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Glamour Portraits

2 August to 19 September 1965

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MoMA Staff

John Szarkowski  American, 1925–2007


Richard Avedon
20 exhibitions
Cecil Beaton
British, 1904–1980
4 exhibitions
Adolphe Braun
French, 1812–1877
3 exhibitions
Julia Margaret Cameron
British, 1815–1879
22 exhibitions
Louise Dahl-Wolfe
American, 1895–1989
6 exhibitions
Adolf De Meyer
German, 1868–1946
2 exhibitions
Benjamin J. Falk
3 exhibitions
Arnold Genthe
American, born Germany. 1869–1942
12 exhibitions
George Hoyningen-Huene
American, born Russia. 1900–1968
1 exhibition
George Hurrell
American, 1904–1992
2 exhibitions
Man Ray
American, 1890–1976
78 exhibitions
Martin Munkácsi
American, born Hungary. 1896–1963
4 exhibitions
Irving Penn
American, 1917–2009
28 exhibitions
Edward Steichen
American, born Luxembourg. 1879–1973
88 exhibitions

New York Times Review of the exhibition


1 August 1965

'Rapid' Cameras In Shops


CAMERAS and a choice of films geared to the 35mm Rapid System of simplified loading will be offered in the United States this week for the first time. About two million of these cameras have been sold in Europe by 27 German and Japanese manufacturers since the introduction o the system a year ago.

New York Times • page X12 • 712 words