Alfred H. Barr, Jr. Papersin The Museum of Modern Art Archives Barr

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Series 1: Correspondence

Series 1b: Barr Biographical: Honors and Awards

Subseries 1b.A. Awards (Plaques and Medals)

Subseries 1b.B. Certificates

Subseries 1b.C. Oversized Certificates

Series 1c: Correspondence from Mrs. Stanley B. Resor

Series 2: Tributes and Condolences 1981, 1983

Series 2a: Tributes 1962, 1972 and undated

Series 3: Abstract Art, Cubism, and Futurism ca. 1910-1973

Subseries A: General Subjects ca. 1930-1973

Subseries B: Abstract Art ca. 1917-1965

Subseries C: Cubism and Abstract Art ca. 1933-1940

Subseries D: Futurism ca. 1910-1954

Subseries E: Photographs

Series 3a: Barr/Feininger Material 1927-1944, 1956

Subseries A: Lyonel Feininger 1927-1956

Subseries B: Lux Feininger 1927, 1928, n.d.

Series 4: Foundation for Arts, Religion and Culture (ARC) 1962-1975

Subseries A: Correspondence 1962-1975

Subseries B: Miscellaneous Printed Matter

Series 5: Lectures, Speeches/Talks and Eulogies 1927-1969

Subseries A: General Slide Information: Picasso

Subseries B: Lectures 1927-1969

Subseries C: Talks and Speeches 1930-1968

Subseries D: Eulogies 1944, 1956, 1964

Subseries E: Renderings

Series 6: Exhibitions/Publications ca. 1934-1984

Subseries A: Non-Museum 1945-1955

Subseries B: Museum Related ca. 1934-1984

Subseries C: Addendum 1936

Series 7: Political Controversy ca. 1947-1968

Series 8: Soviet Matters ca. 1948-1974

Subseries I: Aspects of Barr's Soviet Interest 1948-1974

Subseries II: Soviet Publications ca. 1956-1968

Subseries III: Soviet Exhibition 1954-1972

Subseries IV: Soviet Clippings 1940-1974

Subseries V: Soviet Artists Collections

Series 9: Barr Writings ca. 1920-1970

Subseries A: Writing for fundraising CA. 1932-1960

Subseries B: Wall labels 1963, 1964, n.d.

Subseries C: Publicity releases ca. 1929-1967

Subseries D: Misc. writings for MoMA 1936-1946

Subseries E: Travel notebooks/calendars 1930s-1975

Subseries F: Barr articles 1918-1971

Series 9a: Chronicles ca. 1929-1970

Series 10: Personal/Desk 1927]-1973

Subseries A: Subject Areas 1927]-1973

Subseries B: Bryn Mawr: Mary Flexner Lectures: "Dogma and Practice in Modern Art" 1942, 1945-1946

Subseries C: MoMA Related 1932-1969

Subseries D: Art Workers' Coalition

Series 11: Matisse 1946, 1949-1975

Subgroup I: Matisse Book 1949-1952

Subgroup II: Matisse Exhibition 11/13/51-1/13/52

Subgroup III: Matisse Post-publication Material 1952-1975

Subgroup IV: Matisse Photographs 1890-1954

Subgroup V: Itemized List

Series: 11a: Matisse Adddenda 1931-1970

Series 12: Barr Picasso Papers ca. 1931-1975

Subseries I: Picasso Catalogs

Subseries II: General Subjects ca. 1944-1974

Subseries III: "Picasso Book"

Subseries IV: Picasso 80th Birthday Celebration 1962

Subseries V: Picasso 75th Anniversary Exhibition

Subseries VI: "Picasso 60" ca. 1944-1950

Subseries VII: Picasso proposed exhibitions ca. 1945-1949

Subseries VIII: "Picasso 50" ca. 1944-1946

Subseries IX: MoMA Bulletin. vol XII (no. 3). 1945 January 1945

Subseries X: Picasso "catalog v"

Subseries XI: Picasso: 40 1939-1940

Subseries XII: Picasso: an exhibition proposed

Subseries XIII: Miscellaneous Oversize Material

Series 12a: Barr Picasso Papers Addenda

Series 13: Russian Material ca. 1903-1974

Series 14: Harvard: Board of Overseers

Series 15: Family Letters and Early Education

Subseries A: General family letters

Subseries B: AHB letters to his parents 1930-1961

Subseries C: Early Barr Material 1902, 1911-1928

Subseries D: Printed Matter: Books

Subseries E: Miscellaneous

Series 16: Miscellaneous

Series 17: Removed Material; Formerly 3g and 3h

Subseries A: Series 1a 3g Material: Recommendations ca.1930s-1970s

Subseries B: Series 1a 3h Material: Fund Raising ca.1930s-1970s

Subseries C: Items removed from Series 10: Personal/Desk July 23, 1984

Series 18: Alfred H. Barr, Jr. / Nelson A. Rockefeller Papers ca. 1947-1971

Subseries I: NAR Collection: Acqusitions ca. 1947-1971

Subseries II: NAR Collection: Catalog ca. 1969-1970

Subseries III: Rockefeller window(s)

Subseries IV: NAR and New York State Council on the Arts