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Useful Objects

21 November 1945 to 6 January 1946

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Alvar Aalto
Finnish, 1898–1976
19 exhibitions
Almo, New York
2 exhibitions
American Optical Corp., Southbridge, MA
American, established 1850
3 exhibitions
B.W. Photo Utilities
1 exhibition
Baby World Co.
1 exhibition
Bachman Bros. Inc.
1 exhibition
Cambridge Glass Company, Cambridge, OH
American, 1873–1958
6 exhibitions
Ekco Products Co., Chicago, IL
American, est. 1888
10 exhibitions
Frank Paper Products
1 exhibition
Guilford Art Company
2 exhibitions
A.H. Heisey & Co., Newark, Ohio
American, established 1896
4 exhibitions
Just Plastics, Inc.
1 exhibition
Kampa Mfg. Co.
2 exhibitions
Klein's Gift Shop
1 exhibition
Precision Products Co.
2 exhibitions
Reynolds Metals Company
2 exhibitions
William J. Russell
2 exhibitions
Swift & Anderson, Inc., Boston, MA
5 exhibitions
Mario H.G. Torres
2 exhibitions
Trippe Mfg. Co.
1 exhibition
Venus Corp.
2 exhibitions
Yorkville Novelty Co.
1 exhibition
Zippo Mfg. Co.
1 exhibition

New York Times Review of the exhibition


21 November 1945

MUSEUM TO HONOR TRADE DESIGNERS; Modern Art Awards to Go to 3 Each Year for Excellence in Manufactured Goods FIRST LISTING NEXT FALL 134 Items Included in Annual Display of Useful Objects, Now Open to Public 134 Items on Display

A new kind of "seal of approval" to be awarded on the basis of how a thing looks rather than how it works will be authorized by the Museum of Modern Art for application in 1946 to consumer goods recommended for their design excellence, Eliot Noyes, director of the museum's department of industrial design, announced yesterday.

New York Times • page 18 • 783 words