems Corporation)
Sternberg, Jonathan
Stettner, Alfred M. [corresp. re:], incl. resume
Stevens, Roger
Stewart, David C. (Director, Special Projects, Corporation for Public Broadcasting)
Stiney, Dorothy
Stoddard, Elaine D., incl. proposal
Stonehill, Mrs. John Jay
Stretch, Bonnie (Assistant Education Editor, Saturday Review)
Strozier, Henry E.
Sturz, Constance
Suares, J.C. (OP-ED Page, The New York Times)
Sudeck, Ulf
Swan, Simone
Swyer, Lewis A., incl. clipping.

ca. 3/1968-1/1972
IV.1.18 "T People"

Talbott, Dr. John A.
Talliver, Franny (Brearley School)
Tate, Louise G. (Executive Secretatry, Massachusetts Council on Arts and Humanities)
Thompson, D. Dodge (Cambridge University Visual Arts Society)
Trescher, George (Vice-Director for Public Affairs, The Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Trionfo, Marcia J., incl. resume
Tuchman, Maurice (Senior Curator, Modern Art, Los Angeles County Museum of Art)
Turner, Joseph
Twentyman, Esther F. (Director, Art and Home Center, New York State Fair).

ca. 12/1969-12/1971
IV.1.19 "U,V People"

Udvardy, Zoltan
Vaci, Maria
Vance, Thomas H., Mrs. (President, The Arts Council)
Vanderbeek, Stan, incl. 'idea for a museum'
Vander Sluis, George (Lowe Art Center, School of Art, Syracuse University)
Van Laak, John, incl. photo
Van Raay, Jan
Vermel, Ann (Hartford Stage Company), incl. International Museum Membership presentation
Vicente, Mrs. Esteban
Villar, E.
Vlack, Donald [corresp. re:]
Von Luther, Sidney A. (New York State Senate).

ca. 5/1969-9/1971
IV.1.20 Vance, David ["David Vance"]

Re: paid expenses for Vance's trip to Port au Prince, Haiti, to advise in construction of small art museum [see also "C People" (Cleveland B. Chase)]; "Registration Staff Summary Projected Through Fiscal 1973-1974" 7/29/1971; diagram of Registrar employees 7/20/1971.

ca. 7/1971-12/1971
IV.1.21 "W People"

Wadsworth, Anne L.
Wainwright, Bill C. (President, Atlanta Federal Savings and Loan Association)
Wang, Arthur W. (Hill & Wang Inc.)
Warnes, Valerie
Washburn, Mrs. Gordon
Wasserman, Jack (Chmn., Department of Art History, The University of Wisconsin)
Watson, Arthur K.
Weinstein, Richard (Director, Office of Lower Manhattan Development, The City of NY), incl. proposal "Sources of Support for Cultural Programs Resulting from New Interfaces between Government and the Private Sector"
Wheeler, David A. (Alpha Omega Fraternity)
Whiston, Sue/Oliver
Whiteman, John (Public Relations Manager, C.I.T. Financial Corporation)
Wilson, Thomas T. (Coordinator, Urban Arts Conference, The Seattle Chapter, The American Institute of Architects, Inc.)
Wines, James, Mrs. (Director, SITE)
Wintersteen, H. Jeremy
Withrow, W.J. (Art Gallery of Ontario)
Wittmann, Otto (Director, The Toledo Museum of Art, Monroe Street at Scottwood Avenue)
Wolff, Jesse D.
Wood, Peter
Woodruff, Hale
Woods, James M. (Chmn. of the Board, Studio Watts Workshop)
Wright, Michael B.
Wright, Nina Kaiden (Ruder & Finn)
Wright, Stephen
WSB, Radio/Television (7-50 Award)
Wurtzburger, Mrs. Alan (Timberlane).

ca. 2/1970-10/1971
IV.1.22 "X,Y,Z People"

Yelvarb, Sue
Young, Colin (Director, The National Film School, National Film Theatre)
Young, Mahonri Sharp (The Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts)
Young, Viola (UNA Shop)
Zinsser, William K.
Zivetz, Herman (Director, Amerika Haus, U.S. Cultural Center Berlin).

ca. 12/1968-10/1971

Subgroup 2. Alphabetical arrangement by organization

(24 folders)

Folder Title Date
IV.2.23 "A Organizations"

American Dance Guild
Arts Management
Asia Society, The.

ca. 7/1970-8/1970
IV.2.24 "Audio-Visual Resources"

