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Lane | Age: 15 | Connecticut
Character: Howie
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Tad Tingley, renowned roving reporter, recently traveled to New York City to cover the Red Studio Character Sketch Contest at MoMA. There he ran into many interesting characters but none caught his attention quite so much as Howie, a mole who apparently has dreams to fly. Tad managed to sit down with Howie for a few minutes and the following conversation occurred.
Q: So Howie, what was life like for you before you discovered your dream of flight?
A: Well, Tad, I was a timid, hard-working mole living like any other mole. I worked in the mine digging tunnels that went nowhere. I slept whenever I wasn't working. When I slept I dreamed of light and color and wind but when I told my dreams to my friends they looked at me with blanks stares. I didn't realize it then but my dreams were of flight.
Q: And how did you realize that you wanted to fly?
A: Well, I was exiting the mine to go to the living tunnels for some sleep. As I was walking through the grass I looked up and saw a blurry plane fly across the sky (you know, we moles don?t see so well). Suddenly, I knew what I wanted in life. I wanted to fly. I didn?t want to spend the rest of my days underground. I wanted to soar through the air. From then on I donned a fighter pilot's hat and dreamed of nothing but the wind rippling through my fur.
Q: Did you tell anyone about this?
A: Definitely not. The other moles are very scared of anything to do with the sky. They like to stay underground as much as possible. However, I did start to get strange looks from the other moles because of my hat.
Q: Yeah I wanted to ask you about that hat. What's with the bandage on it?
A: Ha-ha, you should see the bruises under the hat! Although I do crash a lot in my work, this was a particularly unfortunate incident because I never actually made it off the ground. I tripped on a rock, stubbed my toe, somersaulted over a bush and my hat got impaled on a branch!!
Q: Okay, well how did life change for you once you discovered your obsession with flight?
A: I'm a bachelor so I have more free time than the family guys, but sometimes my digging buddies frown at me because I spend more and more of my time on things that they think are "unmole-like". And I miss meals too! (Although, obviously not too many as you can see). I spend all of my time either planning my own flying machine or staring at the sky and birds. I am never bored!
Q: Thanks for your time Howie and best of luck in pursuing your dream.
A: Thanks, Tad. Don't worry about me. You'll see me flying some day soon.