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The Sense of Abstraction

17 February to 10 April 1960

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Ralph Alberto
1 exhibition
Francis Bruguière
American, 1879–1945
11 exhibitions
Wynn Bullock
American, 1902–1975
8 exhibitions
Alvin Langdon Coburn
American, 1882–1966
15 exhibitions
Dr. Harold E. Edgerton
American, 1903–1990
17 exhibitions
Gerard Ifert
1 exhibition
Syl Labrot
American, 1929–1977
7 exhibitions
Nathan Lyons
American, born 1930
10 exhibitions
Leo C. Massopust
3 exhibitions
László Moholy-Nagy
American, born Hungary. 1895–1946
73 exhibitions
Koyo Okada
Japanese, 1895–1972
4 exhibitions
Lennart Olson
Swedish, born 1925
8 exhibitions
Naomi Savage
American, 1927–2005
6 exhibitions
Edward Steichen
American, born Luxembourg. 1879–1973
88 exhibitions
Jaromir Stephany
1 exhibition
Alfred Stieglitz
American, 1864–1946
44 exhibitions
Vladimir Telberg-von-Teleheim
American, 1910–1995
6 exhibitions
Edward Weston
American, 1886–1958
50 exhibitions

New York Times Review of the exhibition


7 February 1960

Retrospectives by Capa And Cartier-Bresson


IT is more than mere coincidence that the retrospective exhibitions of both Henri Cartier-Bresson and the late Robert Capa opened here last week. Although dealing with different materials -- Mr. Capa with five wars in eighteen years, Mr. CartierBresson with the broad rang of journalistic activity -- some comparisons can be made.

New York Times • page X20 • 706 words