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Jordan | Age: 17 | Maryland
Character: Super Star
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Super star. At an early age stars set out on a journey, much like the one we as humans do. They desire love, wealth and safety to achieve the ultimate happiness. To reach such lengths the star must be strong, determined and self- disciplined. They must not be greedy, deceitful nor selfish, they must give it their all. On one September eve, Charlie a little star born of the Star Of Watz was that of a different kind. He wasn't as bright as the other stars, in both aspects of the word. Yet his disability and the fact that he was dimmer than the rest wasn't going to stand in the way of greatness. One day Charlie was determined: he ate proteins, he drank water he exercised until his body couldn't take anymore. He got the necessary equipment and outfit for the starting line of the big journey, but it wasn't quite what he expected when Charlie got there. Charlie cowered as the crowd stared. You could hear a raindrop hitting the pavement from below in the silence. But again, Charlie ignored the negative and remained at his spot on the starting line. The silence soon turned into a chuckle from the audience, which then developed into a loud roar from every person in the stands. Tears came streaming down Charlie's cheeks, and immediately the starting shot was fired. As Charlie traveled through the sky the other contestants ran into him as they passed, Charlie was about to quit when he then noticed a blinking figure ahead. It was Laurence, a fellow contestant! Laurence was injured and couldn't go on. Charlie then put him on his back and continued the race for the both of them. They came to the finish line an hour after the rest to loud cheers from the audience. Because Charlie was so selfless he was awarded a metal, and from now on marked the beginning of a Super Star!