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Noah | Age: 15 | California
Character: Vikki Gray
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Vikki Gray is in a Situation. Not, mind you, some miniscule situation, like getting lost or being falsely accused of murder. No. This is a Situation. With a capital S. Which means it's big. It all started innocently enough, when two cats showed up at Vikki's house. Then it turned out that they could talk. And it's been downhill ever since. The cats in question are a pair of brothers, named This and That, who just happen to be from a place known as the nihilverse. And the nihilverse, as the cats explain, is the place where everything that can't be is. So of course, a pair of talking cats would fit right in. But there's a problem. Because while the nihilverse is home to everything that can't be, it's also home to everything that shouldn't be. And while everything that shouldn't be is normally kept well under control (dammed up, to be specific), the dams have sprung a leak. Not that that's a problem. It's happened before; it's always a freakin' pain in the neck, but everything gets back under control eventually. Except that this time there's another leak. And this one leads to the universe. Which, of course, is where everything that is is. And while things that can't be coming into contact with things that are is bad enough, things that shouldn't be coming into contact with things that are presents a problem of apocalyptic proportions. Which is why This and That have gone looking for help. And, as fate would have it, they found Vikki Gray, a girl who'd much rather finish the book she's reading than save the universe, and who certainly isn't at all happy about This and That's arrival. Unfortunately, time is tight, the things that shouldn't be are already on the loose in Vikki's city, and heroes are in short supply. If either universe is going to have any chance at all, Vikki's going to have to trust the feline duo and find a way to stop this mess. And because of all this, Vikki Gray is in a Situation. With a capital S.