Incl. 1 memo Susan [Stedman]-JBH 10/29/1970; 1 xerox cc memo Susan Stedman-Pat Jobling 10/23/1970; xerox Audio-Visual Resources Report by Pat Jobling n.d.; 1 memo RIchard Tooke-JBH 12/22/1970; 1 carbon cc memo Patricia L. Jobling-Hans van den Houten 12/16/1970; 1 carbon cc memo Susan Stedman-Pat Jobling 10/23/1970.

ca. 10/1970-12/1970
IV.2.25 "B Organizations"

Bank Street College of Education
Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences Business Committee for the Arts, Inc.
Business Committee for the Arts.

ca. 6/1970-5/1971
IV.2.26 "Brooklyn Academy of Music"

2 items
Incl. 1 carbon cc TLS Margareta Akermark-Harvey Lichtenstein 8/31/1970; 1 carbon cc TL Anne Goodrich-Edith Zornow 8/12/1970.

ca. 8/1970
IV.2.27 "C Organizations"

Art Institute of Chicago, The
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Children's Aid Society, The
Children's Television Workshop
College Art Association of America
Cooper-Hewitt Museum of Decorative Arts and Design
Cunningham Dance Foundation, Inc., The.

ca. 5/1970-9/1971
IV.2.28 "Carnegie Corporation of New York"

2 items
Incl. 1 carbon TL JBH-Margaret E. Mahoney 5/8/1970; 1 TLS Margaret E. Mahoney-JBH 3/23/1970.

ca. 3/1970-5/1970
IV.2.29 "City Center"

3 items
Incl. 1 TLS Norman Singer-JBH 7/29/1970; 1 carbon TL JBH-Norman Singer 7/24/1970; 1 City Center of Music and Drama, Inc., memo (Dick Clurman-Staff) Norman Singer-JBH 6/30/1970.

ca. 6/1970-7/1970
IV.2.30 "City Center of Music and Drama"

2 items
Incl. 1 carbon TL JBH-Norman Singer 5/20/1971; 1 TLS Norman Singer-JBH 4/27/1971.

ca. 4/1971-5/1971
IV.2.31 "Commission on Cultural Resources"

2 items
Incl. "An Act" n.d.; attendance list[?] "Cooperstown Meeting: November 4-6, 1970."

ca. 11/1970
IV.2.32 "D Organizations"

3 items
Incl. corresp. ca. 11/1969-1/1971: Ditchley Foundation, The American, incl. "Conference on Patronage of the Arts Draft Terms of Reference" 9/24/1971-9/27/1971, brochure "The Ditchley Foundations" [ca. 11/1969].

ca. 1/1971
IV.2.33 "H Organizations"

3 items
Incl. corresp. ca. 4/1970-12/1970:
Halprin, Lawrence, & Associates
History Art and Nature Den, Inc.

ca. 4/1970-12/1970
IV.2.34 "I Organizations"

Incl. corresp. ca. 10/1970-7/1971:
Institute of International Education
International Council of Museums, The.

ca. 10/1970-7/1971
IV.2.35 "J Organizations"

2 items
Incl. corresp. ca. 12/1970-1/1971:
Japan Society, Inc.

ca. 12/1970-1/1971
IV.2.36 "L Organizations"

1 item
Incl. 1 TLS Kenneth Donahue (Director of Los Angeles County Museum of Art)-JBH 10/1/1970.

IV.2.37 "M Organizations"

Mint, The Franklin
Modern Organization for Dance Evolvement Inc.
Mount Morris Park Recreation Center and Amphitheater
Museum of American Folk Art
Museum of Natural History, The American.

ca. 8/1970-9/1971
IV.2.38 "N Organizations"

National Institute of American Doll Artists
New World Productions
Northern Arts
New York Shakespeare Festival, incl. attachments
New York Urban Coalition Inc.

ca. 6/1970-9/1971
IV.2.39 "O, P, Q Organizations"

Incl. corresp. ca. 6/1970-2/1971:
Center for the Study of Instruction
Printmaking Workshop, The
Queens County Museum/Queens Institute of Anthropology.

ca. 6/1970-2/1971
IV.2.40 "Public Broadcasting Environment Center" ca. 5/1970-12/1970
IV.2.41 "R Organizations"

Rehearsal Club, Inc., The
Rensselaer County Council for the Arts Center.

ca. 8/1970-7/1971
IV.2.42 "S Organizations"

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture
South Street Seaport Museum
Syracuse University School of Art.

ca. 5/1970-10/1970
IV.2.43 "Studio Watts Workshop"

yellow folder
"Studio Watts Workshop Learning Center for the Arts."
Incl. pamphlets, brochures, background information, biography of James M. Woods [founder/president of "Studio Watts Workshop"] n.d.

