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Architecture for the State Department

6 October to 22 November 1953

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Arthur Drexler  American, 1921–1987


Max Abramovitz
2 exhibitions
Gordon Bunshaft
American, 1909–1990
4 exhibitions
Wallace K. Harrison
American, 1895–1981
7 exhibitions
Ladislav Leland Rado
2 exhibitions
Ralph Rapson
American, 1914–2008
3 exhibitions
Antonin Raymond
American, 1888–1976
4 exhibitions
Skidmore Owings & Merrill
American, founded 1936
11 exhibitions
John van der Meulen
1 exhibition

New York Times Review of the exhibition


6 September 1953

AMERICA AND ART; Commission of Fine Arts Report Discussed

LAST week we reviewed the background of the Commission of Fine Art's report on government activities in art, the Commission's recommendations for a "status quo" position for itself and its recommendations concerning American art at home.

New York Times • page X8 • 1,484 words