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The Christmas Show

23 November 1971 to 9 January 1972

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Alan Cote
American, born 1937
5 exhibitions
Anton van Dalen
American, born 1938
2 exhibitions
Porfirio DiDonna
American, 1942–1986
1 exhibition
Mario Dubsky
English, born 1939
1 exhibition
John Kacere
American, 1920–1999
1 exhibition
Douglas Leichter
1 exhibition
John Pearson
American, born 1940
1 exhibition
Harvey Quaytman
American, 1937–2002
2 exhibitions
Murray Reich
1 exhibition
Jim Sullivan
1 exhibition
Wayne Thiebaud
American, born 1920
7 exhibitions
Merrill Wagner
1 exhibition
Jeffrey Weinstein
1 exhibition
William T. Williams
American, born 1942
1 exhibition

New York Times Review of the exhibition


21 November 1971

Rohmer's formula: Boy Talks With Girl, Boy Argues With Girl, Boy Says...; Rohmer's formula

By Melton S. DAVIS

PARIS. IN the four decades since the motion picture found its voice, few film makers have used it as intelligently as a Frenchman of uncertain identity and obscure habits. Although the pictures he writes and directs have brought him international attention, he avoids festivals, parties and press conferences, affecting disguise

New York Times • page SM38 • 5,553 words