IV.2.44 "U Organizations"

1 item
Incl. 1 TLS Spencer Mosely (Director of School of Art, Univeristy of Washington)-JBH 1/19/1971.

ca. 1/1971
IV.2.45 "V, W, X Organizations"

3 items
Walker Art Center
Winnipeg Art Gallery, The.

ca. 1/1971-3/1971
IV.2.46 "World Museum Fund"

2 items
Incl. 1 TLS W.A. Cartwright-JBH 5/25/1970 with attached description of "The World Museum Fund;" registration pamphlet 11/1970 "The World Museum Fund Inaugural Conference."

ca. 5/1970-11/1970

Subgroup 3. Alphabetical arrangement by state (U.S.A.)

(25 folders)

Folder Title Date
IV.3.47 "California"

Art Index Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)
Brenner, Mr./Mrs. Dan M. (Los Angeles, CA)
California Palace of the Legion of Honor
Houser, John
Perlman-Lewis Designers (Marshall, CA)
Santa Barbara Museum of Art (Santa Barbara, CA)
University of California, Graduate School of Business Administration of the.

ca. 2/1970-12/1971
IV.3.48 "Connecticut"

DeBell & Richardson, Inc. (Hazardville, CT)
Yale University Art Gallery (New Haven, CT), incl. clipping.

ca. 2/1970-6/1971
IV.3.49 "Florida"

Dembows, Dick (Mascotte, FL)
Duval County School Board (Jacksonville, FL)
Lewis, Miss Alice (Gainesville, FL).

ca. 7/1970-8/1971
IV.3.50 "Georgia"

Bliss, Miss Alice (Decatur, GA)
High Museum of Art, The (Atlanta, GA), incl. catalog 11/1971 "Georgia Artists"
University of Georgia, The (Athens, GA).

ca. 10/1971-12/1971
IV.3.51 "Illinois"

American Institute of Interior Designers (Chicago, IL)
Art Institute of Chicago, The (Chicago, IL)
Hunt, Richard (Chicago, IL)
Illinois Arts Council (Quincy, IL)
Krannert Art Museum (Champaign, IL)
North Shore Art League (Winnetka, IL)
Powelson, Mrs. Roger V.N. (Chicago, IL).

ca. 5/1970-12/1971
IV.3.52 "Maine"

3 items
Maine State Commission on the Arts and the Humanities (Augusta, ME)
University of Maine (Augusta, ME).

ca. 6/1970-7/1971
IV.3.53 "Maryland"

Community College of Baltimore (Baltimore, MI)
Martino, Mrs. Leo (Dearborn Heights, MI).

ca. 6/1970-8/1971
IV.3.54 "Massachusetts"

1 item
Incl. xerox clipping NYT 12/18/1971 "Boston Museum Aide Quits in Dispute."

IV.3.55 "Minneapolis"

1 item
Incl. 1 TLS Atherton Bean-JBH 12/14/1971.

IV.3.56 "Minnesota"

1 item
Incl. 1 TLS George M. Reid (Chairman, Education Dept., the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, MN)-JBH 4/9/1970.

IV.3.57 "Missouri"

3 items
Halmark Cards (Kansas City, MO)
Krebs, Columba, Mr. (Willow Springs, MO), incl. photograph.

ca. 8/1971-10/1971
IV.3.58 "New Jersey"

Creative Plythings (Princeton, NJ)
Mid Block Art Service Gallery (East Orange, NJ), incl. attachments
Montclair State College (Upper Montclair, NJ).

ca. 4/1970-6/1970
IV.3.59 "New York"

Blumenthal, Fritz, Dr. (Middletown, NY)
Greater Middletown Arts Council, Inc. (Middletown, NY)
Guild Hall, The (East Hampton, NY)
Henry, Mrs. James H. (Waccabuc, NY), incl. JBH drawing of McSorley's
Munson-Williams-Proctor Institution (Utica, NY)
New York State Historical Association (Cooperstown, NY)
Seidman and Seidman (Jamestown, NY)
Westchester Children's Workshop, incl. proposal.

ca. 4/1970-7/1970
IV.3.60 "New York City"

