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New Rugs by American Artists

30 June to 9 August 1942

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Stuart Davis
American, 1892–1964
59 exhibitions
John Ferren
American, 1905–1970
13 exhibitions
Albert Eugene Gallatin
American, 1881–1952
5 exhibitions
Arshile Gorky
American, born Armenia. 1904–1948
42 exhibitions
Charles Howard
3 exhibitions
Dahlov Zorach Ipcar
3 exhibitions
E. McKnight Kauffer
American, 1890–1954
18 exhibitions
Loren MacIver
American, 1909–1998
23 exhibitions
George L. K. Morris
American, 1905–1975
4 exhibitions
Irene Rice Pereira
American, 1907–1971
15 exhibitions
Marguerite Zorach
American, 1887–1968
8 exhibitions

New York Times Review of the exhibition


9 August 1942

Study of Art of Camouflage for the Public Is Presented at a Modern Museum Exhibit; Traveling Display Aims To Give Public Insight Into the Methods of Pictorial Deception

By Thomas C. LINN

To help civilians get an insight into the mysteries of camouflage, the Museum of Modern Art will open an exhibition on Wednesday devoted to that subject.

New York Times • page D2 • 1,022 words