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Untitled I

9 March to 15 May 1971

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Benny Andrews
American, 1930–2006
4 exhibitions
Marvin Brown
1 exhibition
Cynthia Carlson
2 exhibitions
John Clem Clarke
American, born 1937
4 exhibitions
Richard Estes
American, born 1936
6 exhibitions
Ralph Goings
American, born 1928
1 exhibition
Richard Haas
American, born 1936
7 exhibitions
Ira Joel Haber
born 1947
2 exhibitions
Richard McLean
American, born 1934
2 exhibitions
Malcolm Morley
American, born Great Britain 1931
10 exhibitions
Gordon Newton
American, born 1948
1 exhibition
Emmanuel Pereire
born 1930
3 exhibitions
John Salt
British, born 1937
1 exhibition
William Schwedler
American, 1942–1982
1 exhibition
Marjorie Strider
2 exhibitions
Bob Thompson
American, 1937–1965
1 exhibition
Christopher Wilmarth
American, 1943–1987
7 exhibitions
Peter Young
American, born 1940
1 exhibition
Tom Kovachevich
1 exhibition
Phil Sievert
1 exhibition

New York Times Review of the exhibition


21 February 1971

Gertrude Stein In Pieces; By Richard Bridgman. 411 pp. New York: Oxford University Press. $12.50. Gertrude Stein

By Richard HOWARD

Splendid instances of cultural appropriation -- first Al Carmines's off-Broadway production of "In Circles," then the Museum of Modern Art show of the Stein family's acquisitions in Paris, latterly the 90-minute profile of Gertrude Stein's long life on a national television network -- such manifestations are cheery enough, though sometimes teary, testimonials to a legend, memorials of an energetic ego-impresario and amour-proprietaire, the Grandest Mannerist of the self since Mme. de Stael.

New York Times • page BR5 • 1,407 words