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Robert Murphy | Age: 13 | Little Rock, Arkansas
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The Complete Chronicles of Commander Cannonball "Boom! Boom!" All around cannons fired, men yelled, and swords clashed. World War IV had started. Thanks to the last World War, an apocalyptical nuclear attack had left the world's weapon supply in ruins. Because of the devolution of weapons, armies were back to fighting with swords, cannons and the occasional missile launcher. Commander Cannonball was shouting orders to his men right and left, urging them to fight to the death and to never give up. Commander Cannonball got his name for his oddly shaped head. It was perfectly round, very hard, and an odd dark gray color. He also had bullet-like-fingers that even shot out of his hand, and a missile shaped peg-leg which was very similar to a rocket launcher. No one really knows how his body got this way, but some people believe it was because of a strange reaction he had with the nuclear radiation from the last war. It actually turned out to give him quite an advantage, on account of the fact that his head had become hard as iron. On the down side, it also made it very difficult to hold his head up. Commander Cannonball's unique deformity almost led to his demise in the last battle he fought in, the Battle for Mt. Rushmore. When the Commander had stepped on a mine, it blew him over, causing him to fall down. Because of the weight of the mine, he found he could not get up. "Help, help," he yelled frantically. Fortunately, a young private heard the commander's cries and ran to help. He pulled the Commander up just when a RPG hit the ground in front of him. The Commander won World War IV with ease, mainly because of his full body artillery. Commander Cannonball retired from the army after this war, becoming the most decorated veteran in the history of the world after 34 years of active duty.