Alfred H. Barr, Jr. Papers

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Box and Folder List

Series I: Correspondence 1913-1989

Subseries I.A: General Correspondence 1927-1985

Subseries I.B: Professional Correspondence Transferred from the Margaret Scolari Barr Papers 1929-1986

Subseries I.C: Personal Correspondence 1913-1989

Series II: Museum Matters 1918-1980

Subseries II.A: Administrative Files, Press Releases, and Press Clippings 1918-1989

Subseries II.B: From Alfred H. Barr, Jr.'s Personal Desk 1933-1969

Subseries II.C: "Chronicles": Painting and Sculpture in The Museum of Modern Art 1929-1977

Subseries II.D: Defending Modern Art 1940-1970

Series III: Exhibitions and Catalogues 1934-1986

Series IV: Writings 1918-1984

Subseries IV.A: Modern Painters Series 1945-1955

Subseries IV.B: Other Publications 1918-1984

Series V: Lectures, Speeches, and Eulogies 1924-1969

Series VI: Subject Interest and Research Files 1920-1978

Subseries VI.A: From Alfred H. Barr, Jr.'s Personal Desk 1920-1973

Subseries VI.B: General Subject and Artist Files 1926-1978

Subseries VI.C: Northern European Art 1920-1944

Subseries VI.D: Printed Matter 1923-1929

Series VII: Abstract Art, Cubism, and Futurism 1910-1973

Subseries VII.A: General Interest Files 1936-1973

Subseries VII.B: Cubism and Abstract Art 1933-1958

Subseries VII.C: Italian Futurism 1910-1958

Series VIII: Feininger Material 1925-1956

Subseries VIII.A: Lyonel Feininger 1929-1956

Subseries VIII.B: Lux Feininger 1925-1930

Series IX: Russian Matters 1918-1973

Subseries IX.A: Correspondence 1955-1974

Subseries IX.B: Publications 1925-1976

Subseries IX.C "Soviet Exhibition" 1954-1962

Subseries IX.D: Clippings and Ephemera 1928-1971

Subseries IX.E: Miscellaneous 1918-1973

Series X: Henri Matisse 1920-1972

Subseries X.A: Matisse: His Art and His Public: Correspondence 1950-1952

Subseries X.B: Matisse: His Art and His Public: Research, Notes, and Photographs 1945-1953

Subseries X.C: Matisse: His Art and His Public: Post-Publication Material 1951-1966

Subseries X.D: Other Publications and Related Material 1920-1972

Subseries X.E: Henri Matisse [MoMA Exh. #492, November 13, 1951-January 13, 1952] 1951

Series XI: Pablo Picasso 1921-1978

Subseries XI.A: Catalogues 1944-1958

Subseries XI.B: Correspondence and Research Materials 1931-1978

Subseries XI.C: Material for Unpublished Monograph 1937-1973

Subseries XI.D: Picasso in the Museum of Modern Art: 80th Birthday Exhibition [MoMA Exh. #705, May 14-September 18, 1962] 1962-1963

Subseries XI.E: Picasso 75th Anniversary [MoMA Exh. #619, May 4, 1957-August 25, 1957 (first floor and Auditorium); May 22, 1957-September 8, 1957 (third floor)] 1940-1967

Subseries XI.F "Picasso 60" 1944-1951

Subseries XI.G: Picasso: Fifty Years of His Art 1937-1956

Subseries XI.H: MoMA Bulletin 1944-1945

Subseries XI.I: Picasso: Forty Years of His Art [MoMA Exh. #91] 1921-1944

Subseries XI.J: Exhibition Proposed 1931-1966

Series XII: Honors, Awards, and Tributes 1908-1974

Subseries XII.A: Certificates 1908-1972

Subseries XII.B: Honors (Plaques and Medals) 1917-1974

Subseries XII.C: Birthday & Retirement Tributes 1962-1972

Series XIII: Notebooks 1911-1975

Series XIV: Outside Activities 1939-1975

Subseries XIV.A: Foundation for the Arts, Religion, and Culture 1962-1975

Subseries XIV:B Harvard Board of Overseers 1953-1970

Subseries XIV.C: Emergency Rescue Committee 1939-1942

Subseries XIV.D: Letters of Recommendation 1941-1960

Series XV: Nelson A. Rockefeller 1945-1971

Subseries XV.A: Collections and Acquisition 1945-1971

Subseries XV.B: Windows at Union Church of Pocantico Hills 1954-1961

Subseries XV.C: New York State Council on the Arts

Series XVI: Biographical and Personal Material 1891-1989

Subseries XVI.A: Early and Family Life 1891-1977

Subseries XVI.B: Education: Boys' Latin School, Princeton University, and Harvard University 1913-1929

Subseries XVI.C: Teaching: Vassar College, Wellesley College, and Harvard University 1923-1929

Subseries XVI.D: Personal and Hobbies 1913-1986

Subseries XVI.E: Death and Posthumous Material 1981-1989

Series XVII: A "Bibliography of Published Writings by Alfred H. Barr, Jr." (Compiled by Rona Roob) 1927-1986