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The youDESIGN contest is now closed but you can still use the youDESIGN activity and send your design as an e-card.

The Museum of Modern Art is very proud to present the winners of Red Studio's first online competition, youDESIGN. The three prize winners met the following contest criteria: 1) a check-in area for visitors; 2) a place for students to relax, study, or socialize between classes; 3) a way to display the school's daily announcements; and 4) a well-thought-out descriptive essay. Thanks to all who participated. Several impressive entries successfully combined the function of the school lobby with thoughtful design.

You can still check out the youDESIGN activity and try your hand at designing an ideal room (walls of water? glittering chairs?). You can even send it as an e-card.

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Shay Merritte | Age: 17 | St. Louis, Missouri

1st Prize:
Choice of either:
$500 gift certificate at the Online MoMA Store and $500 gift certificate to
$1,000 gift certificate for a computer at J&R Music and Computer World


Julia Bowman | Age: 13 | Hailey, Idaho

2nd Prize:
$250 gift certificate at the MoMA Online Store and $250 gift certificate to


Kevin James | Age: 15 | Brooklyn, New York

3rd Prize:
$125 gift certificate at the MoMA Online Store and $125 gift certificate to

Try your hand at the youDESIGN activity!

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