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The Architecture of Luis Barragán

4 June to 1 September 1976

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Luis Barragán
Mexican, 1902–1988
2 exhibitions
Andres Casillas
1 exhibition
Max Ludwig Cetto
German, 1903–1980
2 exhibitions
José Creixell
1 exhibition
Raul Ferrera
1 exhibition
Mathias Goeritz
German, 1915–1990
2 exhibitions
Ricardo Legorreta
Mexican, 1931–2011
1 exhibition
Juan Sordo Madaleno
Mexican, 1916–1985
2 exhibitions
Juan Palomar
1 exhibition

New York Times Review of the exhibition


6 June 1976

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By Edited Ann BARRY

New York Times • page 73 • 15,655 words