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Kayleigh | Age: 17 | Ohio
Character: Fred
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Fred was once a normal man, but was randomly captured off the street by a scientist and operated on for an experiment. The scientist intended on transforming humans into mechanic life forms in order to make the world a better place, kind of like robots. However, Fred's creator died before Fred was finished and he is now forced to live as part human and part machine. His head was attached to a metal skeleton of a spider. He has four metal legs with one joint in each leg and is about the size of a dog. He was supposed to be changed into a smart spider that would exterminate bugs. However, because of his horrible experience with the experiment and the fact that it was never finished, he is now an agoraphobic and lives alone with his friend Billy, who was also operated on and never finished. As far as he knows, Fred believes that he and Billy are the only results of this experiment that currently exist. Fred lives as an angry and often frustrated individual, unlike his friend Billy who chooses to be outspoken and happy all of the time. Fred chooses to live in a well cleaned, abandoned home in the country in peace. The comic takes place in the future. This comic character is made to show comedy between Fred and his annoying friend, Billy (featured on the image of Fred in his environment). It focuses on Fred's life and his encounters with everyday situations. The comic basically pokes fun at life.