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Yujing Dai | Age: 17 | New York, NY
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The name of my character is JJ and he is 10. He is a half red and half green apple because he is a hybrid from a green apple and a red apple. JJ has arms and legs, like humans do; he has black eyes and a small mouth. JJs body is round and fat, which makes him look like a colored basketball. JJ is not good at any sports because of his thin legs and fat body. JJ loves Coca-Cola since its bubbly and tasty. Also, he loves Chinese food and one of his favorite dishes is Sesame Chicken. Spiderman is JJs favorite superhero figure because JJ thinks that Spiderman is very brave and virtuous, and also helpful to the world. However, JJ also has many worries, such as when he gets worm sick, he has to go to fruit hospital to get pesticide. JJ is afraid of mice because he was attacked by a big gray mouse a long time ago and it gives him a really bad memory! JJ comes from Japan and his mother comes from China. JJ speaks English, Chinese and Japanese. JJ has no siblings, he lives by himself. In order to pay the rent for his apartment, he works hard in a Sushi restaurant and he also works in a library. . Furthermore, JJ does not go to human schools, obviously, because he is an apple, but he goes to a fruit school in Manhattan. He likes to spend time enjoying many interesting things, such as listening to music, watching movies, reading comics, and sitting on the beach. JJ is an independent apple and for that reason, many of his friends are very proud of him. JJ is very confident about himself. He believes that he has abilities to gain what he wants, such as a big white house that has many rooms and a car that only he can use. The purpose of JJs life is to do things with no regrets. JJ likes to try new things and he also likes to face challenges. He feels that it is important to take every chance that comes to him and try as hard as he can to perform them.