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Carlyn Robertson | Age: 13 | Torrance, California
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My character is an ordinary playing card, the 7 of clubs, to be exact. This particular 7 of clubs is named Rummy. His world is small, merely extending to the limits of his owner, Richard's, house, but he hopes to change that. He and the other cards in his deck are planning to leave the place they know, to move on to bigger and better things. They are searching for Casino, the Nirvana of cards. Rummy's deck first learned of Casino from a card from another deck. Richard and his friends, the Card Club, gather every Friday and Saturday night to play cards. It was the Ace of diamonds in one of the other Card Club members' deck that had told the Jack of hearts in Rummy's deck about Casino. The Ace told the Jack of a wondrous place with bright lights and excitement, a place where cards were the center of attention. People came from everywhere to play cards in Casino. And what cards they were! Always looking glossy and new, never bent, ripped, or soiled. The Jack was thrilled by the tale the Ace told, and naturally passed it on the rest of his deck. Rummy and the other cards in his deck knew at once that Casino was the place for them. They quickly assigned jobs and made plans in order to leave Richard's house and find Casino. The Ace of spades elected himself as the leader, and went on to assign tasks to the rest of the deck. He chose the spades, naturally, as general overseers and leaders. The diamonds were look-outs, watching to make sure Richard had no way to possibly discover that anything was out of the ordinary. The hearts were given the job of collecting information on Casino, and the clubs, Rummy's suit, were in charge of any equipment the cards decided they might need. Rummy soon proved to play an essential role in the collection of string, paper clips and other tools that the cards needed. He had an uncanny way to blend in with his surroundings, and therefore was able to get items the other cards could not. Rummy loved the challenge, and was glad to be helping his deck. Meanwhile, the spades were concocting insane plans to get out of Richard's house. And so began the Great Card Escape. The cards would try time and time again to leave the house, only to be thwarted by various household objects or the cat. But their sprits were never beaten. The cards were determined, and someday, one way or another, they knew they would reach Casino.