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Modern Exposition Architecture

8 June to 2 September 1936

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Erik Gunnar Asplund
Swedish, 1885–1940
2 exhibitions
Léon Azéma
French, 1888–1978
1 exhibition
Luciano Baldessari
Italian, 1896–1982
1 exhibition
Louis-Hippolyte Boileau
2 exhibitions
Erik Bryggman
Finnish, 1891–1955
1 exhibition
Jacques Carlu
French, 1890–1986
1 exhibition
René Crevel
1 exhibition
Bohuslav Fuchs
Czech, 1895–1972
2 exhibitions
Jacques Gréber
1 exhibition
Walter Gropius
German, 1883–1969
24 exhibitions
Oswald Haerdtl
Austrian, 1899–1959
3 exhibitions
John Augur Holabird
American, 1886–1945
2 exhibitions
Le Corbusier (Charles-Édouard Jeanneret)
French, born Switzerland. 1887–1965
45 exhibitions
William Lescaze
American, born Switzerland. 1896–1969
11 exhibitions
Charles Letrosne
1 exhibition
Sven Markelius
Swedish, 1889–1972
3 exhibitions
G. Marmorat
1 exhibition
Robert Martzloff
1 exhibition
Adolf Meyer
German, 1881–1929
2 exhibitions
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe
American, born Germany. 1886–1969
43 exhibitions
Lilly Reich
German, 1885–1947
1 exhibition
John Wellborn Root, Jr.
2 exhibitions
Hans Schumacher
1 exhibition
Mario Sironi
Italian, 1885–1961
6 exhibitions
Joseph Urban
1 exhibition
L. Viret
1 exhibition

New York Times Review of the exhibition


14 June 1936


By H. D

WITH the New York World's Fair ahead of us, the Museum of Modern Art has undertaken a preliminary service to the undertaking by putting on an exhibition of modern exposition architecture. Chiefly consisting of enlarged photographs of buildings and plans of sites, the show is interesting for the comparisons it permits and the partial perspective afforded over architectural developments in such enterprises during the last twenty years.

New York Times • page X8 • 279 words