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New Photographers

18 June to 15 September 1946

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Alfredo Boulton
1 exhibition
Harry Callahan
American, 1912–1999
35 exhibitions
Stanley T. Clough
2 exhibitions
Howard Dearstyne
American, 1903–1978
7 exhibitions
Max Dupain
Australian, 1911–1992
1 exhibition
Max Ernst
French, born Germany. 1891–1976
92 exhibitions
Godfrey B. Frankel
2 exhibitions
Rosalie Gwathmey
2 exhibitions
Robert Janssen
2 exhibitions
György Kepes
American, born Hungary. 1906–2001
13 exhibitions
Arthur Leipzig
American, born 1918
5 exhibitions
Piet Mondrian
Dutch, 1872–1944
76 exhibitions
Joe Munroe
3 exhibitions
Arnold Newman
American, 1918–2006
19 exhibitions
Homer Page
American, 1918–1985
18 exhibitions
Antonio Reynoso
1 exhibition
Aaron Siskind
American, 1903–1991
25 exhibitions
John Sloan
American, 1871–1951
30 exhibitions
Frederick Sommer
American, born Italy. 1905–1999
21 exhibitions
Todd Webb
American, 1905–2000
15 exhibitions
William Zorach
American, 1889–1966
45 exhibitions

New York Times Review of the exhibition


14 July 1946

ALFRED STIEGLITZ DIES HERE AT 82; Famed Photographer Brought About One-Man Revolution in Camera Technique BATTLED FOR MODERN ART He Fostered Careers of Many American Painters--Was the Husband of Georgia O'Keeffe

Alfred Stieglitz, the pioneer photographer whose one-man revolution in camera technique led the way to the emergence of photography as a creative art form, died in Doctors Hospital early yesterday.

New York Times • page 38 • 1,939 words