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Before Photography: Painting and the Invention of Photography

6 May to 5 July 1981

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Peter Galassi  American, born 1951


Robert Barker
1 exhibition
George Barnard
American, 1819–1902
9 exhibitions
Felice Beato
Italian, 1825–1903
5 exhibitions
Louis-Auguste Bisson
French, 1814–1876
4 exhibitions
Samuel Bourne
British, 1834–1912
1 exhibition
Léon Cogniet
1 exhibition
A. Collard
1 exhibition
John Constable
English, 1776–1837
2 exhibitions
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
French, 1796–1875
10 exhibitions
John Sell Cotman
English, 1782–1842
2 exhibitions
Johan Christain Dahl
1 exhibition
Francis Danby
1 exhibition
Maxime Du Camp
French, 1822–1894
6 exhibitions
Christoffer Eckersberg
1 exhibition
Thomas Fearnuey
1 exhibition
Roger Fenton
British, 1819–1869
8 exhibitions
Casper Friedrich
1 exhibition
Eduard Gaertner
1 exhibition
Thomas Girtin
English, 1775–1802
2 exhibitions
John B. Greene
American, born France. 1832–1856
1 exhibition
Alfred A. Hart
American, 1816–1908
2 exhibitions
Josiah Johnson Hawes
American, 1809–1901
4 exhibitions
Adolf Henning
1 exhibition
Humphrey Lloyd Hime
1 exhibition
Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres
French, 1780–1867
3 exhibitions
Eugène Isabey
1 exhibition
Thomas Jones
1 exhibition
Christen Købke
1 exhibition
Jean-Charles Langlois
French, 1789–1870
1 exhibition
Gustave Le Gray
French, 1820–1882
4 exhibitions
Henri Le Secq
French, 1818–1882
11 exhibitions
John Linnell
1 exhibition
Thomas Lundbye
1 exhibition
Robert Macpherson
British, 1811–1872
2 exhibitions
Charles Marville
French, 1816–1879
4 exhibitions
Ernst Meyer
1 exhibition
Charles Nègre
French, 1820–1880
7 exhibitions
Friedrich Nerly
1 exhibition
Timothy O'Sullivan
American, born Ireland. 1840–1882
16 exhibitions
Andrew Joseph Russell
American, 1830–1902
9 exhibitions
Auguste Salzmann
French, 1824–1872
3 exhibitions
Charles Simart
French, 1806–1857
1 exhibition
Albert Sands Southworth
American, 1811–1894
5 exhibitions
William James Stillman
American, 1828–1901
2 exhibitions
William Henry Fox Talbot
British, 1800–1877
14 exhibitions
Linnaeus Tripe
British, 1822–1902
2 exhibitions
Jan-Frans Van Dael
1 exhibition
Carl Wagner
1 exhibition
Friedrich Wasmann
1 exhibition

New York Times Review of the exhibition


8 May 1981


By Hilton KRAMER

THE exhibition called ''Before Photography: Painting and the Invention of Photography,'' which opens tomorrow at the Museum of Modern Art (through July 5), is a highly unusual event, and one that is certain to cause a great deal of discussion and debate. For this is an exhibition designed to illustrate an ambitious art-historical hypothesis that, if widely accepted as true, would significantly alter our understanding not only of the origins of photography but also of the development of modern art itself. For this reason, it may turn out to be one of the most important exhibitions ever mounted at the Museum of Modern Art - and the odd thing is, there isn't a single ''modern'' painting in the entire show. The argument, briefly stated, is that a radically new pictorial syntax, which we now acknowledge to be the syntax of Realism, emerged for the first time in certain landscape sketches to be found in late-18th- and early-19th-century European painting, and - this is the original and controversial point - that the invention of photography, far from being a scientific or technological sport, occurred as the direct result of this new pictorial vision pioneered in the art of painting. Photography is thus seen to be the ''inevitable'' consequence of a radical change in pictorial esthetics.

New York Times • Arts • page 18 • 1,167 words