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New York Times Posters

27 May to 7 July 1952

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William Bowman
1 exhibition
Kenneth D. Haak
American, born 1923
1 exhibition
George Krikorian
American, 1914–1977
2 exhibitions
Roslyn Middleman
1 exhibition
The New York Times
American, founded 1851
2 exhibitions
Marshall Simpson
1 exhibition
Paul Smith
American, born 1907
1 exhibition

New York Times Review of the exhibition


1 June 1952

POSTERS OF IDEAS; Promotion Series Shown at the Museum Of Modern Art -- Sculpture Today

IT is always pleasant when a favored member of the family is honored in public. One may then, without immodesty, bask in -- even join in -- the laudatory remarks. And one may have, too, the satisfaction of saying, "I knew it all the time."

New York Times • page X7 • 1,294 words