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Always the Young Strangers

26 February to 1 April 1953

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MoMA Staff

Edward Steichen  American, born Luxembourg. 1879–1973


Shirley C. Burden
American, 1908–1989
9 exhibitions
R.E. Christie
2 exhibitions
Roy DeCarava
American, 1919–2009
14 exhibitions
Mary Ann Dorr
American, born 1930
4 exhibitions
Henry Elkan
1 exhibition
Farrell Grehan
6 exhibitions
John Howard
1 exhibition
Ishimoto Yasuhiro
7 exhibitions
Dee Knapp
4 exhibitions
Saul Leiter
American, born 1923
4 exhibitions
Leon Levinstein
American, 1910–1988
9 exhibitions
Margery Lewis
2 exhibitions
David Linton
2 exhibitions
Fred Maroon
2 exhibitions
Carmelo Montego
1 exhibition
Marvin E. Newman
American, born 1927
1 exhibition
John Reed
1 exhibition
Marie-Pierre Salem
1 exhibition
Richard Saunders
2 exhibitions
Naomi Savage
American, 1927–2005
6 exhibitions
Julia Silverman
1 exhibition
Gitel Steed
2 exhibitions
Salvatore Valastro
2 exhibitions
Bob Willoughby
3 exhibitions
Ken Wittenberg
1 exhibition

New York Times Review of the exhibition


22 February 1953

CAMERA NOTES; Two Contests in One at Metropolitan Council

THREE sets of judgments of amateur photographs will be handed down Wednesday evening at Master Institute, 310 Riverside Drive, when two print competitions will be judged by separate juries and there will also be voting by the audience.

New York Times • page X14 • 349 words