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George | Age: 15 | Ohio
Character: Mrs. Betty Neptune
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Mrs. Betty Neptune; ex-Neptunian Warrior Princess; Wife of King Neptune; Queen of all Neptunians; Conqueror of dirty underwear; and fulltime stay-at-home mother of 500,000 Neptunian babies (and growing). Betty Neptune is the ideal mother. This is quite possibly because she gave up all hope of keeping a clean house hundreds of years ago after her 240 thousandth baby. Yet, Betty keeps a smile on her face all day long, even after changing a seemingly infinite amount of dirty diapers. Although Betty lives on Neptune, her real environment consists of the massive rooms and endless hallways of the Neptunian Space Fortress. Being a stay at home mother is no easy job for Betty, as she constantly has to risk her life in fierce battles against mutant space laundry, kidnappers from Jupiter, and massive grocery bills. Betty's job is not over when the ferocious King Neptune returns to the Fortress after work. Betty must capture and bring back at least 100 virgins from planet Earth in order to quench the bloodthirsty hunger of her husband. If she fails to complete this task, she is forced to ward off her husband from devouring their own brood. If Betty finds herself to be overly stressed out that day, she will occasionally allow King Neptune to consume a small amount of the younglings, but only for the sake of keeping her offspring in check. Betty Neptune is a role model to all mothers. Her attitude shouts "I love my children", yet at the same time declares "I could care less". This gives her spunk, and allows her to be the ultimate stay at home warrior-mother. Whether it's washing the dishes, dusting, killing space aliens, or throwing dirty underwear in the wash, Betty gets the job done with zest. And occasionally, violence. But mostly zest.