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youDESIGN Activity Help FAQs

I clicked on the "LAUNCH" button to start the youDESIGN activity, but nothing happened; or, I'm in the activity but it doesn't seem to function properly.
Remember that the most recent version of Macromedia's Flash plug-in must be installed on your computer and your Web browser must be JavaScript enabled. The absence of either one of these—or the use of pop-up window blocking software—might interfere with the successful launch of and/or proper functioning of the site. See Red Studio technical requirements above for more information.

I tried to drag some of my objects around on the stage and they didn't seem to move; or I tried to adjust the walls and nothing seemed to happen; etc.
In order to make any changes to your design you must be in the correct layer. In order to change or move objects, you must be in the OBJECTS layer; if you want to change walls, you must be in the WALLS layer, etc.

How do I raise and lower walls?
First, you must be in the WALLS layer. Clicking on an orange square on the floor activates a wall. Use your up/down arrow keys on your computer keyboard to raise and lower walls. If you raise walls past their maximum height, an open space is created before walls begin again. You can use these open spaces to create windows.

I tried to add more objects but nothing happened.
You have a maximum of 50 objects that you may use in your design. You can see how many objects you have available in the lower left part of the activity; or, if you are in the OBJECTS layer, you can also see it at the bottom.

Why did the drawing tool stop working?
You have a limited amount of ink to use. As you draw, you can tell how much ink you have left at the bottom of the DRAWING TOOLS layer.

How do I save a copy of my design for myself?
To save a copy of your design for yourself you may either send it to yourself as an e-card (the e-card will be viewable for 30 days), or you can take a screen shot of your work. For instructions on how to take a screen shot, please see the HELP section in the activity.

For more helpful hints and tips specific to the youDESIGN activity, please see our HELP section inside the activity.

If you are have further questions for Red Studio, please e-mail us at