Alex, William
Gudele, Lynda (NYC)
Hoachlander, Marjorie E. (NYC)
Libert, Jack (New York, NY)
Metz, Mrs. Richard E. (NYC)
New York University (NYC)
Print Collector's Newsletter, The (NYC)

ca. 5/1970-7/1970
IV.3.61 "North Carolina"

Black Mountain
North Carolina Art Council (Raleigh, NC)
North Carolina Museum of Art, The (Raleigh, NC).

ca. 10/1970-12/1971
IV.3.62 "Ohio"

Contemporary Arts Council, The (Cincinnati, Ohio)
Leonard, William Albers, incl. resume.

ca. 6/1970-7/1970
IV.3.63 "Oregon"

2 items
Incl. corresp. ca. 7/1970:
Portland Art Association, The (Portland, Oregon).

IV.3.64 "Pennsylvania"

Annenberg Center for Communication Art and Sciences, The
Bodmer, Dr. M. (Selingsgrove, PA)
Franklin and Marshall College (Lancaster, PA)
Jaffe, Mrs. Aaron M. (Pittsburgh, PA)
Olewiler, Dr. Dean B. (Harrisburg, PA)
Ray, Mr./Mrs. Dilip K. (Philadelphia, PA)
University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA), incl. attachment.

ca. 7/1971-12/1971
IV.3.65 "South Carolina"

2 items
Incl. corresp. ca 7/1970-8/1970:
South Carolina Art Commission (Columbia, SC).

IV.3.66 "Tennessee"

2 items
Incl. corresp. 2/1970-3/1970:
Bass, Mrs. Jack M. (Nashville, TN).

IV.3.67 "Texas"

Kutner, Jonathan (Dallas, TX)
Stone, Nancy E. (Dallas, TX), incl. photograph
Villate, Anthony (Dallas, TX).

ca. 5/1970-8/1971
IV.3.68 "U.S. Virgin Islands"

2 items
Incl. corresp. 8/1971:
Isherwood and Colianni.

IV.3.69 "Washington"

Brewer, Floyd E. (Gig Harbor, WA)
Henry Gallery (Seattle, WA).

ca. 3/1970-12/1971
IV.3.70 Washington, DC ["District of Columbia"]

Harford, Carol V. (Washington, DC)
Kerr, John Hoare (Washington, DC)
Phillips Collection, The (Washington, DC)
United States Senate (Washington, DC)
Washington Post, The (Washington, DC).

ca. 5/1970-10/1970
IV.3.71 "Wisconsin"

2 items
University of Wisconsin, The (Madison, WI).


Subgroup 4. Alphabetical arrangement by place (abroad)

(21 folders)

Folder Title Date
IV.4.72 "Africa"

2 items
Incl. 1 carbon Esmeralda Santiago-Ogan Adiele (Sterling Products, Nigeria) 6/29/1970; 1 ALS Ogan Adielle-The Director 6/20/1970.

IV.4.73 "Amsterdam (Europe)"

2 items
Incl. 1 cc carbon TL William Rubin-E. de Wilde (Director, Stedelijk Museum) 10/6/1971; 1 carbon TL JBH-E. de Wilde 11/29/1971.

IV.4.74 "Australia"

Incl. 2 memos 12/1970-1/1971 re: "American Exhibition for Indian Triennale;" corresp. ca. 11/1969-9/1971:
Australian Council for the Arts (North Sidney, Australia)
Flanders University of South Australia, The (Bedford Park, South Australia)
National Art Gallery (Wellington, New Zealand)
Tribe, Kenneth W. (Sydney, Australia).

ca. 11/1969-9/1971
IV.4.75 "Austria"

2 items
Incl. 1 carbon TL JBH-Alfred Schmeller (Director, Museum of the 20th Century) 12/3/1971; 1 TLS Cynthia (International Council)-JBH 12/2/1971.

IV.4.76 "Canada"

Incl. corresp. ca. 3/1970-5/1970:
Janus Museum Concultants Limited (Toronto, Canada)
Trent University (Ontario, Canada).

ca. 3/1970-5/1970
IV.4.77 "Caribbean"

1 item
Incl. 1 TLS Olive Lewin (Jamaican Folksingers, Jamaica, W.I.)-JBH 3/17/1970.

IV.4.78 "Denmark"

2 items
Incl. corresp. 5/1970:
Rebild National Park Society, Inc. (Rebild, Denmark).

IV.4.79 "France"

3 items
Incl. 1 cc carbon Arthur Drexler-Yona Friedman (Paris France) 4/30/1970; 1 memo EN-Arthur Drexler 4/28/1970; 1 TLS Yona Friedman-The Director 4/21/1970.

