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Contemporary Art in Context

29 February to 6 March 1988

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MoMA Staff

Riva Castleman  American, 1930–2014


Anna Blume
German, born 1937
2 exhibitions
Bernhard Blume
German, born 1937
2 exhibitions
Mario Botta
Swiss, born 1943
3 exhibitions
Günter Brus
Austrian, born 1938
5 exhibitions
Miriam Cahn
Swiss, born 1949
4 exhibitions
Richard Deacon
British, born 1949
4 exhibitions
Carroll Dunham
American, born 1949
6 exhibitions
Joel Fisher
American, born 1947
5 exhibitions
Rebecca Horn
German, born 1944
4 exhibitions
Bill Jensen
American, born 1945
7 exhibitions
Jon Kessler
American, born 1957
3 exhibitions
Win Knowlton
American, born 1953
2 exhibitions
Reagan Louie
American, born 1951
2 exhibitions
Joan Nelson
American, born 1958
2 exhibitions
Brian Rose
American, born 1954
1 exhibition
David Salle
American, born 1952
9 exhibitions
Michel Sauer
German, born 1949
1 exhibition

New York Times Review of the exhibition


6 March 1988


LEAD: The cultural highlights in Europe this spring and summer range from two new festivals in London to a new museum in Haarlem, the Netherlands, to an exhibition in Venice about the Phoenicians. This listing was compiled by Carol Plum based on reports from New York Times bureaus in London, Paris, Bonn, Rome and Madrid.

New York Times • page 31 • 7,655 words