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The Wooden House in America

9–30 September 1941

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Gregory Ain
American, 1908–1988
4 exhibitions
Marcel Breuer
American, born Hungary. 1902–1981
30 exhibitions
John Funk
4 exhibitions
Walter Gropius
German, 1883–1969
24 exhibitions
Harwell Hamilton Harris
8 exhibitions
Carl Koch
8 exhibitions
A. James Speyer
3 exhibitions
Frank Lloyd Wright
American, 1867–1959
30 exhibitions
John Yeon
4 exhibitions

New York Times Review of the exhibition


10 September 1941

MUSEUM PRESENTS TWO EXHIBITIONS; Domestic Architecture and the Photographs by David O. Hill Are on Display

By Edward Alden JEWELL

The Museum of Modern Art, 11 West Fifty-third Street, opens to the public today two exhibitions both of which are to remain current for approximately a month. They have bee ninstalled in connecting galleries on the second floor. One of these exhibitions is concerned with domestic architecture -- its theme, "The Wooden House in America."

New York Times • page 21 • 813 words