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Kevin James | Age: 15 | Brooklyn, New York
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The word "technology" has been misconceived by many people. To many, technology is anything made by electrical, gas, and last solar. The true meaning of the word is that technology is the science or study of the practical or industrial arts. The keyword is practical; practical also means convenient. However many critics say that nature and technology cannot coexist under one world saying that technology, the convenience in our lives, would eliminate nature. Some ways they believe that technology would eliminate nature is the gas that escapes cars we drive. But really technology started out as things that were made out of nature. Like for instance early humans used sticks that came from trees and stones from the ground to make spears for hunting animals. But my project shows how technology and nature can coexist as one.

In my project I show the fusion of technology and nature. First as you walk into the lobby, you will see long, gleaming tables made of the finest stones and formed into mosaics like the ones found in train stations. Some seats look just like the tables and other seats are shaped to look like metal bolts. Then as you look down, you see a tiled floor that leads toward the reception desk. At the top of the reception desk you see three speakers that look like globes. It gives you the realistic view of hearing the morning news through the globes as if the world is calling out to you. Lastly, on each side of the reception desk flat-screen TVs will show upcoming events in the school. To many, technology is a danger to nature but in my point of view technology and nature can coexist because they can live off of each other as a unified coalition.