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Developing Creativeness In Children

15 March to 17 April 1955

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Robert Osborn
American, 1904–1994
4 exhibitions
Marion Palfi
American, 1917–1978
8 exhibitions
Len Rosenberg
1 exhibition
Arthur Rothstein
American, 1915–1985
15 exhibitions

New York Times Review of the exhibition


14 March 1955

CHILD'S DOODLES ON WALLS SHOWN; Exhibit at Modern Museum Illustrates Experts' Plea for Free Expression

By Dorothy BARCLAY

Doodles, squiggles, whorls and blobs--in varicolored paint, pencil, crayon or clay--may not strike every parent as the ideal wall covering for the nursery. However, at least one father who gave his son the privilege of doing his own decorating has been entirely satisfied with the results.

New York Times • page 27 • 542 words