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Rugs from the Crawford Shops designed by American Artists

20 January to 2 February 1937

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Florence Decker
1 exhibition
Ernest Fiene
American, born Germany. 1894–1965
9 exhibitions
Hilaire Hiler
American, 1898–1966
7 exhibitions
Morris Kantor
American, 1896–1974
18 exhibitions
Yasuo Kuniyoshi
American, 1889–1953
47 exhibitions
Henry Varnum Poor
American, 1888–1970
6 exhibitions
Ruth Reeves
American, 1892–1966
1 exhibition
Gilbert Rohde
American, 1894–1944
1 exhibition
Walter Dorwin Teague
American, 1883–1960
8 exhibitions
Marguerite Zorach
American, 1887–1968
8 exhibitions

New York Times Review of the exhibition


24 January 1937

HOOKED RUGS WORKED OUT IN MODERN DESIGNS; An Old Technique Lends Itself to New Patterns But the Traditional Ones Are Being Followed Too

By Walter Rendell STOREY

THE technique of making hooked rugs. widely used in fashioning quaint early American floor coverings, bids fair to become an important modern handicraft.

New York Times • page 16 • 1,322 words