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Four Poster Artists

17 March to 17 May 1953

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Otl Aicher (also known as Otto Aicher)
German, 1922–1991
3 exhibitions
Max Bill
Swiss, 1908–1994
12 exhibitions
Abram Games
British, 1914–1996
8 exhibitions
Raymond Savignac
French, 1907–2002
3 exhibitions

New York Times Review of the exhibition


18 March 1953

PROVOCATIVE IDEAS IN FOREIGN POSTERS; Attractive Creations of Four Noted European Designers at Modern Art Museum

Attractively displayed as if on European kiosks and streets, forty posters by four well-known European designers were put on public view yesterday in the auditorium gallery of the Museum of Modern Art. The artists are Raymond Savignac of France, Abram Games of Britain, Max Bill of Switzerland and Otto Aicher of Germany.

New York Times • page 39 • 939 words