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New Imagery

1 July to 12 August 1982

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John Arvanites
1 exhibition
Ed Bowes
American, born 1944
3 exhibitions
Susan Britton
1 exhibition
Matthew Geller
American, born 1954
3 exhibitions
Ernest Gusella
Canadian, born 1941
4 exhibitions
Eric Metcalfe
Canadian, born 1940
3 exhibitions
Tony Oursler
American, born 1957
5 exhibitions
Jill Scott
1 exhibition
Jeff Turtletaub
1 exhibition
Paul Wong
Canadian, born 1954
4 exhibitions
Bruce Yonemoto
Japanese–American, born 1949
3 exhibitions
Norman Yonemoto
Japanese–American, born 1946
3 exhibitions

New York Times Review of the exhibition


18 June 1982



EVERY so often, there surfaces a marvelous work that serves to remind us of the big bang of Surrealism and its effect on New York artists during the 1940's. Such a work is the late Frederick Kiesler's ''Galaxy,'' an austerely brilliant stage set made for the 1948-49 production of the Darius Milhaud opera, ''Le Pauvre Matelot,'' at the Juilliard School of Music. That set and nine other Surrealist-influenced sculptures by David Hare done between 1944 and 1959 make up the cast of ''Two Installations,'' the current show at the Grey Art Gallery of New York University, 33 Washington Place (through Aug. 13). The Kiesler set, owned by the late Nelson A. Rockefeller and recently found in storage, is a single open unit of carved, interlocking wood sections. On a three-part base of timbers, four skeletal, sea-worn posts hold up four driftwoody crosspieces, each member a fusion of plant and crustacean forms of authentic Surrealist pedigree. The set was aptly described by the late Alfred Barr Jr., founding father of the Museum of Modern Art, as ''architecture for sky gazers ... its caryatids are a dolphin's spine, a hippo's campus, a lobster's claw and an ichthyosaur caressed by a boomerang.''

New York Times • Arts • page 27 • 1,270 words