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Kasey | Age: 17 | New York
Character: Elizabeth "Haxx" Istabell
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Tack-tack-tick-tack-tack? Skilled, calloused fingers fly over rows of quadrate keys on an illuminated keyboard, tapping out a beat of their own. Lines upon lines of code flicker on a monitor and a pink tongue darts out between cracked and dry lips in concentration. ?Just a few lines more?and?finished!? Her chair squeaks a protest as she leans back to she scrutinize her work. ?This script should do it?? Elizabeth ?Haxx? Istabell finds herself stifling a large yawn. She had been up most of the night writing scripts for her latest ?commission.? Closing her eyes for a moment she recalls the message that had come to her the day before. It was from a megalomaniac CEO from a large software cooperation located somewhere in Europe. He had told her he wanted a tool to use to exploit their rival company?s newest software developments. ?Typical,? Elizabeth thinks disdainfully, ?These companies have no originality?they simply clone each others source codes anymore..? Scrolling through her previous two hours work a few more times she finds it fit for the job and saves it one last time. ?My kind seems to be a dying breed.? Smiling softly to herself she rises with a groan and stretches stiff limbs. Extinguishing the urge to yawn once more she makes sure to run her self written encryption program before retiring to bed, which was simply a mattress thrown haphazardly in a corner of her small apartment. Computers dominate the entire apartment, twelve systems in total. This is ?Haxx?s? haven, doubling as her place of work and her home. ?See?I?m making it?on my own? Flopping down face first onto her bed, Haxx finds herself sound asleep. **** Born in 1983 to the extremely rich Zachary and Nancy Istabell, Haxx found herself ostracized from society from an early age. Due to a birth defect, Haxx is completely blind in her right eye. While she can see out of her left eye, her sight is weak and she must wear a monocle. Her young life was secluded and lonely. Her father was never around, and her mother was too ditsy to understand what a child really needed. But when she got her little hands on her first computer, a top of the line SHARP X86000 Super, her life changed forever. The computer became her only friend and her source of information and endless amusement. As she matured she began to learn scripting, programming, and eventually hacking. She became determined to make it on her own, without her parents help, though they have had to bail her out of some sticky situations with the law. Haxx lacks social skills, but has a robust, sarcastic personality which often tends to get her into trouble. She isn?t a bad person, but she simply follows her own rules and will do a job for just about anyone as long as she receives payment for her work.