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Rachel | Age: 14 | Connecticut
Character: Mandy
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For the first 7 years of her life, Mandy attended the only Elementary School available to the youths of Dudley Town, Dudley Elementary. But the school was not ordinary. Mandy, along with many other of her young class mates experienced violent nightmares during their nap times. Others heard strange noises emanating from the insides of the walls. The school was shut down after one of the students fell into a coma during a trip to the water fountain. The witnesses of the tragedy were thrown into a catatonic state and sent to a nearby institution. Now, years later, Mandy is a confident 11 year old with good grades and an active participant in track and field. She leads the normal life of a preteen and seems fearless to any obstacle. But the night after the town announces they will be tearing down Dudley Elementary to make way for a parking lot, Mandy has a shocking nightmare that she hasn?t experienced since she left the school. Not only that but her old classmates have been found in comas. Mandy begins to get migraines and fevers as the destruction day moves closer. She realizes that the only way to rescue her friends? and much of Dudley towns youths and even her own sanity is to face the school itself. Armed with a flashlight and a her usual adolescent bravado, she slowly makes her way threw the dimly lit school in search of its most dangerous secret, and to stop the madness once and for all.