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Constructivism in Poland, 1923–1936

30 January to 25 March 1976

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Kynaston McShine  American, born Trinidad 1935


Henryk Berlewi
Polish, 1894–1967
4 exhibitions
Jan Brzekowski
1 exhibition
Albert Gleizes
French, 1881–1953
16 exhibitions
Karol Hiller
1 exhibition
Katarzyna Kobro
1 exhibition
Bohdan Lachert
1 exhibition
Tadeusz Peiper
1 exhibition
Kazimierz Podsadecki
1 exhibition
Julian Przybos
Polish, 1901–1970
1 exhibition
Henryk Stazewski
Polish, 1894–1988
3 exhibitions
Anatol Stern
1 exhibition
Wladyslaw Strzeminski
Polish, born Belorussia (now Belarus). 1893–1952
2 exhibitions
Jozef Szanajca
Polish, 1902–1939
1 exhibition
Mieczyslaw Szcuka
1 exhibition
Teresy Zarnower
1 exhibition
Samuel Zur
1 exhibition

New York Times Review of the exhibition


25 January 1976

Theater; Opening This Week Arts and Leisure Guide Arts and Leisure Guide Arts and Leisure Guide Arts and Leisure Guide Arts end Leisure Guide Arts and Leisure Guide

FIRE OF FLOWERS--Peter Copanl's musical, with Larry Campbell, Sylvia Miranda, Val Reiter, Gwen Sumter. Directed by Don Signore. Provincetown Playhouse. Opens Thur.

New York Times • page 73 • 15,927 words