IV.4.80 "Germany"

3 items
Incl. corresp. ca. 6/1970-11/1970:
Ginzel, Hermann A.J. (Review of Northrhine-Westphalia's Artists, Editor-in-Chief, Cologne, Germany), incl. draft JBH reply
Mission of the United States of America (Berlin, Germany).

ca. 6/1970-11/1970
IV.4.81 "Great Britain"

Incl. 1 TLS Roland Penrose-JBH 12/2/1971Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon (London, Eng.)
Circuit Magazine (London, Eng.)
Economist, The (London, Eng.)
Fox, Michael (Co. Durham, Eng.)
Jackowska, Nicki (Cornwall, Eng.)
Moore, Henry (Hertsfordshire, Eng.)
Penrose, Roland
Redfern Gallery Limited (London, Eng.)
Smith, Penny (Stoke-on-Trent, Eng.)
Sotheby & Co. (London, Eng.)
United States Information Service (London, Eng.).

ca. 3/1970-12/1971
IV.4.82 "Haiti"

3 items
Incl. 2 ALS Lawrence Peabody (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)-JBH 12/1970-2/1971; 1 carbon TL JBH-Lawrence Peabody 1/18/1971.

IV.4.83 "India"

Department of State (Washington, D.C.)
Lieberman, William S. (MoMA) [memo marked Confidential]
Rao, P.R. Ramachandra (Advocate, Supreme Court of India), incl. biographical note
Rockefeller, David (New York, NY).

ca. 1/1971-10/1971
IV.4.84 "Israel"

1 item
Incl. 1 xerox TLS Dr. Haim Gamzu (Director, The Tel Aviv Museum)-Wldo Rasmussen 5/25/1971.

IV.4.85 "Italy"

Bartocci, Ezio and Carotti, Franco (Italy)
Bryk, Rosina (Florence, Italy)
Tomassoni, Italo (Italy).

ca. 7/1970-1/1972
IV.4.86 "Japan"

2 items
Incl. 1 TLS Hart Sprager (Embassy of the United States of America, Tokyo, Japan)-EN 8/17/1970; 1 carbon TL EN-Hart Sprager 7/28/1970.

IV.4.87 "Mexico"

2 items
Incl. 1 cc carbon TL Sarah Weiner (Assistant curator)-Rudolph Ray (Cuernavaca, Mexico) 8/31/1970; 1 carbon TL JBH-Rudolph Ray 6/22/1970.

IV.4.88 Prague

2 items
Incl. 1 memo Mildred Constantine-Walter Bareiss/JBH 4/20/1970; 1 xerox TLS Jirí Kotalík-Mildred Constantine 4/13/1970.

IV.4.89 "Scotland-Ireland"

1 item
Incl. 1 ALS postcard Binjo[?]-JBH 5/31/1970.

IV.4.90 "South America"

1 item
Incl. 1 cc xerox memo Bernice Rose-Waldo Rasmussen 1/11/1971 re: Alexander Calder,ICE-F-149-70, Museo de Arte Moderno, Bogota, Gloria Zea de Uribe, Director.

IV.4.91 "Sweden"

Moderne Museet (Stockholm, Sweden)
Wibert, Arthur (Stockholm, Sweden).

ca. 6/1970-12/1971
IV.4.92 "Switzerland-Belgium"

Berner Kunstmuseum (Bern, Switzerland)
Galerie Galerie Gérald Cramer (Geneva, Switzerland).

ca. 10/1971-12/1971

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Series V. Confidential Material

(3 folders)

Folder Title Date
V.1 Contribution Acknowledgements

Incl. corresp. ca. 12/1970-1/1972 acknowledging monetary contributions [includes sums].

ca. 12/1970-1/1972
V.2 "Fund Raising - Contribution Acknowledgements"

Incl. corresp. ca. 7/1971-12/1971 acknowledging monetary contributions [includes sums].

ca. 7/1971-12/1971
V.3 "Contributions and Response, 1970"

Incl. corresp. ca. 2/1970-11/1970 acknowledging monetary contributions [includes sums]; confidential list 3/1970-6/1970 of pledges and contributions to the Capital Campaign.

ca. 2/1970-11/1970

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I.7. 47-61
I.8. 62-66
3 I.9. 67-75
4 I.9. 76-88
II. 1-8
5 III.1. 1-13
III.2. 14-17
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